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Found 25 results

  1. So I haven't found a thread about this sooo Whats everyponies favorite sugary snack? For me it has to be Paydays! hmmmm sooo good.
  2. What about clear hard candy? Like, it looks like class. Maybe a class-looking lolipop, but it taste like candy and is NOT glass. Is this a good idea? I bet it doesnt exist. I am so smart!
  3. This thread is about the weirdest candy pics you can find. I have been around the webs alot and i have seen some really weird candies. so i thought that this might be a fun thread for us to enjoy.
  4. Anyone miss Halloween after it has long passed? I miss having a lot of candy.(yes, I still trick or treat at 13 years old going on 14)
  5. My favorite will always be Milky Way. Creamy nougat and caramel surrounded creamy milk chocolate. I love me some Milky Way
  6. Applebloom is my favorite CMC member! x3
  7. I do a thing that I call "Gumdrop Characters". I take characters Oc's/cannon and turn them into gumdrop candy! I know its not the most creative but I enjoy drawing them so yeah. I might do all the main six if people would like to see them.
  8. Only one week, people. Next saturday we'll have the season premiere, after all these weeks of waiting. I'm getting so excited already. The super-duper party pony is getting ready, too. I wonder how many creamy, creamy frosting she'll have today. I hope you're watching previous seasons until next saturday. It's good to keep in touch with what happenned to date Twitter! deviantArt!
  9. Hey there everypony! I didn't really bother looking through all the new topics about Nightmare Night/Halloween/Scary-a*s-holiday/whatever-you-wanna-call it. So I just decided to make one that I thought would be interesting. Topic: What is the most candy you've gotten from Trick-or-Treating? I used to live in a relatively rich neighborhood, so I got lots of candy then. The most I've ever gotten was 3 trash-bags full (large trash bags, not the crappy little ones). And the candy I got was all normal sized, not that tiny "snack-size" waste of money sh*t. That's not "snack-size" you lying b*stards! It's one bite! Give me something more! Anyway... I weighed the bags, and they each weighed around 43 pounds (19.5 Kilos). And I had to drag each bag for an hour until I got the next bag. On another note: What the hell is with people trick-or-treating on a day that's not Halloween, when the sun is still up?! I've gone to a few towns around me, and asked the people there what the cities trick-or-treating 'rules' were. Most of them told me "Halloween from 5:30PM to 7PM". Mind you, it starts getting dark at 6:30PM where I live. So for people to start an hour early... I just find that offensive. Like seriously, who gets scared when the sun is still up and you can clearly tell that things are fake and dead people are just actors meant to come alive and scare you. I hate people... I really do. Especially when they do stupid sh*t like this. I miss the good old days (I know I'm 17, but I remember some actual good times) when we started trick-or-treating at 7:30PM and stopped at 10PM. The main reason I've stopped getting free candy...
  10. I eat a lot. Morning, day, night, I have no real schedule. I have the appetite and metabolism of Pinkie Pie. Pizza, hamburgers, french fries, I love them all. I have a half dozen snacks and boxes of candy open at any time. But the most I ever ate was at my 21st birthday party. A lot of guys would use that occasion to get loaded. Not me. I went out with my family and loaded up on food instead. I had an entire rack of barbecued ribs, with fries and baked beans. "Where are you putting all that?" my grandfather asked. "Don't look under the table," I joked. THEN they brought out the surprise dessert. A big bowl of ice cream with sparklers sticking out of it and everything. I polished that off too. I weigh 150 pounds. So that's my pig-out story. Don't be shy, tell me yours!
  11. Alright, have any of you heard of a chocolate bar called Cadbury Flake? If yes, have you tried it and what's your preferred way of eating it? I myself really like eating these. My preferred way of eating it would have to be crumbling it up and sprinkling it on vanilla ice cream since Cadbury Flakes are crumbly. While I like eating it by itself, it's a bit hard to eat it because of the crumbliness. I've also tried it topped on a vanilla ice cream cone when I was in London.
