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Found 49 results

  1. I was intrested to know what others favorite cartoons from their childhood? Here are my top 5 1. DBZ Toonami Ftw 2. Ed, Edd, & Eddy- "Butter Toast.." 3. Animaniacs 4. Courage the Cowardly Dog 5. Beavis & Butthead
  2. HI-eeeeeeeee! My name is Princess Unikitty & I would like to welcome you all to the Unikingdom! This is something that I've wanted to try for a *really* long time & now I'm finally ready to give it a go! Now, on with the questions! Rules: Please keep your questions clean/No cussing. No shipping questions. No repetitive questions please. No one word responses to my answers please. Please don't try to make me write what you want me to write. If you don't have a question to ask please don't bother posting.
  3. Come October 1st, Cartoon network will be celebrating it's silver anniversary. A quarter century of life. At some point in time, this channel was a part of all of our childhoods, from Looney Tunes to Steven Universe. Over the past few years however, the Network has taken a critical decline, essentially becoming a 5 show network. The Boomerang sister network appears to be an afterthought. And from what I gather, there doesn't seem to be any moves to celebrate the networks storied lineage. No attempts to show re-runs of classics or old favorites. No attempts to fill it's air time with any variety other than Titans Go, Ben 10 and the PPG reboot. Not a single announcement or any trace of hype less than 2 months away. Unless it's being kept a big surprise, not even any classic graphics or bumpers to mark the occasion like they did for the 20th anniversary. I get that we're no longer the target demographic, those that watched during the 90's, 00's and recent decade. That even kids in their teens are outside the market range. That it's all part of a move to aid the transition to the streaming and on demand services. That this minimalist format targeting kids 12 and under is profitable, or it wouldn't still be in effect. But to mach on like past successes and a storied lineage never happened? To not try and honor a legacy? To not even make a quick buck off the nostalgia factor for such a milestone? To treat it as just another day at the office? It's truly baffling. What do you all think?
  4. Anyone remember Ed, Edd N' Eddy? I love it and grew up watching it and still continue to watch it today, it's one of the many classic Cartoon Network shows that aired along with Johnny Bravo, Courage, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and others. Feel free to voice your opinions on the show here!!!
  5. Do you think that boomerang sucks now. I think so because all theyve been showing for months is chowder and the Garfield show(God I hate that show) and they had a recent rebrand that is too similar to Cartoon Networks check it look. Also, WHERE ARE ALL THE CLASSIC HANNA BARBERA CARTOONS!!!!!!!!! Tell me what you think.
  6. For any 20 year olds out there. You might remember a anime series that was on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s called Zoids. I have recently been rediscovering my interest in Zoids. So, I though I would start a thread for anyone that still might have a interest in the series. If you have never heard of Zoids, here's a history lesson. Zoids is a Japanese mecha model kit series that began in the 80s. The series depicts mechanical life forums know as Zoids, that live on the planet Zi.
