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Found 71 results

  1. If you can get one, which brand would you prefer?
  2. RB30DETT

    cars What's your dream car?

    Mine is the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 and the legendary Audi Quattro S1 E2 :v
  3. Colorful Respawn

    Do you like driving?

    Just as the title says, "Do you like driving?" I absolutely love driving! I'll drive every chance I get now that I got my permit. Are you comfortable driving? I am very comfortable when I drive, it's like a second nature to me.
  4. How many cars have you and your family owned over the years? As far as I can remember we've had a total of 8. A van (stolen) A second car that I can't remember. I know it existed cause we had to get places. A '94 Blazer (donated to fire department) A '01 Kia Rio (scrapped) A '07 mini-van (scrapped) A '01 Chevy Silverado (scrapped) A '15 mini-SUV A '02 Ford Mustang Now it's your turn.
  5. I'm getting the feeling that today's cars are like, not the same as they were in years past. For example, a 2018 Toyota Camry is like a 2001 Toyota Avalon, a 2018 Nissan Sentra is like a 1999 Nissan Altima, and a 2018 Honda CR-V is as big as a Honda Passport.
  6. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    General Car Critique Video Thread

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd create a quick thread here. How this goes is: One person posts a video of a car (can be stock or modified but preferably the latter), and the next person critiques and analyzes the car, before posting another. And on and on. Also, there can be more than one car in the video, but don't do a video with like 1000 cars for the viewer to individually observe and critique Let's roll! Starting with an icon...
  7. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    General Car Fan Club