  12. Hey everypony!!! Do you remember eating candies/sweets that aren't originally from your home country. Here are mine: 1. Anything from Cadbury 2. Choco Nut/Hany (Filipino peanut chocolate): Even though it crumbles, the taste is mouthwatering and I once put it on ice cream and it even tastes better. 3. Nestlé Caramac: Really unique candy bar 4. Revels 5. Haribo Gummies: Really like how they come in different shapes, themes, and colors. I even tried Minion ones when I went to Europe. Honorable mentions: Mars Bar, European Milky Way, Milky Way Magic Stars, Walnut Whip, Smarties, Murray Mints, Yorkie Bar Hope I didn't make your mouths water
  13. Happy Halloween! So tonight I'll be giving out candy. Let's picture a scenario where a trick or treater who came at the door is dressed as a MLP character or wearing MLP clothes. What candy should I give him/her? Here are my options: - Snickers - Almond Joy - Skittles - Chocolate or peanut M&ms - Vanilla Tootsie Rolls - Crunch bar - Starburst - Twix - Kit Kat - Milky Way
  14. Darkness, and more darkness that’s Flash’s idea of a bad dream, and this was the one night every month where he would have that exact dream. Darkness and more Darkness… BonBon knew very well that this was that one night a month where Flash would have that dream, (based on his excessive amount of sweat and rapid breathing) and she knew damn well that this was the worst time for her to leave her lover and her lover’s home forever. Very few knew about their love, as for many people wouldn't understand what they see in each other. According to Equestrian rule #69 it is illegal for a member of the Cantelot Royal Guard to love a peasant. This was also one of the reasons why she was leaving… she didn't want her or her lover to suffer the same fate as Lyra. After the royal marriage it had turned out that Lyra was crushing on Shining armor, so since Lyra was a peasant, not only was she killed but she had her lifeless head hung in the middle of Celestia's bedroom. BonBon was going to head up to her Grammy’s house in the Crystal Empire and live a better life. She had no idea why she would leave, she had everything here, a house that she had fully paid off the mortgage on, and A Princess for a neighbor, but the thing that was most important thing to her here was Flash… “I can’t leave!” she mumbled to herself “Not without saying good bye” So BonBon pulled out a pad of paper and a ink filled pen and stared pour her soul out to Flash… “Dearest Flash I have been thinking lately about us, and what happened to Lyra… And I don’t want that happening to us… I care for you too much to see die right before my eyes. This is why I am leaving Ponyville for good. I’m going to a secluded location which I cannot tell you about, fearing that you will follow me… Love you BonBon” And just as BonBon was about to leave, she thought about what she wrote, And as she threw her Bag’s into the taxi, she said to the driver “I’ll be right back…” and ran into her lovers home once more. BonBon knew something was missing. So she pulled out a piece of candy that her grammy gave her that looked just like her cutie mark, placed it beside the note and wrote one last heart filled sentence… “And Flash Sentry …You are my candy…”
  15. Woo! So, with that being said, what is your favorite song about your favorite pony? It's a pretty simple question. ^^ It can be from the show, or Brony made, the choice is yours. ^^ For me, of course my favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle. Therefore, I think my favorite song about her would be: But hey, keep in mind that AcoustiMandoBrony has yet to release "Magic", which I'm more that sure that it will be my new favorite the second it comes out. When it comes out... BUT, I haven't heard all the Twilight Sparkle songs the internet has to offer, so this is what I have for now. ^^ Let me know your thoughts, guys! What is your favorite song about your favorite pony? ^^ Brohoof! (\
  16. Do you remember Chalkzone (started small on "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" and became a full show on Nickelodeon)? Well, what if MLP Ponies were drawn on Chalkboards and erased into Chalkzone? I can imagine a Chalk version of Pinkie Pie enjoying the party of her life with the Lollypoppians: I can also imagine Chalk versions of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia going crazy under the spell of a "Keyboard Chasm"; and a Chalk version of Twilight Sparkle studying off Barney the “encyclocentipedia”: Imagine a Chalk version of the Mysterious Mare Do Well helping Rudy, Penny an Snap foil Skrawl's latest evil scheme. And, if Spike could fall for Rarity, imagine the red dragon who appears in Chalkzone’s Theme Song (from an “Oh Yeah! Cartoons” episode) falling for any Chalk Pony. Fell free to share your thoughts on this.
