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Found 22 results

  1. Title: Slice of Life Air Date: June 13. 2015 Written By: MA Larson Synopsis: As Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity battle a monster, the rest of Ponyville rushes to make it to a wedding on time. U R NOT E
  2. I'm only posting this as a new topic because Jan of Jan Animations posted a new video that's basically a send off for Button Mash. I'm not too keen on the song itself but I am a big fan of the original Button's Adventures. I know the legal aspects have been debated ad infinitude but the new video got me feeling nostalgic and wishing that Jan would have been able to finish the actual Button's Adventures sequel. To a certain extent I understand that Hasbro didn't want people confusing fan animations for actual show footage or fans showing up the animation team but considering there are plenty of fan channels that blatantly feature the Mane Six, it just seems a travesty. I hope Jan is successful with whatever new stuff he has planned and also Button's Mom will always hold a special place in my heart. But that's a story for another time.
  3. Based on this recent topic (, many of you want to see much of JanAnimations' work in the field of "Pony-dom" again. Well, wait no more, your wish is granted; it would seem that much of his work was put in the Internet Archives (where you can find all sorts of other goodies you couldn't anywhere else on the Internet). Here's 2 works by JanAnimations in the "Internet Archive" I know you'll remember: There's more too: Click onto type MLP JanAnimations in the search bar, and you're good to go. "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  4. Change random words into pony names! To do this, you take a word or name, which can be anything, and turn it into a pony name by changing one letter per post (it doesn't have to make a word.) You can add, remove, combine words, or change a letter into another each time. Spaces are not included, just add the next letter in a word. (Starlight --> Starlight G). You can also combine the words using a turn or remove the last letter. (Starlight Glimmer --> Starlightglimmer). When you successfully turn a word into a pony, the user picks another word and pony name to change it into. Again, any word is valid, and you can even make it harder for other users to make the word. Example: Start: Tree to Fluttershy!
  5. When a young colt buys a used copy of Pokemon Green Version, things get really scary, really fast. Coming soon.
  6. So, in Crusaders Of The Lost Mark, Button Mash was seen twice, after that, he was also seen in Slice Of Life. Something was bothering me about him, and then I realized: He and Apple Bloom share the same eye color. From what I have seen, no other pony in ponyville has that eye color. He and Babs Seed share the same coat, light brown, though his is slightly darker. Both he and Babs Seed again have the same short tail. Apple Jack mentioned that everypony in the Apple Family were always the last to get their cutie marks. Well, as we see XspoilerX in Crusaders Of The Lost Mark, Button Mash is indeed the last pony without a cutie mark. The Apple Family Tree goes back such a long way, that Pinkie Pie, who had wasn't even born there, is related to Apple Jack [kinda]. So why shouldn't Button Mash be as well? In Hearts And Hooves Day, he was playing a game with an apple on the side of the box. Not sure what it proves but a little easter egg if you want. Very few ponies wear head accessories all the time, he and Apple Bloom are really the only ones. After realizing all this, it seemed to make sense to me that he might be related to The Apple Family. Even the fandom says it without realizing it. All that Apple Juice he drinks? Might be because he likes apples just as much as his relatives.
  7. Hi i am a big fan of button i bet a lot of you are too. I would love to see Button in more MLP : FIM episodes with sweetie bell i think there a good couple. What do you guys like about Button?
  8. How did Button Mash get so popular? I know he's not as popular as he used to be, but why was he so popular? I don't get it, what exactly mad him so popular compared to other colts like Shady Daze? I don't dislike Button Mash, I think he's fairly adorable, but what managed to make him so popular?
  9. I'm sorry every pony but i have a question that i feel really silly for asking, but i just have to know. Is Button mash actually canon? I can't remember if I've ever seen him in any episodes. i know he's not a main pony but is he a background pony in any episodes? I just love the adorable little colt! If he is canon what episodes is he in can you tell me?
  10. First off, I'm a roleplayer. I used to roleplay a lot on the forums before realizing that roleplays die way too fast. I wanted to make my own story even though I've never previously written a fan-fiction of any kind. So here I present to you my first fan-fiction. It's an ongoing story that will eventually feature one of my favourite ships in the show. I hope you enjoy. I'll probs be updating the story every weekend (or whenever I get more story ideas ). I welcome any constructive feedback about my story too since I'm new to this. Well, here's the story. Enjoy!
  11. My fellow Brony and Pegasister friends: I've recently started a petition on A petition to revive Button Mash and lift the C&D at the same time! I know it's an old issue, but we won't give up on this one!! I will not be silenced until it's settled (Jan getting hired as a part of the MLP:FiM crew) Take my advice: Moving on and giving up is NOT a option...I mean giving up is for rookies only! I am NOT giving up with a fight until the C&D conflict between JanAnimations and Hasbro are settled!! End of story!
  12. Hasbro, you need to bring Button Mash into the show, for real, this little fanon thing is to adorable to pass up.
  13. Confirmed for C&D, hasbro has killed button mash, arguably one of the best fan made animations, who is next? Snowdrop? Digibroni? Episode reviews in general? After doublerainboom being C&D'd, along with ask molesta, a large number of overseas plushie manufacturers, it seems hasbro may finally be cracking down on those who use its trade mark. The link to Jan's youtube page shows that all pony videos are gone. Update from Shadyvox, the voice of button himself, it is a confirmed C&D, and they will not be continuing any pone related works in the future.
  14. This is for bronies and fans who want to bring back Button Mash. i only saw the pilot episode and some ponies never seen one episode. we are gonna do all we can to bring back button mash. doesn't hasbro care that we make these for them!? hasbro... if you are reading this please we want to bring back button mash!JanAnimations made this button mash series for you. then you go and throw it away. keeping this stuff to your self. thats not kind. its not generous. ok it has nothing to do with honesty. its dis-loyal to your fans. this is not something to laugh at either. button mash is something to laugh at. if you think about it... creating fan animations is a way to show our loyalty. fan animations turn people into bronies. by creating fan animation we ares the money at you and you throw it away!? of course this is with all due respect. we are helping you by creating these animations. now its time to decide. let us help you or upset your fans. the choice is yours. of course I'm always gonna be a brony no matter what you choose. but i can't say the same for everyone. please consider. don't you want to give the fans what they want? remember... we make the animations for you hasbro.
  15. Hi! I'm button mash and ask me anything! I don't care what you ask me, I'll answer it! I'm very friendly, but when I'm mad.. well you don't wanna know what I do when I'm mad. Let's just say (I bite people). Well, anyway I don't care what u ask!
  16. As explained by Button Mash
  17. I was looking on equestriadaily a few minutes ago and I found out that Hasbro let JanAnimations re-upload his Don't Mine At Night video. Hopefully this means that the C&D will be lifted on his other content too. Here is the link to the EQD post Edit: okay, somehow my extremely annoying iPod posted this topic twice.
  18. It was hard to find those dubs, I just wanted to make something special to them. I would like if someone could do another dub of those cartoons in another language...
  19. Just my rambling two cents on what happened between Jan Animation and Hasbro concerning the My Little Pony Cease and Desist letter. Please let me know what you think.
  20. Seriously this fic get's hilarious, and It is completely innocent, It's a ship between Sweetie Belle and Button Mash, where Button joins the crusaders. And yes the author takes full advantage of that. By Justice4243
  21. Sometimes I have something like this in mind, I just can't resist doing something like this at all. Too much inspiration to JanAnimations and ShadyVox!! XD Also featured on EqD: This was definitely fun to make for me!!