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Found 72 results

  1. I've seen plenty of fanfics where Luna calls Celestia "Tia" for short. Does she ever actually do this in canon?
  2. Surely some fans would argue for the best shipping, or even fight others to the death. Others would just think those shippings they like are surely fun.
  3. No, not the fanfic you think would work best in the universe, and not the one you've been writing in your spare time, not even the fic of your choice, but simply your favorite. Lauren Faust tweets that the events of that fanfic are now 100% canon and totally happened in the FiM world. What are your reactions? How well do you think this fic would fit into the universe? Finally, how do you think it would affect future episodes of the series? Would the show get better, or worse in the wake of this new piece of canon?
  4. before you pick forks and torches let me explain you why i have some ideas why we make our OCs? because we turn ourselves into pony form and interact with the mane 6 or any other character, but, we make more that are capable of do more than the mane 6 and they adapt even more to our likings, is true Hasbro start with the idea and we can expand it, when we rp we love to follow the story of our OC? like it or not you can make thousands of crossovers but in the end it has nothing to do with the original show, is a modification you make for your fav character is true that OCs represents a part of you and you cant deny it, we even fell in love with some and make all kinds of art. Now i would like to know your opinion about it, do you believe general OCs are bettern than MLP itself in one or all ways?
  5. okay so i have a pet for my OC called Nova she is a fox squirrel like the ones from 'nausicaa of the valley of the wind' here shes is: Isn't she cute i've had a few people tell me that i shouldn't have a pet that isn't cannon :okiedokielokie: so, i ask, what is your opinion? :comeatus:
  6. How big would you say the ponies are? I always imagine them as about half the size of a human. If they are full sized that would mean Celestia is twice the size of a full grown horse.
  7. Hi! If you're interested in commissioning me, go to my shop here: So, before we get into the pricing and such, a few terms to consider: I WILL: Draw any canon MLP species (ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, etc.) Draw felines or canines not related to the MLP universe Draw couples of any orientation Draw kissing, cuddling, hugging Draw OCs Draw humanized pony-related characters ONLY IF you have a reference Draw mild gore/violence (discuss with me to determine limits - I'm pretty open with this one) I WILL NOT: Draw pornography/sexually explicit content or fetishes Draw very complicated machines or related items (just not good at it) Other rules/info: All prices are in USD. All works include a free simple background (see examples below). Highly detailed backgrounds will cost an extra $5-10 depending on the complexity. Each extra character costs an additional $5 (for sketch and line art commissions, an extra $3). I can draw traditionally (pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolor) or digitally -- please specify which you would prefer! I can draw either in my own style or in a show-accurate style -- please specify which you would prefer! Here is what I mean: Okay! Now that all that's out of the way, here are your options! $30 Flat Colors examples: $35 Headshot examples: $45 Shading examples: (the CMC and "Happy Birthday" ones have free simple backgrounds; two unicorns with the rainbow have a $5 bg; other pieces have $10 bgs) $75 Reference Sheet examples: I think that just about covers everything! If you're interested in any of these please let me know and we can discuss! ^^ Of course the more I have to do the longer your commission may take depending on where you are on the list and how detailed you want your piece to be. Thanks for taking a look! If you want more examples of my work, or want to see the work above at a higher quality, you can look at my DeviantArt! Current queue: (none)
  8. Hub Welcome to the Mjölna Fan Club! There are quite a few popular background ponies in this fandom, no doubt - whether it be Derpy or Vinyl or Octavia, whoever - that is fact. However, there are also some overlooked background ponies as well, such as this sweg pony with an umlaut in her name and a Thor hammer in her cutie mark! While she is a lesser known background pony, Mjölna has a handful of canon appearances, listed here: That means S2E15, S4E12, S4E20, and S4E22 are all episodes that feature this viking pony of pure swegitude As a background character, it is easy to over look her - personally, I feel as if she could be quite popular if she had a consistent cutie mark, and I like to think of her canon cutie mark as being the thor hammer one. In of itself, I fully expect this to rival the Rarity Fan Club not get too many posts, but maybe there's more Mjölna fans out there, or maybe some might find a new fave BG pony because of this Mjölna FTW! Rules that are in every single Fan Club thread fathomable, copy/pasted from the RFC: Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. This is the Mjölna thread, please only post her. If you have recomendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the screen).
  9. So I am wondering about the origin of Dicord, and his specie (Draconequus). What's your thoughts about this? How do you like to think Discord came into being? Share your thoughts and opinion whether they're canon, your headcanon, or even fanon (by this I mean Discord's origin which is explained by bronies or pegasisters in fanfics or art). Let's unveil the mystry behind our little draconquus.