  7. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on eqtv, including our iconic friday movienight, where we watch movies voted by you guys. Unscripted saturday events, where we often do random livestreams, these can range from gaming events to comic readings. Our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest mlp episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Starts about 3 hours from this post Huzah! A break from all the star wars, this week we get to compensate with our lack of pony cartoons with some cartoon cartoons All in the CMC_Clubhouse PowerPuff Grils: The Movie 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show 7:30 PM EST 0:30 AM CET Billy and Mandy's Big Boogy Adventure 9:00 PM EST 3:00 AM CET User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ (Non-user events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  8. Just thought to share as in given, many of us still love and remember the epic USA cartoon known as Samurai Jack! Now after running 52 lovely episodes and than just yanked and many of us watchers just feeling empty to what would happen to Jack and leaving the whole show just so open! Well good news: Jack is back: A good ref is also this:
  9. As you know, I'm a huge fan of PPg and Transformers. So much so that I want to create my own versions of it. Not fan fiction or fan animation. I want to do the Lauren Faust way and make a different version based on each franchise I love. Don't get me wrong, I have tons of original ideas of my own. But in order for me to get a job in the animation industry, I want to put all my passion in all my works. I want to create Sugar, Spice, Nice. A continuation of the original PPG but of course this isn't form a fan animation. I wish for it to be on Cartoon Netowrk some day. Maybe after the reboot coming soon has ended? In my series, the Ppg are teenagers and reunite after being apart for 5 years due to life problems and teenage issues. Now They fight crime and protect Townsville and it's supposed to be darker and more dramatic than the original and I have loads of stories processed. Same goes for Trnasformers, it's been my childhood dream to create a animated series on the Transformers franchise because I loved t shows I grew up with and I have tons of ideas to show about the universe and how I have changed the typical Trnasformers formula and introduce new characters that can change everyone's view on Trnasformers. It's where the Trnasformers need to find the Divine Spark, the power source of Cybertron and the whole universe and it turns out to be inside a teenage autistic girl named Aura and they have to find another way to restore Cubertron and stop the Decepticons from obtaining the Divine Spark, because if Aura dies, the universe will be unstable (I have got more details but we'll be here all day) here, I want to make it more accepting to all genders and age. I want to make a show both men and women can enjoy. But I don't know where to start. Should I make webcomics or should I do my original works first THEN do the others when I pitch them to Cartoon Network? Should I be ashamed that I'm using copyrighted characters and making a remake series based on both PPg and Trnasformers because I have put so much passion and creativity? Will I get blacklisted and cease and desist like JanAniamtioms?! I do have my own ideas and I put as much passion into those as I have for the remake I have planned. But I loved these shows and I want to expand and show these sources material from a new perspective. I want to show how good i can be at creating stories and ideas But I'm scared of getting copyright, I'm worried studios will go cease and desist on me and I fear that all my hard work and effort will go to waste. I don't want to be banned and sued just because I wanted to do unique twists on certain shows I love?! What should I do?!
  10. Sooooo my thought is.... Do you guys think MLP:FiM would perform better on Cartoon Network instead of Discovery Family? Any thoughts on that?
  11. Welcome back to this Cartoon Cartoon Review Marathon. The reason this one took a while is A. I have finals so those take up quite a bit of time and B. This show is honestly very hard for me to talk about. Why is that? You'll see in the review. The basic premise of this show are the madcap adventures of a weasel named Well, I.M. Weasel and a baboon named I.R. baboon. Weasel is usually the one who has all the great things in life well Baboon lives in jealousy and tries to one-up him. The show was created by David Feiss, same creator of Cow and Chicken. In fact, this show started as the middle cartoon of Cow and Chicken. It would basically air between 2 episodes of Cow and Chicken. Cartoon Network did this a lot. I forgot to explain in my Dexter's Lab review the middle cartoon for it being Dial M for Monkey and The Justice Friends. For quick reviews on those: The former is hilarious and a great spy spoof, and the latter is Teen Titans Go done right. Remember in my last review where I said that this show was better than Cow and Chicken? Well now, I don't even know where I'd place of rank this show. This show literally stumped me on what to rank it. I'd try to watch an episode and the only reaction I got was, "Okay?" And I got that same reaction from multiple episodes. This show I guess has some funny moments, but it also gets