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Found 10 results

  1. So on my most recent "video" I got it blocked by Hasbro world wide. I put clips in the video without narration and i think that's the problem, but i did the same for my last video. So how do I prevent this? Blocked- Not Blocked, but has Hasbro ads on it-
  2. Anypony can help me find a popular/memorable pony that I can voice? I can talk as high as Coco Pomell and as low as Big Mac, I slur my words and talk really fast, but I can control that. If I want to do high voices I kinda have to create a airy voice, kinda like Flutters. I wanna sneak up behind my friend and be like hello!!! I want them to be like OMG AM I DREAMING!!! But the problem is that she wont recognize Big Mac's voice since he only voiced in 2 episodes, so I don't want to voice him.
  3. There's nothing that I enjoy more than being psychoanalyzed by hobbyist psychiatrists. I mean, what's not to like? People that don't know you personally and haven't the slightest idea as to what your life is actually like apparently have a far clearer vision as to what it should be like than you ever will. Their wisdom might indeed be infinite... If only it extended to themselves. Different people need different things. Different people function differently. There's this disturbing trend among the amateur psychoanalytical crowd to think that everyone needs precisely the same thing, and that anything venturing outside the accepted "norm" is apparently doing it wrong. This is generally masquerading as good intentions and an overall concern for these poor, pitiful, differently-acting individuals that doubtless wallow constantly in their own, inescapable sorrow. But I know it as arrogance. If you knew me - and you both do not and never will - you would perhaps realize how tremendously erroneous and blatantly lacking in insight your own assumptions (and they are indeed assumptions) are. My life, emotional state, and overall mental health have improved vastly over just the last approaching-two years; this was following a roughly 16-year, seemingly futile uphill struggle against a once severely life-limiting condition. Once severely life-limiting. So, with the help of a love some would deem fictional or wrong or mentally questionable, I have managed to accomplish something in a relatively short period of time entirely without the assistance of psychiatry (amateur or otherwise), and my quality of life has changed dramatically for the better. But obviously I must be personally deluded. Obviously I exaggerate. Surely I was better off when I was afraid of my own bodily functions. Surely my quality of life was comparatively greater when I was nigh endlessly repeating rituals, washing my hands until they cracked and bled, and unsuccessfully battling invasive thoughts. Surely I've misinterpreted these feelings of love and contentment. My improved functionality - as observed by those closest to me - is almost definitely an elaborate shared-dream we're all having. Perhaps I'm asleep right now. How could I really be happy? I've not done things the way others expected me to, and mental health and happiness are exclusively attainable through the applications of by-the-book psychoanalysis and mind-altering drugs. Or, shit... Idunno... Maybe I fell in love. Maybe I found something that matters to me, personally, and I know the damned thing when I see it. Because I am me. And, believe it or not (which you probably won't), your entirely selfish and oftentimes misguided idea of "help" is what hurts people like me. You're the problem, and - were I the psychoanalyzing type - I'd encourage you to get some help for that. Not because you don't believe me. Not because you disagree with me. Not because you're different than I am. But because you fail to recognize the FACT that I am different than you. And I don't need your uninformed, dime-a-dozen analyses. I already have what I need. And you'll never know me.
  4. So I was just thinking about this in a post I made in another topic just recently, it concerns whether the elements of harmony can actually be destroyed. I think they can't be personally, and I'll explain my reasoning why. So first off, in the first episode of the series, the pilot, Nightmare Moon tries destroying what where apparently the Elements of Harmony, but she while apparently destroying them was told by Twilight soon after that she couldn't destroy the Elements of Harmony, because the spirits of the Elements where present. This makes me think that all it takes is the presence of the bearer's of the Elements in order for them to be basically indestructible. As we see that seems to be the case since in the presence of their bearer's they activate and are repaired and well, you know the rest I think. Another scenario is involving Discord. When Discord first shows up in the S2 premier, he does infact realize the power that the Elements of Harmony posses, and thus in order to ensure his plan works he needs them out of the picture. However.. Despite all the power Discord posses, he does not destroy the Elements, but simply hides them. Now this seems silly for him to do, and maybe its just due to Discord liking to play games, but I think its because he knew they could not be destroyed, maybe he tried to destroy them back when Celestia and Luna overthrew him the first time, and was using his knowledge from his last encounter in hopes to finally succeed. And if that isn't enough, yet again in "Keep Calm and Flutter on" he is freed, yet again even though he knows the power of the elements, and is apparently able to atleast take them from the mane 6, he still doesn't. Of course this instance is less supportive as he doesn't even try to hide them, but that might be due to them being worn, or he simply knows theres no way to destroy them, and hiding them might just waste time. Finally on a less supportive note, the Elements are very very old,(Possibly dating to the creation of Equestria and all of the world the ponies live in) I imagine there have been attempts by Villains to destroy them. Yet they seem to have remained intact throughout the years, from any form of destruction. Doesn't it seem like they would've been destroyed by now? Yet they haven't been. This is why I believe the Elements simply aren't able too be destroyed, or they can't be destroyed forever and are able to be rebuilt simply with the presence of the bearer's that are destine to use them. So, after my long wall of text that you may or may not read all of, what do you think? Do you think the Elements are indestructible? Or do you think they are actually able to be destroyed? Or do you have some totally different theory? I wanna know your thoughts! Looking forward to hearing what y'all have to say! And have a wonderful day! Later!
