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Found 13 results

  1. The title is pretty self-explanatory. What is your best and worst childhood memory? We were all kids once and some of us still are. *cough* I think my best childhood memory was learning that Santa isn't real because it made me trust my parents a lot more. I know it's a strange best memory but I was so excited to learn that my parents actually loved me and that a huge fat creeper wasn't crawling down my chimney once a year to get a peak at me. My worst childhood memory is probably back when I lived in the country side. In our garage we had a flight of concrete steps leading down to our basement and my father had repeatedly told me not to go near them. He turned his head for two seconds and I was there quicker than ever. The next thing my father heard was: "Thump thump thump thump thump thump" and turned back to see me tumbling down concrete stairs head first. So now I want to hear from all of you! TELL ME TEH MEMORIES!
  2. Ever since the times of old, we shippers have been a proud race. Passing our ancestral knowledge from generation to generation, we have stood strong against any threat, no matter how strong or powerful it was. From the holy capital of Canterlot, we have protected both the forums and the ships, and we have never relented from that. That said, I have been alone for far too long. But there is one person, one person that has proven to me that has the capabilities to be a shipper, and after putting him through many trials, he has proven to be the person I wanted to make my acolyte. But why am I making you wait? @Totally Lyra, present yourself! He makes me so proud ;') Totally Lyra will be our newest addition to the staff team. He has shown to be what Canterlot needed for so long, and now he will have the difficult yet rewarding position of being a sectional staff member. I'm pretty sure that you have interacted with Lyra before, as he has shown to be a friendly, active and helpful member of our community, and he will for sure continue to be so and give us a forum that everyone can be proud to be part of.
  3. Hello all. Always had a hobby you wanted to try but couldn't for a particular reason; whether it be family, money, time or anything else? I've been wanting to take up smiting as a hobby but I can't because of both family and the lack of equipment to try it with. Maybe when I get a job I'll rent out a garage to turn into a small workshop. But of course I'm too young to do so. *sigh* Can't have everything though can we? So, anyone else want to add to the thread?
  4. Hello people! I was really thinking about games I'd really like to play but which I don't have consoles to play it So I wanted to have a Vita and 3DS and the games I want to play is Pokemon X Bravely Default Gravity Rush LittleBigPlanet Vita So tell me. What games you want but in the consoles you don't have?
  5. Okay, so living in England is pretty weird. I guess the whole of England is anti-brony territory, because I can never find any mlp FiM clothing in female small size. Anyone got any ideas where to shop, or where to look online? I've found a cool Tee online.. I dont know what you think of it, but i'll need a response soon! I dont want it to look like i'm a brony to other people ~ but only the bronys will notice it. You knowwww, not really 'pony related' unlike this one: I mean, this ones not too bed :3 What do you think? Thanks! I need more clothes anyway.
