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Found 23 results

  1. Here is Shade Man Stage from Mega Man 7 on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. Haha. See what I did there? Anyways, this thread is for those who love the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man! As you may know, the Megaman franchise hasn't exactly had a great ride recently, with all the canceled games and whatnot, but things are starting to look up for the 'bot thanks to his classic form's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U! Oh, he also has an amazing comic series by Archie! To celebrate not only that, but also his anniversary (December 1987), I've decided to make a fan club for the Megs on this very forum! Let's start with some questions: 1. How did you find out about Megaman? 2. What was your first game? 3. What is your favorite and/ or least favorite game? 4. Which series do you like/dislike the most? 5. Who's your favorite/least favorite character? 6. Do you think the Super Fighting Robot still has a chance to keep going? 7. Anything else you wanna say? Here are my answers: 1. When I was 7 or 8, my brother had Mega Man & Bass for the GBA, ever since then, Mega Man held a special place in my childhood (corny, I know, but hey, it's true.) 2. Mega Man & Bass! 3. Fav: Mega Man 2, it provided a decent challenge, and it was just fun! Least fav: I dunno. 4. The classic series is the best to me! 5. I love Bass, but I can't stand Auto.... 6. If we all come together and show Capcom we still love Mega Man, maybe he'll come back to us soon...
  3. So this came about in November last year, but since then Capcom has released the Megaman Legacy Collection in this fashion and has indeed mentioned they want to continue the Ace Attorney games on the Switch, as they have proven to be one of Nintendo's nicest little niche titles on the DS and 3DS with a dedicated following, myself included! I know @Envy is a big fan of this series and I'm sure plenty of users here are as well. A full release of the entire main series on the Switch would be a great boon to the Switch's library (inb4 no more ports!) as there are many people who actually have never played these games. They were always relatively niche titles and many of us were sad that Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice were never physically released in the US, so this could be a chance to have a physical copy out there. Now sadly Capcom doesn't have the BEST track record with handling the series as they have made some mistakes in the past such as: Not porting Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 to the west citing poor sales of the first game, despite a fan translation being made because the demand was high enough to justify it. Locking out a DLC from Dual Destinies from the west because they claimed Americans would not be able to figure out the puzzles that "required heavy knowledge of Japan to do" despite living in an age of the internet where people could look up and research this stuff. Making the previous two entries eShop exclusive. Not releasing a prequel game in the west that people were demanding. But this DOES bring me to another fear I have: Capcom released the Legacy Collection for Megaman on the Switch in the dumbest way possible... Megaman 8 and 9 were download codes... Defeating the purpose of releasing a physical copy if there is going to be a download code for two of the games. Why? Because half the point of physical copies is preservation and sharing. If I want to let my wife play these games, now she can't play them on HER Switch because I had to redeem the codes, etc. Also makes them worthless buying used as well. Please Capcom do this right this time and lead into a new game the RIGHT way.
  4. Just recently, Bamco announced , a sequel to the massive crossover project between Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Sega, and have revealed a bit of the roster which features some familiar faces from the last game(Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vespira, Akira Yuki of Virtua Fighter, Megaman X) as well as some new appearances(Leon S Kennedy of Resident Evil, Kazuma of Yakuza, Kazuya of Tekken). While I'm expecting to see most of the original cast return, I'm mostly interested to see some of the new characters/team ups each company may include in the next game. For this, since there's a lot of characters to cover, I'll probably just separate this into 3 different blog posts, one for Capcom, Sega, and Namco respectively _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Starting things off with Capcom as they're probably the easiest to work with, both because they have the most popular stable