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Found 2 results

  1. "Back to pony!" As they say. This is the official beginning of "RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails: Season 2", and I am glad to be back. After a month and a half, I'm finally going to release part 2 of, "My Interpretation of the Brony Fandom". It's been a while, but I'm glad I waited because while surfing the web, I discovered something that I thought I'd share. Last time, I talked more about why the fandom is dying and how it's nothing more than a perception of what we think of it. This time, however, I've got a little more up my sleeve. Something that really bends the behind-the-scenes. Now, originally, I was going to pin everything down on EquestriaDaily, but I suddenly realized they weren't at fault. Someone else was. So let's return to our original question: "Is the Fandom Dying? If so, how can we save it?" Now, why is this fandom different from all other fandoms? What many believe is that we are all together no matter what. We'll stick up for each other because we have been seen putting the morals of Friendship is Magic to heart. While this may or may not be true, we're not all together. As I said in Part 1, in order to save the fandom is to create content of our own, but here's a contradiction: "How can we save the fandom, if nobody watches our stuff?" I'm going to talk about something that is relevant one way or another. Whether or not you want to be one of these people is completely up to you, but it still decides our fate. I'm talking about Horse-Fame, a level of respect gained in the Brony fandom. Horse-fame is depicted by the amount of content and attention that person is getting and whether or not they can keep up. The problem about Horse-Fame is that it's been established since the dawn of MLP Season 1. We all know who LittleshyFiM, KP, BlackGryph0n, EurobeatBrony, and TheLivingTombstone are. Sure, they weren't horse-famous overnight, but it was a lot easier than what many of us have to do today to hit that first thousand views. With those big names set in stone, who are we to argue with the big leagues? How can the fandom survive if they disappear? Now, the reason I was going to give EquestriaDaily the blame was because I thought they only posted "big names" and their work. No, that is wrong. EquestriaDaily is the one promoting smaller bronies and their written work. However, there are some groups that continue to promote the more popular ponies instead of turning to the surviving talent. Yes, people are growing day by day, but there is much more talent going around than we appear to see. We can't stand in the shadows of those whom cast them. We have to create a name for ourselves. Write what you have on mind! Play the songs that appear in your head! Be inspired! There is nothing wrong with Horse-Fame, but when it is used as an exclusive club to promote themselves, then it is at fault. What does this have to do with a dying fandom? Everything. With our figureheads stepping down from their throne, only to leave a legacy, it makes us all turn our heads and think. When the empire falls, so do the people. We need to create figures of our own; we need to decide. I have seen many underrated works in this community, the MLPForums, but they don't receive the attention they deserve. Music creators all gather here and share their works; they collaborate. Writers come here to show off their work and help others to edit. These forums have an entire section devoted to helping those in need. If brony community is generally known to help others, where are the Horse-Famous ponies when we need them? -RealityPublishing
  2. I doubt I'm the only one here who's envisioned a character giving a "What the Hell, Hero?" calling out to another for a number of reasons, be it the events of an episode or collective episodes that left a bad taste in our mouths, or even simply the clash of personalities. Of course, it's not JUST "What the Hell, Hero?", but could easily be a "Rage Against the Mentor" or "Calling the Old Man Out", all depending on the circumstances and relationships between the characters involved. Now, normally, this sort of thing is what we have fanfiction for, but what if you had the power to have a scene like this occur in a canon episode? Which characters would be involved? Who'd be given it out and who'd be on the receiving end? What would the situation be? When would it take place? How severe would you have it? (Like a MAJOR chewing out or a scolding, etc). Why do you personally want it to happen? Here's mine, for an example: I personally want Twilight to call Princess Celestia out some time in the foreseeable future, preferably in the Season 3 ender (which, by the looks of it, could spill into the Season 4 beginning). I have three reasons for this: It's a bit petty, but one is that Twilight has been on the receiving end of a calling out twice now, even though both were justified in their own right (but if you want to hear my take on that, here: I suppose, for me, it would be a tad refreshing to see Twilight lashing out at somepony else for a change, which would show how much she's grown in confidence and the ability to stand up for herself. Celestia is not entirely squeaky clean. She's made some ethical decisions in the past that have left a lot of fans divided on her (though granted, the majority agree that she was justified in those decisions, and some fans just enjoy giving villains the leather pants treatment), and it would serve well to show she's not as perfect and infallible as the other characters, the show and even herself likes to think of her. Their relationship in general does warrant it at some point. Twilight hero worships Celestia, loving her as a mother; would do anything she can to please her as her prize pupil; has been hinted to actually kind of FEAR her and whenever Celestia has shown even a glimmer of disappointment in her, it's pretty much being stabbed in the heart with a dagger for Twilight. At some point, Twilight's gonna snap and just be, "you know what? Screw you!" And I can see it happening in relation with her 'destiny' that Season 3 is leading up to. This leads on to the situation aspect. Again, I want it to be on the 'destiny' episode(s) at the end of Season 3/beginning of Season 4, but as for what happens, the way I see it, Celestia has most likely not been telling Twilight the full truth of things. It could be revealed she's been holding some major secrets from her relating to her destiny or made other, even more ethically questionable in the past, some that arguably cross the line. In Twilight's eye at least, it can all make Celestia look selfish and manipulative, even though the other characters and the viewers can reason and understand why she did it. But for Twilight, it's just too much and her pedestal of Celestia is shattered. Now for the calling out itself, I feel a little guilty in that yes, I would like to see Twilight REALLY cutting into her mentor, possibly going into stuff that isn't relevant to the situation at hand, but it's also stuff that she'd normally have held back. But if time is an issue and the writers want to make it organic as possible, it could easily all be summed up in three words. Three magical words: I. Hate. You. Well, anyway, that's my scenario, what's yours?