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Found 106 results

  1. You can name up to 10 cartoon shows. or they don't even have to be cartoon they can be kid shows. for ex: icarly, spongebob etc. Here is some bad cartoon/kid shows. not in any order. 1) Mad (kid friendly version) To be honest, this one has bad animation bad/immature jokes and it just straight out annoys me, and it seems they only take 5 mins to make the show. 2) Out of jimmys head- This show.... Well this show only aired for like a month, and its stupid how a kid just dreams of some really stupid animals, and just plain annoying. 3) Ben 10 - the whole plot of the show is kinda stupid, some boy that has a watch that can change into 10 superhero characters? its kinda like copying Danny Phantom. 4)Dude, what would happen -Well, this show isn't for kids, it just might inspire them to just like destroy a car and try to make a airplane out of it. 5)Ningago- i think the whole set up, everything about this show is stupid. 6)Level Up- I Really don't get whats so cool about some teens playing a online game. 7)My dad the rockstar- bad everything. the animation, storyline, acting, etc. 8) Hannah montana - I Mean really, your just going to want to make kids want to be a rockstar, then they realize they can't be one then they cry. 9)All Grown Up- They like turn from babies to teens? like in 2 years? Sorry the show isn't the best, i dont like the plot of it, they should have kept rugrats going. 10)True Jackson V.P.- Can't relate to it, Nothing good about it, just plain eh. If you respect my opinions, i'll respect yours.
  2. I think there's already a topic similar to this regarding all TV show openings, however I decided to create a new one where you can share all of your favourite cartoon songs and tunes. This included opening themes, tunes played often in the background; basically any piece composed/sang purely for the cartoon. My favourite cartoon tunes include the amazing Gravity Falls theme and the opening tune for Star VS The Forces Of Evil. Both songs are cool and catchy, the Gravity Falls tune having a mysterious air to it which obviously suites the show perfectly. I also greatly enjoy watching both shows. I'll also mention my favourite MLP songs, I guess! I love Pinkie Pie's Smile Smile Smile song, and This Day Aria. Pinkie's song is sweet and cheerful, and brightens my mood when I'm feeling down. This Day Aria fits its episode well, and sounds amazing and theatrical.
  3. What the title says. Besides MLP I also really liked LoliRocks and Miraculous Ladybug. They were almost as much fun as watching My Little Pony
  4. Here is the Intro Theme of The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures (a.k.a. The Mouse Adventures in the U.K.) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: More information about them: Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  5. Hey, everyone, your friendly neighbourhood Sunny Fox speaking... so I thought I'd start a new series on my blog... Cartoon Show Classics. This will basically be an exploration of the cartoon shows I grew up watching, delving into setting, characters, story lines, etc and why I feel they were awesome, while still being aware of their faults (every show has them, after all). While I may occasionally delve into the creators / context in which they were created, this really is not supposed to be the Wikipedia Lite version of these shows, but more my own opinions and feelings about them. While definitely being beasts of different colour, please don't be surprised if one or two anime manage to sneak in with the more western style of cartoons. It will take me a while to ramp up, and the release schedule may be a bit all ova da place, but I hope you like it. First up, the nearest and dearest to my heart: the amazing world of ReBoot. (That's the name of the show, it's not a reboot of anything, those pretty much always suck. Anyhoo...) I come from the Net… through systems, peoples and cities… to this place… Mainframe! My format: Guardian. “To Mend and Defend.” To defend my new-found friends; their hopes and dreams. To defend them from their enemies… <<Music and Clips from the current season>> They say the User lives outside the Net, and inputs Games for pleasure. No one knows for sure… but I intend to find out… ReBoot! The Opening Narration by Bob – For the first two seasons, anyhow… The Setting: Mainframe and the Net Did you ever wonder if the characters in your favourite game had their own sentience? Their own lives, their own experiences, beyond just what happens in the game itself…? Well, that’s pretty much what ReBoot is about – the world inside your computer, where the games you input for pleasure are a life-and-nullification reality for its inhabitants. Set inside a computer called Mainframe, the series deals with the adventures and escapades of the inhabitants of the computer, visualized as a modern city with skyscrapers, parks, office buildings and restaurants, floating in an infinite sea of energy. The people of this world are divided into sprites, who are more human looking, and the decidedly less so binomes. Mainframe itself is merely one System within the broader world of The Net. No prizes for guessing what that represents. Our main character, Bob, comes from a more advanced System merely referred to as the Super-Computer, and is frequently faced with the reality that Mainframe is decidedly less sleek and sophisticated than