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Found 6 results

  1. -WELCOME TO MISTMANE FAN CLUB- In Rarity's story, Mistmane is a talented unicorn sorceress who is hailed and beloved as the most beautiful pony in Equestria. Sometime after being accepted into a prestigious magic school, Mistmane receives a letter saying her best friend Sable Spirit was crowned empress of her old village home. However, when she returns home, she finds it a dismal dictatorship where the empress keeps the villagers working all hours on her palace and takes everything with beauty for herself. Mistmane confronts Sable Spirit in her palace and demands an explanation. Sable explains that she was always jealous of Mistmane's beauty and talent, and after she left for magic school, Sable used a spell to make herself beautiful. The spell backfired, however, and made her hideous. Therefore, she decided if she couldn't have beauty, she would take it from everyone and everything else. Mistmane refuses to allow this, and she faces Sable Spirit in a magic duel. After a fierce clash of fire- and water-conjuring spells, Mistmane wins by trapping Sable in a cocoon of plant roots. Afterward, Mistmane plants a flower at the center of the village and uses her magic to restore its beauty—as well as Sable Spirit's—while also sacrificing her own beauty. Sable Spirit is so moved by Mistmane's sacrifice that she rules with kindness and compassion from then on. Though Mistmane is no longer physically beautiful, she dedicates her life to spreading beauty all over Equestria. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Mistmane). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Mistmane thread, please only post here about her. Other Fan Clubs Of Interest; Rockhoof Fan Club Flash Magnus Fan Club
  2. I’ve recently noticed something, every single Legend of Equestria tends to have an interesting connection to one of the Mane six… Twilight not only idolizes Starswirl the Bearded, but both have an intense desire to understand as much about Magic as they can, but both often misunderstand the context of what they learn at times. They also both did not understand the power behind Friendship (at first). Twilight breaks away from Starswirl in this regard, but we’ve seen shades of how she could have turned out to be exactly like him in other individuals she’s helped (Moondancer, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon). Their connection to Magic and their focus on Friendship is key to both of their characters, and examining how divergent they are is definitely a part of both of their stories. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity were inspired by Flash Magnus, Rockhoof and Mistmane respectively: Applejack and Rockhoof both share the strength of both character and body to see thing through to the end, despite the odds. They care so much about their friends and family that they don’t have a second thought about putting themselves in danger to protect them, even if the task is well beyond them. Rainbow Dash and Flash Magnus share the hotneadedness, fierceness, and passion that drives them forward in everything they do. They are both brave to the extreme, don’t afraid of anything, and both certainly carry Loyalty with them to not leave their friends in danger. Rarity and Mistmane both see beauty in the world, and both strive to bring it out for others to enjoy. While their methods are different, the end result and goal is still the same: make the world a much more beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. To this effect, they both selflessly give of themselves in different ways to make sure that happens. Pinkie Pie seems to have the same belief in leaps of faith as Somnambula, plus Pinkie Pie and Somnambula both share something that a lot of people overlook in their characters: Faith. Both characters have absolute faith in that the path they’ve chosen to help others will always work out in the end. They want to see others happy, and believe with all their hearts that the road to happiness starts with a smile. And Fluttershy seems to take up Meadowbrook’s mask later, but comparison will have to wait until we get to "A Health of Information" and Meadowbrook’s backstory in "Legend of Magic". I have a feeling, based on the other five stories, it won’t be just that mask that’s the main connecting theme between them. Not to mention the fact that the comics actually indicate that they’ve teamed up before… That got me thinking, what if it’s not a coincidence? What if the Mane Six are their…. reincarnations?