of characters...and I'm kind of a fan of most of them Team Commando Featuring Capcom's original mascot, Captain Commando, since the game prides itself on teams, it'd be a huge missed opportunity to leave them out a second time(especially since he DID appear in Namco X Capcom, a precursor to PxZ) Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Silvia Much like Team Commando, it just seems like a huge missed opportunity to leave them out again, especially when Capcom seems to love including Joe in crossovers Ace Attorney Characters Was very surprised to see them miss out on the last game considering how popular the series is. With how bonkers the cast is, they'd have a funny fighting style to see for sure(especially if Phoenix's moveset in UMvC3 was). As for who'd team up with Phoenix, I could see Apollo, Athena, Edgeworth, Maya, hey maybe even Franzy working well Breath of Fire Characters I'm actually not to familiar with the Breath of Fire series, but I know for a fact that they're popular among Capcom fans, and they'd more than likely work well in the game(and it helps that Breath of Fire could use some crossover love) Guile and Charlie(Street Fighter) Kinda seems like a no brainer, especially since Charlie is supposedly gonna have a big part in Street Fighter V. Plus Everyone loves Guile Gene(God Hand) From Clover's Swan Song, God Hand, Gene has that sort of whacky style that can't be replicated from anything else. And God Hand is awesome Final Fight Characters As par for the course, Final Fight series prides itself on co-op teamwork, and to see them in the game(whether it be Haggar/Cody, Haggar/Guy, or Cody/Guy) would work perfectly Powerstone characters Much like Breath of Fire, the Powerstone franchise could really use some more love from Capcom. In particular, I'd love to see the game's lead, Edward Falcon make an appearance, either with another character(probably Rouge) or even as a support unit Onimusha characters Like Breath of Fire, I'm not very familiar with the world of Onimusha, other than, much like BoF, it's very popular among Capcom fans, and they look like they'd work well in the game Jin Saotome(Cyberbots) While I'm not familiar with Cyberbots, I am familiar with Jin due to his appearance in Marvel Vs Capcom...he's a fucking badass. He's long overdue for a new appearance in a game anyway BONUS ROUND
  5. Guys, the greatest thing to happen to fans of Devil May Cry. I was looking for combos for Dante in Devil May Cry 2. When I typed "Devil May Cry 2" one of the search suggestions was "Devil May Cry 2015" I was curious. So I clicked it. After scrolling through Devil May Cry 4 special edition or something and DmC: Devil May Cry definitive edition. I saw Devil May Cry 5. I clicked and began reading full of excitement. While it's still something of a rumor. Because of the bad rep DmC got. Ninja Theory dropped DmC: Devil May Cry and CAPCOM dropped them. Boys and girls, our favorite wise cracking, pizza eating, white haired, half demon devil hunter is probably making a comeback.
  6. I am curious as to how many bronies are there that are Ace Attorney fans? I am a HUGE ace attorney fan. I have played all the ace attorney games including the spin offs. I haven't play the new one Ace Attorney: Dual Destines yet because I don't have a 3DS. I have watch playthroughs tho so I know the story and it was AWESOME! My favorite character is Edgeworth because of his past and I like his personality. Plus he uses BASIC LOGIC! I wonder where is Gumshoe tho? What happened to him? I hope they don't forget him. So let's start discussing! First, how and when did you found out about Ace Attorney and why is it awesome? I found out about it on Youtube where i heard a music from the game and I became curious about it. And the rest is history. I cannot wait for the new game. Dai Gyakuten Saiban! Which I prefer to call it The Great Ace Attorney. Anyway let's start the discussion shall we?
  7. Vote on who,s the most powerful villian in the whole marvel or Capcom universe think of any villain that has or almost defeated a superhero easy and by almost i mean like closer than any other and yes you can post videos proving it or discuss it or you can take some main ones or big ones and test if they can by playing marvel vs capcom 3 if you can please show us the results on video.Or you can click this link to learn about them to and mine are Galactus and wesker
  8. I play a mystic knight and love magic in that game. so satisfying.( WALL OF FIRE) Any fans out there?
  9. What is your favorite Ace Attorney game in order (top to bottom and only 4) MINE: AA: Investigations Phoenix Wright Apollo Justice Trials & Tribulations Your favorites.... we're all ears.