what he is used to. (Think of it as Ponyville vs Canterlot.) One of the main conceits of the series is that Mainframe at large is aware that something called the User (aka you and I) exists, but is so much greater than and removed from their current reality so as to seem positively Lovecraftian in nature. What is certain, though, is that from time to time, the User sends Game Cubes to the city. Any part of the city, as well as those who live there, that end up inside the Cube are trapped in the Game and forced to battle the User (or more specifically, an avatar controlled by the User) for their very existence. If they lose, the section of the city where the Game Cube sits will be destroyed, and all the inhabitants will become Nulls, mindless slug-like creatures with very little semblance of who they once were. What keeps this from being straight up horror is that there is something the Mainframers can do when trapped inside a Game. By double tapping their icon (a badge-like thing that contains their Personal ID – long story, will explain more later…) and intoning “By the power of Grayskull!”, I mean “ReBoot!”, the Mainframer's appearance is altered and they can access information and equipment from the Game Cube itself, putting them on a more even footing with the User. So, if you ever were on the verge of winning a game, but then the computer “cheated” and got the best of you… well, now you know why! Apart from the User and the Game Cubes, the world of Mainframe presents many challenges and dangers for our heroes to overcome. These include (of course) our villains, but there are also tears (pronounced like tear in paper, not as in crying), glitches in their world that appear as shining orbs of light, radiating enough energy to wreck a room. Guardians, such as Bob, can either repair tears, or harness the energy to create portals to other Systems. (This is pretty much explained all within the first episode, so no spoiler warning for you.) And there are a few more surprises to be had, too. As the series progresses, it moves from being very episodic in nature, with occasional double episodes, to having long continual story arcs, as the characters change and develop… sometimes so much as to be virtually unrecognizable… but that is a story for another time. For now, let me introduce you to our cast: Our Heroes Bob, a.k.a. Guardian 452 Our hero and protagonist (plus opening narrator) Bob arrives in Mainframe just prior to the events of the first episode. Bob is a Guardian, basically an elite kind of police officer. The two main facets of the Guardian Code (To Mend and Defend) pretty much sum up his two main tasks within Mainframe… to fix tears and to defend the general population from the actions of viruses (not viruses as in it-that-shall-not-be-named - here viruses are humanoid characters, like sprites.) His companion Key Tool (unique to Guardians) is named Glitch, a Do-Anything Robot that sits on his wrist and does most of his work for him (you’ll see what I mean). Bob is known for being very intelligent in a lateral-thinking, flies-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of way. He’s not big on planning, but generally astute enough to handle whatever comes his way so as to seem like he had it in control the whole time. This is pretty much the opposite of the way that Dot (described below) does things, so it’s a source of much of the Belligerent portion of the Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two in the earlier parts of the series. Despite the opening narration, Bob never really does attempt to learn the truth about what the User is, possibly because it's literally impossible for him to do so. You can't casually call up Cthulu and ask him if he exists, now can you? Dot Matrix Dot Matrix (named after an old type of printer) is an entrepreneur and business owner of (eventually) most of Mainframe, although her main business is Dot’s Diner, a popular fast food joint and one of the most frequently visited locales. An intelligent, no-nonsense kind of person, she likes to have everything planned down to the fine details, to a point where it can become unhealthy (a focus of some episodes). She does through planning and foresight what Bob does with quick wit and athleticism. Although when called upon to do so, Dot has shown a few times that she is force to be reckoned with, Action Girling it up with the best fiction has to offer. Underestimate her at your peril. (Oh, and her voice actor, Kathleen Barr also voiced Trixie - so if you want to hear her as an actually enjoyable character, definitely watch ReBoot! Hmm? What's that? No, I will not stop taking potshots at Trixie! Silly rabbit.) Enzo Matrix For the first two seasons, Enzo fills the tagalong kid archetype. Dot’s little brother, he is wide-eyed and idealistic, and really looks up to Bob, frequently leaping onto him to knock him over and sit on his chest while babbling a-mile-a-minute about the latest events and aspiring to be a Guardian. Despite being prone to making mistakes and looking before he leaps (he is a kid, after all), Enzo is at heart a good sprite who wants to help his sister and Bob keep Mainframe safe. He is also lonely due to having few other sprites his own age to play with. He does have a companion of sorts, though. Frisket Why do I hear "Back in Black" playing in my head? Oh, well... Frisket is a large gold and metallic red dog that, while feral, has adopted Enzo and generally hangs around