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Found 27 results

  1. What cars would you think would suit each pony? This include Mane Six, Princesses, Villains, and even background characters.
  2. alright people we all dream of what we'd do if we were rich but we all probably dream of that one car that haunts our dreams and makes us drool over it what's your dream car? mine is the beautiful 1967 chevy impalla made popular by the amazing supernatural series When I was originally writing the show I wanted to give the guys an American muscle car. My first choice was a '65 Mustang. My neighbour said it has to be a '67 Impala, because you can put a body in the trunk. He says, 'You want a car that, when people stop next to it at the lights, they lock their doors.' – Eric Kripke
  3. What car would you be? Self explanatory, if you were a car what kind of car would it be. Try fitting it with your personality, why would that car represent you. For all car enthusiasts a car is an extension of yourself. Which is why car enthusiasts take very good care of their cars as well as spending tons of money on customization, tuning as well as just the basic costs of having it. This is not a question of who your favorite car is, it's what car would you be. For example: I could say a Lamborghini Aventador for many reasons, it's my favorite but yet it doesn't exactly represent my personality, my love for speed is there and smooth looks but there is more to it then that. Living near country roads gave me the need to be able to take it off road. A lot of stuff can happen off road so the car has to be strong. _________________________________________________________________________________ If I was a car: I love speed, fast acceleration, smooth looks yet it has to be ready to get tough when it needs to. I would probably have a small engine 2.0 L gasoline engine while packing a punch and a turbo of course. It would have double exhaust, huge spoiler and a hood scoop. Only two cars come to mind, Subaru Impreza 2000 turbo or a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Mitsubishi being too expensive yet it could fit my personality. But the Subaru Impreza turbo 2000 fits me better, it's tough yet fast only 6.1 seconds to 100. It's AWD, it's an iconing rally car and it just looks amazing, not to mention it's affordable. Of course I will probably change it to something else later but at the moment the subaru represents me. So yeah, this is me as a car. A subaru Impreza turbo 2000, 2.0L, 4 cylinder boxer engine producing not only 214 bhp but also the most beautiful sound in the world. The sound of a boxer engine, unless you have a V8, V10 or a V12, it truly is amazing. 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) 6.1 seconds. Torque 290 Nm and with a top speed of 144 mph (232 kph). We are of course talking about a manual, since it's a lot more fun to drive a car with a manual transmission. So what car would you be? You only have to mention the brand as well as the type and why it fits your personality. You don't have to put up specs, but specs are welcome.
  4. So this is a little thread I decided to start up to talk about cars. Specifically, I'd kinda like to hear about what kind of car you drive. But this can go a few ways ways, really so I'm gonna throw out a couple options. A. Share some thoughts about your car Tell me about the car you drive right now (considering you own a car). I'm just gonna throw out some things you can mention about it. Here are some guidelines. How many miles does it have on it? Have you put all the miles on it? What do you use your car for? Do you like your car? Do you hate it? Why? Are there any stories you can tell about your car? And so forth. B. If you don't have a car, then let's say you've been given $15,000 or €12,000 to spend on a car... This is pretty straightforward. If you were given $15,000 in the U.S. or €12,000 in Europe to spend on a car (you must use it on a car or you owe the money back or it disappears), what kind of car would you look for with this kind of budget? Would you buy something that's going to work when you pick it up or would you buy something for a really, really low asking price and fix it up with the remaining money? You may have to use your imagination, check the classified ads, or do an online search for this. Assume the car is being sold by your neighbor so there's pretty much no cost to have it shipped to you and you don't have to drive halfway across the country or continent to go get your new car. C. If you don't have a car or you feel like the other two ask for information that's too personal to you, then you can share your favorite car. The kind of car someone prefers can tell a lot about that person. Like does that person care about saving money or the environment? Does that person like to look flashy? Does that person prefer safety overall? So share some thoughts about your favorite car and maybe why you like it so much. You can opt for this if you don't drive a car, you don't plan on getting a car, or you just don't want to share anything that relates to the other two. I'll get this started! I'm gonna attach a picture of my car and share my thoughts So here's my baby. The car I drive is a 2000 Honda Prelude. There's nothing particularly special about it. I got