  10. Whether you thought this was a great year for gaming, or think this was one of the worst years in recent memory, between the anti-consumer practices, studio closures, and people not knowing when to shut up on Twitter, it's hard to argue that this year was one of the most controversial ones within recent memory. Some moments, however, have left massive scars on the gaming community causing rifts between not just gamers, but with publishers and developers as well. With the year coming to a close, lets look back on some of the biggest incidents that left a scar on the industry Wii U's poor sales and shitty advertising and 3rd party support
  11. Two of my most favorite video game franchises ever are Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. I love the games, the TV shows (Well, some of them at least) and I collect the action figures. I love a lot of video game franchises, but I honestly think you can't go wrong with these two. However, there's also the comic books based off of these two franchises. Both are made by Archie Comics and both share pretty much the same art style. I may love the games, but honestly, I don't think they even compare to what Archie Comics brings to the table every month. If you like the games better, I won't hold that against you. I LOVE the games. I just think the comics pack in a more entertaining experience. Allow me to explain. Now, I'm going to speak for just about every comic book series out there. The world of comic books opens up a whole new world for a franchise. Since comic books are mostly read by teens and young adults nowadays, the writers and creators can push the limits of a franchise and get away with things that they couldn't get away with in games or TV shows. I'm going to take the MLP comics for example. In the show, Hasbro has a limit to what they can include in the show. The reason for this is because it has a certain audience. While it adds in more mature elements for their older crowd, it still needs to be on a level that would be appropriate for young girls. However, in the comics, IDW can go beyond the show and add in more mature elements. The reason is because it isn't trying to stay with younger girls. It doesn't really have a targeted audience. Therefore, they can add in these elements without having the fear of losing a certain group of people. Same goes for Sonic and Mega Man comics. Archie can get away with having things like Mega Man and Sonic cross-overs, evil tyrannies, killing certain characters, and other elements of the sort. Why? Because it doesn't have a pinpoint audience to target. It only has to do one thing; stay with what the franchise is about. They stick to what Sonic and Mega Man are about. IDW does the same with MLP comics. Whatever series it is, if creators just stick to what the series is centered around, they can go beyond the limits and make a story comic lovers won't soon forget.
  12. I guess I'm a little late on finding out about this thing. About a couple of months ago, Capcom announced one of their newest projects; Mighty No.9. This thing, I assume, is meant to help Mega Man fans find some shred of life in the Mega Man series. I mean, there hasn't been a real Mega Man game since Mega Man 9 and 10 on Xbox Live and such. I see some really big potential for this project, actually. I think it's about time for Capcom's Blue Bomber to make some form of return.
  13. Since Capcom is pretty much doomed this generation, I thought I'd start a thread on what should happen to all Capcom's properties. As the executor of Capcom's estate, I am under the authority to read Capcom's last will and testament. "To Nintendo, who supported me from my humble beginnings, I bequeath to them the rights to Breath of Fire, Final Fight, Ghost N' Goblins, Monster Hunter, Okami, Stider, and Dead Rising for no reason. To Sony, who supported me when I was sick and tired of Nintendo's cock-bull attitude, I leave Darkstalkers, Dino Crisis, Street Fighter, and all our remaining fighting games. To Sega, likely to take over my practice of nonsense DLC, I give Ace Attorney, Mega Man, Onimusha, Strider, and Viewtiful Joe. To EA, for making me look better by comparison, I present Devil May Cry and Lost Planet, to ruin farther as they see fit. To Activision, just so you wonder why I brought them up, I leave Dragon's Dogma. To Valve, I give Bionic Commando, Redsident Evil, and everything else I forgot. Wait, I was the one that made Commando? Why did no one tell me? And to my fans--BOOT TO THE HEAD!"
  14. Found an article that confirmed that Capcom has 152 million USD in the bank. To put that in perspective, Nintendo has at least 40 times that much in their accounts. For a company the vast size of Capcom, 152 million is not sufficient to fall back on. They can't afford to screw up anymore. The only problem is that, even if they stop with all the idiotic things that got them in this mess, there are to many people dead set against Capcom. Nintendo and Sony better get in the practice of buying other devs and publishers, because they have the best resources to do so. And they are two of the few companies in this industry that still have good reputations. It started with Sega running out of money (again), then Index--parent company of Altus--which Sega is ironically bidding on, and now Capcom is looking like it'll bite the dust. It's only a matter of time before the same thing happens to EA and SquareEnix.
