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Found 9 results

  1. Skincare is as important as any other my friends. Your skin is an organ and its important you keep it looking and feeling healthy. Not only will you feel amazing, you'll look amazing my dudes and dudettes. Your skin needs to stay hydrated and it needs to be cleaned every so often of any impurities that you collect over the course of day. The OPs is as follows, I try to drink around two liters of water every day that's a half a gallon for you ameribros. Not only will this keep you hydrated it has many health benefits as well. Then there is my choice of cleanser, usually I do wash my face with simply water but if I care to take any oils and fats I use a makeup remover yes that's right bros your emo days have come in handy after all I use a "garnier" skinactive, micelar cleansing water then after I've cleansed its time to pick a moisturizer any will do. It is a good thing if it is spf 20, I mostly use a "the body shop" coco calming face mist spray. Yet that is someone who generally does so regularly, if I haven't I may use some "clean and clear" blackhead clearing daily scrub or any other sometimes a mask mostly though I've been using a pure clay purifying cleanser by L'oréal. I do sometimes apply a face mask though not as often actually, then there is also giving yourself a massage to stimulate the blood flow in your skin. What about you dudes and dudettes, what's your skincare routine?
  2. If you are a child which pony would you want to baby sit you they can be human like if you feel uncomfortable with being looked after by a pony For Adults who would you want to look after your kids . Pick 1 main character and 1 non main character
  3. Hi all! I bought a pillow ball from a vendor at Bronycon but I have no idea how to take care of it! I don't remember the name of the vendor either, but they show up in my credit card history as apricityhat, which when I look up( surprise, surprise) only sells hats. Anypony else buy a pillow ball and know how to care for it?
  4. Explain why you think that if your one of the bronies that think Christians hate mlp. I am a christian and I don't hate mlp! My mom doesn't even care if I am a fan of the show. To be honest most of the Christians I know don't even care about the fandom at all. So tell me why you think that.
  5. kids don't care what u know until they know you care. what dose it mean to care? class assignment question. answer. "to care is to have concern or worry for another person. they want to help or get involved with a person that they feel matters to them" is this correct?
  6. Even though i am still very new to this forum, some of you may have already noticed that I am (or try to be) a very snuggly, caring and bubbly person. In other words, I am always willing to offer words of advice or my help to anyone who asks it, i try to keep a positive attitude and I love snuggles. So.. i may end up randomly snuggling someone. The reason for this is, it makes me happy helping others, snuggling and being positive is what makes me happy, and I find it also has a positive effect on others, most of the time. Now, from time to time, I may also need a snuggle as I do suffer from depression and anxiety, and while I do take anti-depressants for it, they do not always help. But anyway, yes, I am a very snuggly and caring person.
  7. Hello! Meet, the Dentist. Now, i'm pretty sure most of us have visited the Dentist at least once in our lifetime. We all know the experience of having to nervously wait for your turn to sit in the chair, and I don't believe there is anyone, who wasn't scared just a little bit of this man with his scary tools. Some people are just CrAzY about their dental health, and some just don't care about it at all. Some people brush their teeth 2 - 3 - 4 times a day, and others will be surprised if they end up brushing their teeth at least once or twice a week. This just shows, that this is a very wide topic to discuss about, and that there are many different opinions to be heard. I believe it would be a great idea to discuss them here! My last few visits inspired me to create this thread, because i was interested in what kind of experiences, the members of this forum, have had with dentists. I've searched the general discussion forum page and i didn't find a thread that covered this topic, so i thought i'd make my own . So... Are you scared of going to the Dentist? Is dental health important to you? What kind of procedures have you underwent? Anything related to teeth fits this thread. So, let's begin! I'm eagar to read about your opinions and experiences!
  8. I was an orphan pony, for as long as can remember, I took care of myself, and grew up on the streets. That is until the day that Queen Chrysalis found me. She took me under her wing, she raised me as if I were her own. I was not a changeling by any means, but that did not keep her from loving me as her own little Philly. I thought that what she was teaching me was right, something everypony did, I couldn't have been more wrong. I thought that I was being a good pony, doing all the things that, whom I had then called, Mother, had taught me. Up until the day of the Royal Wedding, I figured myself a good little Philly, normal and, well, not very happy, for I was far too different from all of the other changelings, they made fun of me. But it was the day of the royal wedding that changed my life. Mother had been revealed, the magic spell was down and the rest of us were to go and consume all of the love and happiness in Canterlot, but, I could not bring myself to do it. So I hid. I hid in the first place I could find, which wound up being in the front hall of the Canterlot Castle under some stairs. I thought that I was safe, until a pony by the name of Luna found me. She asked me what I was doing, so I told her everything. How I was raised, what was going on today and how I knew that it was wrong, but that is what Mother had taught me to be. She smiled down at me, "My darling little Philly," she said, her voice regal and strong, "you have done no wrong. You were merely a victim circumstance. Chrysalis is an evil mare. She and all the changelings are an evil race, they feed on the love, happiness and innocence of ponies like yourself. Darling, come with me, you are no longer under the wicked spell of the changeling queen. You will spend the rest of your days here, in Canterlot; learning new things each day and starting your way down the path of light, happiness and love, just as the rest of all my subjects." And that is how it was. Soon after that, I started writhing about my experiences with the changelings and showed them to the princesses, who both thought they were lovely, and had them published. I have had my cutie mark since that day, and I have lived in harmony with the other ponies for years now. And it is all thanks to Princess Luna and her sister, Princess Celestia.
  9. So i just wanted to express that i got really worried about the new Care Bears show, i mean its just a : "hey if we make new little girls show, it will happen the same as mlp! more grown men fandom!" I think it should be shame on the hub , but well what can i do, the worriedness came when i thougt to myself: "what if i like it, i coulnt take it, be part of two little girls fandoms, being a men, mlp is awesome, but two are too much" I just wanted to know what do you think about the coming show, and one more thing, after seeing the first screenshot i got a lot less worried