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Found 10 results

  1. Just thought this could be interesting. I buy new clothes once every few weeks or so, whenever I can afford it pretty much. How about you?
  2. Okay so the goal of this thread is to share and discover good albums. That is albums where the majority of the songs are just as good as the top hit. For me, there is always that next album I'm wanting. What about you? Rules: Method of purchase? Be it by compact disc, vinyl, mp3, etc. Not free. Must be an entire album that you plan to buy next. Artist? Album? Genre? Favourite song? Post a link to Youtube, Amazon, or the like, so we can listen to it, if any. Optional – Tell a short story about this album or artist. This could be about anything. This is your chance to mention other albums you bought from the same artist. Lets say you already own every album you ever wanted from a particular band. I don't see why not, so go ahead and share. Supertones, Supertones Strike Back, #8 Unite. Christian Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop, Jazz, trumpets. I always prefer compact-disc. Supertones is the artist that best describes my childhood. My Dad played the Supertones all the time super loud and super clear on his sweet JBL speaker setup. This is the Artist that I remember best from my childhood. It's about time I buy a new disc from them since we only had one Supertones album. Can any pony name this other Supertones album? Hint given in this paragraph. Fun, a riddle.
  3. I have been producing and making music since 2003 - I have over 300 songs made, and am slowly migrating them over to soundcloud - I have an album for sale, and all of my music is free to listen to, just not all free to d/l my facebook music page: enjoy! -shawn- (a small sample of my work)
  4. So I'm actually planning to buy one (or more) issues of the FiM comics. What is a recommended starting place? Is anything straight out of the show or are the stories all different (and then, how canonical?) [EDIT] To be more clear, my biggest concern is whether the comics feature the same stories as from the show? I'm super-interested and excited and I'm gonna order from Amazon (unless there's a better price somewhere else!!)
  5. Thought this would be a interesting topic just state and talk about you're worst experience being ripped off, any where from something being over priced to just being fake or a complete lie.
  6. After the failure of Ghosts, I have been uncertain about purchasing AW. Many people have noted that AW is actually decently optimized for PC very unlike Ghosts. Despite this, there are still mixed opinions on the games at least according to Steam reviews. For me, I will either not buy the game or buy the Digital Pro Edition when it will [probably] be on sale during Steam winter sale. Is it worth buying? So far I enjoyed every COD games I have played except Ghosts. Preferably, I would like to get answers from people who have played the PC version of the game and note how stable it is. To me, it seems like there's enough new features for the game to be interesting. Some things I'm particularly interested in knowing are: -Lag compensation: Not sure if this is the correct term but in Ghosts, it would take about a half second to kill someone but you would die almost instantly after you take damage (you usually don't get enough time to react to avoid damage). Is this issue fixed in AW? -Connection issues: Some have reported having mostly no problems while others have said there is quite a bit of problems. One person explained to me that a patch that was released fixed the issue. Is this true? -What is playerbase size/how active are players? -How much stuttering do you notice if at all? -How much of an issue is hacking?
  7. So like the title says where do u get your merch? Usually I go to walmart for some stuff Sentry box for ccg booster packs. And some random places for shirts.
  8. For those who have read my Sonic Lost World Review, you know that I got a Wii U over the holidays. Don't believe me? Well, here's a picture. When I got this thing, I was expecting a completely different way of gaming. Sure enough, Nintendo provided that, as well as some other aspects of console gaming that I'm familiar with. Personally, I think the Wii U topples the PS4 and Xbox One. But, I'm going to explain my reasoning behind this. So, join me as I give you five reasons why you should buy a Wii U for the next generation 1. The visual presentation. Every single game on the Wii U is in stunning HD. This is the very first time a Nintendo console comes with HD components, which is a huge step up for the company. The system uses HDMI to give you a crisp 1080p resolution. Ever thought what Mario would look like in HD? Well, bam. Here's the Wii U. Don't have HDMI on your TV? Well, that's not a problem. If you have a Wii and the AV cables for that console, you can plug them into the Wii U and play the system that way! 2. The controller. You see that giant tablet-like device on my end table? That's the Wii U gamepad. At first glance, it may look a little repelling, but this controller is simply AWESOME. Imagine you need to look at the map on a certain, but find pausing it over and over again to be a tiring chore. Well, with the gamepad, you can have the game on the TV screen, while you have the menu and map screens on the controller. You can also play the game on the gamepad. Imagine somepony walks in and wants to use the TV for other purposes, like watching their shows. If this were to happen, you can simply switch the game to the gamepad and play it on there. The gamepad is in HD as well, so graphically AND gameplay wise, you won't miss out on anything. And, if you don't feel like using the gamepad, that's no problem! There exist controllers called "Pro Controllers" which act as standard controllers you would expect from systems like the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. 3. Prices. Let's look at all three next gen systems for a moment. Compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, the Wii U is much cheaper. The Xbox One is $499 and the PS4 is $399. How much is the Wii U? $299. Sure kicks the snot out of Sony and Microsoft in my book. On top of that, the Wii U is also backwards-compatible! If you have Wii games and Wiimotes, you can put them in the Wii U and play them on the system. The Wii U even comes with a sensor bar for your Wii games, which eliminates the need for getting one yourself. 4. Apps and downloadable software. The Wii U's eShop holds plenty of different apps for websites for you to download. Wanna watch YouTube? The Wii U has that! Netflix? Eeyup, they've got that, too! Web browsing in general? Definitely! Video chatting? Oh yeah! There are plenty more apps and software like this! 5.Games. The Wii U may not have had many games at launch (or at least any that're worth 50-60 bucks.) But, after a year of release, the Wii U has many great games to choose from. These games include Super Mario 3D Land, Rayman Legends, Sonic Lost World, Pikmin 3, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Mass Effect, and many others. There're also many games soon to come, like Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Super Smash Brothers 4. But, if you're looking to play something classic, there's also the Virtual Console, which contains classics like Mega Man, Super Mario Bros. The Original Legend of Zelda, and one of the greatest RPG's ever, Earthbound. Now, with all of these pros to the Wii U, there are cons. I may be a HUGE Nintendo supporter, but if they screw up, I won't deny it. One thing I hate about the Wii U is the battery life on the gamepad. The battery life on the thing is extremely poor. The battery only lasts about three hours before that red light of low battery life appears. It gets extremely annoying, and while the gamepad itself is wireless, I find myself just keeping it in the charger 24/7 just so I can keep playing for long periods of time. Another thing that really bothers me is how games use the gamepad. This may sound like a contradiction to what I said up at the start of the entry, but truth be told, not a lot of the games really utilize the gamepad in any sort of unique way. Only two games immediately spring to mind, which are Rayman Legends and Zombi U. No games past those two really bring out the gamepad's potential. Though, above those two things, I think that the Wii U is the console a gamer should buy for the next generation of gaming. I'm sure that the PS4 and Xbox One have their own unique qualities too, but the Wii U just seems to have everything that those consoles can do (Besides graphics) and much more. The console can play games the way a normal gamer would feel comfortable with, while at the same time, doing it's own thing in the process.
  9. here's a link to the PC. it sports: an AMD FX4300 processor clocking in on 3.8 Ghz an kinda good 8 gigs of RAM an AMD radeon 7850 1 gig graphics card and a 500 gig HDD i know the graphics card isn't all that good, so should i buy this? it's about 600 euro's, and that's really cheap for a game PC.
  10. If you could buy a company for a set price. What would it be and which one would it be? This is an interesting question for me because I've always been fascinated by the concept and I want to discuss it with all you guys! Don't forget to add a reason! Also, make it reasonable!