  15. One of the launch titles for the Xbox One is going to be the newest installment into the Deadrising series, Deadrising 3. Being a fan of the Deadrising series, I busted a nut when I saw that this game was announced. But, that burst of happiness immediately went away when I discovered it was only for the Xbox One. And, I have to ask; Why? If I were Capcom, I'd absolutely HATE to have my newest game be a launch title for the Xbox One. I'd want to put it on the PS4 or Wii U. I guess this is some sort of pattern. Deadrising 1 was an Xbox 360 exclusive, so I guess they want to keep some sort of chain going. Regardless, Deadrising 3 still won't convince me to buy an Xbox One. The game may look good (it REALLY does) but I'd rather spend 300 bucks for a Wii U and get lots of exclusive games for that rather than spend 500 bucks for an Xbox One just to get one exclusive for that. *sigh* :'(
  16. I totally forgot about this until today. Capcom's new game is coming out in which that they are hoping will turn into a big franchise. I personally really like the idea of gameplay, story, and cut scenes and how they are going to be worked together. I only hope that they don't ruin a great idea that they've been working on for quite some time. Taking place in 2084, Neo-Paris. This video is like a kinda teaser/info into the world of this game: (Watch, it is just mind numbing) And if you go to the site, you'll find an interactive journal here that sets the scene for the story. It's tightly woven, it has many twists, and it's compelling: Some gameplay is here, it shows that the game is going to be more story-based than you'd see in most games. I feel like the game is more of an homage to Mirrors Edge (IMO) and kinda a mix of a few other games. Anyways, so that's all I have to say on it. Not sure if anyone else wanted to try this out or not? The release is June 4th in the states. And the release is June 7th in Europe. (I do believe so.)
  17. I'm doing something a bit different with this one, after some constructive criticism from some friends I've decided to throw a few more opinions in there. It may or may not turn out that well. ============================================================= DmC: Devil May Cry is the fifth installment in the Devil May Cry series. Developed by Ninja Theory (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Heavenly Sword) with Capcom closely looking over their shoulders DmC was looking to change things up a bit. Capcom deliberately wanted a new design for Dante and I daresay they succeeded. Dante's new design, the change from a mystical demonic takeover to a more "coporate demon" prison and adding more industrial music to the soundtrack were all good choices as it really made an improvement and added personality to the game to make it truly unique. Setting DmC takes place in a city controlled by the king of demons: Mundus. Mundus, who was previously a giant statue in the first Devil May Cry, is now the head of all the big businesses in the city. Most of the game takes place in Limbo, an alternate reality that dimensionally sits right on top of the real world, which does a fantastic job of making sure environments are never repetitive. I'll admit I went into this game fully expecting it to have repetitive levels as that seems to be a common theme among games that try to be more "realistic." The game surprised me and through to the end kept things fresh. Levels had a tendency to shift whenever the demons wanted them to leaving Dante to navigate through a bastardized version of the real world that could change the size and shape of everything about him. This was a visually appealing in the sense that when you pass through an area you never know how it will change on you. It could take away the floors, obstruct your path or even extend the length of hallways and this made levels far bigger than they originally seem. They definitely went to great lengths to make sure you never see the same room twice and I'm grateful for that. Story The story in DmC is far more fleshed out than in past games. In previous games you could go two or three levels with no story and then when they do show story it's little more than a fight scene between two characters or an intro to a boss. (Example: When Dante runs into Lady for the first time in DMC3 and she starts shooting at him thinking he was one of the demons in Temin-ni-gru) The only time any significant story takes place in the older games is toward the end of the game. True enough big spoilers are best saved for the end but without those the story in the DMC franchise stays very short and succinct and leaves you wondering why Dante is doing what he's doing beyond the reasons given at the beginning of the game. Why does he do this? Why does he go down that hallway? Very little reason is given, at least on the story front since the gameplay tends to be the reason he goes anywhere: To get a key, to get a new weapons, etc. DmC does a far better job of telling a story. There's a little bit of story at the beginning and end of each chapter. Dante himself has become far more in-depth in this game; he interacts with characters on a much deeper level than "shoot first, ask questions later" like in the last few games. Throughout the entire game I felt Dante was far more emotional when he was around non-antagonist characters, going so far as to ask the new DMC girl Kat about her past. It almost felt like he was trying to make a connection with her but she was half-ignoring him because she was so infatuated with Vergil who had saved her from a demon foster father. Dante did a total one-eighty when Vergil brought them to their home as kids and he remembered his past (he had previously been told he lost his memory to Meningitis) and suddenly opened up to Vergil and Kat and their cause to free the humans from under the thumb of Mundus. Dante never loses