him when not off on his own. (He also has an engine under his nose – just thought you might like to know that.) Frisket is willing to defend Enzo to the death, but he really doesn’t like Bob, and will growl at him or chew up his stuff if given the chance. While he is unable to talk (although he clearly understands what others say to him) and is entirely canine in behaviour and mannerisms, he is in fact a sprite. He has a great sense of smell he can use to track others, and he is strong enough to catch a cannon-ball in mid-flight, as well as prevent an ABC, a kind of flying tank, from lifting off (until the tailgate breaks off, that is…) Despite his great qualities, he is not someone Enzo can relate to on an intellectual or emotional level. Enter… AndrAIa A second season arrival, AndrAIa is a young game sprite, an artificially intelligent game character that Enzo meets and befriends in her introductory episode. Being a denizen of a game, AndrAIa is doomed to leave Mainframe when / if our heroes win… luckily, she thought to download a backup version of herself onto Enzo (specifically his icon), allowing her (or this version of her, at least) to exit the game and live within the “real world” of Mainframe. Since the game in which she originated was set in the ocean, her clothing and accessories have a Little Mermaid, under-da-sea kind of aesthetic. She also has scaled skin, gills and poisoned barbs for fingernails, but all in all, she’s a sweet and naïve girl who quickly attaches herself to Enzo, becoming his inseparable companion thereafter. Binomes The binomes form the bulk of the population of Mainframe, and therefore serve as background characters, for the most part. Binomes, representing the zeroes and ones of binary machine language, come in two principal types. Zero binomes are basically balls with arms and legs and have two eyes, while One binomes are three stacks blocks, with a single eye and mouth on the top block, arms coming from their middle block, and legs attached to their lower block. Both types of binomes can come in both genders, and there really is not much to distinguish one from the other – except in certain cases, such as… The Crimson Binome aka Captain Capacitor aka Gavin A software pirate (which in this world means “pirate” with all the trappings thereof), Captain Capacitor is the one binome leader of his ragtag crew of rapscallions and Captain of the “Saucy Mare”. After initially being introduced raiding Mainframe and stealing things, he eventually becomes a useful ally. Mr. Christopher (See image above) Captain Capacitor’s first mate, Mr. Christopher is rather timid, and is always keeping a running tally of potential profit vs. damages/downtime/resource management. Princess Bula An Amazonian one binome, Princess Bula is taller than most sprites, and bulkier, to boot. She speaks with an exaggerated slow and simple voice, but is physically a match for even Bob. She is also not really a princess, but no one is brave enough to tell her different. (Oh, and Kathleen Barr voices her too… it’s probably why she talks the way she does, so it’s not so obvious it’s the same person.) The Pirates Perfectly piratical pirates, they’re all about swilling grog and leaping to trim the main mast when shouted at. A number of them get names over the series, but all in all, they’re pretty much the same character. Villains Megabyte One might expect that in a digital world viruses would be the villains, and indeed they are. The first villain we are introduced to is Megabyte, voiced with delightfully elegant, yet still palpable malice by the late, great Tony Jay. Megabyte is Faux Affably Evil to the nth degree. He is well-spoken and largely Large and In Charge, presenting the façade of a gentlemanly Mafia don. Scratch the surface just a bit too much, though, and he can transform into a rampaging beast who will roar and claw his way through his foes with either spikes that he can grow from the backs of his hands ala Wolverine, or just his elongated finger nails, ala Lady Death-strike. Not only superspritely strong (he can pick up and shake this world’s version of a tank like a toy), fast (he ran down the tank in the first place) and endurable (nothing he is subjected to even shows him down for long), as well as incredibly intelligent in his own right, he also has a veritable army of binomes and military vehicles that he has corrupted into his service. Megabyte is the driving force of much of the conflict throughout the entire series… just as a good villain should be. Hack and Slash Megabytes Elite Enforcers… for a certain value of “elite”, at any rate. Your typical Dumb Muscle duo, Hack and Slash are a team of a red and blue sprite that look like top heavy robots with ball bearings for feet. While also being extremely strong, they tend to ruin whatever plan Megabyte has going due to their incompetence and lack of intelligence. It isn’t really until later seasons that they exhibit any real differences in behaviour. Slash (blue) is voiced by Garry Chalk (i.e Optimus Primal) and Hack (red) by Scott McNeil (i.e Rat-trap). While they fear and obey Megabyte, they are by no means as evil as he is, and eventually start exhibiting a kind inner nature (especially Slash). Hexadecimal Where Megabyte represents the far extreme of Order, Hexadecimal is his polar opposite, representing Chaos. Her powers are varied and fairly reminiscent of Scarlet Witch from the Marvel franchise. She can levitate