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Found 15 results

  1. Before the movie came out, I asked if it would be considered cannon with the series. Now over a year later I ask, should the movie have been cannon? There are more than a few reasons this film seems, shall we say, off compared to the show. Twi's meltdown in the second act, when she's maintained some composure in more dire situations prior. The lack of any allies made during the last 7 seasons. No changelings, dragons, gryphons, yaks or crystal ponies. No shining armor or royal guard. No involvement from Discord, Starlight or Trixie. Princesses didn't learn fro any of the past attempts on their lives. The first time the Hippogrifs are mentioned, and it just so happens to be during the attack by the very forces that subjugated them. So either: Celestia only just thought of the hippogrifs at that moment, but made no attempts at contact prior. Celestia knew the hippogriffs were subjugated by the Storm King but did nothing till now. Every pony seems either uncharacteristically timid or uncharacteristically oblivious to danger. The mane 6 were on more dangerous missions and have seen threats before, but they're either more scared than usual or taking a lot less caution than normal. Nopony in the Southern half of Equestria noticed the ominous fleet and bothered to send warning to any of the princesses. Celestia sends the ponies south to do, what exactly? it was never made clear what they were supposed to accomplish and whatever it was, they apparently didn't need it to take back Canterlot. There are so many OOC moments, so many logic gaps, so many missing characters and so much of the already established lore being ignored, that does it really make sense for this movie to be cannon?
  2. Okay, so in the first changeling episode, we hear that Cadence is Celestia's niece, and in the Galla episode we here that Blueblood is her nephew, They can't be Luna's children, because she would have been on the moon at the time of their conception, so is there a sibling of the royal sisters we don't know about?
  3. So if you don't know they gave official names to some of the ponies that we named our selves like Lyra or Carrot Top, So what do you prefer, I left a poll of the one I am aware of. I personally like all the cannon names, they are creative and they have been with us all this time, what do you prefer? EDIT: Oh dang it I just relized I posted in the wrong forum..... this is supposed to be in suger cube corner.... I am a horrible poster
  4. Well just a shot in the dark, who or which cannon in pony and none-pony has the best color schemes? Also a reason why would be loved and this is open to any race to mane six to background and etc in post and love an such! Derpy: The bright yellow hair, gold hued eyes to the dark gray coat just hits a note! Princess Sunbutt: White to rainbow mane and tail and the touch of gold in the crown and etc just adds a touch! Rarity: The royal shade of purple and white coat just screams fashion!
  5. So I was in the toy area of Walmart with a friend (none-brony) who is amused by me trying to find a gift for my sister/best friend (full brony) and I find a good RD to get her in being RD and Twilight are her two favs of the Mane 6. Than I look a bit and go "WTF??!" and see Princess Sunbutt but her coloring and cutie mare are all diff and name..... (wished my cell was working but its off.....) Link: I'm in a bit of shock to see other Alicorns and see em paired with the Mane six a bit. Has anyone seen this? Think its going to be popping up in the show of other alicorns?
  6. Why I made this topic: I made this topic so that people could freely come and tell the community how their OC came to be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My OC's back-story: As the brother of Rainbow Dash, FlaringBlade (my OC) thought it was his duty to protect Cloudsdale from evil! Though he knew it would be difficult but he managed to persevere. After the defeat of Tirek, The Wonder Bolts mysteriously went missing with out a trace! No one wondered why, that is until Rainbow Dash started asking questions! Rainbow Dash was determined to find them. She had no luck until one day. There was mention of them at the Crystal Empire! She was ecstatic!!! She went to look for FlaringBlade, as he was the only one who would listen. She told him the entire story. They set off immediately. When they got there. All they could see was a bright light. But what was it?! They waited for their eyes to adjust. Finally it happened. It was none other than Queen Chrysalis! Why was she there? FlaringBlade wondered. She held the Wonder Bolts hostage after their visit to Princess Cadance & Shining Armour! Rainbow Dash said "It's obvious, why you're here Chrysalis. It's to take the Crystal Empire for yourself! Isn't it?!" "Rainbow Dash what a pleasure it is to see you again. Oh and you would have been proud of that Soarin boy he put up quiet a fight." Chrysalis laughed, FlaringBlade turned towards Rainbow Dash. He could see it the pure rage. Just by looking in to her eyes. FlaringBlade tried to tell Rainbow Dash it wasn't worth it but he was scared stiff. All he could do was stand there and watch. As the rage built up. Until... It happened. Rainbow Dash flew full speed towards Chrysalis! All FlaringBlade saw was a rainbow going towards Chrysalis. Suddenly! FlaringBlade hit the ground. As he opened his eyes. All he could see was... Rainbow Dash on the floor!!! He rushed toward her hoping she was alright! He cried as Chrysalis said 'What a waste.' What they didn't know was Rainbow Dash was only unconscious At that single moment. It became clear. He knew what he had to do. He needed to stop Chrysalis once and for all! He knew what that meant. He was scared and excited! He flew towards her so quickly and suddenly! Chrysalis started firing at FlaringBlade! He came to a sudden stop after seeing her struggle so much. She fired at him again! Only this time he stood still and she missed. FlaringBlade started to fly, again he stopped. She fired once more and she missed again! FlaringBlade thought to himself... He finally understood what was happening. At that moment he laughed and Chrysalis stopped! The room went quiet... Suddenly! a bright light FlaringBlade was holding a winged shield and a flaming sword! Chrysalis asked 'How did you do that?!' He flew full speed towards Chrysalis! She fired and hit the shield, the attack backfired and destroyed Chrysalis' horn. She fell to the ground. FlaringBlade said one thing and one thing only. 'Your time here is through Chrysalis!' He swung the sword. At that moment Chrysalis let out a blood curdling scream... She was no more! Rainbow Dash was now awake. FlaringBlade sprinted towards her and helped her up. They went looking through the castle. The two found Princess Cadance close to death in the throne room. They soon found Shining Armour! He told them that they would find the Wonder Bolts in the castle dungeon. It took forever but finally they found them. Rainbow Dash flew towards Soarin and freed him. FlaringBlade freed the others. The Wonder Bolts complimented FlaringBlade on his cutie mark. He said "What cutie mark?" then he looked at his flank, he let out tears of joy as he shouted "I have a cutie mark!!!" The End! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cannon: No (unfortunately.