  10. Because in the latest friends forever comic they've become very close!
  11. So like the Title suggests, i'd like to know what your favorite Brohoof moment is. it can be from the show, comics, or any other canonical source mine has to be this one
  12. I want to know is this canon? If so mlp just got 20% cooler! Season 8 Episode 5
  13. Some drawings i've been doing in the past weeks.
  14. If you have every wished the shkw could be real like me here is a theory for you. Ever since I got into the show around the time of season 3, the show has always resonated with me and I have always had a desire to meet them in reality. Obviously talking pastel ponies don't exist in our universe but here's where the theory comes in. Scientific theory to be precise. In modern science there is a thing called the string theory. At its most basic or is the idea that at the core of subatomic particles there are these tiny vibrating strings of energy called strings and the frequency at which they vibrate gives rise to our universe and the laws of physics that govern it. When you take this into account along with the theory of multiple universes, with a universe with the strings of that universe vibrating at the right frequency, there very well could be a magical land of Equatria and that just makes me smile ever once in a while.
  15. So, what CANON MLP: FiM pony is the above user's avatar most like? If this thread already exists, then sorry about that.
  16. Do you have favorite ponifications - canon or fan-made? We can find so many ponifications in the show, comics and especially in fan works. Some are very well-done, some are unexpected and some are just clever. So do you have any favorites? For example, I really like how they ponified Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song for Season 7 promo: As for the fan works, I'm always glad to see ponifications of Heroes of Might and Magic, as I'm a fan of this game series:
  17. So I am crafting the second season of Equestrian City on paper..and I ran into a problem. I'd like to ask the collective. Why do the changlings keep their prisoners in good or for that matter at all. The entire situation would be easier if they just killed them. Now naturally we can't show that but still, there has to be a reason they keep em around. Any shape-shifting worth a darn will tell you kill your target. So what possible reason would they need to keep them around. Obviously they couldn't feed off the love of prisoners... I turn to you, pony collective..
  18. Having watched the Season 6 finale yesterday. And I saw that the plotline of the story was very similar to a Fimfic that I was in the progress of writing. It was about the main characters getting kidnapped by evil forces and it's up to side characters to save the day. I had posted the first chapter of the fic on Fanfiction and Fimfiction about a month or so ago, before the season finale aired. It's a 4 chapter fic called "Harmony's New Heroes" The episode also featured the Changelings and now with everything that has happened in the episode I don't know whether or not my fic will continue to follow the canon of the story. And I feel rather disheartened by this turn of events. My fic has several different elements that might be different from the episode, but the show may have beaten me to the overall concept of side characters saving the day. I don't really know what to do. What do you think I should do? Should I continue with my story or should I discontinue it?
  19. Hello! I just realized I have pony art I can share, so here it is. My OC, Daylight Dreams. I drew her for Forest Rain's community video of his song "Great to be Different". Someone's pony OCs I drew. Their themes are mouse, fox, and bunny respectively. A decorative birdhouse I painted for an auction. It ended up not selling, so I actually still have it. It took so long to paint, so I wouldn't allow it to sell for a low price. I sold it later though! I have a bit more pony stuff, but they're all sketches I haven't scanned in. I need to draw more! I generally like making vexel art, and drawing in the show's style (though I'm experimenting with my own). I'm thinking of trying out pony paintings next. What do you think I should paint?
  20. With the exception of Flash Sentry in a few episodes, anything specific to Equestria Girls (such as any background stories for Sunset Shimmer and the Sirens) is never shown or given out in the show. If I could recall, some users sent death threats against the show's staff over at Twitter, roughly around the same time as when the first EqG movie was announced (or the Alicorn Twilight episode). I wonder if these two situations are related, in which EqG not appearing in the show was to avoid further attacks from some fans? Or is it just Hasbro's own decision?
  21. Was in mood of drawing more and more canon characters, so have your favorite dragon, Spike. I like to draw him with a little of realistic.
  22. Basically admitting to all past gens being considered canon in FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC-just before the founding of Equestria- would you accept that admittance as g4 canon? Would you vehemently deny it?