kind of grating after a while. You grow tired of the shtick this show attempts and just want to do something else after it. It's not that the show is bad, it just leaves me conflicted. There is one episode I liked though: I.R. Cliched. Basically, Weasel and Baboon have to reenact some classic cartoons and the spoof every cliche perfectly. All the jokes hit and it's actually pretty memorable. Another positive on the show is the theme song. It's short but catchy. Other than that, everything else I don't know what I'd rank. I could say I find Baboon's constant antics more annoying than funny, but I don't even know if they're annoying or funny. I could question how sometimes Baboon is friends with Weasel and other times hates him, but that would be like questioning why the Looney Tunes are in different locations in many shorts. And finally, I could question why the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken is in this show too but hey, same creator can make cameos from passed shows. Maybe it's just this style. Cow and Chicken felt like trying to cross Looney Tunes with Ren and Stimpy well this show feels like it's trying to cross Tom and Jerry with Ren and Stimpy. Maybe it's just hard for me to critique. I don't know. So I.M. Weasel: Uh, it's something alright. Final Score: IDK/10 Next MLP Review: Slice of Life Next Cartoon Network Review: The Powerpuff Girls
  12. Welp, it's time to play catch up. This month of reviews is probably gonna end up leaking into June do to being busy with school and other life stuff. And oh boy, I'm probably gonna get some hate for this. Anyways, Cow and chicken was created by David Feiss and was the 3rd cartoon cartoon. So lets delve right in. The premise of the show is that a cow and a chicken are siblings and get into situations. That's all I can really say about the premise, it's kind of hard to explain. The only other thing I can think of is they do get tricked by The Red Guy, who's supposed to resemble the devil and is the antagonist/comic relief. Yeah, this show is hard to talk about. Anyways, I personally find this show a bit overrated. This show to me suffers from the 90s cartoon trend of trying too hard to be Ren and Stimpy, you know with grossout humor and whatnot. Also, the two main characters are kind of similar to Ren and Stimpy. Cow is the big fat one who is kind of stupid and Chicken is the angry one who always yells at the stupid one when they mess up. Yeah sound familiar? Before I delve into more, lets talk about what I like about this show. This show has amazing voice acting. Cow, Chicken, and The Red Guy are all voiced by one guy, Charlie Adler and he does an amazing job bringing the characters to life. He gives them so much energy and attitude, and it shows in the delivery. Oh, and it is known to get crap passed the radar. Seriously, some of the stuff they got passed was pretty clever and really subtle. There was only one instance where I feel they went too far though. The banned episode, Buffalo Gals, did a way too obvious joke about lesbians, and lets just say there's a reason the episode was banned. Alright, now that that's out of the way, lets talk about the bad. I don't find a lot of the show to be that funny. Most of the humor is either the characters constantly yelling at each other, or grossout humor that's either too gross or dumb for me to consider funny. There's probably a reason my mom hated this show when my older siblings were younger. Also, the Red Guy. He's kind of the source of your typical pandering to kids jokes. You know, butt jokes and no pants jokes. In most episodes, he wears a disguise and his fake name is almost always some pun involving wearing no pants. Oh, it was funny the first time, but not when you do it 15 times. Also, this one may seem like an nitpick on cartoon logic, but in multiple episodes. you see Cow and Chicken eating pig butts. Aren't Cows and Chickens supposed to be herbivores? It's kind of disturbing once you realize it. It be like seeing Pinkie Pie randomly eat a cheeseburger. So yeah, this show is like average. It's not completely intolerable to watch, but I won't be finding too much in the entertainment value. So I'll give it a 5/10. Ironically, I found the middle cartoon of this a bit better than this, but we'll get into that next time. Next MLP review: Make New Friends but keep Discord Next Cartoon Network Review: IM Weasel
  13. Recently I found out that both My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Transformers Robots in Disguise have been getting showing signs of getting screwed over by both Discovery Family and Cartoon Network respectively so I thought I'd pitch in my two cents on the matter. It looks like the recent change from the Hub to Discovery Family has not been to kind to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. While it hasn't been completely screwed over yet, it's been showing warning signs that the network has been messing with it since the fifth season aired. First off the show has very rarely been getting any advertisement on the channel and as I've been noticing that when a new episode airs it doesn't get any advertisement. Instead we've been getting advertisements of the season premier which aired weeks ago and it has been getting passed off as a new episode. This has been happening during every break of the new episode and fans haven't been