  3. "And then... the brash, hotheaded, boastful pegasus Prism Sprint painted ALL of the Peach family's peaches as a prank along with the earth pony who eats too much sugar, Blue Brownie, costing the Peach family an incalculable amount of loss in time, labor, and product! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" "Why does this story sound familiar when I've never heard it before?" "Just think about it, sugar cube, I'm sure it'll come to ya eventually." Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"!! Me oh my, this show has seriously got to stop throwing so much amazing at us, for real! I have not seen track records of flat-out great episodes in this show, this consistently, since Season 2 (in my estimation, at least). We got a break last week with an episode that was very much just good, not great, but the show returned to giving us more great episodes again this week in the delightful "Campfire Tales"! This one's gonna be a pretty easy episode to review as I can simply go sequentially through the episode itself, so without further ado, let's dive right in. This is "Campfire Tales." Alright, so this episode set out to do not one, but two things, and given that it had writers who've never written for the show before (Barry Safchik and Michael Platt, respectively), that was no easy feat. However, unlike with Becky Wangberg's atrocious debut in "Hard to Say Anything," these two clearly did their homework, and the result was a great episode. So, just what exactly did the episode aim to do? First, it needed to act as solid continuity to Season 3's amazing "Sleepless in Ponyville," which we all of course remember most for being the first episode in which Rainbow Dash decided to start acting as a surrogate older sister to Scootaloo, but was also just as enjoyable for the camping subplot in which Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo all go on a camping trip together. Now, for the most part the episode handled the continuity great; it's one minor flaw was that the dialogue at the beginning suggested that this was their first annual camping trip since the last one, suggesting only a year had passed in the show since Season 3, and I refuse to believe that given everything that has happened. But that's easy enough to ignore, so I don't need to gripe about it too much. The other thing that the episode set out to do was add some very cool canon of its own to the MLP:FiM universe canon, while still juggling it's primary plot in the present, and in this the episode splendidly succeeded as well, introducing us to characters recently introduced to the MLP comics themselves in the still ongoing "Legends of Magic" series! Let's take a closer look at just how the episode succeeds in both of these respects. So to start things off we get an absolutely delightful opening scene setting up the camping trip itself, establishing that this is now an annual tradition of these three pairs of sisters. We see that Applejack is, as always, the grounded center of this group of six ponies (no surprise given that she's been trying to be a family matriarch since a young age due to the untimely death of her parents, especially for Apple Bloom, and she has the most experience being a dependable sibling of any of the older ponies here, so she can run a show like this no sweat); Rarity for her part has become considerably more practical for a trip like this, though delightfully still brings her own unique touch to it, just in a more reasonable manner; and Rainbow Dash for her part is mostly focused on using this time to hang out with Scootaloo, which makes sense considering (1) she's very busy as a Wonderbolt these days, so probably doesn't have much time to regularly hang out with Scoots, and (2) she has the most reason to do as much bonding with her surrogate sister as she can, seeing as she's been treating her like family for the least amount of time of all three older siblings and thus has the most developing of her relationship to do with Scoots. As for the CMC, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle seemed pretty chill in their activities, but Scootaloo's own behavior further emphasizes my point that she and Rainbow Dash's bonding is especially important to each other on this trip. While the other two pairs of sisters clearly see this as one of many things they do together, Scootaloo and Rainbow both clearly see this as an event that will always be special to them seeing as it was the foundational event of their "sisterhood." On top of that, Scootaloo also clearly is far more nervous in nature now than Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle are; her nightmares on their previous trip clearly left a bad impression on her, and this was, for me, one of my favorite bits of continuity. In a lesser show, she'd be over these fears by now as if they didn't happen, but here the writers had fun with the idea of Scootaloo instead kinda not doing too well in nature, which added variety to the group as a whole. Some people can camp no sweat like the Apples, others do it while still needing as many comforts from home as possible, like Rarity and Sweetie (though Sweetie would probably do better without them than Rarity would), and others are either bad at survival skills, like Rainbow (given that she almost ate poisonous berries