at will, use telekinesis and create and launch gigantic blasts of red energy. She also shows an ability to control Nulls to a degree. Her power is often described as “transfinite” within the show, which pretty much means she can pack more of a punch than any other being, while still being limited. Her main feature is her face… or perhaps, lack of one. She wears a Tragedy/Comedy type mask that is static, her changes in expression for the most part taking place between scenes, or in jump cuts. If ever “shown” on screen, the actual transition is hidden by the movement of her arm or hand, usually with a subtle "whoosh" audio cue. The expressions she shows range from just slightly Uncanny Valley to utterly Nightmarish (just see her pictures above). She is simply Mane-iac levels of bonkers, which is usually why she doesn’t just wreck the show, either losing interest/focus or being manipulated into undoing her own works. She also has a pretty obvious crush on Bob, which may or may not be a plot point in any given episode. Her companion / familiar is Scuzzy, a combination of pet cat and looking glass. (Pictured below) Daemon A so-called Super-Virus introduced during the events of Season 2/3, but unseen until Season 4. To go into too much detail would be to spoil a lot of the series, but she is extremely powerful, able to brainwash almost anyone into serving her. Supporting Characters Phong The de facto leader of the system (its Command Dot Com), Phong has great wisdom and a deep understanding of the computer world, which he will bestow upon anyone… who can beat him at Pong, his favourite game. Although this does become less of an issue as the series progresses. Perhaps because Bob totally crushes him every time we see the two play. His two favourite phrases appear to be “Oh, dear…” and “This is not the Super-Computer, Bob”. He plays a sort of Confucian mentor, often making cryptic statements and calling sprites who are not his children “my son” and “my daughter”. He also looks more like whatever ET is than a regular humanoid sprite, but he is still one of the biggest forces for Good in the series. Mike the TV While he ostensibly belongs to Bob, who really, really regrets losing the remote, Mike is a sentient, animate TV with legs. He is frequently loud and annoying, prone to using his screen/face to show infomercials such as “Bucket ‘o Nothing for just 99.99.99!” He also moonlights as Mainframe’s main reporter / news announcer. Although he does get on the other characters’ nerves most of the time, he has in the past stepped up to the plate to assist our heroes. And sometimes he just flat out creates disasters, but we'll get to that. Mouse An in-universe Hacker, Mouse is originally introduced as an antagonist hired by Megabyte to do covert acts of a nefarious nature. She also has a history with Bob, the two of them having clashed before in the Super-Computer, and Bob even managing to “arrest” her, despite her skills. After vanishing (literally) for a few episodes after her introduction, Mouse eventually returns and joins in as an anti-villain and eventually an ally of the protagonists. She also has a katana... And a ship... named "Ship"... look, nobody said she was creative in naming things. She also has a Southern drawl. With all of our main (first season) cast introduced, I think this is a great stopping point. I’ll save a summary of the episodes for next time, and there will probably be some kind of wrap-up and general discussion before I most onto the next show I’d like to talk about. For some reason, I have a lot of time sitting at home these days, so expect those when they arrive. So, have you watched ReBoot? If so, what are your thoughts on the series? If you didn't... might you like to now? Any other general comments of encouragement, condemnation or .... no, pretty much just the first one, please. Stay safe, stay healthy, and of course, stay sunny side up!
  6. What do you like better: Warrior Cat Book Series or Unikitty! Show? Give me a reason.
  7. what cartoon or cartoon series do you think suck this days or before ?
  8. I ship Shrek and Shadow the Hedgehog together as a couple. I mean look how cute they look together as a couple in this drawing
  9. I wish that Equestria would be in a Kingdom Hearts game. I mean I would love to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy team up with the Mane Six.
  10. What did you guys think about it's return back at 2017? I quickly went through the old seasons again just for the sake of nostalgia, I really wish there was a way to find the Soundtrack for every episode. Also, anybody remember that one episode when Samurai jack was 'catfished' by Aku when he shape-shifted into a woman?
  11. [MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD] I don't know how many people remember the old Reboot cartoon where people known as sprites lived in a computer system known as Mainframe, but as far as I'm concerned it was one of the most well written animated shows of all time (and one of the earliest CGI shows). The other day I had this horrible dream that they brought back Reboot as a live action series that was basically a ripoff to Power Rangers and had almost nothing to do with the original series. And the worst part of the dream is that they waited until the finale to bring back the original characters and the fans of the original show were portrayed as basement-dwelling neckbeards. Good thing that was just a dream. Oh wait....