  7. So I've been looking around the internet lately, and actually found some sonic weaponry (here). Teamed up with this: We could stop wars with dubstep ^-^ Yeah, the LRAC is probably the best we have, damn technology progression go fasterrrr. Anyway- Does Anypony here think that sonic weaponry could advance farther than an LRAC?
  8. So after the episode of 'Pinkie Pride' I saw a post on Twitter saying that pizza is now cannon and I got to wondering... where do they get/make the cheese, or any other milk based product, from...?
  9. Me and my friend head discussion abut MLP comic staring Big Mac, And then start talking abut Lune as she made an apperen's. And all T-shirt's she used. Then funny thought came to mind. What if Luna is T-shirt collector. Would like here your thought on this, if it would be cannon, head cannon our not.
  10. Canon: (n) In the context of story franchises, canon is the official accepted story on which third-party material is judged. If something is non-canon, for example, that means it goes against what is officially established or it won't be considered to be part of the actual story. Fanfics are non-canon by their very nature, for example. Cannon: (n) a combat weapon that is used to fire large ballistic projectiles. I.E., the cannons on a battleship, a classic colonial cannonball cannon, or a handcannon (which is slang for a remarkably large handgun). Please to be not mixing these terms up kthxbai
  11. I need help with my comic that I'm working on. It's my third draft. I promise I won't be butt hurt if someone critiques it. I just wanna know if I'm doing it right. What I'm writing is what happened in between episodes with the main six and Nit Pick. Nit Pick First Comic 3rd draft.pdf Pretty please be honest! How am I going to learn if no one will tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  12. Greetings everyone, this is Tails the Lyra fan and occasional grammar Nazi. I am taking five minutes out of my day to teach you a spelling lesson that will last a lifetime, because I care and I don't want us to look foalish anymore. Ready? Here it is. can·on noun 1. an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority and, in the Roman Catholic Church, approved by the pope. 2. the body of ecclesiastical law. 3. the body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding in a field of study or art: the neoclassical canon. can·non noun, plural can·nons ( especially collectively ) can·non, verb noun 1. a mounted gun for firing heavy projectiles; a gun, howitzer, or mortar. 2. British Machinery , quill ( def 10 ) . 3. Armor. a cylindrical or semicylindrical piece of plate armor for the upper arm or forearm; a vambrace or rerebrace. There. Five minutes on clears up a mistake about 50% of bronies have been making for years. The events and rules of the show are canon. The only cannon on My Little Pony, however, is Pinkie Pie's party cannon. Got it? I don't want to read the term "headcannon" ever again, unless you have one of these. As you were, fillies and gentlecolts.
  13. Ready for some drumstep? Highly influenced by Knife Party. I just love them so much. Visuals done by Chang31ing Cool cat, definately check him out for some nice mixes! Here ya'll go:
  14. Well, I'm working on a project in between requests. I will be drawing all cannon MLP characters (and possibly some OCs if I'm asked politely) in Nightmare Night costumes. I DO NOT WANT ANY CANNON TO HAVE THE SAME COSTUME AS IN THE SHOW!!! This is your chance to (1) help me descide upon the costumes each pony will have and (2) apply for your own OC to have its own Nightmare Night image (this will qualify as a specialized request and you cannot pick who your OC will be dressed as). Who would Moriko be? This project will also include all versions of Luna (lil luna, nightmare moon, and current luna) aswell as fanfic characters such as Pinkamena and Lil Miss Rarity. Application: Refrence: Backstory: Personality: Cannon Ponies: Octavia: Phantom of the Opera OC Ponies: Fanfic Ponies: PS: Some ponies may have specialized costumes, like Moriko's. Shhhh, the costume is a secret
  15. Cannons are a powerful, elegant and simply awesome! But their are tree cannons i find to be awe-striking! But which is the best cannon? Your choice! Colgate's Colgate Cannon! (Brushie brushie brushie) (Sorry but I'm not allowed to post a certain amount of media, so...but Come on! We all know the epicness of the Party Cannon!) Pinkie's Party Cannon! Vinyl's Bass Cannon!