his cocky charm from the previous games though. He still toys with enemies both verbally and physically but now he's started cursing. Some might say this is going overboard but I think it really adds to the characterization of a young Dante. Overall I'd say this is the best story of the DMC franchise. It's far more fleshed out, characters are more than just demons and hunters cursing and playing with each other and even holds a few plot twists in that make things just that much more interesting. Music This is one of DmC's strong points. Not only have they kept the death metal aspects but also have added a lot of industrial music to it. There's also a level dedicated to a strip club and you can imagine with how changing the world around with Limbo how this particular level is very interesting. I've always been a metalhead myself so I've always enjoyed the music in the DMC franchise but this game really makes something of itself. The music really adds to the general feel of the corporate demon city. Gameplay The gameplay in DmC was based on the original games but adds so much more to it. They've added a logical system to allow you to switch between your standard, demonic and angel weapons simply by holding down the shoulder buttons. This gives great potential for long combos and really makes you feel like a badass when you juggle enemies until they die. Though it is a little annoying when they die mid-combo and you fall to the ground. The combat largely takes place in the air; most of your best combos and attacks are aerial and they do everything they can to help you stay in the air by adding grappling attacks that pull you toward enemies or vice versa and also have attacks that lift you farther into the air. DMC has always been known for it's combo/style meter which adds points to your overall rank in the level. DmC makes it easier to not only do combos, but maintain them as well. Aside from when you get hit your style meter will take longer to dissipate which makes getting S, SS and SSS ranks that much easier. I, for one, enjoyed getting such high stylish scores. It made me feel like I was actually good at the franchise for once even though it's mostly because DmC is actually easier than the rest of the franchise except maybe the second one where it was super easy. I knew ever since the game was announced at E3 that the platforming would be intense thanks to the grappling and changing environments and I was absolutely right. I love levels that make you platform like that. It keeps you on your toes and feels amazing when you can jump, pull yourself to the next platform only to have it disappear from under you so you have to pull another platform from somewhere else to you so you don't fall into the abyss Overall DmC is a vast improvement on many aspects of the franchise that were good in the first place but could use a bit of tampering or were not very good and needed to be improved. I had a blast throughout the entire game and I haven't even had a chance to try the higher difficulties where enemies actually have different behaviors and they even introduce enemies from later in the game early on. I played one level in Son of Sparda (fourth difficulty setting) and I was fighting end-of-game demons right there in the first level. I would easily rank DmC as my favorite Devil May Cry game, except maybe the first one which was pretty awesome.
  18. I don't know if this counts as art, but it is considered pixel art. BTW, I think this is a pretty good pixel art app for the iPad by Disney. So, if anyone can top it, go right on ahead. Hit me up some more good pixel art apps. P.S. I technically just looked at my computer screen, then drew on my iPad!
  19. Marvel super heros and villians would Beat dc super heros and villians.Who do you Think would win out of all of these Comic heros and villians and If they do then whats there advantage in beating them and if you can post pics of amazing features or battles they have or play marvel vs capcom 3 and show us the results of who would win if you can show us.Who would win?Whats there advantage?Why are they your choice you do not have to tell why it doesnt have to be like homework just try to give us results if you can.My choice would be Marvel because they actually have so many characters the universe is actually a person!They would easily out number them
  20. Resident Evil, the long-standing survival-horror franchise from Capcom, is a game series that has had great success throughout its lifetime, but has suffered from a pretty severe loss of focus with its latest installments, basically shunting horror from the formula. Now, going on to its sixth numbered installment, Capcom is hoping to win both old fans and newcomers over alike by creating a game that is, by all means, a little something for everyone, provided you like shooting games, at least. Featuring three distinct campaigns right from the start, Resident Evil 6 will have a lot to offer from the moment you start it up. There has also been revealed to be a fourth unlockable campaign after completing the original three, as well as a couple of bonus modes, so there should be plenty of content on-disc. Leon's got the cure for arthritis: Bullets. Returning to the series for the third even-numbered installment in a row, Leon Kennedy is now accompanied by newcomer Helena Harper in his campaign. Capcom is bringing co-operative play back in full swing with this installment, with both online and split-screen offline play for two players, as well as special sequences when the main characters of your campaign cross paths with characters of other campaigns which allows up to four player co-op as well, though the extra two players can play online only and not locally. In trying to please all different kinds of fans with one game, Leon's campaign specifically will be oriented in a direction focused more on horror