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Found 7 results

  1. Well, here it is. The inevitable political blog post... In this post I will make short summations of my beliefs on a variety of topics. I'm doing this for four reasons. Firstly, so that way I don't feel the urge to post in the toxic cesspool that is the Debate Pit (Debate Symposium is way too polite of a name for it). Secondly, it feels like they confuse some people with the narrow-minded perspective of every issue being left vs right. That ISN'T always the case! I agree with the right on some things, but mainly on things that, from a more nuanced perspective, are not really left vs right issues like neo-liberals or neo-conservatives would want you to believe. And thirdly, to say f*** you to the fake left democrats of the world. My voice will be heard whether you like it or not! And lastly, I do this because I really don't feel the need to explain them to those who choose to object to them. If you see things differently, fine. Just don't start s*** with me. Also, I'll give a trigger warning. If you are easily offended, stop reading this post now, because I guarantee you'll be screaming at me later. Guns. Guns should be legal as long as they aren't FULLY automatic (even burst-fire is potentially fine) or have a magazine size larger than 20 rounds. Taxes. I believe in a very progressive tax bracket. I like the idea of a 49% tax on the highest bracket, and on the lowest maybe 4 or 5%. Also, GET RID OF THE TAX HAVENS! Drugs. I see no problem with legalizing a lot of them. Maybe not crystal meth, but for marijuana it's only common sense I think. Also, we should END this war on drugs. It is HARMING more than it is helping! Dense-a** sheep and their alternative facts (also known as obvious LIES that they decided to BELIEVE) are not helping. Immigration. I believe that dreamers deserve an opportunity to prove themselves, but drug lords don't belong here. I believe that immigration should be CHEAPER (it costs over $1000 in stupid-a** fees to get a green card for f***'s sake!), but I also believe that sanctuary cities are downright WRONG. Yeah sort of in the middle on the whole issue. But I have to say this: both sides of the issue are completely moronic, but in some ways each of them are right. Healthcare. I believe in Medicare-for-all for everyone. Politicians shouldn't get special privileges, and we shouldn't be thrown to the curb. Corruption. It's everywhere, and it HAS to STOP! Or else we may no longer have any right to call ourselves a "democratic republic" (though it is true CONGO is supposed to be one)... Miitary Spending. NEEDS to go WAY down! We spend 3 or 4 f***ing times what China does and our military is HALF THE SIZE! Not to mention most of this spending goes towards things we will REALLY never need! Abortion. I frankly think that for the most part pro-lifers are a bunch of fruitcakes, that frankly have no idea what they're talking about. I see no issue as long as it is done before 29 weeks, though I can see numbers lower than that. National Debt. Should be the first priority to pay it off, or else all of our necessary welfare programs will suffer. Not even to mention that it will eventually affect the way other countries see us. Trade. We need less of these dumb trade unions and we need to increase tariffs on imported goods. Racist Cops. They do exist! There IS some degree of legitimacy to Black Lives Matter. Albeit, a small degree of it. In about three cases on national news that I remember (of a decent few...), the cops should have been charged, one with first-degree murder (yes FIRST DEGREE, not SECOND or THIRD!). Aside from those few cases though, Black Lives Matter is WRONG. However, I do agree there is a problem here that should be addressed. I have a hard time believing there isn't a little discrimination somewhere in this. Just a little though. American Flag vs American Principles. Principles win, every time. So in other words, I don't support the idea of forcing people to stand to the Pledge. It is frankly more patriotic NOT to considering that it is an extension of freedom of speech, in the exact same sense as the right to have a Confederate flag. I think if you support forcing people to stand to the pledge, it's VERY hypocritical of you to also turn around and pride your heritage for being traitors to the union. By the way, yes, I have no issues with the Confederate flag. "Religious Freedom Laws" regarding Gay Marriage- They are ridiculous. If they didn't make wedding cakes for Trump supporters, would YOU want the right to sue them? The right likes to make this issue into something it is not. There is NOBODY saying that it should be illegal to NOT serve them. They're saying that a**holes that don't serve them have every right to get sued for it. LGBT Rights. Being LGBT, I fully support them, until they trample on other people's rights or until they force pro-gay propaganda down the throats of elementary school kids (which my dad inaccurately told me was happening while quite obviously not evaluating the credibility of his source). Since I saw this thread, I say the most important thing to solve this issue worldwide is time as well as tolerance for those who don't support us. They won't accept us if we force the issue on them. Autistic Rights. This isn't one you hear about everyday probably. Autism