this car from my foster parents (who, from here on in, I will refer to as my mom and dad) for my 17th birthday. When they gave it to me, they had this huge sack. There was a sack in that sack. And the whole sack-inception thing went on about five or six times until I got to this tiny sack with a Honda key and a remote on it. I looked at my dad for a second and said, "It's not what I think it is, is it?" And he said, "Yep, we got you a lawn mower." "Yeah, dad...a lawn mower with power locks?" So when I went into the garage, I was pretty surprised by what I saw. At the time I never knew these things ever existed. My first thought was that it's a Civic. Not that I'd be mad if it was a Civic. Really, I was getting a car for my birthday so I would have been happy with anything. Four years later, this car springs oil leaks all the time. It's like every time I get one fixed, a new one pops up. And it's not like I drive it really hard. I did have a scary moment in this car once. I was driving home from hanging out with some of my friends. It was about 11:30 at night and I was taking this road that went around town and avoided all the stoplights. Well this road had flooded a few days before and the shoulder crumbled in places. There was some oncoming traffic so I moved over. Next thing I knew, a dog ran out in front of me so I hit my brakes. When I did that. I also ended up with the right side of my car on the crumbling shoulder. Physics determined that one side was slowing harder than the other side so I lost control and spun out in the ditch. So that explains the missing turn signal and beaten up bumper. Anyway, I'm not sure that I'd trade this car away for the world. Like I said, it isn't anything special, but it's special to me. I love this car because I don't see many of them, especially any in as good shape as I keep this one. I get a lot of people who tell me that for what it is, my car looks great. Probably because I've kept everything as close to stock as I could. And it just won't die. This car has right under 180,000 miles (290,000 km) on it and it's broken down on me. I'd trust this little car to get me from Seattle to Miami to LA to New York if I needed to. And when I'm older in a steady career, I'm probably going to keep driving this thing. One day, I want to restore it from bumper to bumper, keeping as many original parts as I possibly can. So despite its little problems, I freaking love my car. And it's not expensive to own either
  5. Thankfully I haven't, but I sure have gotten close. I know of someone who has though, and my dad's also gotten extremely close to hitting them before.
  6. Hello everypony! I’ve decided to make a game based on your/my car knowledge! Rules of the race: 1.You can post a picture of ANY car of any brand,model,and year 2.You don’t have to be specific on dates just the car name and brand (unless you know the date,go ahead and add that) 3.The cars can be from commonly known,to near unknown 4.The cars can be Muscle,import,supercar,hypercar, And so on. 5.The game will advance after the question has been answered 6.Only 3 hints! 7.Good luck and have fun! Ill start This car is NOT a mustang is made by Carroll Shelby Is a Dodge What is it?
  7. Since I can't really afford a car IRL yet, I decided I'd build a paper model of the car I want while I wait. This is a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria. I have had experience in the past with paper models, but with this one I want to make this a printable model, meaning, I can make as many as I want without having to draw it over and over like I used to.
  8. So after a little debate, I've decided to open up a thread where I share my custom cars from the PS4 game: The Crew. The Crew is an amazingly unique racing game where the USA is your playground for exploration, racing solo or with three others in four vs four crew battles and other adventures. Dirt Spec 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Performance Spec Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570 Superleggera Drift Spec 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Raid Spec Ruf 3400K Dirt Spec Nissan 370z Performance Spec Mercedes Benz AMG GTS Performance Spec 2004 Dodge Ram SRT10 I'd like some feedback on car design and how I took these photos. This thread will be updated with new stuff once in a while.
  9. Hello and welcome to the "Your Favorite..." game!.. It's not really a game, but still, it's quite a fun method to get to know each other and maybe even discuss about our interests!.. Yay, so exciting!.. Anyhow, you basically have to fill the gaps (not necessarily all of them) with your favorite things (check the example below). Also, you can rate the above poster's (or anyone's) chart while you are at it! NOTE: it is advised to pick your second favorite cartoon if MLP:FiM is your favorite (that means that you should not add MLP:FiM into the "cartoon" field... unless you REALLY want to). Here is the template you have to use: Here is an example (my favorites (yes, I edited it... the first one was "meh")): Alright, let's get this party started! (I can see this easily dying out in a day, or being deleted/moved by a mod) EDIT: If you are lazy you can always do a text version of this, like Red Diamond (of course, I'd be nice if you posted an image.)
