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Found 65 results

  1. If you don't like either, what do you like? My favorite is....
  2. Because i heard this song :3
  3. What would happen if you sent this letter to Princess Celestia?
  4. I don't know if you've seen this Buzzfeed article, but there is apparently a movement to fat unicorn cakes, and it's every bit as adorable as you would think it'd be.
  5. Damn girl is too big. Do you think Princess Celestia needs to lay off the cake to lose some weight? She be breaking dining table chairs zoom enough. Or.... do you think Princess Celestia is not big enough? Or just right?
  6. Which is the best dessert? Cake or pie?
  7. Only one week, people. Next saturday we'll have the season premiere, after all these weeks of waiting. I'm getting so excited already. The super-duper party pony is getting ready, too. I wonder how many creamy, creamy frosting she'll have today. I hope you're watching previous seasons until next saturday. It's good to keep in touch with what happenned to date Twitter! deviantArt!
  8. I currently have three OCs and I would love to build on their characters by answering questions as them here. Battenberg: Battenberg is my main OC, she is based mostly off of me, but her design was inspired by Fluttershy and more than myself. She's shy but kind and loves to give out big hugs. She is an excellent baker but a terrible cook and loves to bake her speciality, battenberg cakes. She runs a bakery in Manehatten and owns a second bakery in Fillydelphia, which is run by her apprentice Cupcake Sprinkles. Cupcake Sprinkles: Cupcake Sprinkles, better known as just Sprinkles, is Battenberg's apprentice, she has worked with Battenberg for a long time and has gained enough trust from her to run the Fillydelphia bakery. She is much less timid than Battenberg but loves hugs just as much. She looks out for Battenberg as Battenberg looked out for her and often speaks up for her. Her speciality is cupcakes of any kind. Victoria Sponge: Victoria is Battenberg's older sister. She considers herself elegant and beautiful and so comes off as rather vein. She likes to keep herself to herself and does not like to be touched as she fears it may mess up her style. Despite her attitude she is just as good a baker as her sister and specialises in fancy cakes and icing. Her favourite cake base is of course the regal Victoria sponge and most of her cakes use this as a base. I will use these three colours in my replies so you know who is replying to you, I look forward to any questions and to speaking as these three very different characters
  9. One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix One can prepared coconut pecan frosting Three slash four cup vegetable oil Four large eggs One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips Three slash four cups butter or margarine One and two third cups granulated sugar Two cups all purpose flower Don't forget garnishes such as: Fish shaped crackers Fish shaped candies Fish shaped solid waste Fish shaped dirt Fish shaped ethyl benzene Pull and peel licorice Fish shaped volatile organic compounds and sediment shaped sediment Candy coated peanut butter pieces. Shaped like fish. One cup lemon juice Alpha resins Unsaturated polyester resin Fiberglass surface resins And volatile malted milk impoundments. Nine large egg yolks Twelve medium geosynthetic membranes One cup granulated sugar An entry called 'how to kill someone with your bare hands' Two cups rhubarb, sliced. Two slash three cups granulated rhubarb One tablespoon all-purpose rhubarb One teaspoon grated orange rhubarb Three tablespoons rhubarb, on fire. One large rhubarb One cross borehole electro-magnetic imaging rhubarb. Two tablespoons rhubarb juice. Adjustable aluminium head positioner Slaughter electric needle injector Cordless electric needle injector Injector needle driver Injector needle gun Cranial caps.
  10. Balareth

    Ask a Cake!