very amused. Luckily though, the show's ratings have been very healthy so I don't think we have to worry about it getting cancelled. After all, Equestria Girls 3, Season 6 and the big 2017 movie has been announced so I think the show is safe for a while. Meanwhile my biggest concern is with Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Now, as a lot of you know I am a big Transformers fan so when this show aired I, of course, gave it a watch and of course I enjoyed it. I loved the new ideas the show brought us. Instead of a the usual war between Autobots and Decepticons being led by Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively, (of course as this is a sequel to Transformers Prime we're going to get something different) we get Bumblebee leading his own squad of Autobots hunting down Decepticon fugitives with one of them, Steeljaw, wanting to change Earth into a paradise for rogue Decepticons. Unfortunately it's getting screwed over by Cartoon Network by getting no advertisement and getting put into what's known as the Saturday Morning Death Slot which would be 6:30 AM EST or 5:30 for those suckers who live in the CST time zone, a time where nobody that isn't an insomniac would be awake to watch it. And the real kicker in all this is that I saw this coming, months before the show even aired. As soon as I read in an article that Robots in Disguise was going to air on Cartoon Network I quite disappointed because I know how Cartoon Network treats its action-based shows. As soon as I read it I knew that the show would be cancelled somewhere down the road because I knew how Cartoon Network treated one of its predecessors Transformers Animated, which was pretty much screwed over in the same fashion. Other than its premier episodes Transformers Animated barely ever saw any advertising on the network and was also shoved onto the Saturday Morning Death Slot. Fortunately the show did get three seasons but any hopes for the planned fourth season was crushed as it cancelled during a conflict between Hasbro and Walmart over the toylines, which is one of the reasons why I detest how Western Animation is handled in North America. Luckily afterwards it did seem that Hasbro smartened up as after Animated we got Transformers: Prime, one of the best entries in the franchise, and it along with several of Hasbro's other IPs were put on the Hub, where it enjoyed three full seasons and a movie that ended the show on a high note. So, when after the treatment of Animated and the success of Prime, when I saw that Hasbro once again let Cartoon Network handle Transformers I couldn't help but say to myself "What the hell are they thinking?" because I knew that the show was going to get this type of treatment. As much as I enjoy the show, I'll be surprised if it gets past its second season. I despise Cartoon Network not just because of its treatment of Transformers, but its treatment of its action shows as a whole. This is the same network that cancelled Young Justice because women were watching it. It cancelled Sym-bionic Titan for not selling enough toys, never mind the fact that there weren't any toys made for the show to begin with. Green Lantern along with Young Justice were dealt with frequent hiatuses, had their entire block pulled on the very same day their new episodes were supposed to air and then got cancelled after they finally got back on the air. The worst example I have seen by far was their treatment of Beware the Batman. Not even halfway through its first season, it was pulled and replaced to give the abysmal Teen Titans Go another time slot. The show-runner had to go through hoops in order to get it to finish airing, eventually having to resort to putting the episodes on Amazon's UK streaming service in order to do so. This opened my eyes to something, unless your cartoon is a silly comedy, Cartoon Network will treat it like crap and will come up with the most insane excuses in order to cancel it. I think it's safe to say at this point Cartoon Network is comparable to Fox. Yes, the same Fox that's infamous for cancelling shows that aren't an immediate hit. The same network that screwed over Firefly, Doctor Who and The Crow under bullshit circumstances. The same network that won't give shows the time of the day unless they're either, the Simpsons or a Seth MacFarlane animated show, a sports program, a presidential speech or even their far right-wing corporatist propaganda station thinly veiled as "news". Yes, Cartoon Network has gotten that bad. Now according to Paul Dini and Kevin Smith in this article here: the reason for some of these cancellations as I mentioned earlier with Young Justice is that this network holds on to this primitive belief that girls should not enjoy action shows, only boys can. Their excuse is that women don't buy toys, never mind that they could sell them something else. They have also insulted the intelligence of both genders by saying that "women should never portrayed as smarter than the guys, they should always be a step behind" and that they should always have that "goofy boy humor" once again proving Gene Roddenberry right, as he has been before during his struggles with the Network over Star Trek, that network executives are complete idiots who are out of touch with their audience, have no clue what the audience likes and think themselves superior.
