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Found 15 results

  1. So, hello everyone. It's been a long time since I posted something on here, and this is being posted for one of two things. One, I want to introduce people to Furious Factions - The Multiverse Battle Card Game, a game I've spent about three years developing, and am still nowhere near completion. So, without further ado, let's get started with the factions! United Terran Expeditionary Force (UTEF) The UTEF are a faction from an alternate Earth, where alien invasion upon alien invasion has turned our world into a partial wasteland, with the world banding together as the Union of Terra. Technology is focused mostly on war, with very few new advances in civilian technology due to the massive needs of the current war. Examples of UNITS: Now, the second reason I am posting this. I require assistance. I was of the school of thought that I could do the entire game by myself, all the art and setup, but it's starting to become obvious to me that my previous reasoning was in error, and now I am looking to build a team. To answer the obvious questions: Yes, I am a traditional artist. All the card art, minus the symbol for the UTEF (Which serves as the card back) is hand-drawn and coloured. I've been doing this iteration of my card game for about a year now. Also, the [.spoiler] tabs are... acting a little weird at the moment.
  2. So I thought for the season to make some MLP themed Holiday cards that you are all free to use to send Holiday greetings and wishes to family and friends! My Goal is to least give you folks five to use in this being one of five! Happy Holidays All!
  3. Merry Krampus my fellow bronies. I present my yearly holiday card for you, I hope you enjoy it. For those uninitiated to Krampus:
  4. Title asks it all. Can this be done? I have tried using my debit card as well as my Paypal, but neither will work.
  5. Hello everypony, I made this for everyone to use for your personal OC, you can used this as a reference card (duh xD) when you request Art from you're favorite artist, that way you don't have to describe it to them everytime. Base Card: Example Card Filled: Hoped you like it and and ill post some new ones from time to time enjoy.
  6. So idk where to put this but i think this is the most appropriate xD Anywho. While i never played rpg here on the forums i have play video games/table rpg games so i made this to help those who are trying to learn RPG stuff or to give them ideas on were to start xD Here's both a blank and example using my oc. Blank Info Card: Card Filled (Example): PS. if you have any ideas on how to improve this let me know ^^
  7. I want some animal/monster art to add to some cards I'm gonna make. The cards are going to have random attack and defense attributes just like Yu Gi Oh!. Also if you have any art for action cards I can use it as well. I am not going to pay anyone so I am just asking for art that you may want to do something with or just make me some for the fun of it. I'm going to make it have a computer game that as you progress you gain cards to print out. If you have any art that you would like to contribute please send it to Thanks in advance to anyone who wants help me with this project and please send some game suggestions to my email or below as well.
  8. That's right; it's Daylight Savings Time Everybody and Every-Pony. As we're enjoying this beautiful morning, remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour. Spring Forward Every-Pony:
  9. I have not seen a Yu-Gi-Oh! post yet, and I am in dire need of one.. not really. I'm sure there are some Yu-Gi-Oh! fans throughout this forum, so this topic of for y'all. This will basically be the place to talk about the game and trade some cards.
  10. You may have noticed that I changed my profile name, avatar, and signature a few weeks ago. It was because I was writing a Yugioh abridged crossover, and I just finished it today! If you ask me I'd say that it's so amazing that I want to cover it in butter and suck on it a little bit... I mean exceptionally entertaining. If you like ponies and YGOTAS, I think you should check it out!
  11. I'm looking for the Derpy promo that was given out at NYC comic con. I don't want to buy it on Ebay because people are charging unfair prices for it (like 100 dollars....). I was hoping to pay 3 or 4 dollars for it. Does anyone have one they could sell me?
  12. I designed a Valentine's Day card using one of my poems, thought it needed something, so I added ponies. Tell me what you think.
  13. Who likes card games? I do, list here which card games you play, and talk about card gaming in general. Anything from Yu-Gi-Oh to Magic the gathering to Vanguard. Event hings regarding general playing cards, like poker, post funny game plays here or awesome ones. I myself play Compedative Magic the gathering Vanguard Pokemon TCG Poker Casually/know how to play World of warcraft TCG Yu-Gi-Oh Ascension: Chronicle of the godslayer Dominion
  14. Guest

    New stuff

    I need help with my computer, my grafic card has crashed and i dint know what to buy. Is someone god at computers here?