before Scootaloo told her what they were) or just do not do well in nature at all and find it to be an unsettling place they don't ever get used to, like Scootaloo. But anyway, moving on, the trip is off to a lovely start... that is until of course it's interrupted by a fresh spawn of hell in this show's canon, FLY-DERS!!!! Yes, Fly-ders, little bastards that are apparently flies crossed with spiders and all the more terrifying for it. These bastards from the Luna Bay area way up in Northwest Equestria will bite you, web you (apparently they're even carnivorous considering AJ, who seemed to know the most about them, was doing everything in her power to stay away from them), and web up all your shit too just because they can! In other words, they are the Equestrian equivalent of the hyena: NATURE'S ASSHOLE!!!!!! So after the swarms of fly-ders appear, the group is forced to flee into a nearby cave, and the older ponies (after Rainbow quite hilariously and recklessly fetches their campfire from the fly-der swarms) decide to raise their younger sisters spirits and pass the time (hoping the fly-ders will soon leave) telling them all campfire stories, namely stories about their favorite Equestrian legends. Applejack starts off with the legend of Rockhoof, a legendary earth pony whose sheer determination in the face of impossible odds magically unlocked his strength as he saved his village from certain destruction! The story itself was delightful, especially in seeing the Norse-type culture that Rockhoof belonged to, but the real highlight for me was in how Applejack told it. Unlock the other two pairs of sisters, this was a story that Apple Bloom had already heard many times (further highlighting how naturally close those two are as sisters, and delightfully conveyed in how excited Apple Bloom got at certain parts of the story, even squeeing in anticipation, which was too adorable). The backgrounds were especially impressive to me; while Rarity's story probably had the most artistically beautiful backgrounds, and Rainbow's even had the biggest, this somehow felt bigger, even though it was technically a more confined story than Rainbow's was. I think it has to do with how the volcano so nicely contrasted the blue sky; normally an erupting volcano would be surrounded by a sky full of ash and fire in a scene like this, but here you had this massive volcano overlooking this tiny pony village, but contrasted wonderfully by a picturesque blue sky. The lava effects as well, although hardly the first time we've seen them, were very cool, and Rockhoof was quite an awesome character. Since we know that the Season 7 finale is going to tie into the Legends of Magic somehow, I cannot wait to see more of this guy in the finale when it comes around! Aside from being an earth pony, Rockhoof didn't tie too explicitly into the Apple Family like the other two stories tie into their respective characters, but I was OK that; it's easy enough to believe this is a favorite story among earth ponies in general, so Applejack probably heard it from her parents too when she was younger, plus of course I could easily see a character like Rockhoof overcoming his smaller size to do the impossible inspiring younger earth ponies like Applejack used to be before she could do greater feats of strength. Huh, I wonder what he's screaming at... Oh... yeah, that makes sense The next interlude leads into my favorite segment of the entire episode, Rarity's story. Things are set up nicely when Sweetie Belle expresses boredom at their current plight. Rarity in turn starts to do something I wish we saw in the show more often, use her generous nature and eye for aesthetic beauty to the benefit of others in creative ways most would never think of doing. First she shows Sweetie Belle that there's more to the cave they're in than meets the eye, showing how flecks of gold dot its wall (further emphasizing her eye for spotting gems and precious minerals as well), and even uses their campfire to create beautiful shadow puppets (and a pretty humorous throwback to ballerina Twilight as well). I love now knowing that Rarity can both do this, as well as the fact that she clearly used the shadow puppets to help tell her story. While it's possible that Twilight told Rarity about what she did, for some reason I find it more likely (and amusing) that Starlight told Rarity when they were both talking about how OCD Twilight can be sometimes Then she proceeds to tell the best story of the lot, about a unicorn by the name of Mistmane. Mistmane lived in a corner of Equestria where some type of ancient Japanese-inspired culture was prevalent, and the scenery we got to see there was too amazing to describe! So many colors, beautiful buildings, backgrounds, and clothing we've never seen in the show before, and even unicorns with curved horns, something that has only appeared, to date, in either the MLP comics or fan art! As for Mistmane herself, she was a beautiful unicorn and powerful sorceress who was forced to defeat her best friend Sable Spirit, now the empress of their region, who, after trying to magically make herself more beautiful, only made herself more ugly instead, and in her rage chose to have all of her subjects spend their days doing nothing but beautify her palace. Mistmane easily defeats Sable, but then does