  14. Last time I made a list of my Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows. Now I will do the same for Cartoon Network. Now Cartoon Network has put out some really good creative stuff over the years even though they have put out some crap cartoons and live action shows. So I will present to you my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of all Time Here We Go! #10: Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy This show follows a silly boy named Billy, a serious girl named Mandy, who become friends with the Grim Reaper and have quirky adventures in their town or different environments. And there are several monsters like Dracula and Boogey Man. #9: Chowder This is an interesting quirky show. It follows a critter named Chowder who is an apprentice for a chef named Mung Daal and helps him out. Pretty much most of the plots and themes are food based. #8: Ed, Edd, n Eddy This show follows 3 adolescent boys named Ed, Edd and Eddy with different personalities. And do some wierd quirky stuff that most teens like to do. I never really cared for the characters just the humor. #7: Steven Universe This show follows a boy named Steven who is a Crystal Gem which are intergalactic warriors who protect the world from evil. Believe it or not, I actually saw this show when it premiered in November 2013 before I even saw FiM. But I didn't fall in love with this show because it didn't relate to me enough which is why it's lower on my list. I noticed this show really took off in March of this year. I'm not exactly sure why, it became super popular overnight and I saw this over a year before that. I don't love this show but I do like it. Plus I also like the N64, Gamecube, Cloud, Pikachu, and Sonic references in it. #6: Amazing World of Gumball This show follows a cat named Gumball, has a goldfish friend named Darwin, and has several quirky adventures in his daily life. This show is unique in that it uses multiple animation styles all in one show, and it's got some really unique humor. It's a show that clearly doesn't take itself seriously. #5: Dexter's Laboratory The first Cartoon Cartoon follows a boy named Dexter who is a boy genius with a secret lab with several inventions. He also has a hyperactive sister named Dee Dee who usually breaks into Dexter's lab and a rival named Mandark. #4: Adventure Time Before I got into FiM, I was really big into Adventure Time. This show follows a human boy named Finn and a magic Dog named Jake who have adventures in a post-apocalyptic land named Ooo which has a lot of strange creatures and places. One thing really cool about this show is how expansive it is. And it also has a fantasy setting to it but doesn't take itself seriously. #3: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends This show is about a boy named Mac in a world where humans and imaginary friends coexist and Mac has an imaginary friend blob named Bloo and they also interact with other quirky imaginary friends. #2: Powerpuff Girls This show follows 3 supergirls Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles who fight evil, crime, and other problems facing Townsville. I usually don't care for superhero shows but this is one of the closest shows to superhero shows that I enjoy, and find the girls very relatable. There's a reboot coming out but I'm not excited for that. What do this show and Foster's have in common? Both are made by Craig McCracken and most of the staff that worked on these shows would later work on FiM including Lauren Faust. And my #1 Favorite Cartoon Network show of All Time is... Honorable Mentions: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Codename: Kids Next Door, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, Ben 10, Total Drama, Megas XLR, Sonic Boom So thank you for looking at my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of All Time. Tell me what your favorites are if you want. Next list will be My Top 10 Disney Shows of all Time.