  6. Search functions on the site are disabled? I've needed to use it a few times but it wont let me at all.
  7. So, you can't divide by zero, right? I found a loophole in calculators. With this you can really divide by zero. Here's how: Well, we know how exponents work, they multiply a number by itself. But, negative exponents divide a number by itself. So, here's how to divide a number by 0: x-0 In which x is whatever number you want. For my example I will use 20. Here it is, input and output: 20-0= 1 Yeah, the outcome isn't very pleasing. But at least things didn't go boom! What's your opinion on this? (And yes I know -0 doesn't exist)
  8. I get chided quite a bit by family members for spending so much time in front of LCD screens, but I find that to be a rather ludicrous notion. Okay okay, so I tend to be on more than I think, but to me, that's not a bad thing: I'm always working on my "to do list". What is my "to do list" though? When people (such as parents) ask: "Well what have you been doing all day?", I can't really answer them. None of the things that I do throughout the day are ever really relevant to the conversation - they're just small tasks (Fifteen minute/half hour tasks) that I don't even really think about. I usually just shrug them off. Thus, the family - and quite a few other people that I know - seem to think that I have a bunch of free time in my hands. Granted, I can almost always make room for such things, but can I really call it free time? In just the last two days, I've been at work for 8+ hours, drafted three different songs in three different genres, generated concepts for pony art for someone, built a server from the ground up, installed two different operating systems on said server (as the first one was riddled with issues), installed file sharing programs which have since decided not to run, started work on a college resume,began transcoding MLP episodes for a pony project, and have done whatever other odd jobs that my parents have asked me to do in between. That still leaves me with the tasks of ordering a new laptop (plus extra RAM and some laptop accessories for my mom's new Macbook Air), redistributing partitions on my server to connect the dual hard drives, finish connecting the server to the web, ordering new synthesizers for FL Studio while they're on sale, getting a *real* draft of my pony art done (instead of just get concepts down on paper), submitting a resume music to Subsphere Records, and many, many other smaller tasks which have been accumulating for weeks on end. All of these I had hoped to get done by right Are any of these necessary? Nah. I can push them back when needed, which tends to happen quite a bit. But I've got to admit: this list is starting to make me feel like Twilight here! There's just not enough time in one day! I've been looking forward to this winter break for a long time, but the amount of free time I've actually received is a degree less than what I had hoped. I've been excited to start on all of these small projects, but somehow my entire break has dwindled away without significant improvements. What happened?!? To be fair: I haven't really disliked any of the tasks that have taken precedence over my own personal list of projects. It's a mere "first world problem" in the big picture. Perhaps I'll get to it after the New Year's parties at my relative's houses. I see a light at the end of the tunnel though: This week looks totally clear. Perhaps...perhaps I'll finish this list!
  9. OK, SO! In this thread, you shall post and see posts of videos, pictures, and anything imagineable of the oddest, strangest, creepiest things you never imagined. Aaaaaaaand then you'll post something cute and adorable to take people's minds off of the horribleness that they have just seen. THIS... IS... AND... SO ENJOY YOURSELVES AND TRY NOT TO BE TOO SCARED!!!! BWA HA HA!!!
  10. So, usually, I very rarely ever remember my dreams to begin with, so this is a pretty big rarity to begin with. I'm gonna jump straight to it, before I forget any more of it. It was Halloween, and I was invited to a party via a friend. It was my friend Trevor. He and I both like ponies and he's just pretty awesome. Anyway... I was sitting on this really nasty couch with him in this living room type of place, and all of a sudden, everyone starts screaming. I didn't know what was going on at all, but eventually, I found out that there was someone drunk with some kind of pistol. My friend, Trevor, thought he'd like to be the hero and try and stop him, but while he was trying to grab for the gun, the drunken man fired and hit him in the head. Trevor died, and I remember screaming "Noooooo!" at the top of my lungs. You know, I did that crouching down, holding my hands over my head, freaking out screaming thing. When I calmed down and stood back up, I was somehow back in time, where Trevor and I were just about to head to the party again. This event happened multiple times, but he kept dying in different ways. One time a chandelier fell on him. Another time, there was a glass coffee table that somehow exploded and the glass went flying and he bled to death and I don't even know. There was just tons of them, and then everything restarted afterwards. After a while, I just got used to it, and I grew pretty monotonous. But then, I couldn't take it anymore, so one time, when he was about to get hit by a semi-truck, I did the cliche, push out of the way, saving him but killing myself thing. After that, everything was kind of like a blue wormhole. It was weird. Really weird. I can't really explain it, but after a while, I woke up on that same nasty couch from before, but now, I was in some kind of house that wasn't