an even greater act of heroism; saddened by the state of her home, and simply wanting to bring back hope to her people, Mistmane puts all of her magic into restoring both her home and Sable, at the cost of her own beautiful features. While it doesn't fix everything her people have lost, their hope is restored, as is the Sable's perspective upon being shocked by how generous and selfless Mistmane was for the sake of others. Sable resolves to reflect Mistmane's generosity as best she can for the rest of her days, and the land is restored as ponies return to leading their old, happy lives. Mistmane herself spends the rest of her days wandering the countryside, assisting ponies with her magic wherever she can, and spreading beauty along the way as she does; even if there's nothing she can do or nothing for her to do to help someone, the least she can do is make their day a little brighter with something beautiful. What makes this story the highlight of the episode is not only the fact that it's a beautiful story in its own right about generosity, the value of true aesthetic beauty when used appropriately, and self-sacrifice for the good of others and how that is the highest beauty of all, but also the fact that it gives us so much insight into Rarity's own philosophy about both aesthetic beauty and generosity, and how they tie together for her so naturally. This didn't sound so much like a story she would have grown up with like Applejack did, on the contrary, this felt more like something she would have come across when she was growing older, possibly during her college days (so to speak); the story was far more refined and developed than Applejack or Rainbow Dash's were, and it clearly held dear personal meaning to Rarity. She very deliberately saw herself, or at least a pony whose example she wants to follow, in Mistmane, though unlike Rainbow she did not flat out state it either. For her, in this moment, it was most meaningful sharing something so personal and beautiful with her friends and her beloved sister, further illustrating how, even in telling this story, Rarity's generous nature was on display, and also went hoof in hoof with her love of spreading beauty to others as well. Hands down the best segment of this episode for me, it just might also be Rarity's highlight moment of Season 7 thus far, making "Campfire Tales," oddly enough, Rarity's best appearance in Season 7 to date, which is incredibly odd given that she was not the primary focus of the episode itself. I cannot even begin to imagine how complicated and technically difficult some of the animation and backgrounds were in this story... I mean... JUST LOOK AT ALL OF THIS!!! Easily some of the best, complex, and most beautiful animation we've seen in all of Season 7, or the entire show for that matter, so far! Finally, after Rainbow causes a cave in when the fly-ders (little bastards that they are) start advancing on the group again, Scootaloo has a near panic attack, and Rainbow decides it's her turn to tell a story. Uh, Rainbow, I think ya got something on your... ya know what, nevermind, I'm sure you'll notice eventually The best part about the set up for this one (as well as the story itself) is that Rainbow is clearly telling this to calm Scootaloo down. It fits Rainbow's demeanor and personality that she is protective to her surrogate sister, and doing something like this is about as much of a softy as she typically gets. She may have acted a bit gruff at times, acting as though she were annoyed at Scootaloo's panic, but really you could tell she was just trying to put on a brave face for her as she reassured her everything was going to be OK. The story itself wasn't particularly remarkable (especially after Rarity's), but Flash Magnus is easily the best Flash on this show (suck it, Flash Sentry), and it did feature some pretty awesome flying scenes as well as some of the best dragon action of the show (including with, presumably, Ember's father, the former Dragon Lord Torch). I did find it super cool on a personal level that the commander of the pegasi in the Royal Legion was called Commander Ironhoof; I say this because I have a minor character featured in Equestrian history in my own fic-universe in my fic "Batmare Begins" whose name was Eisenhuf, that is, German for Ironhoof! Total coincidence of course, but it was pretty cool seeing the show runners decide that's a badass name for a pony just like I did some time ago. Other than that, the story featured some cool action and a cool new Equestrian hero (I'm going to presume it took place before the Sisters arrived since the pegasi seemed to be in old Pegasopolis armor), but a fairly standard lesson about one's loyalty bringing out your most heroic side. This felt more like a story Rainbow would have learned in school than from her parents, but instantly latched onto when she first heard it; being totally awesome as a result of your loyalty to your companions and friends is something she clearly prizes, so it's unsurprising this was one of her favorite stories. OK, that is admittedly bucking awesome... ...but holy shit, that's adorable!!! After the close of Rainbow's story, (and a failed attempt from Applejack to clear the cave in, but to her credit, she did come close; let's say she had her very own "Captain America almost