  15. Welcome back to Cartoon Network month. What we've got here is johnny Bravo. The show's premise is a muscular pretty boy Elvis impersonator goes through many lengths to get a date. It was created by Van Partible and had many known writers on it. But we'll get to that later. Let's get on to the review. So this show is, interesting. Like Dexter's Lab, it's not really known for it's continuity. It's very madcap and oh boy weird things happen. One episode involved Johnny going on a date with an antelope he met online. There was another episode where Johnny gets kidnapped by alien space girls. See, very madcap. I must point out that this show started the careers of some known writers. Butch Hartman, creator of The Fairly Oddparents wrote on this show's first season. And you know who else did? Seth MacFarlane. Yes the same guy who brought us Family Guy and is known to be kind of a douche in animation. Funny thing is, his episodes here are actually hilarious. I feel he's actually better when writing more family-friendly content. This show is pretty funny. Most of the humor comes from the pick up lines Johnny uses. They're funny because you know these wouldn't work in real life. They're basically you're typical lines an arrogant douche would use. The characters are okay. Johnny is yes, muscular, arrogant and a little stupid, but the funny thing is he's actually a wimp who still lives with his mom. You got Suzy, the little neighbor girl who tries to be friends with Johnny, Carl the annoying nerd, Johnny's mom, the mother, and Pops, the diner owner who gives Johnny some advice. Oh, and this show features a lot of celebrity guests. The celebrity guests actually do funny stuff and play off the world nicely. I sometimes find Johnny's stupidity to be more annoying than funny. It kind of tainted a few episodes for me. So bottom line, mostly a good show. Not my favorite of Cartoon Network's Lineup, but still pretty memorable. It gets a 9/10
  16. Welcome one and all to Cartoon Network month. For the month of May, I will be reviewing all of Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoons. But what is a Cartoon Cartoon the 5 of you may be asking? Well to put it short, it was the name of Cartoon Network's original series between 1996 and 2002. And for this month, I will review all of them. But why does Cartoon Network have any impact or importance this month? Okay, I just feel like reviewing those. And I know I might be ripping off a YouTube reviewer known as TheNSCL, but um I don't care. Besides, people on the forums seem to be really into doing themes of reviews. like Skarloey is with the Mario games. So, without further ado, let's start out with the first Cartoon Cartoon, Dexter's Laboratory! Dexter's Laboratory was created by Genndy Tartakovsky (Geez, that's a hard name to spell ) based off some shorts he did on The What a Cartoon Show. The show follows the premise of a boy genius named Dexter, who has a secret lab in his bedroom. In the show, his older sister Dee Dee frequently breaks into his lab and unintentionally messes things up. Yeah, you can tell that Johnny Test got inspiration from this, maybe too much. But unlike Johnny Test, this show is actually funny and interesting. But I guess I better talk more about the actual content of the show. For characters, you've got Dexter. He is yes, a very intelligent boy who invents amazing stuff. But the writers do seem to remember that he is indeed a kid. So there will be moments in the show where he will act childish since all kids have their childish moments. We've got Dee Dee, who is kind of like if Pinkie Pie lost a couple brain cells. She's can be annoying and stupid at times, but it doesn't annoy the viewer, it annoys the other characters. Then, there's Mandark, Dexter's over the top rival who has a crush on Dee Dee. He's that one character who everyone remembers from this show, mainly for his iconic evil laugh. There are Dexter's parents. They're basically your typical oblivious parents, and kind of a parody of 50s parents. Not too interesting, but they have their funny moments. The humor in this show is brilliant. It's very Looney Tunes style humor with other types mixed in. The humor is so influential, that many other animators took inspiration from it. It basically brought up a whole new generation of animators after of coarse the original nicktoons. The show is also chalked up with adult jokes. One instance I can probably talk about safely here is in the episode, "Beard to be Feared." At one point in the episode, Dexter runs into what looks like mobsters, trading what looks like cocane for money, except it's flour. It's pretty clever what they can sneak passed the censors. The animation is pretty brilliant for a hand-drawn show. The visuals look impressive, especially in the TV movie, "Ego Trip." The animation for this show did change in the last 2 seasons, due to maybe the creator stepping down, but I'll get to those seasons in a bit. Let me discuss my favorite episodes. Beard to be Feared, Dexter Dodgeball (hey look, bully characters were properly punished), That Crazy Robot, Last but Not Beast, and Aye Aye Eyes, which had well... This song: All right, time to talk about the later seasons. In the last 2 seasons, the show went into a bit of a seasonal rot. The animation got more clean but in return, the backgrounds became very generic. Some of the jokes and episode weren't really that well thought out (One short is just one, overly-long Family Guy style gag of Mandark laughing in many different variations. It got old fast). The characters would also at times act a little, off. The showrunner for the later seasons was Chris Savino, who was at point a writer on MLP. Okay, lets see what he wrote. Boast Busters and Stare Master? Yeah, good thing you're not on the show anymore. So bottom line, Dexter's Lab is a genius show (no pun intended ). There's something here for everyone. Action, adventure, romance, comedy, you name it. So I give this show a 10/10. Next MLP Review: Appleloosa's Most Wanted Next Cartoon Network Month Review: Johnny Bravo
  17. So in case you aren't aware in 2005, Cartoon Network made a preschool block called Tickle U. I suppose this was supposed to compete with Nick Jr. and Playhouse Disney. It was dedicated entirely to preschool shows most notably Peppa Pig and Krypto the Superdog. Needless to say this block failed and surprisingly not many people ever remember or talk about this block. It only ran for like a year and a half I guess because Cartoon Network was more dedicated to non-educational cartoons.
