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Found 11 results

  1. Being cancer awareness month any other cancer fighting or surviving ponies? I myself am a year and a half out of treatment after 3 years fighting it ALL leukemia. No pony needs to suffer alone.
  2. I decided to ship PinkiePAC cause why not
  3. WARNING: The "Game" in GameDash means Gamecube. This means it's a cancerous ship of my own ponysona with a canon character. This is cancer and cringe material in the spoiler below.
  4. Recently a month or two ago, a Mayo Clinic in Minnesota cured one woman of cancer after giving her a massive amount of the Measles vaccine, enough to vaccinate 100 million people. How do you feel about this discovery? :3
  5. So guys, this morning i was on the transport ambulance, i wasn't even the driver, pretty much a boring and tiring day, but a patient made this day special a 62 years old man, an Lawyer.. forced to his bed by lung cancer... well the family was tired of having him around at the doctor said that he ahdn't much to live.. so we were asked to move this poor guy to the cancer center... (basically were not a person get trough...) but. the family. knowing that he didn't want to go there (as he had lot of hope) told him we were moving to the near hospital for a "check" we can't transport a person with full mental capability against his will, at the start he started to rant that he didn't want to go there.. so i used the "psycological" training we had, and talking and jocking with him we convinced him to get with us.. during the trip i chatted with him, trying to make him comfortable, but the cancer center is very very far, so he asked me why so much time was needed.. i lied tellling about traffic, bad road, slow andature, he talked with me about his job, his evil sons and daughters, his love for the dance, how awesome his wife was, all stuff about his life, we chatted and chatted then we arrived, and well.. he is not stupid and noticed the place but before going he took my hand "i know you lied from the start.. but thank you for this last smile and for having helped me remember only the nice moments of my life, may god bless you, because i will where i am going now" now.. this made me almost drop a tear, and gave me a big smile and happiness and sadness at the same time but this is also why i voluntieer and why i love red cross... thank you for your time, and enjoy every single second of your life, a day without a smile, is a day lost
  6. Boinc allows any computer to perform science research while not in use. It is a simple client that can run while the computer in not in use, or if your computer is cool like mine, in the background. Right now boinc is under supported. If your interested i sugest you look into doing cancer reesearch yourself. but i believe with enough motivation we can convince retailers like best buy and microsoft to support cancer and hiv research through Boinc. Please consider signing and sharing: Lets work towards a better future together
  7. Yet another toy commercial for the live action Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.Using young girls,The girls were only in the commercial briefly,but here it is:
  8. Hi MLP friends!!! this is a serious shout out.. this is for all cancer patients members or not. Lets join together and come up with ideas to cure this disease.. either from links, foods, remedies,... my birthday happens to fall in the Breast cancer awareness month.. October 20. I cut my ponytail to help kids with no hair with this type of disease or etc. at locks of love .com or org. If any of you have 11 inches or longer ponytail.. please donate your ponytail to them also.. I personally feel great that I made a childs day. It gives up a rush I think. If you did.. can you take a foto of you before and after with your ponytail possibly?? If any of you live in the South Fort Myers area.. and your birthday is in October.. lets create a huge birthday party some how.. Whose with me???? Also.. back to what I was asking above with ideas as well...
  9. Well, since Twilight Sparkle has just become an alicorn and the spin-off called Equestrian Girls Do you think people left the fandom and if so how many Will everything be just fine?
  10. Brony Issac Crowe, aka @@WhyAmSky on Twitter, has now admitted that he lied about having cancer. According to him (you can read more about this in his confession), this was apparently due to getting too much morphine in his system. He tries to explain a lot of what was typed. I happen to be friends with DannyBrony of the show Brony Banter who was one of the initial spreaders of this information (he thought it to be the truth at the time), so I'll talk to him and get an outside perspective from someone who knows Issac. The video that caused most of the trouble, made by another friend, has been taken down.