  23. This question pertains not to the repercussions of depicting homosexuality. Rather, it pertains to how the fandom would handle one of the ships being canon and not the other. It's no secret that FlutterDash and AppleDash are the two most common ships. The former is supported by people in the opposites attract school of romance, and the latter is supported by "birds of a feather" folks. It represents not just a difference in taste. Both couples are undoubtedly adorable and lovable. But it represents a conflict between two different schools of thought. So, what do you think would happen if one of these became canon? Would the fandom collapse due to the conflict between the two groups? Would there be some kind of civil war? Or would the losing party simply accept the fact, and return to the safety of their fanfics? Let me know your thoughts everypony. Also, stay tuned, as I am going to make a separate thread discussing the philosophical conflict between the two schools of romantic thought which are at work here.
  24. If there is a background character that is canon, yet never explored in details (maybe a few appearances and lines, but besides that nothing else, with literally zero backstory whatsoever), something tells me that you can't simply call that character an OC by giving the character your idea of his/her backstory and other such information. Is there a specific term for these kind of so called "OCs not built from scratch?" Put this in Everfree because it does not only limit to mlp.
  25. Just want to offer my full thoughts on Princess Flurry Heart, who is surprisingly not being discussed as much as I would have originally thought. First off, the books are considered canon by many now more than ever, because all of the writers of the books have now written for the show, and the books are officially licensed. Stories made by people who work for the show count as canon. That said, here goes the main arguments. 1) The show makes it very clear that Alicorns are supposed to be special. It's complete and utter break of continuity if too many Alicorns join the cast. If everyone is special, nobody is. 2) There are indeed two kinds of Alicorns, born and ascended. That's why I stopped complaining about that aspect. But, it is worth noting that most of the Alicorn tribe vanished (source: Book of Two Sisters, written by show staff). 3) However, the show makes it clear that the Two Sisters, Twilight, and Cadence are special even among Alicorns. The first 3 are connected to the Tree of Harmony, and Cadence to the Crystal Heart. Those 4 are special even among Alicorns. So, Flurry Heart should not be on their level. And giving her some grand destiny is a major risk to telling a good story. More on that later. 4) Born Alicorns are a thing, but the fact that she is a special Princess without earning the title puts her in a different status from the other 4 Princesses. Celestia and Luna had to prove themselves to the population of Equestria, even though they were elected into power by a council solely because of their Alicornness. The population was not completely in support, so they had to prove their right to rule over all ponies by uniting Equestria. Cadence saved the villlage by fixing the Crystal Heart Spell. Twilight mastered the Magic of Friendship. All of them did things before earning the full title of Princess of Equestria. 5) The earned title of the 4 Princesses was a major part of the show's intended feministic message. That females can earn powerful positions with hard work and determination. Strong females. Flurry Fart was born a Princess, which cheapens that message. 6) There are several issues related not only to her Alicorn and Princess status, but here status as a "special" baby. "Special" babies are notorious for being walking plot devices. If they don't give her any significant power, then this will be headed off. But if she is "special" and powerful, the risk for bad writing skyrockets. 7) If I were to use the example of Poof from Fairly OddParents, Poof was a MacGuffin and Deus Ex Machina at the same time. He was a walking plot device, existing only to serve as both conflicts and solutions. Given the general difficulty of writing a baby (since how deep and interesting can the character of a baby be?) it is all too easy for them to become a mechanic, rather than a character. 8) Further, if they do something stupid like a "Chosen One" type of story- not only has that been done already in this show- but it is an overused trope. And it's all the worse if you have a baby be the "special" character. Because a baby, lacking in reason or autonomy, can only be shallow. And if they make the baby smart, and/or powerful, it changes them into a character, sure. But that kind of OPness and Precociousness makes them a borderline Mary Sue/Gary Stu on TOP of being a walking plot device. 9) Babies are one of the worst characters to add to a show, and are notoriously easy to mess up. If she isn't special or powerful, then fair enough. Flurry Heart would then be in the same class as Cadence and Shining- just kind of there. But if she is made special and/or powerful, it would be horrible. 10) Regardless of whether she is special or not, the chances of her being anything other than a stupid plot device is very low. In all likelihood, she'll be more of an object than a character. 