than the others, featuring the long-awaited return of Resident Evil's standard foes: Zombies. Despite the change from their more recent action-based focus for his campaign, the controls in Resident Evil 6 are tighter, more fluid and, most importantly, much more advanced for all campaigns, Leon's included. Expect to walk and shoot, dodge roll, slide along the ground (while shooting, even), melee at will and walk in any cardinal direction without turning like a tank. For the first time in the series, Resident Evil 6 not only doesn't feel like the controls are outdated, but almost feels ahead of the pack, really. Zombies will be more formidable against Leon and Helena, as well, coming in new shapes and sizes, including hulking fat ones which look reminiscent of Left 4 Dead's Boomers, but rather than exploding in one shot, they are bullet sponges and difficult to kill. Other zombies wield weapons such as fire axes and crowbars, which they'll mindlessly swing around or even toss at the player. Using the new counter mechanic, though, players with excellent timing will be able to steal the weapon from an attacking enemy and execute them with it. In case of emergency, kick ass. For players who have little to no interest in Zombies and are more fans of modern shooting games, perhaps even just fans of Resident Evil 5, Chris Redfield is accompanied by newcomer Piers Nivens in a high-octane campaign. Facing off against new foes to the series infected by the C-Virus, known as the J'avo (pronounced Ju-ah-voh), expect to face off in large-scale combat sequences against other armed combatants. The J'avo will actively attack the players with their own guns, as well as mutate their bodies depending on where the players attack them. Shoot off the legs of a J'avo and wings may grow in their place, flying the torso around upside-down while it still shoots at you. Take off an arm, and a bigger, more disturbing one replaces it, ready to maul you. Blow off the head, however, and what do you know, for the first time in a few games now, the enemy just dies. A nice change of pace from random chance mutating heads popping out when you land a perfect headshot that should, by all means, be a kill. During large portions of his campaign, Chris and Piers will be accompanied by standard BSAA soldiers, making his story feel more like Gears of War than Resident Evil for a while. As his squad dwindles down over the course of the story, though, things get more intense as Chris and Piers face off against unsettling beasts akin to classic Resident Evil boss fights. "Uh, hey, dude. Look out." In the third campaign, with newcomer Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin from RE2, expect a sort of blend between the other two campaigns, though the focus is still much more on action. Jake Muller is the son of a long-standing Resident Evil villain, Albert Wesker, and his blood holds the key for solving some mysterious corporation's problems. Since his blood is so valuable, it's obvious that they're going to go after it, so this campaign finds the players hunted down by a towering monster known as Ustanak, whom they will encounter several times in their journey, Nemesis style. Jake and Sherry will also find themselves facing off against the J'avo in their campaign, the clear sign that action is what they had in mind for the most part. Jake also has a unique fighting style that other characters cannot access, in which he can fight purely unarmed with a large repertoire of combat moves. Sherry doesn't have the luxury of such things, but has a unique Stun Rod weapon which alters the way her dodges function to accommodate close-quarters combat. Hold on, I'll save you! Then kill you afterwards! For players who clear out the three campaigns and want more to do afterwards, there are some bonuses to be unlocked to keep you going. A fourth campaign, tailored for solo play, features Ada Wong and focuses heavily on more classic gameplay from the series with puzzles and zombies. A new mode will also be unlocked, known as 'Agent Hunt', which lets the player take control of a random enemy in a random player's game online. It's an interesting idea, but little is known about it, such as whether or not the player controlled enemies will have more health or otherwise be different from the AI controlled ones. If players tire of the campaigns at any point, Mercenaries Mode, Resident Evil's time-attack mode since Resident Evil 3 returns once again, unlocked from the very start. Using the characters from the campaigns (and probably others, but none have been revealed as of yet), you try to wipe out as many enemies as you can on set stages within a time limit, racking up more points for consecutive kills. You can see gameplay of Mercenaries Mode here, showing off not only the mode, but also the new combat mechanics as well as Leon's special ability to dual-wield pistols. Look for Resident Evil 6 on Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 2nd, and on PC soon after, though no concrete date has been revealed.
  21. So, what Resident Evil game did you enjoy playing the most? For me its Operation Raccoon City, because of the multiplayer and I'm really good on it, and second is Resident evil 4 because of the story mode.
  22. It`s Been Confirmed!!! Another Marvel vs Capcom 3!!! Capcom is pulling the same shit they did with Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ------------------------------------------------- Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X What is Capcom gonna do this time!? It said to have 8 new characters & Re-balanced gameplay. & It`s coming in July! What Are Your Thoughts!? [update] Okay so apperently it was said that this was mainly a photoshop & there isn`t gonna be a UMvC3X but there will be some prediciton.
  23. I got bored so i made this to show off my UMvC3 ranked matches... Hope you like them...