Speaks is EVIL. Period. They are a HATE group that deserves no funding. If anything, the head honchos of this c*** need to go to JAIL! I believe in the right for people with Autism to live their lives the way they are. We don't need a cure for this, we just need society's acceptance. (I say we here, because of the nature of my perspective on the issue. I believe that I have Asperger's Syndrome, the mildest form of Autism). American Justice and Prison Systems. Both NEED fundamental reworks from the top down. It spends too much money, treats prisoners too well, and has too many people in it. Also, private prisons should not f***ing exist. It's sick to make money like that. My proposition involves shorter sentences in harsher prisons, so that way we don't have to pay to keep them there or for luxuries they don't really need. Things like weight rooms, like actual cafeteria food (From what I've heard, the luxuries they get food-wise are ridiculous)... You know, things there are no reason why prisoners should have access to, but also so they have a chance to get back into society and maybe contribute if prison really made them realize that they don't want to be criminals. Affirmative Action. Affirmative action is a bad thing. It is fundamentally bad for everyone, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American... IT'S BAD ALL THE WAY AROUND. Unqualified Blacks getting jobs over more qualified Blacks, Whites, or any other race is WRONG. Job opportunity shold be equal for everyone, not more equal for blacks who don't belong in the jobs they have than everyone else. Minimum Wage. Well, here's a hum-dinger. I think it should be FLEXIBLE, and not just a single value, as taxes are. I'm sorry Bernie, but increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour will hurt small businesses everywhere. It sounds good until you get to there though. The better idea is for the IRS to start doing their JOB! Deliver forms to both workers and company owners asking about how much the workers make, how many employees the establishment has, and how much the establishment earns. Based on the later two of the values, calculate how much they should pay the workers. From the first value, ascertain whether that amount is being paid. If the forms contradict each other, trust the worker. They have much less reason to lie about it. Also make this wage increase or decrease wit inflation or deflation. Sounds like a slippery slope, I know. But this is probably better than setting it to one number for everyone. Federal Funding for College. The government needs to start paying up for it's country's future. Colleges basically rob their students blind of hundreds of thousands of dollars. All for what? A piece of paper that will get you a job in a year maybe while the interest on your student loans (which you will have unless you have RICH-A** PARENTS!) stacks up. Also, they should only pay the colleges a reasonable amount of money and any need for more than what is necessary here should be a federal offense for the bookies and the higher ups. Death Penalty. I consider it unusual, and unfitting punishment. Note that I didn't say cruel, because it's actually quite the opposite. It's too humane! They should rot in jail instead! Also, the death penalty actually isn't cheap either. They have to maintain the execution chamber and all, which I'd suppose costs an insane amount of money, not even to mention most death row inmates now stay there for DECADES before getting executed because of all the red tape! Just put them in for life with no parole. Treat them to the suffering they deserve. Also, not even to mention in the case of those that actually aren't guilty, they'd get the chance to prove it (of course if anybody would f***ing listen to appeals!). Fake News. Needs to go. Period. No more CNN, no more Fox, no more MSNBC, no more of that. And, yes, the government actually does have the authority to delegitimize them as far as I know, and it's not really being utilized because of all of the FREAKING CORRUPTION! What could replace it is actual journalism, of course if the corruption went away. Also, they need to stop praising EVERY politician that dies. Seriously, I could care less about George HW Bush, and how it's plastered everywhere that he's died is ALREADY beginning to annoy me. Seriously, WHO SHOULD REALLY CARE? He was a mediocre president who's best political moment (My opinion) was calling out Reagan on his economic policy. Gold Standard. Here's where I actually go right on economics. The Gold Standard is necessary right now. We need less inflation, so that way the poor's money is worth more, and so that way there's less for the rich to make, with the government basically making notes willy-nilly whenever they want. The United States as a whole. Not great, but not terrible either. Sure, we technically are the world's largest terrorist organization, and we don't get all of the freedoms listed in the constitution (thanks for the false advertisement, f***ers!), but at least we have the semblance of a democratic society here and that's enough for me. I did a ranking of nations based on how much I'd want to live in them, and the US ranked around 16th on the list, so not bad at all in that sense. As for voting? I have a question. Would you rather be shot in the back or shot in the face? Or neither? I choose