11) Underneath it all, it can't be forgotten that a historically bad character type was forced into the show by a toy company that cares about profits way more than writing a cohesive story. No sane writer would add one of the worst archetypes to a show if they weren't forced to. Babies are an inherently easy character to mess up, because their inferior capacities make them an object, and not a character. And adding higher capacities makes them OP and boring instead of a walking plot device. There are two extreme sides of adding a baby to a show, and very little middle ground So, there are all the reasons it can go wrong, or is perceived as a major threat to the quality of the show. That said, let me preemptively state some solid counterarguments. It could be said that the writers are very capable, and indeed they are. They have taken plenty of lemons from Hasbro and made them something cool or interesting. However, it is verrry hard to fix babies. It could be said that the books are only semi-canon, and I want to say no to this. I don't think something officially sanctioned, and officially written by the writers is anything other than canon. It could be said that Flurry Fart being a walking plot device is no different from Cadence or Shining, and a couple of other characters, and to be fair, that's right. However, that doesn't mean it is excusable to add ANOTHER boring MacGuffin/Deus Ex Machina, who, if done wrong, might ALSO be a Mary Sue. It could be said that maybe MLP isn't intended to be feministic anymore, and that it has deviated from the original path, but I disagree. Because, even as recently as Season 5, we saw plenty of cases where the strength of the main cast as self-made, independent females, was made very clear. And even if that is not the direct intention anymore, having even one character that breaks the mold of strong females is definitely a disconnect from some of the feel of the show, which features many strong female characters that do things to show their strength, ability, and they earn their achievements. Making being born an achievement is a disconnect. It's obvious to say that I am jumping to conclusions about her being "special" and that I should wait until the episode actually comes out. But, don't forget that Alicorns are by definition "special" in the world of MLP. So, that's very much a given conclusion. The odds of her being normal are outweighed by the chance she'll be a special snowflake. The show itself makes it very clear that Alicorn = Special. Even though making her normal would help the situation, this is objectively a break in continuity. Nobody will deny that the show itself is canon. Believe me, I would love if she is just a normal pony. That would stop her from being a Mary Sue, at least. That would actually make an interesting notion that the 4 Princesses > normal alicorns > normal ponies. Which is an interesting power dynamic. It would also make for some Alicorn lore, and more specialness to the main 4 Princesses. And also that Alicorns aren't inherently powerful. Which is definitely one of the better ways they can handle this. But will the writers make her normal? Time will tell. It would still be a contradiction to the existing story, but it would be better than having an OP special snowflake baby. Tangentially related, but not really- Mane 6 as Alicorns would be cruddy for different reasons. It would make it a bit more boring if they all had the same abilities. Putting them in the middle ground or normal alicorns > normal ponies would be a disservice to their importance, but making them all on the same level as the 4 Princesses would be boring. Also, that would make Alicornness TOO normal. I like the idea of "normal" Alicorns, but seeing a bunch of them, and seeing everybody attain that just gets rid of diversity, and makes things flat. There should be such a thing as "special". Because if nobody is above the rest, then it becomes washed out. At first that may seem contradictory, but the short way of saying it is this. There should be "special" characters. But that specialness should be earned, not given. Also, if too many people are special, nobody will be, hence having an entire cast of "special" characters (ascended alicorns) would cheapen the value of that gain. It can be said that MLP was created to sell toys, but it should be subtle, and it isn't good if the story we love is harmed by MLPs status as a toy commercial. The writers chose to make a good show, and when Hasbro makes an executive decision in affront to the canon, it is infuriating. Just a reminder that they only care about their bottom line, breaking through the 4th wall without a care. When stuff like this happens, it snaps the viewer back to reality, saying "That doesn't fit! HASBROOOOO!" That's what I can think of in terms of direct responses to my points Now, how can the baby be done as well as possible? (in order of preference) 1) The Changeling theory is fascinating and would actually be amazing. But I doubt it 2) She is disabled/deformed and she can't fly or use magic or something like that. This gives her flaws. If her power is negated in this way, it's an interesting way to use her. The only exception is I don't want a darn dumbo story where the only thing she has to worry about is bullies. Bullying has been done very well in this show already. Don't need to cover it anymore. 3) She is some kind of omen. Not my favorite choice, but if it's something where she is barely featured, then I don't mind much. 4) She is just a normal pony. Nothing special about her, and she's just there. This makes her no better or worse than Cadence and Shining in their first appearances. 5) Don't feature her like, at all, outside of these two episodes Stories I DON'T want. 1) Chosen One BS 2) As powerful as the Princesses 3) Poof-format stories where she goofs stuff up only for everyone else to clean it up 4) Kidnapping. Unless it is related to the changeling story possibility mentioned above. 5) The only conflict is dealing with a "special" baby that is harder to take care of than normal babies 6) Dumbo/bullying type of story Anyways, that is a big read, I know, but please do. Also, I should point out that her eyes being bigger is just the new Foal model. If you remember the Pinkie Pie episode, AJ had this eye style in her baby picture as well.