  10. I found this toy on Amazon which is supposed to be Pinkie's car. So it got me thinking... are there cars in Equestria? Because... there is no infrastructure, to my knowledge, to support automobiles. Then again, if you subscribe to Pencils's Genius Pinkie theory, it's possible that it's a one-off car that Pinkie built for herself and not a mass-produced model. Video: http-~~-// How long has this toy been around? I know that Hasbro has put toys like Twilight's balloon and the season 2 train into the show before, so do you think we'll ever see this car?
  11. This is a car I've worked on in GTA V and will be creating it online . She aint going to be cheap but the most classic, rare, luxury and stunning will the the perfect fit for thy Rarity. - Rarity's car cost up to $1,600,000 - Truffade Z-Type (all upgrades Or save up and create either: - Vinyl Scratch that cost up to $2,600,000 - Progen T20 (all upgrades) - Sonata Dusk that cost up to $2,400,000 - Pegassi Osiris (all upgrades) Need help on this decision. Link to Rarity car
  12. This is my Octavia car, Originally the Armoured Kuruma was actually the Twilight Sparkle car. However I cannot decide on which pony should be used on this vehicle. I cannot buy another Kuruma because I'm saving up for a Z-Type (Rarity), Windsor (Fancy Pants), T20 (Vinyl Scratch), Turismo R (Bon Bon) and Osiris (Sonata). Please give feedback as this will help me conclude the decision.
  13. Would Princess Celestia have difficulty getting into a car? She's quite a big pony. You a human, have your car in Equestria (powered by magic or something magical)... well average sized car. Princess Celestia: My dear little human, can I get inside your car for a drive? What do you say?
  14. 碇 シンジン


    im 18 year old im a boy. i like to play with toys i like to watch kids shows and cartoons. i dont watch any shows that contain verbal or physical violence or attacks. i dont play those kind of games either. i've tried them and watched the shows and played those games so i can try to fit in with the other kids. im not like the other kids. i noticed that after watching those shows and displaying that kind of media. it always let me with this same feeling. i felt that something is out of place. it is not correct it is not innocent. it makes me feel depressed inside and i dont like it one bit. then i one happy day started watching the cute innocent show of my little pony. the show showed me the light out of the darkness and when i delved deeper into it i felt happy. happy like never before i want to be happy. colored pony cuties make me happy. i dont like violence its unhappy
  15. OK, so there was this game I downloaded. The pre-alpha demo to Drift Stage, which had a successful Kickstarter. And raised nearly $60,000 dollars. It's designed to feel like an old Sega racing game or Namco racing game. It has the art style of Outrun and Auto Modellista, the drifting of Battle Gear, a bit of a Ridge Racer Vibe, and a Sega Rally and Ace Combat 2 inspired soundtrack. Now there are a few questions, it said Career would be ''Character Based'', but in the game(it's a demo so it's a locked option) it said ''Lead your team to victory''. What could that mean? You can start your own gang like in the crew? I can't wait and it comes out on the PS4 in early 2016. And one of the reasons I will buy one. Here is the Kickstarter Trailer. and here is the link to the Pre-Alpha Demo. It's great, but it needs some refinement, specifically the car returning to it's normal position after drifting, it doesn't look too fluid, and needs to be a bit more Fluid, but good job anyways. here is the link to the original Kickstarter(It's too late to add money now). I hope you will enjoy this game as much as I do.