lifts Mjolnir" moment and almost channeled some Pie-family magic into her strength) the sisters decide to go through the back of the cave, and follow an underground river. Their spirits have all been bolstered at this point by the stories, both young and old, and the river, fortuitously enough, leads to Winsome Falls, their destination for the camping trip. The younger sisters, emboldened by the stories they've just been told, are determined to salvage the trip here, and the older sisters are happy to oblige, glad to see their younger counterparts happy. The episode closes on a happy note, and all is well. Woah! Check out the return of wet-mane Rarity (bonus points for a lil' wet-mane AJ too ... oh don't look at me like that, YOU KNOW YOU WERE THINKING IT TOO!!! ) If this episode has any lesson at all (besides those contained in the stories themselves) it's in the power of older siblings to impact their younger siblings lives for the better in the low moments. Older siblings, especially when their siblings are genuinely smaller than them, can do things they can't, but more importantly are figures they look up to. This doesn't mean the things older siblings do always have to be big, rather, small acts are often some of the most important that their siblings will remember years later. The little ways they went out of their way for them when they didn't have to. As an older sibling myself, I loved getting to see these sides of Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash once more, always do whenever it happens, and so I found myself very, very appreciative for everything this episode did. It's another great episode of Season 7, and me, I got no complaints on my end about that. Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  4. My Little Pony does not have interesting mythology. The fact is, the vast majority of its world and backstory are either heavily based on other stories or designed to fulfill a specific role. That doesn't need to be the case, but this is a children's program where most worldbuilding is made up during the scripting phase rather than taken from any grander vision, so the easiest route is simply transplanting ponies onto familiar stories from human mythology, or taking creatures from other fantasy stories and building a rudimentary, sometimes overly simplistic society around them. With "Campfire Tales," the show seems interested in finally adding some weight to its mythos, and yet it falls into all the same traps. There are three stories in this episode, but all three are simple moral lessons which transplant human cultures onto Equestria without exploring them in much detail. Add in a framing story which tries to tie that to the actual main characters of the show, and you have an episode which can't do justice to either Equestria's past or present. It's still nice to see a diverse range of environments, and there's moments of charm and tension here and there, but it's not enough to make the episode particularly exciting. When Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash go camping with their sisters (and Scootaloo), their plans are ruined by an attack from a swarm of aggressive bugs known as "Flyders," who drive them away from their campsite and into a cave. While there, they set up a fire and try to make the best of their situation by sharing their favourite legends. The first legend, shared by Applejack, tells of an earth pony named Rock Hoof from the guard village of Mighty Helm, who everyone said was too scrawny and weak to protect the village. When a volcano erupts, he starts building a trench to stop the lava, and spontaneously transforms into a stronger pony, rapidly expanding his trench to the river so the lava can flow harmlessly away from the village. Of the three legends, this has the least clarity, and its apparent message of perservering beyond what's expected of you is clouded by the fact that Rock Hoof could have been seriously hurt by the lava had he not transformed, and that transformation adds a mystical element which is somewhat hard to apply to the laws of magic in Equestria, let alone real life. Furthermore, Rock Hoof's story is by far the simplest of the lot, featuring the least buildup, the least detail, and the least context, and while that's not entirely unrealistic to real-life legends, it also prevents the story from having much of an identity. Unfortunately, this is also a major issue with the other two stories. The second is shared by Rarity, and involves a unicorn named Mistmane whose friend, Sable Spirit, is the empress of an unnamed state. Mistmane discovers that Sable is overworking her subjects, and surprised that her old friend has turned so cruel, confronts her in the palace. Despite being the most intricate of the three legends, the Mistmane story still relies heavily on simplistic characterization in service of a simplistic theme. Sable's oppressive rule is explained through a longstanding jealousy of Mistmane's beauty, which led the future empress to cast a failed beauty spell on herself, making her old and ugly, and leading her to want a palace with the beauty she could not have. Without knowing more about Sable, this just makes her seem shallow, and as a consequence, Mistmane's decision to restore her appearance in the end lacks weight. This second legend contains