  5. As many of you are aware, prior to the launch of the Poniverse log-in system MLP Forums allowed users to log into their accounts privately. This allowed users to browse the forum without appearing online, a somewhat popular feature. This feature was disabled when the log-in system was integrated into Poniverse. Does this mean, however, that users are unable to achieve anonymous browsing? Pffft, no. We have an additional way for users to achieve anonymous browsing. All you need to do is send a PM to an Administrator or Team Leader and they will move your account to an anonymous browsing status. After a quick re-log it should take immediate effect. Please note that if you wish to leave the anonymous browsing status you will need to PM an Admin or TL to have them move you back. Additionally, if you are a Subscriber or Donor there is a possibility of the Donor status change making you visible again. Should this happen, PM an Admin or TL and they will fix it.
  6. Can you draw my OC? He's a pegasus that loves to sing. His name is Cooling Wind. In the picture (which is badly drawn I know) the the picture slightly above him is his cutie mark. It is the wind. He is a pegasus, part of the Wonderbolts Reserve, his waifu is Crystal Mint. (If you could put her in the picture as well). He is a dark navy blue, his hair is cyan with a hint of lavender in his hair. Here are the pictures. Can you have her hair color the color of mint. One more thing can you have them reading a book, and add "Cooling x Crystal" Thanks!
  7. Is anyone who does not have a skype and is fed up with people that say you can contact me only on Skype?,I'm kinda fed up not everybody has a Skype account and some don't want a Skype account. I do not have a Skype account but when I try too participate in a roleplay or something else some of the times they say you can only contact me on Skype and Skype makes it easier for the roleplay. I wondering if some of the people are fed up with this. Update: I forgot too tell why I don't have one we'll my dad and I maybe see if Skype works on this intel mac,I'm sorry if I forgot too and stuff this is why I was fed up because of two things my dad is busy and takes free time of his but I told him the other day.
  8. Throughout all these episodes many things have become clear. Daniel Ingram can compose like a world-class composer. He has the potential to rise to the musical genius of Gilbert and Sullivan, Rogers and Hammerstein, and Alan Menken. The writers also know how to weave character development and plot line beautifully, also using literary devices like allusion and metaphors. Animation too is the perfect venue fr a musical to take place; we've seen it come to life in Disney's Golden Age. So is it out of the question that we see a musical movie for My Little Pony? If Disney and other movie corporations have done it, then why can't Hasbro? They have the resources in their staff. And if the advertising is done seamlessly, then MLP could finally break off the stereotypes that everyone has against the show for being so "'girly". They could even hire an orchestra to do all the orchestration. Yeah maybe the finances aren't as great, but why can't one dream?
  9. I've been unofficially making music for years now. I am kinda trying to get into legit uploads. My current project is hopefully going to take a month. And it involves a LOT of singing. My melody is going for a Deadmau5 style track. By Deadmau5 I mean layed back and relaxing electro. Slow and sweet. Emphasizing on sweet. I'm looking for a soft, voice. Mellow and easy. If someone can hit high notes, softly. Consider this challenge. To be considered I would like some sort of audition. From hitting some high notes, to singing a chorus. Help much appreciated.
  10. Can't yall just give Scootaloo here at least one break? Feedback would be appreciated.