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Found 3 results

  1. My Steam account is $370.74 USD worth of money. How much is your steam account worth. find out here Note: This is does not include when you broght games witha special offer or coupron so it does not have the 30% it the full price
  2. I for one, have always been taught to use math (and some science) with a calculator since I was in grade school. But how helpful will knowledge of math/science be if your stuck without a calculator? I feel people are starting to rely way too much on this device, and I would of rather been taught without the assist of a calculator. But when you get to college level math classes, a calculator is a helpful luxury, so your not spending several minutes on one problem. Your thoughts?
  3. Rainbow Dash Attack So, basically I made a game similar to AdultSwim's Robot Unicorn Attack, except for the Casio fxcg-10/20 Graphing Calculator (or, for short, the 'Casio Prizm') in C, and with a nice pony twist on it. Point of the game is to dodge thunderclouds, collect apples, and in general not to fall into pits on the ground. You get points by collecting apples and for how long you run as of now. You can fly by holding SHIFT, but you have an energy bar the the top to tell you how much longer you can fly for before your wings stall up. UPDATE: very closed to being finished! Here's a "marketing" video, along with some still screens from using the official emulator (I couldn't get it to work very fast on the emulator though; on the calculator, it runs over 25FPS, but on the emulator I'm lucky if it can go 3FPS -- the emulator sucks). Download coming very soon after I work out a few kinks and add a "Sonic Rainboom" attack, for dashing through clouds in a very colorful manner. http-~~-// I'm thinking of porting it to PC platforms once I release the Prizm version, copying a decent chunk of the code over since they'll both be in C (for the most part -- the PC version wouldn't require the assembly code at all, obviously ), but facilitate porting using SDL.