all that big. There was a television on. I was met by my guardians, who nonchalantly said, "Mornin'." I was very confused, and assumed it was all just a dream. Then, I proceeded to go outside to get some fresh air, and I was met with some kind of canal in front of my house, and a boat floating down it. I was just about to tweak out, and I looked around. To my left, there was a Sheetz (a local gas station in my area) where the gas prices were up to $7.68. I did one of those dramatic, movie-scene freak out moments, and the camera angle (because I wasn't even dreaming in first person) spun around me, and did one of those movie-effect zoom outs on my location to show that I was in Italy. The camera-like angle thing came back in on me, and I ran back inside to look at the TV. The news was on, and I looked at the time/date, and it said the year was 2028. This just about made me explode. I ran back outside and just kind of started running, looking around to see if everything was real. I ran for a good amount of time, and decided to sit down near a tree near the top of a hill of some sort. Some asian girl came flying in on this jetpack like thing, where it was just this tiny circular thing on her back, emitting a blue light, keeping her afloat. She talked to me, telling me hello, and was acting all buddy-buddy with me. Her and I were apparently friends, according to her. I asked her how long it's been since I moved to Italy. She said that I've lived there for about 7 years, now. She didn't know why I moved when I asked. She asked me if I had seen any good anime, lately, and I asked her how I knew that I liked anime (because I really don't like to talk about it/show people that I like anime (at least, in real life)), and she said that pretty much everyone knew me as the girl who obsesses about anime. She then pulled up a picture of me cosplaying as Hatsune Miku on this holographic image display thing. It was really weird. I can't remember anything else about her after that. Then, though, when nighttime fell, I somehow got access to... some kind of motorcycle. I don't even know. But I drove around to the more unpopulated part of the area, and went to this... border-like thing. Like a national border. But, it was a tunnel. To America. It made no sense, but that's what it was. Apparently, my guardian worked there as a guard, and he asked me why I was going to America. I said to find a friend. I was looking for Trevor, because I needed find out what was going on. I took me only a few seconds to go across the Atlantic. I don't even know what the hell was going on. I guess it was some kind of portal-like thing. It doesn't really matter. What matters is, when I came out the other end of the tunnel, I was met with some kind of post-apocalyptic world. Everything was... disgusting. I walked around a bit, to try and find where I was, but any and all signs were pretty much destroyed, so I had no idea where I was. I found this kind of school building that was still somewhat intact, and as I was walking towards the front doors, I was met with some guy with a shotgun. He spoke with an extremely deep, southern accent, and he was questioning why I was there. I don't remember exactly what we said to each other, but I know I somehow gained his trust. He showed me around, and introduced me to this kind of group... society... I don't even know. It was just a bunch of people together. I guess surviving or something. That shotgun man gave me a map of North America (there were no borders between Canada, the US, and Mexico) that had tons of big red areas marked on it. I wasn't allowed to go in those areas because of radiation poison danger. Then there were tons of little buildings on the map as well that would serve as save houses that other members of this weird society thing were at. He told me the secret password, "Cwlar". I don't even know. It's like saying "Car" but adding a "w" and "L" sound to it... I just... don't even. After I left the room, I woke up. ... What is this dream, I don't even... I can remember the dream vividly. The colours, textures, shapes, faces, everything. It was the most realistic (even though it wasn't realistic at all) dream that I've ever remembered. It was... weird. I don't even. Usually my dreams are just madness of random scenes from random stupid stuff. I hardly even remember my dreams to begin with, so the fact that I even remembered part of this dream after waking up is just weird. I don't even.... I just give up. Anyway, have you guys had any crazy complex dreams? Mine wasn't all that complex, but it was way up there compared to my other dreams.
  11. I've always wanted to start writing fanfictions, but every time I try to write one, I either run out of ideas or lose patience with my writing. Either way, the end result is another word document whisked off to the recycle bin. I am doing fine with ideas, but my problem lies in the process of writing the story out. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creative writing, so alas, no stories I write are ever good enough to keep. Is there anybody out there who has advice on how to get a good story written?
  12. I'm sorry, I just had to make a separate topic for this.
  13. Lately I've been trying to draw fan-art for mlp, but failed miserably every time. So I was thinking that I could get some online drawing courses. My dad wants me to get better at drawing anyway, and he was going to get me Rosetta Stone but that never happened so I'm sure he'd be happy instead to get an art program. Which brings me to you. I was hoping you could recommend some online drawing courses. They can be any price but I'm a little short on money so please don't recommend anything too pricey.