  18. So once upon a time on Cartoon Network there was a little block called Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. This block featured new episodes of Cartoon Network's original Cartoon Cartoons aired every Friday night usually around 7 (Weird how nowadays, Cartoon Network would've already switched to adult swim by that point. Hate to break it to you CN but kids are still awake at that time so don't be surprised if you get calls from angry parents). The block was hosted by a different character from these cartoons every week and usually featured some crossover goodness. I was too young to remember CCF being only 2-4 when it was airing. I may have vague memories of it, but I mostly remember the block after it hosted by the two live action people and their puppets. Now you might be wondering, "Why am I reviewing a TV block today, or rather an event on a TV block." Well, this is more to discuss how these networks can get cartoons that are actually sucessful and don't get canceled fast and gain fanbases. That's right, we are discussing The Big Pick. A little background about The Big Pick. It was an event that happened during the summer in the early 2000s where CN would release multiple pilots for cartoons and the viewer was allowed to vote for their favorite one and the one with the most votes got green lit. They would announce the winners at the end of weekend long marathon of the Cartoon Cartoons, well showcasing the pilots over the weekend. "But Chikorita, how do you know about this stuff if you don't remember it?" Well my faithful viewers, people love to post these bumpers on YouTube. There is a channel called ccffreak that posted many of the bumpers from CCF, including ones from the 2001 Big Pick. So if you wanna check them out out of curiosity, go to that channel. So, why has this method proved to be successful? Well, first off the viewers get to vote on the one to be green lit. Viewers know what they wanna see, kids know what they wanna see so the winner tends to be a winner for a reason. Also which pilots won the years they did it? Well the first year was Billy and Mandy. You know, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy? A great show that proved to be a great success for Cartoon Network and lasted for years. What one the next year they did it? Oh just Codename: Kids Next Door. Another great show that was a success and lasted for years. This method works as the viewer does know what's good and does know what they wanna see. Focus groups and charts don't determine what kids want, kids determine what they want. It's kind of common sense. Granted, the last year they did it they got MegsXLR and that was great but only lasted 2 seasons, but hey 2/3 wins are still good odds. So yeah networks, try things like this. It tends to work.
  19. I have been busy. Busy watching this awesome show. And I kind of have a history with this show. This show came out only around a year and half ago, and I saw it when it came out. I thought the show was OK but nothing special nor anything I'd watch regularly. That was until just recently. This show recently got more popular than it previously was. I saw people blogging about it, I saw EQD talk about it, I saw people on the forums changing their avatars to it. I was like, "When did this show get big?" So I decided to watch more episodes. It took a few episodes for me to get invested. The show started pretty meh for me. I didn't really pick up until around 15-20 episodes in. That's where everything got interesting. The jokes got better, the characters developed, the plots got more interesting. At that point, it was my duty to get caught up with this show over Spring Break and I did faster than I expected. Now that that's out of the way, lets discuss why this show is awesome. The animation in this show can range from average to freaking beautiful. The musical score in this show is outstanding. It's like MLP where the characters will occasionally sing and when they do, some of the songs even end up rivaling songs from MLP. The humor can once again range from funny to laugh out loud hilarious. When a good joke comes in, I'm laughing hard. The characters are quite likable. Steven himself is a well written child character. As in he's written just like a kid. He's sometimes annoying, sometimes stupid but in the end has a big heart. The Crystal Gems are also quite likable, my favorite being Amethyst. She's like a mixture of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. I could go over the other great side characters, but we would be here a while. I think what really got people talking about this show was that awesome season finale. I won't spoile anything, but trust me it's awesome. Oh, and the theme song for this show is awesome. So yeah, this is now my third favorite cartoon currently airing behind MLP and Gravity Falls. So yeah, here are my thoughts on it.
