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Found 3 results

  1. This was just a random idea that popped into my mind, but i just felt like bringing up the suggestion. So unless i'm really dumb and new members don't already automatically have this by default, I feel like new members should automatically be following "Canterlot Castle". It already has a little note that says that members should keep up with it, but i'm sure not everyone in the forums follows it, and thus not everyone may know about every change or thing that goes on as far as news. But the thing is with all the important things that happen in the news, section when they do, shouldn't all members be informed? It just feels like all new members should automatically start following the section, due to how important it is, and if they don't want to follow it then they can just unfollow it later on. I dunno, i suppose it may be kinda pointless, or it may just not be something that can be done even, i'm not that skilled on that end of it. But i just felt it was something i didn't quite get why it wasn't this way, and i felt like suggesting it to maybe get an explanation as to why is should or should be this way. So thats about it, do you think having all new members automatically following the "Canterlot Castle" , or news section of the forums, from the start? Or is it unnecessary or might cause issues?
  2. If the sisters had their own castle in Canterlot, then why have a castle in the Everfree forest? Or vice versa, why occupy Castle Canterlot when they already have Castle Everfree? Why did Celestia abandon Castle Everfree? If it was because of Luna's banishment, then why not reclaim the castle after her return? Heck why did the ruling authorities of Equestria have a castle in the Everfree forest to begin with? Why place your castle in an area that has potential dangers to the subjects who try to visit?
  3. Here's a feature I've been wishing was available for a while now, as well as another idea. 1. The ability to follow users in much the same way as you can follow forums. Simply get a notification whenever they start a thread. Because I like to stalk people. 2. I think that all users should automatically follow Canterlot Castle, to make sure they know when news is posted. (I had the problem of forgetting to check it until I followed it). I'm afraid the answer will be "IP Board can't do it," but here's hoping. :3