the strongest moral of the three, but it's still not especially clear. What comes across is that jealousy and obsession with physical appearances will eventually lead to cruelty, but Sable is such an extreme and uncomplicated example that this moral comes across as little more than generic children's show fluff - not without merit, but offering relatively little substance for anyone older than the target audience. Much of the problem is with how these legends are presented. They don't function as regular works of fiction, as they're only a couple minutes long and lack detail or nuanced characters, but they don't have the ethnographic appeal of fictional mythology either. The Mighty Helm story takes place in a Nordic society, while the Mistmane one has a Japanese aesthetic, but both of these cultures are entirely new to the show, and these legends provide very little detail about them. We don't know exactly where any of these tales take place, we don't know what their cultures are called, and we don't know if the societies they come from even still exist. Somehow, we know less about the world of Equestria than when we started. With that said, it is nice to see new environments. The town of Mighty Helm is at least named, and neither it nor the setting of the Mistmane story look like anything we've seen in the past. Rainbow's later story takes place in the Dragon Lands, but while we've seen that before, it's still one of the show's more visually distinctive locations, and it's never looked better. Unfortunately, all three of the cultures depicted are directly analogous to real-world cultures, and without any additional detail of where they fit into Equestria, they still come across as uninspired even in spite of how distinct they are from the rest of the show. Rather than unique worldbuilding which sets Equestria apart, we get familiar sights plastered directly from the real world which look like any number of other shows. Thankfully, while Rainbow's story has all the same problems, it at least boasts some decent action. This legend revolves around Flash Magnus, a lowly cadet in an unnamed kingdom's Royal Legion who is flying over the dragon lands with his squad to meet their comrades. Along the way, they're attacked by the dragons, and several Legionnaires are captured. In order to rescue his comrades, Flash volunteers to lure the dragon away, and is given a fireproof shield to help. Once the rescue has succeeded, he lures the dragons into a thundercloud, where get zapped a few times and then retreat. Flash's bravery is praised by his comrades, and his commander lets him keep the shield. As said, this third story has all the same problems: almost no cultural detail, two-dimensional characters, and a simple moral. In this case, the moral is about the merit of bravery and putting yourself in danger to help others - again, fine enough, but not too compelling. However, it also contains significantly more action than the other two, and adding the stakes of Flash's captured comrades helps give the story at least a little weight. More importantly, the scene of Flash flying away from the dragons while defending himself from their fire is fast-paced and genuinely thrilling, which gives this story some of the energy which the other two were sorely lacking, and the final twist of Flash leading the dragons into a thundercloud is easily the most clever plot point in the entire episode. That action is significant, because these legends are played entirely straight, with very little humour to offer. The Mistmane story also has a visually distinctive action scene, but it's played with particular seriousness, as is the rest of that story. The only note of humour across all three is Flash Magnus emerging from the thundercloud charred and frazzled, providing a little levity after a genuinely intense chase sequence. Otherwise, these stories are entirely po-faced, and they're neither complex nor creative enough to justify that. Instead, the episode's attempts at humour are found in the framing story, which features light banter between the Crusaders and their sisters as well as a few weak visual gags. Frankly, only one of these lands: in one digression from the Mistmane story, Sweetie Belle says she too would be surprised if one of her friends turned evil, to which Apple Bloom retorts that she "knows how they get when they miss breakfast." That lands, but otherwise the the episode relies heavily on limp callbacks to "Sleepless in Ponyville" and caricatured depictions of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. It even throws in a grotesque facial expression or two. To be fair to Dash, she gets a few pleasant moments which emphasize her relationship with Scootaloo, but most of her dialogue consists simply of her declaring her own awesomeness. It's not just that she acts confidently and recklessly - she does that, but it's mostly fine, excepting a few boneheaded encounters with the flyders. It's that not a single scene can pass without her at least once stating how awesome she is. Even if we accept that she'd still boast constantly in season 7, it's just annoying to have the same joke repeated ad nauseam, and you'd think Rainbow would tone it down out of some respect for her friends. Scootaloo is even worse, though. Her nervousness from "Sleepless in Ponyville" has