neither. Meaning, I don't freaking vote, because there's NO POINT when your only options are BAD! Socialism as a whole. It's BADLY misdefined by the right and the fake left in an attempt to delegitimize actual leftist economics. Why? I don't think it's that hard to figure out. The word has had a completely unfair stigma surrounding it since the Cold War, almost exclusively because the Soviet Union was a TYPE of socialist and we didn't like them. Communism and Socialism are NOT the same thing. Communism is an authoritarian brand of socialism, and I think believing otherwise is frankly a show of bias and a laughable lack of knowledge about how the left REALLY is. Trump as a president. I already went into this in a Debate Pit post (which was my mistake that I'm surprised I'm not seeing the effects of), but he's a pretty freaking bad president. Trump may have done some good on the Korean front, but I'm starting to think that the peace would have happened without Trump in office, and I'm starting not to understand why that didn't come across my mind sooner. After all, he's the one and the same guy that nearly started a freaking WAR with them over his own freaking ego, and the same guy who's already killed HUNDREDS of innocent people ON PURPOSE... (And yes, there's no logical reason for this source to lie). What saves him I my mind is that he IS tackling important issues such as corruption in the government, although very slowly. But nonetheless it hardly excuses him from being, by definition, a TERRORIST. It also doesn't help his case whatsoever that he's totally SCREWED the economy for the working class. I was already concerned about the tax policy, but it's worse than I thought. The rich are being allowed to have their cake and eat it too... Seriously, trickle-down economics does NOT work, and it NEVER has. Let's see how we like living in the 1880's again... Seriously, that's what this is becoming. A modern version of the 1880's partially THANKS to Trump! I don't care if you say "but he didn't initially propose it" because HE ALLOWED IT TO GO THROUGH. And that's more than enough to say that he is going to cause the financial train wreck just waiting to happen... Democrats. I can't STAND them, for several reasons, but I have to go over some misconceptions that BOTHER me. First off, they are FAR from left-wing, they only pretend they are which I and others will point out is full of s***. Secondly, they aren't GOING LEFT! SOCIETY'S GOING FURTHER RIGHT! I think that's a freaking no-brainer at this point, but apparently it isn't because society is TOTALLY oblivious to the entire phenomenon! Democrats are literally NOT changing whatsoever. They're a bunch of hawkish, corporatist LIARS who have no moral compass and have NO IDEA how to criticize Trump when he shoots himself in the foot at every opportunity! Saying Trump is bad without an actual argument is actually giving him more SUPPORT! It makes me think even more that their agenda is actually to silence the actual left-wing in the United States. Also, the people who support them still must either be naïve or moronic. Yes, there's literally NO other explanation why ANYONE would support people like Hillary Clinton or ESPECIALLY NANCY PELOSI! None, whatsoever. It doesn't help that most of the people that support them complain about literally everything under the sun, and try to justify it with total nonsense! Republicans. They're a bunch of deranged, hypocritical, spiteful lunatics, and I must say so are a large fraction of their supporters. These people complain about lobbying. What about all the money the NRA pays Republicans for propping up their agenda? Then they complain about spending. If you really cared, you wouldn't advocate spending so much money on the military... They complain about the constitution. The Patriot Act is the most blatant breach of our rights per the constitution I've ever seen, and a REPUBLICAN put that into law! They complain about snowflakes. What about Religious Freedom laws, what about the controversy with the pledge, or what about half of what your favorite Fox News moron says about "leftists"? 'But that's the truth' Bulls*** it's an opinion DON'T YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?! For f***'s sake, you're WORSE than the people you complain about! Just stop calling everyone you don't like an SJW and come up with real reasons to not like things! Get a freaking spine, too! You really need one, you vile piece of crap! Quick list of my who I think were the best and worst president in our nation's history: Best: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight D. Eisenhower Worst: Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, Ronald Reagan, Warren G. Harding, George W. Bush (Junior), Donald Trump I may edit some of this later on, and I'll more than likely expand it also. But regardless, I really want the toxicity in this blog post to stay at a minimum, because that's part of the point anyways... (which is funny to think about now because I've already had to deal with a ton from fake leftists and a few right-wingers that lurk around the Debate Pit (Symposium is FAR too polite of a term for the place) and try to pick fights by accusing people of things they know are complete and utter bologna, ether that or blatantly lie about their opinions in posts, because that happens too.)