  16. This years running of the annual Dakar Rally in South America began on January 4th and ended on January 17th. The competitors in the motorbike, quad, car, and truck classes made their way from Buenos Aires in Argentina, heading into the dunes of Chile, going through Bolivia before heading back into Chile and Argentina where the rally ended back at Buenos Aires. Overall the competitors who actually finished the rally covered over 9,000km (5,600 miles). While the Dakar Rally and the related sport of rally raid is still a competition, it is also an adventure as the competitors have to rely on their resources while going fast in some of the roughest and most remote terrain in the world. The riders and drivers traversed over mud, gravel, rocks, deserts, and even a salt flat in what was one of the hardest Dakar Rally's on record. What Is the Dakar Rally? The Dakar Rally is part of a group of sport called a rally raid; specifically a cross country rally. While the term rally might indicate it's similarities to the rallies that make up the World Rally Championship, and it is true they do share some similarities, rally raids also have plenty of similarities to various off road and desert racing events like the famed Baja 1000. In any case results are determined by time; as opposed to physical finishing positions like in NASCAR or Formula 1. Over the course of a rally raid event, competitors compete for individual stage wins, and their times from each stage are added together to form the overall results. The types of vehicles allowed to participate are quite open compared to other motorsports. Bikes, Quads/ATVs, Cars (including prototypes, production-based vehicles, buggies, cars, pickups, etc.), and big trucks that are related to semi trucks all participate in various cross country events; though some rules may vary from event to event. For example, while the general rules are similar, some slight difference may exist between the Dakar Rally and various FIA and FIM-sanctioned events; such as the shorter cross country bajas. In short, the Dakar Rally is the biggest rally raid of them all; essentially the Super Bowl or World Cup of the sport. It gets the most drivers/riders, the most media attention, the most sponsorship, and the most hype. Those who know their geography might note a discrepancy. While the event is called the Dakar Rally, it doesn't actually have much to do with the city of Dakar; located in Senegal, Africa. Before it was moved to South America in 2009, the traditional home of the rally was actually in Africa. It would normally start in Europe (Paris, Lisbon, etc.) and on most occasions end in the city of Dakar. Thank to terrorist threats in 2008, the rally was cancelled and subsequently moved. Of course not everyone agreed with this, and as such a separate rally called the Africa Eco Race now currently races where the Dakar once did. The 2015 Edition Motorbikes The motorbike category was headed by the always strong KTM squad; with defending winner Spaniard Marc Coma largely expected to with the event. Their direct rivals were the factory Honda squad, with fellow Spaniard Joan Barreda Bort and Portugese Paolo Goncalves among the favorites there. Factory teams from Yamaha and Sherco were also present, though in the end the fight was KTM vs. Honda. Of course, let's not forget that around 161 bikes started the event, so there was more out there than the fight for the win. For most, just making it to the end is victory in itself. As the rally went on, Barreda lead for most of the first week heading into towards the rest day. Honda riders were showing plenty of speed and had won most of the weeks stages, but it in the end it wasn't meant to be. The eventual winner, Marc Coma, outlasted everyone to claim his fifth Dakar triumph. Barreda, while fast, fell victim to the salt flats in Bolivia. While a large part of the bike and quad field was affected, Barreda lost too much time and couldn't recover. Eventual runner-up Goncalves tried his best to claw back time, but a 15-minute time penalty ended his challenge. KTM rider and Dakar rookie Toby Price from Australia managed an impressive third place finish. Of special note, Spanish female rider Laia Sanz of the factory KTM squad finished 9th in the overall bike standing; the highest finish ever for a woman in the Dakar bike category. Sadly, one rider, Michael Hernick of Poland, died in the early stages of the rally after an apparent crash. This is just a reminder of how dangerous this event truly his. Competitors, especially the riders, can sometimes suffer the ultimate consequence as the chase their dreams. Of the 161 bikes, only 79 made it to the finish. Quads While no true factory team exists in the quad category, the Yamaha riders make up the bulk. Eventual winner Rafael Sonik of Poland had a fight on his hands in the early stages with challenges from Chilean Ignacio Casale and Sergio Lafuente of Uruguay. However, mechanical problems sidelined Casale in the later stages while a crash damaged Lafuente's machine. As a result, Sonik outlasted his opponents to claim his first victory. Of the 45 quads at the start, only 18 made it to the