ballooned into her being the scaredy-cat of the group, which completely misses the point of the earlier episode. In "Sleepless," she was just as scared as Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, but felt the need to hide it in order to impress Rainbow Dash. Here, she's afraid of everything, whereas Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are completely fine for the most part. This is a completely new character trait which we have never seen before, and there's no other punchlines to save her scenes from falling flat. This framing story is also very strained and predictable. Of course something goes wrong right when they set up camp. Of course the ponies need to make the best of what they have. Of course they lock themselves in, then find a way out as soon as they start looking. And of course the CMC declare that they had a great time despite all the setbacks. It's just so stale and predictable, and the lesson has already been done as far back as season 1's brilliant "The Best Night Ever." Even the legends seem to echo that main lesson, though it's faint enough that it could just be a coincidence. Still, there's some charm to be found in the framing story, mainly in the relationships between the CMC and their sisters. Apple Bloom is visibly enthusiastic about Applejack's story, Rarity and Sweetie Belle display some affection, and Rainbow Dash at one point comforts Scootaloo when the latter is scared. It's mainly that general sense of sweetness which keeps the framing story afloat, but that's only barely enough to keep it from being a total wash. Mostly, it's the environments and the Flash Magnus story which keep "Campfire Tales" afloat. It's just pretty enough, just charming enough, eventually just exciting enough to not be boring, but there's not much here to be excited by either. Poor humour, derivative storytelling, and weak world building hold the episode back. The latter two are par for the course, but the former is what's really disappointing. This show doesn't have an interesting enough world to sustain an entire 22 minute episode, but with enough solid humour, it could have still provided a little bit more detail to Equestria without feeling so flimsy. Alas, it was not to be. Score: Entertainment: 6/10 Characters: 4/10 Themes: 6/10 Story: 5/10 Overall: 53/100 You can find more episode reviews at my offsite blog.
  5. -WELCOME TO FLASH MAGNUS FAN CLUB- n Rainbow Dash's story, Flash Magnus is a cadet in the Cloudsdale Royal Legion during a time before the founding of the Wonderbolts. One day, while flying over the Dragon Lands to reach their teammates on the other side, the Legion is intercepted and attacked by dragons, including Torch. Several members of the Legion are captured and taken to the dragons' lair. Flash Magnus wants to rescue their captured comrades, but Commander Ironhead forbids it, saying the dragons are too powerful to challenge head-on. Therefore, Flash volunteers to lure the dragons away from their lair so that Ironhead and the rest of the Legion can retrieve their friends. Ironhead recognizes Flash's bravery and gives him the fireproof shield Netitus to assist in his mission. After Flash gets the dragons' attention and lures them away from their lair, Ironhead and his soldiers infiltrate the cave. Once the captured Legionnaires are saved, Ironhead and the Legion gather together a large collection of storm clouds, which Flash leads the pursuing dragons into. Overwhelmed by lightning, the dragons retreat. Flash is praised by his fellow Legionnaires for his bravery, and Commander Ironhead allows him to keep the Netitus shield. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Flash Magnus). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Flash Magnus thread, please only post here about him. Other Fan Clubs Of Interest; Rockhoof Fan Club Mistmane Fan Club
  6. -WELCOME TO ROCKHOOF FAN CLUB- In Applejack's story, Rockhoof is a scrawny Earth pony colt who lives in a village at the foot of a giant volcano. The village is protected by a group of elite pony guards called the Mighty Helm. Rockhoof dreamed of becoming a member of the Helm, but his weak stature and inability to lift an axe got in the way, bringing him ridicule from the other guard ponies. One day, while Rockhoof was digging holes with his shovel, the volcano explosively erupts, threatening to cover the village in lava. Unable to think of a way to save the village, the Mighty Helm orders its immediate evacuation, but the villagers are reluctant to leave the home where they spent their entire lives. Rockhoof, however, uses his shovel to start digging a trench to divert the lava away from the village, even though he couldn't dig fast enough. Suddenly, in the middle of Rock hoof's digging, a mysterious magic surrounds his shovel, and he transforms from a scrawny colt to a brawny stallion. With his newfound strength, Rockhoof is able to dig multiple times faster than before, and he successfully diverts the lava into the ocean. For his bravery and determination, Rockhoof is invited to join the Mighty Helm's ranks. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Rockhoof). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Rockhoof thread, please only post here about him. Other Fan Clubs Of Interest; Mistmane Fan Club Flash Magnus Fan Club