    Hello everybody! This is a fan club for all brony car lovers. Stuff to post: Cars you like Things that you wish could change with cars Car problems Car jokes Current car Dream Car First car Etc. Rules: No spam. No degrading or racist comments (e.g. Japanese cars are gay, Mustang drivers are *****, V8s are the only practical engines, etc.) Memes are allowed though. No NSFW content (e.g. woman's boobs atop Dodge Viper hood) Keep to the topic of cars (i.e. don't talk about cheese or what music you listened to last night) No hating on another fan club. All rules of the site apply here. Share and discuss! Let's make this big!!
  8. Red car is what I used to drive and I ponyfied it well I think, The beetle is the current pony rolling pony project.
  9. The year is 1983. Chrysler has just introduced America to the minivan, and it's a smash hit. Toyota, somewhat misreading the American market, introduces the LiteAce, which had been popular in Japan. Though surprisingly comparable to Chrysler's minivans in terms of performance and quite a bit cheaper, the Toyota LiteAce (sold simply as the Toyota Van in North America) was also noticeably smaller. Being an import didn't do much to help it, either. Most people understandably spend the extra money on the Chryslers for extra cargo space and parts that would be readily available. Two years later, Ford introduces the Aerostar minivan to compete with Chrysler's mighty Caravan, Town & Country, and Voyager. Toyota continues to sell the unpopular Van, and sales drop even further. The year is now 1990. Toyota finally kills the Van, and replaces it with something magnificent: the model year 1991 Previa, also known as the Toyota Estima in Japan and the Toyota Tarrago in Australia. Personally I love the styling, but I know that may not be your thing. It's definitely 90s, with some "spaceship" and "jellybean" thrown in. Bear with me here though, because that's not the best part about this van. For whatever reason, I'm not even sure Toyota themselves know why, the Previa is mid-engined. Well, front-mid engine. Not the standard style of mid-engine, but the entire drivetrain rests between the axles so it still counts. The Previa's inline four engine is mounted at a 75 degree angle, nearly sideways, underneath the front row of seats with the transmission trailing behind. This layout, similar to that of the Mazda RX-7, results in a vehicle with a perfect 50-50 weight distribution. Additionally, it gives the Previa the lowest center of gravity of any minivan ever. Completely unnecessary for a vehicle that will never see a racetrack, but totally awesome. The original 135 hp engine setup proved inadequate, so in 1994 the option of a supercharger was added, boosting power to 158 hp. This was comparable to Dodge's V6, though the Previa was heavier than the Caravan. Unfortunately, the addition of the supercharger removed the option of a 5-speed manual transmission. Can't have all the fun, I guess. The supercharger became standard equipment for 1996 and 1997. Rear-wheel drive was standard, while "All-Trac" all-wheel drive was an option. I don't know if it's just me, but the idea of a mid-engined, supercharged minivan is just so absurd that it's amazing. I have seriously been considering one of these for my next vehicle. Anyway, it'll probably be another 3 years before I post in this blog again. Keep it real.
  10. I just bought Forza Horizon a couple of days ago when the huge Xbox Live sale was going on, and I discovered that there are a TON of vehicles with pony designs flooding the "most downloaded" section of the custom vehicle design editor. Take a look at these: These aren't all of the most popular cars (I'm missing the Cadence car, the Lyra car, and a few others), but I just thought it was amazing that the pony designs were rising to the top in a game like Forza. I didn't think that many bronies played it, so this came as quite a pleasant surprise to me!
  11. Yesterday, my father and I went to see the Western Illinois Threshers Inc. 50th Annual Show in Hamilton, IL. There were many old tractors, a couple oil pull threshers, some garden tractors, some automobiles, and a few Mack trucks. This website describes it more in depth: is an Oil Pull thresher/tractor (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill that is outside of the picture). CORRECTION: This is an Advance Rumely steam tractor/thresher (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill).* I had been looking at the actual Oil Pulls in the rest of my photos and accidentally typed the incorrect information for this particular tractor in this photo. Anyway, I may as well also add that "thresher" is a name given to tractors that can be used to "thresh" wheat from the hay - "thresh: to separate the grain or seeds from (a cereal plant or the like) by some mechanical means, as by beating with a flail or by the action of a threshing machine." If you want to look at a plethora of pictures of old tractors, download this .zip file I uploaded here: Backup link on Dropbox just in case: at Hamilton IL
  12. Yesterday, my father and I went to see the Western Illinois Threshers Inc. 50th Annual Show in Hamilton, IL. There were many old tractors, a couple oil pull threshers, some garden tractors, some automobiles, and a few Mack trucks. This website describes it more in depth: Here is an oil pull thresher/tractor (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill that is outside of the picture). If you want to look at a plethora of pictures of old tractors, download this .zip file I uploaded here: Threshers at Hamilton IL Backup link on Dropbox just in case: at Hamilton IL
  13. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Cars... in Equestria?

    I found this toy on Amazon which is supposed to be Pinkie's car. So it got me thinking... are there cars in Equestria? Because... there is no infrastructure, to my knowledge, to support automobiles. Then again, if you subscribe to Pencils's Genius Pinkie theory, it's possible that it's a one-off car that Pinkie built for herself and not a mass-produced model. Video: http-~~-// How long has this toy been around? I know that Hasbro has put toys like Twilight's balloon and the season 2 train into the show before, so do you think we'll ever see this car?
  14. I'm a Mopar girl 100% Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and Jeep are my one and only car brands, with Dodge being #1 on my list. Any other Mopar fans on here?
  15. Deano

    Favo(u)rite car(s)?

    Howdy everypony! Do you have a favo(u)rite car? If so, post it below! Whether it is a realistic car you might actually end up owning, or something you dream of one day driving, I'd love to hear about it. Mine is the Mazda MX5. I don't care which type. All are (in my opinion) simply divine.
  16. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Shabb3r's Visual Thread

