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Found 12 results

  1. Which are/is the shows that were cancelled and you wanted to cry when you found out? Personally I hate the fact that I'll never get to know how Spider-Man Unlimited ends because it got cancelled and last episode of season 1 never aired, so it eneded in the worst way possible, with a season that never ended. Also, Terra Nova, I wish the show could be continued but may be I'm asking for too much.
  2. Were there any games you were looking forward too but ended up getting canned? Or any cancelled games you heard about and want to see the light of day?
  3. Were there any TV shows you liked or started to get interested in, but were cancelled after a season, or even less? For me, it was a show from '01/02 called Wolf Lake. Starring an actor you might have heard of, Lou Diamond Phillips, as a detective searching for his missing fiancee, when a cryptic phone call leads him to a town called Wolf Lake, where everyone is hiding secrets from him, but the biggest one: the town is full of werewolves. Not only was the premise and characters interesting, but the music score, the feel, the intrigue, the eeriness, the atmosphere, all got me hooked. Sadly it was scrapped after 13 episodes and ended on a cliffhanger. Just have a look at the intro and tell me you aren't interested.
  4. Well, it is official. Project Cars, the crowd-funded racing simulation game has been cancelled for the Wii U, apparently due to a rough development cycle and not being able to get the game to run to the 'standards' of developer Slightly Mad Studios. It apparently was running poorly with even some graphical downgrades. Now, this has actually angered me. I do not own a Wii U, but during the game's Kickstarter campaign, a Wii U version was one of the promised versions to be made if funding was successful. Many backers were wanting a Wii U version. Now, instead of just downgrading it to the point of it running, instead they cancel it and now a sequel to Project Cars has already been announced, it was announced a mere month or two after the first game's release. Some might say that the Wii U version would have been butchered if more downgrades would have happened, but a good racing game could still have been made. If they at least made it the quality of Forza 4 that was on the Xbox 360, it still would have been a fine racing title, but instead they just cancelled altogether. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. You might have heard of the Equestria academy TV series that is supposedly due out, but in recent months I've noticed that the supposed TV series has completely dropped off the radar. It's been quite a few months and we haven't heard anything about it. References to it have been removed from wikipedia and when I google it I can't find any links to official sources (just fan sites), in fact I heard it was supposed to air in France late last year or early this year, but not one trailer, screenshot, or even character design has made it's way to the public. So is this supposed series just in ongoing development? Has it been cancelled? Did it even exist?
  6. Earlier today, a game I've been looking forward got the axe. Kaio: King of Pirates was one of several games spear-headed by Comcept and Keiji Inafune(who's known for his work on the Megaman, Dead Rising, Onimusha, and several other Capcom franchises as well as the upcoming Mighty No. 9) and sounded like the perfect game for me(Pirates? Penguins? RPG? Hell yes!). But unfortunately, shit happened and the game has officially been cancelled. This of course this isn't the only promising game that has been shitcanned however, throughout gaming's history many games have been killed in the middle of development, despite the amount of potential they had. 10) Unknown Disney Brawler(I'll just call it Disney Smash Bros) When you think about it, Disney is probably the one of the very very few companies with a stable of characters more iconic than Nintendo's(which says a lot), which is why I'd be the perfect company to have their own Smash Bros clone. Not much is known about this game other than it was an idea that was never greenlit and this artwork is the only thing we know of it. Most likely it never came to light for the same reasons Dissidia went from being a Kingdom Hearts fighting game to purely Final Fantasy, as Disney probably wouldn't like to see their characters beating each other up 9) Star Wars 1313 Another game that was cancelled because Disney seems to hate good ideas. 1313 was a game intended to put Star Wars fan favorite Boba Fett in the spotlight in his early adulthood as a bounty hunter. The game was cancelled when Disney closed down Lucasarts after buying out the Lucasfilms and its assets in 2013. However Disney has said that they are willing to revive the project if a studio with the license is willing to work on it, so there's still hope. In the mean time...hey we still have Star Wars Kinect..... 