  2. For those who haven't had the chance to watch Canterlot Boutique I would advise against reading this topic. As we've seen with many Rarity episodes and themes, Canterlot Boutique has Rarity facing a similar clash between herself and high culture. More importantly we see a particular focus on the theme of wealth vs success and yes even a major theme of capitalism going on. Much like how there's an underlying theme of the dangers of socialism with Starlight Glimmer, there's a similar but less significant theme of the dangers of capitalism with Sassy Saddles, Rarity's manager. Its not just that Sassy Saddles misguided business strategy is sinister and based on greed, its also how reflective of dysfunctional, corrupt and real business practices can be. Just to name a few of the themes here are some of the more notable ones that tie into globalization also: - high demand for mass production - superficial celebrity appeal - quantity over quality - fixation over profit margins vs the quality of workers - the loss of the worker's rights and freedom Its not to say that Sassy Saddles was evil, nor that capitalism, like socialism, is wholly evil, but rather blind misguided applications of these ideals, like anything, can lead to disaster. The Rules of Rarity song sums up this theme regarding Rarity's business model as it relates to capitalism quite well: At the risk of sounding overly political, its hard to deny what Rarity says here. She values a creative process, proper devotion, respect, and time to her work and clients with love. It makes her heart soar just to see her clients adore the clothes they wear. By contrast she despises the rigid and grueling work that has no place for creativity. Its understandable too. Rarity after personifies the virtue of generosity, which comes from the heart of the individual. Set against a cold heartless virtue of corporate greed, the 2 cannot reconcile. It isn't the 1st time we've seen such a clash either. Rarity has in the past also clashed with desires for fame and wealth against her better generosity and integrity of her friends. She's also struggled with the class warfare of fitting in with wealthy individuals whether they be the Canterlot nobles, or the cutthroat professionals in Manehattan. Of course we also see this clash of capitalism prominent with Applejack, notably in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 9000 where we again see the theme of quantity vs quality and profit versus happiness. What do you think then of the show's portrayal of capitalism and greed as it relates to Rarity and the Mane 6? Any notable examples that you see? It is of course, hard to see the Element of Generosity being a money grubber, even if she does get ahead of herself at times.
  3. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ~ Steve Jobs For almost 70 years, it's been the universal assumption that top students would go to a 4-year university, get a bachelor's degree (at minimum), then continue on in an office environment, slowly making their way up the work ladder until they find themselves in the corner office on the highest floor. Only the students who cannot make it end up in trade school and blue collar work is seen by our modern society as a dead end path. The truth is that blue collar work should be a serious consideration for any high school student thinking about what to do with his or her life, or people currently working in jobs they hate. Trade jobs have a myriad of benefits: great pay, strong job security, and numerous intangible advantages―from greater autonomy to experiencing the joy of working with one's hands and solving concrete problems. Tradesmen made America what it is. Our buildings, roads, cars, homes, and our great infrastructure of abundant energy and clean water―all of these things were built by the greasy and calloused hands of blue collar workers. To think that these careers belong in a museum in our techno-entrepreneur world is a complete underestimation of the value these jobs still hold in our rapidly urbanizing cities and towns. America still needs new skyscrapers, updated roads and highways, and water systems to save us from drought. These are projects that require the handy work of tradesman, not the white collar office workers. While there is nothing wrong with pursing a bachelor's degree and working in a cubicle, people who feel that they cannot work in such jobs should forget the old stereotypes and myths that the only good jobs out there are those that require a bachelor's degree. It's true that many jobs that require a bachelor's degree typically pay more than those that don't. But there seems to be this culturally-institutionalized belief that in order to live happily in our generation governed by consumerism and capitalism we must become wealthy, obtain corporate jobs, and adopt a luxurious lifestyle. That does not have to be the case. Although we live in a post-industrialized age, let us not forget that our country's infrastructure still needs to grow and be maintained. And by no means am I dismissing the importance of white collar workers. But I would argue that this country needs a plenitude of both white collar office workers and blue collar tradesmen and quite frankly, there seems to be a noticeable imbalance between the two as our modern culture is becoming increasingly skewed towards the idea of going to college, getting a B.A., and then becoming an arduous office worker or an executive. It's almost as if colleges these days are now some kind of profitable gimmick that college districts seek to commercialize. It's ridiculous how much insurmountable faith is placed in what too many people believe to be the sole gateway to a brighter future. Higher education is frequently perceived these days as the absolute road to success in the professional world when it should be considered as a possible road to success along with the other possible paths that prospective students can choose from. Our salaries do not need to exceed $30,000 a year in order for us to survive. If we focused more on wisely budgeting our money, resisting the temptation to use credit, and spending it more on the necessities and less on the non-essentials, we could live confidently with better self-control, stability, and financial security regardless of what job we have. If you embrace minimalism the possibilities of making a comfortable living broaden economically and financially speaking. Thus, the opportunities become truly endless in the job market. Do not conform to the materialistic and superficial passions of generation X―do not let your possessions own you or hold you back from experiencing what you want to experience and doing what you want to do. So explore every possible avenue. Whether one chooses to attend college, trade school, or obtain a work license/certificate, there is a place for everyone in our country's labor force.
