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Found 9 results

  1. I was wondering if bronies love her. Despite that SHE IS MARRIED!!!! You know that she is mother of a child named button. And you know, you can't marry her until her husband is dead or divorced. Dude she is not for you bronies. You can't still take her
  2. I'm only posting this as a new topic because Jan of Jan Animations posted a new video that's basically a send off for Button Mash. I'm not too keen on the song itself but I am a big fan of the original Button's Adventures. I know the legal aspects have been debated ad infinitude but the new video got me feeling nostalgic and wishing that Jan would have been able to finish the actual Button's Adventures sequel. To a certain extent I understand that Hasbro didn't want people confusing fan animations for actual show footage or fans showing up the animation team but considering there are plenty of fan channels that blatantly feature the Mane Six, it just seems a travesty. I hope Jan is successful with whatever new stuff he has planned and also Button's Mom will always hold a special place in my heart. But that's a story for another time.
  3. Okay, a lot of you have probably seen the fan animation "Button's Adventures," and have probably noticed how popular Button's Mom has gotten. (If you haven't seen the animation, here is a link: ) Anyway, she has yet to be given an official name by the creator, so I thought it might be fun to think of name ideas for her. Post below what name you think might be nice for her character.
  4. Well I feel like this would be the approriate place to share some stuff ive made with the art community (there mp4 vids so ill leave the youtube for 2 reasons. It wont kill my dropbox bandwidth and it allows me to gain feedback easier. Also enjoy twilight shipped with rainbowdash and buttons mom yelling at shadyvox (no its not eli monty who voiced the buttons mom in this animation. Just lex yellen at shadyvox for correcting her spelling. sooo uhhh ya... whatcha think? Buttons mom animation Twilight rainbow shipping (SFW just kissen before anyone complains dont worry i know the rules) (alternate version of above video) Let me know whatcha think guys any feedback is good feedback (this is the correct way to post here i hope....O_e)
  5. As explained by Button Mash
  6. I hate my iPod's camera, the text is too bright to see, and when i darken it a bit, its too dark. it makes me mad!!!! anyways, Button's mom is awesome, when she isn't R34 that is. *there's too much out there* anyways here it is. "You know you Love me" it says. Ain't she cute i gave a go at a 'Chibi-ish' art style, I'll do it more, but i like sticking with the basic form. *i think the head is a bit big, but it IS chibi, idk* please reply and scale from 1/10 and don't be shy and it'd be great if you checked out my DeviantArt, if you like my art you can add a +Watch If you want
  7. Hi all, just a short story to start. I’m working on a longer one featuring my OC but for now, here’s this little one. I couldn’t think up a better title, so I’m just calling it “Thunderstorm” Enjoy! ……………….. Croomsh Button Mash jumped, startled fully awake by the ominous crack of thunder in the distance. Eyes wide, he stared around the room, his hooves shaking. “Mom…” Hearing no response, he jumped up, crossing the cluttered room to the hall. Down the hall he scampered, on edge for another crack of thunder or flash of lightening. It was just the two of them that night, his dad having gone to a weekend conference and his brother staying at a friend’s. He opened the door a crack. Seeing his mother’s still form beneath the covers he called out again, “Mom?” The bundle stirred, “Hmm?” As soon as Button saw his mother’s head appear, mane tousled and blinking concerned blue eyes in the low light, he galloped across the room and threw his forelegs around her. “Button? Button, sweetie what’s wrong?” Lightning flashed, followed by a particularly loud boom of thunder. Button flinched, and buried his face in her neck. “Hey, hey, hey ,hey. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s only thunder.” His mother soothed, wrapping her own forelegs around him and pulling him close. Button snuggled into his mother’s embrace, comforted by her presence, even through the thunder still crashed and the lightening still cut jagged cracks across the sky. “It’s only a storm,” his mom whispered to him, “It’s only a storm.” “I had a bad dream, too.” Button whispered, his voice muffled in her shoulder. “I knew I shouldn’t have let you play Whinny of Terror,” His mom whispered, smiling slightly. “No, that was awesome,” Button replied, eliciting a chuckle from his mother. “You are so like your father.” The thunder boomed again, “Sawhorse!” Button yelped, cowering. “Awesome, huh?” “C…can I sleep here with you tonight mom?” Button whispered, hazel eyes wide. “Of course you can, sweetie,” his mom replied. She pulled back the covers and button scurried under them as more thunder crashed, more distant now. “There we go,” Button’s mom said, as she pulled the covers over them both. He huddled close, and she wrapped him in an embrace again, stroking his copper mane with her hoof. “Shh, shh. It’s gonna be all right.” “I’m sorry I got scared…” Button whispered. Taken aback, his mom replied, “What do you mean?” “You and dad are always telling me to be brave, to face my fears and not let that stop me and…I couldn’t do it…I’m sorry.” “Oh, no, no, no honey, that’s not what we meant,” she hugged button close, resting her head on his, “There’s nothing wrong with being scared. You didn’t fail at anything. Being brave means knowing when to ask for help, knowing when you can’t do something. And I promise, I will always be here for you if you need me, your dad too.” Button smiled, nestling into his mother’s embrace. He was safe now. Mom was right there so everything would be all right. He settled down, breathing in the smell of her shampoo, mixed with a little dish soap and detergent, and knew he was safe. “Thanks mom.” “You’re welcome, sweetie. Now good night.” “Gnightmom,” Button mumbled, drifting off. And so the pair drifted off, under the fading thunderclaps, to sleep at last. ……………. What do you think? I kinda threw this together before the plot bunny ran away. It’s fairly standard, but it’s nice to see Button’s mom living up to her cutie mark. I may fix this up in the future, so you’re feedback is appreciated, although no flames please. Thanks. Oh, and for those who couldn’t tell, Whinny of Terror is a play on Cry of Fear, one of my favorite horror games, along with the first three Silent Hills, the Amnesia series, and Outlast. See ya. Chamber Check
  8. There are a couple of mother ponies in the brony community, but in this thread; we will be looking at two of them. One from the show; one from a recent fan animation: Mrs. Cake and Button's Mom. Now, Mrs. Cake is rather underrated. but has a great design, and a nice pony overall. Button's Mom, on the other hand, has recently gained a lot of popularity, and with her great design, and character; it's honestly not that surprising. Anyway, in this thread, we will see which of the two is more popular among these forums. Vote above, and post reasons below if you want to put more detail behind the reasoning behind your choice. As usual with my character polls, pictures of each character will be posted below to help you decide. Mrs. Cake Button's Mom My Choice: This one was really close for me. As much as I enjoyed Button's Mom in Button's Adventures, I think I'm going to go with Mrs. Cake here. I love mother-type characters, and Mrs. Cake has such a nice design. Plus, she is simply adorable especially with how she is a little bit chubby. It makes her seem like a soft and nice pony, and adds a lot to her character. Plus, she is such a loving pony, and like I said; very nice.
  9. You guys know the saying right? "Button's mom has got it going on." I felt like creating a Button Mash's Adventures wallpaper, and ended up wanting to create this. As always, anyone can use this if they wish, the resolution is 1920x1080px.