8) Dinosaur Planet The reason this one is much lower on the list is because it technically still Starfox Adventures. At first Dinosaur Planet was originally going to be an original IP for the N64, and was going to be RARE's swan song to the console. However, despite the original game being in near completion, it became Starfox when Miyamoto noticed the one of the main characters, Sabre, looked close to Fox McCloud of the Starfox series. As a result, he asked Rare to change it up into a Starfox game and move development. The game was mostly going to be the same until Rare was bought out by Microsoft in 2002(sometime during the game's end development) and the buyout resulted in the game becoming rushed. In the end, a lot of content was cut from the game(leftovers can be found on the game's code), Sabre turns into Fox McCloud, Krystal(Dinosaur Planet's original lead character) turns into a fox and gets royally screwed over, General Scales(the game's original main villain) also gets royally screwed over, and Arwing sections feel tacked on. Despite it's problems I personally enjoyed Starfox Adventures, however there isn't a moment in my life where I wish it stayed Dinosaur Planet, and I hope that one day the original game has a chance to come into light 7) WWE BRAWL Developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment(Known for their work on the de Blob series and the Nicktoons Unite games)WWE Brawl was going to be different from what we expect from traditional WWE games, even different from WWE All-Stars. Instead, the wrestlers were put into some kind of alternate world with over-the-top interpretations of their characters, beating the crap out of each other in a Power Stone style fight, free from "real world" rules. Ultimately it wound up as one of the many casualties of THQ's financial struggles in 2011(who closed down in late 2012). It still pains me that this game was never made while WWE Immortals and Crush Hour exist 6) The Avengers FPS Despite not knowing much about this game, whether it had its own story or if it was based on the upcoming movie, it looks awesome. Much like WWE Brawl, it was also a casualty of THQ's financial issues. 5) Raven Blade Before working on the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime series, Retro Studios working on 4 different games at the companies foundation, including a Vehicle-Combat game(like Twisted Metal), an untitled Action-Adventure game, a football game, and an RPG called Raven Blade. Development was insane, probably because they were working on 4 different games at once. When he looked at the different projects, he had a peculiar interest in the Action-Adventure game, which would wind up becoming Metroid Prime. The Car Combat game and the football game wound out getting cancelled to put more focus on Metroid, but Raven Blade still had a chance, and eventually got to show it off at E3 2001. Unfortunately the game was cancelled due to technical setbacks and so the could put all of their focus on Metroid Prime. Perhaps with everyone clamoring for a new IP from Nintendo, and Retro working on a secret title, maybe there's still a chance? 4) Dead Phoenix Dead Phoenix was one of the Capcom 5, a set of games that Capcom intended on releasing exclusively to the Gamecube, along with Viewtiful Joe, P.N.03, Killer 7, and Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately it was the only one to never see the light of day, and no one knows why. 3) Lily Bergamo Much like Dinosaur Planet, Lily Bergamo does Let it Die, and being a big Suda fan I had to put it on the list. Lily Bergamo was first revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, and it showed a lot of promise. Then by E3 2014, the game turned into something completely different, instead of looking colorful and stylish, it became a dark and gritty hack-n-slash featuring a bunch of half naked convicts trying to violently kill each other. Oh, and the game has been confirmed to be free-to-play I'm sorry Suda, I love you, but Let it Die looks like complete shit 2) Starfox 2 For some reason, despite the game practically being finished, the game was never released and ultimately cancelled. After the success of the orginal Starfox, developers Argonaut went on the create a second game, one problem however, was the coming release of the N64 and Nintendo was afraid of the game getting overshadowed by the new console. When it was cancelled in 1995, Nintendo planned on having the game release on the N64, but eventually Nintendo ultimately decided to reboot the original game instead into the space shooter we all now and love as Starfox 64. Despite the game ultimately being the original Starfox, Starfox 64 reuses a lot of Starfox 2's assets, including Star Wolf, and even more assets were used in Starfox Command. Eventually, fans have found a full ROM of the game, which can be easily played on SNES emulators. But still the game has a bit of cult following, and two characters exclusive to the game, Fay and Miyu, are surprisingly popular among the Starfox fandom. Hopefully someday, Nintendo can finally release this game(or at the very least, let Fay and Miyu become official characters ) Now before I get to number 1, here's a short list of games that should have stayed cancelled: - Duke Nukem Forever - Aliens Colonial Marines - Too Human - Ride to Hell Retribution And now Number 1 1) Megaman Legends 3 C'mon, don't act like you're surprised, if you know me then you should have seen this coming. 