  4. Capitalism at its finest. The input? Human waste. Something we all want to get rid of anyway. The output? Clean water, electricity, ash, and money. Now, while it may not generate enough to replace coal or uranium, it's a brilliant step forward for third world developing countries with too much crap and not nearly enough of anything else. And the best part? It's profitable on every end, so there's nothing stopping prospective entrepreneurs from setting these things up everywhere they can.
  5. So it's become clear to me that I am in a stark minority on these forums. I am a practicing Catholic, have studied many religions, hold a Gnostic cosmology, and am very much a person of faith. At the same time I am also a firm proponent of science despite not being well versed in hard schools of it such as physics in chemistry. I am very much a champion of transhumanism as is applies to science and society. I am also born of the United States and have traveled all around the world. I am a patriot and sincerely believe the U.S. to be an exceptional country, however, I believe it to be such because I believe in all nations and all peoples. So, I thought that with the amount of bronies who question such positions, I could offer some perspective. At least to help them form more concrete and sensible stances. So when the topic says "specific" I am referring to the following: -Religion -The United States -Transhumanism -Free market anarchism -Martial Arts All of these are things I have a firm grasp on and champion all of them. I sincerely hold that knowing why another believes the things they do can lead to a deeper understanding of the ideals themselves, so please, ask away.
  6. Yesterday I was serving God (or so the Boy Scout oath tells us) by selling over-priced popcorn to people outside of the local Lowe's store. Yeah, I'm a boy scout, and yeah, I've sold popcorn before. But this time was different. America, meet your money-grabbing guarantee: Bacon Ranch Popcorn! Yes, you read that correctly. As I was forced to loot my fellow countrymen in exchange for 'gourmet' popcorn, I decided to read up on some of the products we were actually selling. My eyes were immediately drawn to the most outlandish popcorn flavor yet to inhabit my sales paper, Bacon Ranch. I know what you're thinking, "I came here to argue with you! When are you going to get to the capitalism part?!" Well look at this. 6 oz. of this horrendously nauseating popcorn costs $30. That's 5 bucks an ounce! Last time I checked, poison didn't cost that much. What's more depressing is that the Boy Scouts, an organization that supposedly is meant to help other people at all times, is grabbing all the cash they can in competition with Girl Scout cookies. Well sir, you say cookies are better than popcorn? WELL DO THEY HAVE BACON RANCH COOKIES??? I DIDN'T THINK SO! The money from this doesn't even go to my troop. Over 70% goes to support "The Northeast GA Council" AKA, a group of old white guys who spend their days planning on how to further exploit the loose wallets of the people who they were supposed to be protecting. I dunno, maybe I'm just raging here. But $30 for a few kernels? Really BSA?
  7. Hey everypony, just wanted to share something that I found to be quite an interesting watch. Iv'e always enjoyed listening to sociologist Professor Renata Salecl's theories on social behaviour. Recently, an organisation known as the Royal Society of Arts created an animation to complement one of her speeches, where she explores the paralysing anxiety and dissatisfaction surrounding limitless choice. Even if you don't particularly enjoy sociology, I'd still recommend you give it a watch, since the visual media is still pretty entertaining. Being a minimalist, I can't say I've ever encountered many of the issues highlighted in the video. Can anybody else relate to such problems? Do you believe that capitalism is partly to blame? Is self criticism and anxiety simply a component of human nature that can't be diminished nor amplified by anything but ourselves? Does the freedom to be the architects of our own lives actually hinder rather than help us? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.