finish. Cars The story of the car category was whether or not anyone could knock off the German X-Raid Team and their bulletproof Mini vehicles. The team, twice with 11-time winner Stephane Peterhansel of France and last year with Spaniard Nani Roma, had claimed the overall victory in the car category with their diesel-powered 4x4 machine the last three years, though ether was some hope for the competitors. After Peterhansel's departure, Roma nows leads the team along with quick Argentine Orlando Terranova and Krzysztof Holowcyzc of Poland. Qatari and Olympic Bronze Medalist Nasser Al-Attiyah, a former winner in 2011, would also participate in a Mini while X-Raid would also test out a buggy vehicle with Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit. Supported by the Belgian Overdrive team, a number of gas-powered Toyota Hilux pickups, lead by South African Giniel de Villiers, would prove a decent challenge. Among their ranks also included Saudi driver and Dakar rookie Yazeed AlRajhi and Dutchman Bernard ten Brinke. Making a return to the Dakar was the factory squad from French manufacturer Peugeot. Their three two-wheel drive buggy-based vehicles would be riven by Peterhansel, WRC-veteran Carlos Sainz from Spain, and Frenchman Cyril Despres who was making his transition from bikes to cars. Other notable entries included the SMG-buggy team, as well as the lone American entry from Baja and NASCAR star Robby Gordon in his custom-made Gordini buggy. In a show of flat-out dominance Nasser Al-Attiyah would take the overall victory as once again the X-Raid Minis showed themselves to be the car of choice for the Dakar; taking four of the top-five places in the overall standings. Only de Villier's Toyota in 2nd kept the German team from taking a top-three sweep of the podium for a second year running. Likewise, the only non-Minis to win stages this year was Yazeed in the Toyota, and Robby Gordon's Gordini. While showing some promise, the factory Peugeot's had a variety of mechanical issues that kept them down the order. Sainz trashed out, while both Peterhansel and Depres made it to the finish. Likewise the Gordini of Robby Gordon suffered mechanical issues in the early going; but finished the rally in 19th overall. As for other notable results, Ronan Chabot of France in the SMG buggy won the two-wheel drive class with Gordon winning the Open Category (cars conforming to SCORE regulations). The T2 sub-class was won by Jun Mitsuhashi of Japan in his production-based Toyota Land Cruiser while T3 went to William Alcarez of France in his Polaris RXR XP. Of the 137 cars that started, only 67 finished. Trucks Lastly, it is the big boys. Russian manufacturer Kamaz was back with four trucks piloted by defending winner Andrey Karginov, 2013 winner Eduard Nicolaev, Airat Mardeev, and Dimitry Sotnikov. The Dutch De Rooy team with their green Iveco trucks with Gerard De Rooy, Hans Stacey, and Spaniard Pep Vila Roca would try to get back to winning ways with Czech driver Ales Loprais in his MAN truck would also go for glory. In the end it was Kamaz finishing 1-2-3-5 with Mardeev the eventual winner. Loprais would finish fourth with the De Rooy suffering a disappointing rally. Out of 63 trucks, only 43 finished. Final Thoughts Overall the 2015 edition of the Dakar Rally was one for the ages. While Nasser dominated in the cars; it was a dog-fight elsewhere in the standings. Likewise, KTM solidified their dominance in the bikes, but Honda will be back next year. In any case, it was once again a thrilling events, and the vistas themselves once again never failed to disappoint. I can't wait to see what Peugeot does when the come back for 2016. You can bet they will not rest on their laurels. Likewise, it will be interesting to see what Robby Gordon can do; being an independent team with a smaller budget. As it stands, rally raid is my favorite sport, and I will try my best to follow the other events that will follow in the year. With the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship, there will be plenty of events to follow. If only we had coverage of these in the States. In any case, thank you for reading, and I leave you with an excellent video serving as highlights of the rally.
  17. I don't know why I didn't post this a long time ago. I've had this for like 5 months, lol. Before my birthday I had decided to put a custom plate on my new car since it just had a plain random one the dealer got the year before. It actually was pretty hard to come up with something that wasn't already taken. It had the right # of letters and I like Discord on the show, and the definition of discord will fit the car when it's done. I'm adding exhaust cutouts (valves that cause the exhaust to be loud at the push of a button by bypassing the mufflers) and a train horn that can be used instead of the normal horn should the need arise. There's been several times I've wanted to use a louder than normal horn at some moron driver- one who turned out in font of me who I nearly crashed into in particular. What do you guys think? Do any of you have an MLP related plate, or have you seen any on the road? What did you do if you did?