10 years after the release of Megaman Legends 2(which as everyone should know, ended with Megaman stuck on the moon). 10 years fans have been begging to see a sequel. 10 years later they're prayers would finally be cancelled. A few months later Keiji Inafune(One of Megaman's leading forces) leaves Capcom on bad terms. Then Capcom announces a Prototype demo for the game in order to gauge interest. Then Capcom cancels the game, without releasing said prototype. Then Capcom would blame fans for the game's cancellation.... Yeah you can see how well that went. The game's cancellation is still to this day considered one of the most unpopular moves Capcom has ever made, as well as prove to one of the company's biggest PR nightmare. Fans eventually made a 100,000 Facebook page in hopes of getting the game resurrected, and has already passed it's initial goal. While many Megaman games have been cancelled leaving fans sour, Legends 3's cancellation still hurts the the most Keep in mind that this is really a personal list, but I still acknowledge that there are many promising games that were cancelled and people would love to see come to light, like Starcraft Ghost or Earthbound 64, so share your thoughts while I go cry endlessly in a corner
  7. Is Futurama even going to die with dignity? You know, due to the recent pile of bad episodes. I mean the concept and characters of Futurama are amazing, too bad the writers aren't good. None, of the real ironic, subtle and intelligent humor left really. There's always us hardcore nerds, with our fan fiction and other fan content making powers.
  8. As you already know I'm a hardcore Futurama fan. Anyway, what could Futurama had done to stop it from being cancelled? Probably nothing. But Maybe if we went down the Family Guy road our show would not been cancelled? Will Aliens get angry about Futurama being cancelled? Make a ton more references or dumb down the humor to the level of Family Guy and get rid of all those sci fi stuff? Screw that! Perhaps Futurama making a stand in defiance to other adult cartoons show was best? Unfortunately that means we get cancelled.
  9. Well, according to several sources, and our own Sir Fluttershy, it looks like Futurama has been canceled. Again. While the show has come back from the dead in some form before, this may be the actual end. If that's the case, then I would just like to thank the show for being not only one of the best animated series of all time, but one of the best sci-fi shows as well. It was a perfect blend broad comedy, thought provoking science fiction concepts, clever references and homage to geek culture, genuine emotion, and Zoidberg. So with that, I dedicate this thread to discussing the absolute best moments of the show. For me, the best episodes were Fry and the Slurm Factory, The Birdbot of Ice-catraz, Parasite Lost, The Luck of The Fryish, Roswell That Ends Well, and Where No Fan Has Gone Before.
  10. Futurama' to end seven-season run on Sept. 4. Futurama is cancelled .... again! I hate this planet!
  11. I've been reading everyone's status updates, and I see that you all feel insulted by Hasbro's choice trying to stop Fighting is Magic development. This hurts me even more because I'm a HUGE fan of fighting games, especially of the marvel vs capcom style. Dissing Hasbro will not take us anywhere, MLP is their property and they can do anything they want to it. But instead of doing this we can use our heads and think and show Hasbro how much we cared about this game, we have to make the see that our fandom and MLP is important to us. Instead of insulting them, why not we start a petition with out signatures and emails, I don't know let's get creative, I was thinking of creating a petition online or perhaps a google document that we can share all over the world. Why don't we start a brainstorming? we need ideas! let's work on this! we can't let this game die, it really shows how passionate we are as a community! I propose we test our ideas here and if it is succesful enough we can extend it to EQD to get the help of more bronies out there. If you have something to share or say, this is the thread! let's work ladies and gentlemen!
  12. For me, it would be Mystery Science Theater 3000. I know it had a long run, but it's just an amazing concept with unlimited potential. Thankfully with Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax, the guys are still doing their thing, but I do miss the show still. I'd also love to see Firefly come back, I love the setting, the characters, and the writing. And for a slightly less known show, I really wish Pushing Daisies would come back too. It was a great show with a unique aesthetic, quirky style, and was a lot of fun. So what shows does everypony else wish would return to our screens?