  20. Hey there everyone! I recently discovered a new show over the holidays that is quickly becoming my favorite cartoon to date. That show is... Here is the title sequence: It was created by Rebecca Sugar, former storyboard artist, writer, and composer for Adventure Time. I love this show. It has interesting characters, isn't afraid to explore some darker themes, and is full of anime-inspired action. It's essentially the coming of age story for a boy named Steven as he learns how to use his powers while living with The Crystal Gems, shape-shifting gems that protect Earth from magical monsters and other such things. So I created this thread to 1. introduce Steven Universe to people who have never heard of this amazing show and 2. discuss the show with those who have seen it, as it actually has a very interesting backstory/mythos. So, first question, has anyone else seen the show? Second, if you have seen the show, what do you like about it? Personally I think the music is fantastic Note: Due to the nature of the thread, there will most likely be spoilers abound.
  21. A number of shows related to Cartoon Network and its companion site Adult Swim will be leaving Netflix at the end of this month. Shows include Adventure Time Regular Show Cow and Chicken Dexter's Laboratory Ed Edd N Eddy Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Johnny Bravo Codename: Kids Next Door Samurai Jack Mad Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated Aqua Teen Hunger Force Robot Chicken Metalocalypse Venture Bros Squidbillies Batman: The Brave and the Bold Batman Beyond Justice League Justice League Unlimited Young Justice Ben 10 Generator Rex Surprisingly, some shows like Powerpuff Girls, Total Drama Isle, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Chowder and even The Boondocks will remain on Netflix after March 30th. Note: Still no word if My Little Pony or any other Hasbro franchise will disappear as well next Monday.
  22. With Nickelodeon doing whatever, Cartoon Network and Disney Television Animation have been pumping out numerous hits in recent years. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Wander Over Yander, Steven Universe, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, and more. Which do you personaly think has the best current lineup?
  23. In case you missed it, Cartoon Network announced a little while back that The Powerpuff Girls are getting a reboot series, due sometime next year. While we still don't have footage, the fact that CN hasn't completely forgoten where it came from is great news. Hopefully, they get someone competent to do it justice. Who knows, maybe this means FiM will have some competition in the "girl power" arena.
  24. For those unaware, Boomerang is getting a major revamp early next year with a much needed packaging overhaul and a bunch of newer, more contemporary shows including original programming for the first time. Its also being reposisioned as a family network of sorts. The best way to describe it is think Disney XD mixed with The Hub. A channel that serves as a sidekick to the flagship network like Disney XD does, but also encourages family viewing like The Hub did. Here's what the new Boomerang will look like. We still don't know what new shows they have planned, but all I have to say is, it's about damn time. The channel has been nothing more than CN's recycling bin for years, that combined with a rerun exclusive lineup, aging packaging, and formally commercial-free format was the reason it wasn't part of many cable packages. So its good to see the channel actually DOING something for once.
  25. For ponies who watch Regular Show, I would like you to name your favorite moments on the show. Here are mine: - Anytime Benson gets angry at Mordecai and Rigby - "The Power" episode, especially when Mordecai and Rigby sang the 5678 song - When Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson tried to get down a hill - Quips' Zingo jokes - Mordecai and Rigby's catchphrases - Mucle Man's My Mom jokes - The Jimbro's Burritos episode, especially when they referenced this