  17. Hey everypony, Moonlight here So for school we have to do a randomized survey in class of people's favorite type of candy, and I need more answers! So, if you don't mind, it would be awesome if you guys could tell me your favorite type of candy and post it here! Thanks! (P.S. Please include your first name with your answer!)
  18. Hello ponies~ I'm the candy mare, Flicker Sweet and I'm here to answer your questions~ Nothing is off limits so go ahead and ask away~!
  19. I know there's a favorite food topic already, but since Halloween is drawing near, what is/was your favorite candy on Halloween? Reese's. Anything Reese's. Cups, Fast Break, Pieces, Sticks.
  20. Read the title. Good. Now, let me tell you what my idea is. "One night, a 15-year old filly from Manehatten has a vivid nightmare which tells her of the possible future, unless she doesn't do something about it. She wakes up with a start, and finds that the dream has come real, and runs away from her home with only her favorite blue hairbrush (guess where I got that idea from) and a knife from the kitchen to defend herself after a strange transformation has come over her family and neighbourhood. She fights her way through many perilous journeys on her way to make the choice that would change Equestria forever...." TA-DA!!! Awesome, I know, right? I just love action/adventure stories that involve a female heroine phycic that has to save the world... Anyways, back to the point. I need someone to give me some tips on writing a long fiction (this will be my first fanfiction ever) and I also need someone to do a cover picture. If you are interested in doing the cover art, please PM me, and I'll tell you what I'd like it to be about. I also need some ideas for other characters. So far, I only have one: Candy: To everyone else: If you're not interested in doing the cover art, but you've written fanfics before and you have a lot of experience, please give me some tips! I'll give you some credit when I 'publish' it, and if this works out as planned, I hope to have it featured on Equestria Daily. But let's not get our hopes up too high. Please PM me if you're interested in helping!!! ~Fireball Rush
  21. This will not be my like my usual posts where I ask all of your opinions on an issue. This is about Halloween. Personally for me, I don't do anything on Halloween. I don't like scary things, and I don't like running around in the cold in a very thin costume. I just don't care for it really, and I don't understand why people 18 years of age are still going door to door asking for candy. My peers always argue, "who doesn't like free candy." I don't disagree with that part, I just don't understand why I still see 18 and 19 year olds dressed up asking for candy and chocolate. Let me know what you do on Halloween. Are you like me and you just don't care, and do think older kids should be going trick or treating? I guess this is kind of like an opinions thread, it's just not really on an issue. As always keep it respectful.
  22. Ok i just finished my cell project for bio here what it looked like now i can't cook so i just shoved it in the oven and hoped that it didn't burn and just started shoving random amounts of candy on it i think this is a very easy A what do u think now bask in its glory
  23. So I was thinking about making candy and selling it at my schools homecoming festival/carnival/party (whatever you want to call it) with my anime club. I got to thinking about the flavors and what they would be and what they would be called and I thought of making them as little balls of candy sort of like warheads. Then suddenly I started thinking of names and I thought they were pretty clever. I've only thought of 3 though... Tsundere Sour Yowza Yandere (this flavor would start off as sweet but then turn into a whole different flavor like a yandere) and Maraschino Megane I think they're ok but I would like some more. What do you guys think? Have any ideas?
  24. I know it maybe a little early asking this but it came to my mind.... So Halloween is coming up soon & I was curious to know what other's plan on dressing like this coming up Halloween? I have a couple that are on my mind @ the moment but haven't quite made a decision yet. Slenderman Maybe even the Great Cornholio xD - I need TP for my Bunghole! So who/what do plan on being this upcoming Halloween?