    Hi everyone and welcome to the official thread for my art. I make visual effects, photomanipulation (e.g. PIRLs), and wallpapers in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Comments and constructive criticism are the driving horses behind my passion, so give me as much feedback as you wish - once it's positive, of course! New artwork from my DA [link] will be posted here. Hope you enjoy. Here's my most recent one:
  17. Title is self-explanatory. What cars would the Mane 6 represent and why? Road cars Fluttershy Nissan 350z - Roadster: Giving off the modesty vibe, the 350z roadster provides the driver the comfort of a modern roadster that has ample speed to it, much like Fluttershy's own personality. She is usually reserved, but will lash out, albeit very assertively, if necessary. Applejack Ford Mustang 2013: Demonstrating a strong showing of speed and strength, the Mustang stays true to its own origins, giving off the classic American feel, while progressing further in technology. Applejack is a walking example of such a feat. Pinkie Pie Opel Speedster: A very small and compact sports car that looks very fun to drive. This reminds me of Pinkie's personality. She is very "fun" as it were, and she is pretty down to earth and not too complex. Twilight Sparkle Spyker C8 Laviolette: When I look at the C8, I think of all the amazing potential it has to be a top performer on the road. With its sexy-sleek exterior, the Laviolette manages to give off the vibe that it is both good-looking and its "personality" has the potential to reach the stars, much like Celestia's beloved pupil herself. Rarity Mercedes-Benz CLK 500: Here's a luxury sports car driven by the wealthy. Much like Rarity, it impresses onlookers right away and even looks classy - essentially combining the comfort of a luxury with the power of a sports car. Like Rarity, it looks deceptively weak on the outside when in fact it can rip off amazing speeds. Rainbow Dash Mazda 787B: Because let's face it, there's no mare more worthy enough to line herself up with none other than the 787B - winner of the Group C winner in 1993 at Le Mans. Fierce, sexy, and incredibly fast, it essentially epitomizes Rainbow Dash's record-breaking speed and flight.
  18. As many of you know I love cars and the incredible engines that power them. Engines are among some of the most complicated and extraordinary things invented and forged by humanity. So I wondered, how would Twilight Sparkle and her friends react if they found an engine (complete with electric wiring, ecu, and transmission) in the EverFree Forest? Share your thoughts! For the sake of ease, I'm making the engine a B18C.
  19. Im sure most of us have gamed, and have seen an awesome vehicle in the game that you thought to yourself, "If only I had that car for real!" Well, that Car for me comes from the game: Wolfenstein: The New Order, the car being Fredrich Keller's staff car. Sure, its owned by a Nazi, but the car is still awesome! plus, it gets used by the good guy in the game as well! So, what car have you seen in a video game that you would love to have?
  20. FalloutFloyd

    Gaming Car games!

    i dont know how but, i started playing a whole buch of car games. mainly on console. the game that i really liked are Driver San Fransico (it gets kinda old after you finish the story), Little Racers STREET (needs a good pc tho ) and Test Drive Unlimited 2 (can be hard but driving around is fun!) thats my personal top 3 list of car games. what are your top 3 / favourite car games?
  21. Doctor XFizzle

    Post your car and/or dream car

    I don't have any pictures of my car right now ('10 Chevy Malibu) but this is my dream car. Cadillac Converj. I think it's coming out in 2012. Let's see some brony vehicles up in here.
  22. Luminance

    General Your Favorite Car(s)

    Hello! Just hangin' around and suddenly something came to my mind.We need a CAR thread!!! As you may know I'm very fond of Mazda miatas! (look at my avatar!) so here's one down. Anypony, just pick your favs! either one car or many and It doesn't matter if you can't drive or play racing games, everypony loves cars right! Peace!
  23. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Performance Cars

    hi everypony any brony out there with a performance car? would love to see it
  24. After @@Sporemane, suggested my old version of my OC Mercedes should be her evil twin in this thread , so I was excited to draw...her lil sis! (the twin idea got scrapped because I have a lil sis, so why not?). Her Blue-Red mane is a reference to red and blue roses (not Photo Finish maiden). And she has heterochromatic eyes, a reference to an anime (if you know which, you get a cookie! :3) I tried to make her look like she's walking but, meh. Audi VaiRose Her Big Sis, Mercedes
  25. Yoouyu

    Which car is the best?

    Flash Sentry had a car Winyl scratch had a car there is this bus Mane6 limousine three cars red and green car orange car Flash Sentrys car without the stickers blue car The bus Black bus