    Ask me anything! ill be more than happy to answer you! best regards from the Curiosity Cake!
  11. Okay people. It seems like almost everyone/thing has a fan club these days. We have fan clubs for even the most obscure of MLP characters. It's about time we have one for the greatest thing in our universe... ...Cake. I don't care who you are, everyone loves cake. Post your admiration here. Me, I'm not fancy. Give me a plain old chocolate cake and I'm happy.
  12. So the other day I shared a MLP cake my sister made. Over the last 4 years she has fallen in love with crafting homemade cakes, dinners, desserts, and crocheted items. This prompted me to find all the pictures we have taken of her creations, as well as some of the other projects my family members have created. *Unless otherwise stated: ALL OF THESE ARE LEGITIMATELY FROM MY FAMILY! NO JOKE. My participation has been photography...haha and taste-testing! **I've edited over most of the names she has written onto the cakes ==================================================== I'd love to see what other things your families have created, if you have pictures of course! So feel free to share what you can! PIRATE CAKE, Cupcakes, & Cannons This was the first cake that she made so it's a little rough around the edges! We had a pirate party for Halloween 3 years ago (we've actually had 3 now...we like pirates! ) The Captain Barbosa toy on the deck, the masts, sails and string-rail, and flags were the only non-edible parts. My father created the little cannons and cannon ball piles out of various candies (Tootsie Rolls, mini Oreos, Hershey Buttons, Sixlets, Milky Ways and I think Whoppers) ==================== Giraffe *I don't know who Aspen is so I figured I could leave that name there. ==================== 50/50 Split She made this one for some twins: ==================== MLP: FiM - Rainbow Dash ==================== Gingerbread Houses My mom and another sister made these a few Christmases ago:
  13. The name of the game is the 1-up game. You say an accomplishment (real or fake) then the person below you does you one better (1-ups you). And it goes on and on until Feld0 says he's Feld0 then we all cry because Feld0 is Satan incarnate. ex. I cured cancer. Pony after: I found light speed. I'll start: I can write in invisible text. HINT HINT.
  14. What kind of cake would you make for Princess Celestia? A very good cake, the kind of cake that could possibly make her fall in love with you.
  15. Do you have cake making skills to win Princess Celestia's heart? The key to her heart must be in the baking of cakes. Make lots of cake and she'll be in love with you in no time. Celestia's loves cake! Therefore she will love you if you give her lots of cake.
  16. Would you share chocolate cake with Princess Celestia? Or would you eat the whole chocolate cake and not share any of it with her? What would her reaction be if you did not share cake?
  17. Hey guys! I made my very first one-shot fimfic, featuring Mr. and Mrs. Cake! I hope you enjoy this romance fic!
  18. Pez

    The cake thief

    Someone stole Tom's cake. One of these four ponies did it. Who did it? Pez Hope Dark Bright
  19. Seriously check out this Rainbow Dash Cake OMG!
  20. So, what kind of ingredients would your ideal cake contain? Whether it'd be for your birthday or just for personal eating, how do you picture the best cake for you? Mine would be a mixture between chocolate and vainilla, cause i love them both. With sprinkles to boot. (Yeah, I know it's not very creative)
  21. It seems apparent that Cup Cake and Carrot Cake are cousins. They both have the same last name, and there's no reason to believe that equestria has a maritial name changing tradition. It must mean that their fathers (or mother if matronym) had the same last name. Which could be likely either if they are cousins, or if their name is a common one. Earth pony families generally have their children follow the same occupation as their parents, such as the Apples being into apple farming. Both of the Cakes are into baking, which probably means each one had a parent that was a baker. Their children are a pegasus and a unicorn. It is hinted that being either is rescesive. The chance of a rescessive trait showing up is exponentially higher the more the parents are related to eachother. For example, it is higher in a first cousin mariage, than a fifth cousin marriage. Their common grandparents or great-grands probably had these alleles. In most parts of the world, cousin marriages are normal, depending on the degree of relation. There is no reason to suspect that cousin marriages are taboo in equestrian society. Debate.
  22. Ask the adorable Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake, Foals of Mrs. And Mr. Cake! (How many cakes was that?) Have fun with your fellow pegasisters and bronys and get a good laugh out of these two little ponies! Watch Pound Cake fly around and dont miss his easter flying show! And ya'll should head on over to Pumpkin Cake, who tells your fortune! =^.^= {Rules} - No bullying - No making fun of blankflanks - No spamming And most importantly, Have fun!
  23. It's a known fact that Pinkie Pie has one weakness that is like Kryptonite to Superman: Corn Syrup. And this is what happens when she takes a bite out of Corn Syrup-laced cake.
  24. EQD has their training challenges, and I've done them all this year (so far) [though haven't posted any until today since I lost my flash drive. Here are some of the best: A pony taking a break A pony looking down (it ended up becoming a series with the next assignment of falling) [how do we add links in deviant art?] Larger than life pony. All the rest can be found at: