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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there! This time I'll try posting something without images and in-depth description. I'd like to ask if you could add extra buttons to the text editor. Namely, the one called "Remove Format". I kept using it a lot in the previous version and I'd like to have back in the current one. It is really essential for me. Why? Let's assume, that I modified one word to highlight something like THIS. Now when I want to continue typing with the default format, I need to reset the font size manually, then reset color manually, remove bold and italics. Whew, a lot of clicking for such a simple thing, don't you think? Also when I have a formatted text, then even - going to next lines doesn't work, so in some cases it gets kinda tricky to 'escape' that, because you have to reset it manually, unless you've made an extra line before formatting, so that, going down will allow you to write further with the default settings... There are tricky (yet kinda glitchy ) workarounds though- 1) Go to next line; type one character; go back; type again - if that doesn't work - backspace to previous line, go to next line again and type. Still doesn't work? Keep doing this until it will work... 2) Go to next line; type one character; highlight it; cut and paste it without formatting (ctrl+shift+V) - sometimes it doesn't work though, so you'll have to paste it normally and then paste it without formatting.. Still doesn't work? Keep pasting with both methods until it will eventually work. A workaround to avoid all of this is to make the whole post, then format it at the end. But all of that could be replaced with one working-anytime solution- 1) Highlight text; press the button; Done. Increase Indent and Decrease Indent would come in handy too, but that's optional. What do you think? Thank you! Still a wall of text... but I tried!
  2. Iveechan Arts at Babscon will be my second convention as a vendor, the first being Equestria LA last year (though I guess it's not happening this year :I). I do have one print design but hope to come with atleast a few more before this con. This year, I plan to bring my buttons for the older gen ponies, which can be found on my store, as well as my avatar (who's that pony? No cheating!). A few examples! Ones in planning are remakes of the rest of the Mane 6 in the style of the Princess Twilight button, maybe with their element written on it. I'd also like to do the key givers, Cheese Sandwhich, Coco Pommel, and so on. I am open to other character suggestions, though there's no guarentee I'll make them.
  3. Just finished up another fan work of Button Mash. This time featuring his famous, "Stache" scene. I like how it turned out overall. Final: Sketch: Original Scene: Haven't seen Button's Adventures yet? Watch it here: Previous Button Mash fan art:
  4. I just made a account, and I can't quote somebody (It does nothing) and I have to click on "More Post Options" to make a post! Most buttons aren't working and it's VERY hard to use the site.
  5. AnonyPoni

    A Dream

    So I had to wake up early this Saturday for a Scholarbowl Competition. As usual, I turned on my playlist of music that helps me fall asleep (I don't really know why, most of them aren't really "relaxing"). I dont remember dreaming that much, but I do have one dream scene that was very vivid and... real. It's not the detail that got me, but just the circumstances. Waking up from the dream, I felt real emotions. First off, while there are teachings of psychology that associate dreams with hidden subconscious/sexual desires, neural science says they are generally a "simulation" your brain does to prepare you for situations without putting you in danger. Well, enough of that. Time for dat dream. So, I should point out that this scene took place at my school.... sorta... I mean, for the most part, it looked like my school.... with a strange difference... windows. Windows, windows everywhere! Seriously, there were a couple of windows, bringing in light. Now, it's winter in IL right now, and a cold one at that (and warm, depending on the weather's bipolar mood). However, these windows were bringing in a nice summer light, with ferns clearly growing outside. Why am I so fixated on these windows (which, while they were very nice, didn't look out of place)? Meh, My school doesn't really have any windows. The classrooms who have them close them up (for the ones I see, at least) or just have small slits in the wall (like a prison?). Basically, the windows were pretty. So I was walking down the hallway with someone. We were walking down the Blue Mile (the name of the hallway in my school, since it's in a weird position to not have a number as a name) which is how I get to Physics class. The hallway had the golden light from the sun pouring in, with a slight green tinge (from the ferns, I guess). Now, the person I was walking with is the girl who sits next to me in Physics (in real life). I won't lie, she's really pretty, with really blond hair and a beautiful smile. Sometimes, I like to talk with her, which is nice. She's really friendly and seems to like me as a friend, to which I have no complaints to. That said, I'm slightly paranoid when it comes to girls like this (i'm sorry to any females who read this). I feel like she's just using me for Physics help, thus the curse of being the smart guy. Many girls I've met before pretend to be nice to me when they needed help with school/homework. Or she's just playing me to see if she can mess with me. Anyway, that's just my paranoia talking. I'm sure (or hope, at least) she doesn't have an ulterior motive and is just being a pleasant person. Back to the dream. We walk into the physics classroom, which is a lot bigger in the dream than it is in real life. The large "sciencey" desk is still in the front of the room, but now there is a bit of a platform behind it where the blackboard is (yes, our school still has those); something like Frasier Crane's apartment. There was also had bunch of windows and a door left which lead to a fern garden. So this girl and I are talking next to the teacher's desk (which is quite big) and we haven't put our stuff down by our desks yet. Our position next to the corner of the teacher's desk is rather strange, since we're blocking the way for other students to get to their desks. They sorta scoot around us awkwardly to get to their desks. However, I had something really important to ask her, and I guess it couldn't wait. I'm not sure how I worded it, but I asked something along the lines of, "Do you want to be friends with me?" Her reply was something like, "I'm sorry, but I can't be friends with you, you being a nerdfighter and all..." Now, Nerdfighteria is a community that grew up around the vlogbrothers' vidoes. While it's not a connotation I normally define with, I do like the vlogbrothers She then went to say something like. "..and there's that other thing..." and pointed to something behind me. I turn around to see my friend Josh handing me a small button (like a small campaign button). Now, I'm not sure why Josh ended up in this dream, since I only see him at lunch and our conversations aren't all that lively, but that button is interesting. Josh held the button upside down. I could only see the silver back, but I knew exactly what it was. It was the button with "Future Twilight" (the one that looked like snake?) on it that I bought from Hot Topic. After just leaving it in a drawer for a long while, I finally garnered the courage to put it on my backpack about a week ago. In the dream, Josh was handing it to me as if I dropped it. Essentially, she was referring to my Bronyness. I can't really remember the rest of the dream, but it involved a lot of idle conversation with people around my desk or something... I dunno. TL;DR. Anyway, I woke up from this dream at around 5:45 am (15 minutes before my alarm was to go off) and felt really sad. Not cry your eyes out sad, but sad as in that I wasn't accepted as a friend. It was sorta a gloomy feeling I had, lying in my bed, waiting for the alarm to go off. Now, I guess the question is if my brain's trying to tell me something about this girl that I should know; or it's getting me ready for the day she dumps me as a friend. Or maybe it was what it was: Just a dream.
  6. Alright well today i finally got my first piece of My little pony merchandise. I put this on my backpack, and off to school i went. I just ordered a derpy hooves one so i can't wait for that one to come anyone else do something similar?