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Found 8 results

  1. Ever since Rainbow Rocks, I've been hoping for the Dazzlings to make another appearance. I mean, we saw some of the Crystal Prep students again in "Dance Magic" so its not like Hasbro's above recurring EQ character cameos. I thought they were pretty awesome villains and I'd love to see them again (maybe even reformed, that's kind of always been a thing with FiM). Plus I have a huge crush on Adagio (yes, I'm one of those weird people with a crush on fictional characters, but I don't think that's unusual for these parts). Heh.
  2. Did anyone else notice this Jules and Vincent Vega cameo from Pulp Fiction? Its funny because MLP and Pulp Fiction are two of my favorite things right now, and when I realized that the two are colliding, my mind was blown. I can't be the only fan of Pulp Fiction here right? Thoughts? Anyone notice any other cameos?
  3. Say, you happen to meet any of the Human 5, 6, or 7, and you shown to them all three Equestria Girls films and various appearances and fanvids at any time they choose, how do you think they would react? Examples of non-film appearances: * A TV cameo in a Mexican show and a live performance * Here are some advertisements involving them * Re-enactions of their songs in Russia * Some good fan-art
  4. As some of you may know I absolutely love Alice Cooper, and I've had this thought before "Wouldn't it be great if Alice played as a guest character on MLP?!". But it hasn't gone away and it still seems like good idea. So I'm making this thread to see if anyone is interested in trying to get Alice as a character on the show for at least one episode. Some of you may object but here me out: 1. Alice Cooper can write songs that are both funny and family friendly: The Song that didn't rhyme, Department of Youth (mostly family friendly ), and Schools Out. 2. Alice would be good as either a good intentioned but misunderstood character, a funny character, or as a Villain (although that would be too obvious to me ). 3. Alice has proven via his songs and albums that he understands what makes a good story and character; therefore he could actually contribute to the episodes plot he would be in. 4. In real life Alice is a kind hearted, funny, family man that would be undoubtedly find the prospect of helping with a show that teaches good morals to kids; he would also probably get a kick out off it . 5. If you doubt that the Coop can do a kids show, I present exhibit A: So if your on board obviously we need to do two things A ) get The Coop on board and B ) get DHX on-board. Which means we will need lots of people tweeting sending emails asking about and/or suggesting this of course. I think if someone sent Alice a pony OC they made of him he would re-tweet it easily if he liked it ( I've seen him re-tweet similar stuff, like an Alice teddy bear for example ), which would probably help get some attention for it. In fact sending fan-work of an "Alice Cooper" Pony ( one that is cute and funny, a bat pony type thing for example ) via tweet, facebook, and email may be the best way to start out. Anypony other than myself think this would be a good idea and want to help? I know it's unlikely but I would like to know I at least gave it my best try than and failed than have not tried at all.
  5. Turns out Rainbow Dash is a transformer! Her transformation? Into a kickass looking assault rifle!
  6. I know this has been exhausted and worn out by now but there is a better scene of Derpy hiding in the very back of the Cafeteria during the song Helping Twily Win Her Crown!! Most people think she just walks by in the corner of the screen but she is in plain sight in this scene!!
  7. I just now saw this in the episode "The Cutie Pox". She looks like a certain Pony that I personally cherish but she has been turned into a Filly SO KAWAII... She is circled ignore all other Fillies!!!!
  8. OK, so I was wondering about this after today's episode; did Derpy actually make an appearance? The two scenes that I thought she might have appeared in were the following; (1) the theater song during "Bad Seed," sitting next to the Doctor (which, if it is legit, would be the cutest thing ever!!! ) and (2) driving one of the floats during the parade. Why am I still not certain if it was her? Because for the life of me I could not tell, even after re-watching both scenes, if it really was her! If it is her, either the resolution was coming in very strangely on my computer, or the show's creators have made some significant changes to her design, and I'm not just talking about her eyes; her mane seemed designed differently, and she seemed to be shaded more darkly, but again, maybe it was just the angle or my computer's resolution, IDK. So what do you think everypony? Can any of you confirm whether or not that actually was Derpy? Did you even think it was Derpy? Does anypony know if the designers have actually changed her design? If they have, I honestly wouldn't mind, I just want to know so I can know whether or not that actually was Derpy!!!