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Found 15 results

  1. Fairly simple question here. There are plenty of options when it comes to purchasing games. Major retailers, resell shops, online retailers or simply digital. With all these options, where do you buy your games? Could be any mixture of these of course. I mostly buy my games digitally from Xbox Live. When I don't do that, I either go to Walmart, rarely Gamestop (I feel better supporting Walmart almost. :\) and if I want to go to a resell shop, there is one in Evansville that is quite good. I like to get DS games from there. :3
  2. Okay, so I was thinking of buying a new DS. Mine's a good bit over 4 years old, and the hinge has a nice crack in it and won't stay up. It probably won't get me much longer. I was wondering: - Is it worth is buying a 3DS? - Should I just look for a cheaper DS Lite, which really is all I want as long as it works? - Any opinions on the DSi? Just to make known, I do have enough (as of right now) to buy the 3DS, but I wasn't 100% sold on it yet. Thanks for your help, also. X3
  3. lately I have had trouble finding places that sell brony stuff in real life. I will go online if i need to but id rather go to a store. In the past I've seen things in Walmart and Target but lately I cant find anything in them. Does anypony know of good places that have brony besides hot topic, FYE, or Spencers?
  4. I have been producing and making music since 2003 - I have over 300 songs made, and am slowly migrating them over to soundcloud - I have an album for sale, and all of my music is free to listen to, just not all free to d/l my facebook music page: enjoy! -shawn- (a small sample of my work)
  5. I'm thinking of purchasing the show on iTunes. I bought a season pass consisting of thirteen episodes a few months ago for a similar show (Littlest Pet Shop), and I figure MLPFiM would be priced the same. ...I'm wondering if anyone else has purchased whole volumes of it, via the known digital stores, (I currenly know of it being available on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube-which I think is functionally like purchasing it for Google Play since YouTube is owned by Google) ... Does anyone have any clues as to why a Season Pass is not currently available on iTunes or Google Play? When I purchased a Season Pass for my other show, the first two or three episodes had already aired and became available to purchase individually. so maybe that Season Pass availability doesn't kick in until the episode after the premiere. How do you like the visual quality or sound quality, or the way the show is presented in the files? Do you wish the show was more widely available on digital media stores and stuff on other places and services?
  6. Like the title says. Had an... unpleasant experience last week when a package i ordered arrived... without what i ordered inside of it! Luckily, i took precautions and filmed the unpacking of the parcel, so i had proof and evidence and got a full refund. I'm just bummed about all the time wasted waiting.
  7. Hello there. I have a friend and he is a brony. Now, when I buy things I am only slightly nervous, but tonight I am going to get dinner with my father and I don't know how to say "My friend want something MLP Related" He knows that am a brony, but he is very quite about it. So I don't know what his outlook on it is like.... How do I buy something pony realted with my father near by?
  8. I'm curious. Do you actually buy the merchandise? I don't. I mean, if I was a REALLY hardcore brony, then maybe I would. I'm just kind of afraid that my parents will think I'm abnormal.
  9. Hey there everypony, I just want to say something and have a backup plan if this thing goes wrong when I get to BronyCAN. It seems as though that i have missed my chance to get a ticket online. However I know that I may be able to still get a ticket at the door. but the only problem is that they may be sold out before I get one, because i won't be able to go there until Sunday. So as a precautonary, Id'e just like to know that if I am late to buying any tickets if anypony will sell me theirs so I can get in. Hopefully I'll be able to get a ticket before they sell out, but you know, just in case right?
  10. Hey y'all, for a while now I've been thinking about buying a keyboard if you don't know. I want to learn a little piano maybe and a keyboard works the same more or less, so I figured i'd try and get one. However I'm a bit cheap on what I spend, and don't have a whole lot to spend anyways, so I'd like to know if y'all have any info on what I should get? All I plan on using is it as a piano really, so I don't need all kinds of other instruments for it. That being said any things I should look for? Is there a certain amount of keys I should atleast try for? Or some type of feature over the other? I don't really know anything about this, but i'd like to be educated before I buy one whenever I do. so I guess any tips you have about buying them work, thanks in advance! Later y'all .
  11. Hello there my fellow pony-goers! How many of you out there buy pony merchandise? Whether it be custom-made or top brand quality, post your thoughts and pictures here! Also, let's discuss things that you would buy and things that don't look so appealing, and why they don't seem to tickle your fancy. I personally LOVE plushies and I have one on the way right now! It is a custom plush of my OC, Kismet (link in signature) and she is currently in a box shipping to my doorstep. I'll be sure to post tons of pictures when she arrives home! On the contrary, I'm not much of a "trading card" type person. Sure they are cool to look at, but not good for much else. It seems better to me to spend your money on something you can cuddle and take pictures with like your very own My Little Pony Come on bronys! Post your pictures and thoughts:
  12. Does anyone know where I can get the four season 2 posters that Walmart was giving out last year, specifically the main cast one and the "Chaos is Magic" one? Living in Australia, I never got the chance to get any of them, and I can't find them anywhere on the internet either. In case it's not clear which posters I mean: ...and I wouldn't mind the other 2 posters, either! So, is there anyone selling or who can give me a link?
  13. Ok this is going to sound stupid but for the life of me I can't find where to buy the IDW mlp comic. I've been looking around online for 2 days now nd have found endless reviews and sneak peeks etc but no link to actually buying the thing. I know Itunes has it but I don't have a device that uses IOS otherwise I'd do it that way. Nor do I have a tablet or any form. I'd appreciate it if anyone can help (provide a link etc). It'd be even better if there were somewhere I could read it online. I should add I'm in the UK so if you have a uk site that'd be ace, it would save on dlievery costs etc (seriously it adds like £6)
  14. As it stands, I see Disney buying Star Wars as being a great thing. People didn't think that Heath Ledger would make a good Joker, but he played a really good one. I'm giving Disney the benefit of the doubt. If they screw it up, we can just say that Star Wars is completely dead, forget about it and move on. If it's better than the prequels, we'll all say that Lucas should have signed it over to Disney 10 years ago.
  15. Hey everypony, I've been rather interested in getting some art done of my OC just for a personal collection and I'm looking to buy/getfreebies of my OC. Of course though i'll need to see some samples to know what I'M paying for or you could just draw it and drop it here for me if you wanna do it for free all my love and brohooves for free art. lol <3 After I've seen your sample work, and like it, we can then talk about pricing and go from there Here's my OC and an art piece I've gotten so far (horn is missing though X3)