  18. Alright, so this has been in my head for quite a while. So evision this. You're driving down the road and you come across a stoplight. While stopped, you hear a loud noise from somewhere. Thinking it's a sweet car, you look to your right. You then see a honda civic with a cheap spoiler, cheap body kit and a big muffler. You've just encountered, what is called a ricer. Ricers can come in all types of cars, but they are usually japanese cars like civics, preludes, eclipses, 350Zs and other cars. Sadly, some can even be American muscle cars. Ricers think that adding all of that stuff to their car boosts power, but it doesn't. In reality, all it does is add unnecessary and make the cars look rather ugly, especially when there's nothing but a giant spoiler and fart can (a term for a large exhaust hole that sort makes the car's exhaust sound like farting). Here's an example of a typical ricer. Ugly isn't it. And the sad part about it is, the engine is left untouched. The car is just stock, but it is apparent that it has extra power. To make matters worse, these "ricers" or "rice burners", talk about their "machines" as if they were modded with true legit performance modifications. Check out this guy talking some serious crap about his honda "pushing 38 pounds" All I've gotta say about this guy is: To make things even worse, over in Japan, there are Ricer Clubs! When I first saw this, I just had to nod my head and say: In conclusion...don't be a ricer. If you want to have a fast car, get one. If you want to modify your car yourself, work hard, get the money and get to the proper place to get the proper parts. Remember, even if it takes long, it's worth it. This thread isn't meaning to hate on ricers. It's more opinions.
  19. I am a fan of muscle/imports but since this is gonna be my first car a 67 stang is out of the question insurance wise so what about something like this: Right now I have the ability to pick uo a 97' civic real cheap and was thinking of something like that or lime green with black rims. Anyother suggestion (rice burner of other) appreciated
  20. I was looking up Octavia and figured out that Octavia was also a popular titled car. So that being the case, sit back and relax as you cruise to the melodies of a 2013 Octavia with comfortable seating and a soothing radio with bluetooth!!!
  21. NEW CAR: it took a while but Equestria Racing Added the #47 Sweet Apple Acres Toyota Camry. i am really proud of how it turned out. RACE RESULTS. Course: Darlington Laps: 37 Winner: #47 Sweet Apple Acres Toyota Camry/ Equestria Racing. Next car to be made Either Sugarcube corner or the Weather factory. Next Race: Dover We here at Equestria Racing would like to thank everypony who supports us. Want to join Equestria Racing? tell me and i will (try) to make you a car! GOOD NIGHT
  22. So I had an idea. What would be cooler than a Rainbow Dash themed 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible? NOTHING! Normally i wouldn't think about butchering a sexy car like that with anything other than performance parts but I was Listening to brony rap. I thought to myself, "hey! I need a convertible with daytons and hydraulics." It dawned on me, get an Impala paint it metallic blue with either Rainbow dash everywhere or a rainbow stripe down the middle. Paint the daytons blue, and get a custom made Rainbow Dash hood ornament. The interior would either be red or white, whichever matches the exterior paint scheme. I know im going against myself when i do all this cause something like this kills the car and makes you look stupid. Then i thought,'A pony themed low rider isnt stupid. Its brilliant.' All i need to do is procure an Impala SS.
  23. So today was a meet up with my friends. We call ourselves the Wolf pack. I know its cliched but hey, what are you going to do. So i like to dress unique. I had on cowboy boots, black jeans,a MLP shirt, an overcoat that was littered with studs, and a beanie that doubles as a ski mask. The ski mask had the Jason Vorhees hockey mask graphic on it. It was cold so i wore the ski mask. I approached a small family owned store to meet p with my friends. The 2 workers got so scared when i walked up. They were literally screaming,"OMFG!" short story i scared the crap out of them. fast forward to riding in the car with my friends. I decided to roll down the window and yell out random things. some of them included "Hi!" and waving at the person. making random noises at the top of my lungs. I then waved to passing cars on the freeway from my friends car. I almost made people lose control. All i could do was go Trolololol. The best part of the whole thing was peoples reaction to my hollering out the window.
  24. In the spirit of combining two of my burning passions, My Little Pony and NASCAR, which have very little connection unforutnately, I've decided to make custom cars in a NASCAR game that are based off the ponies' color schemes. When making these, I used accurate vectored color guides to assist me, and I thought of all the possible elements that could be put in perspective when choosing the colors, such as coat color, mane colors, eye colors, cutie mark colors, etc. to convey the most variety. I hope you all like them. Pictures were taken with an iPad (second generation) camera, so the quality and colors are kind of off. Rainbow Dash- Twilight Sparkle- Applejack- Pinkie Pie- Fluttershy- Rarity- Did you like them? Which one's your favorite? You can find the rest here. EDIT:I branched from doing just the mane 6 too other characters in the show, you can find them in my latest post and in the link above.