  12. When the creator of Ren & Stimpy "John Kricfalusi" (who's a sick creep) got fired and got his company "Spumco" shut down by Nickelodeon, the company "Games Animation" took over to produce more Ren & Stimpy episodes. However many fans didn't think season 3 and 4 and 5 (which were produced by Games Animations) was near as good as season 1 and 2 (which was produced by Spumco) were. However I actually think that the episodes produced by Games Animation were about as good as the episodes produced by Spumco were. I also think that the Games Animation episodes are way better than the episodes of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" (which was made by John Kricfalusi and produced by Spumco) were. Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" has to be one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen.
  13. because I am a huge dum dum and didn't realize non pone arts board existed so I made one RIP featuring arts past and present. anyway...OH LOOK. SQUIRREL.
  14. So i was wondering to myself,”Why is anime so popular,yet so weird and cringey? Just as cringey as the Emoji Movie (ok i overdid that one).” Me personally i hate anime with a passion. But i like Dragon Ball and Halo legends. Im not trying to be a jerk nor judgemental i just want to know after all that weird and perverted junk Japan puts in the cartoons,whats so good about it? Also anime is for both children and adults, i just don’t understand how its so popular. please dont get mad or triggered,i just want to know why its so popular!
  15. I am in the middle of writing a children's book called Mouse in the Coffee Cup. I might collab with someone to help illustrate it. Depends if i find anyone interested. Story Mouse is a very tired and lonely character. He doesn't act anything like his siblings who are active and social. One day, Mouse discovers a substance to change his behavior; coffee. Mouse starts to use coffee more and more often eventually changing him... and not in a good way. Mouse learns the dark journey of addiction.
  16. Who do you think is the most adorable female character in western animation? Aside from the obvious choices (Fluttershy and Bubbles), my 3rd choice would be Jenny "XJ9" From My Life as a Teenage Robot. Watching this show as a kid, I always wondered what separated Jenny from the common teenage girl characters. Maybe it was her uniquely cute design, maybe it was her combination of teenage interests and child-like innocence, or maybe it was her voice actress Janice Kawaye. It's probably a combination of all 3.
  17. Hey there! Prince lunox here! Im looking to see how many of you like this style!
  18. Star Versus the Forces of Evil There are some cartoons that are a cut above the rest, and some are a whole narwhal blast above them. As you can tell, I believe that this cartoon is definitely spectacular and among the best of all time. Everything, the characters, the plot, and the humor, make the show a complete standout among many others. That's obviously in a good way. Characters: The characters of the show are something else entirely. It’s difficult to find a character not to like, (*cough cough* Brittney Wong *cough cough*), but otherwise, I stand by this. Most all characters have some relatable element to them and are crafted very well. I say the word crafted because some of the characters are so well designed, we might as well call them art. For example, Star is adorable, somewhat rebellious, absurdly optimistic and, well… fun! Being basically the equivalent of a pubescent girl with magical powers, the personality fits absolutely perfectly. If I could find a flawed character, it would have to be Pony Head. Her jealousy disgusts me at times… Plot: The cartoon centers around a girl (14 years old, canonically?) from another dimension, on presumably a similar planet (They grow CORN… I mean a LOT of corn. I think it’s supposed to be a mockery of our society, which would be pretty funny if it were the case) in a monarchial country known as Mewni. She’s the princess of this monarchy and was sent to a dimension similar to our own (with a few historical differences, though not obvious ones) to practice magic in a place where it would risk less. Of course, this magic is unknown to the “Earth” dimension, but does exist and is used several times throughout the show. Now, a monster named Ludo is trying to steal her wand (magic wand?) so he can become powerful. The show presumes after this point, and no spoilers from here. Humor: If it weren’t clear, this show’s way of making me laugh is extremely effective. I love the constant usage of irony to evoke a laugh. For example, in one episode, a Demon Prince gets really mad and is calmed down by petting an adorable little white bunny. This show uses the tactic constantly to great effect. Of course, it also does some slapstick which is not on the level of the legendary Ed, Edd, and Eddy, but it’s still really funny because it’s usually handled extraordinarily well. To be honest this show could make anyone laugh at least once every episode (even the bad ones of the bunch have their moments!). In conclusion, I will say that if you can handle the occasional pandering to the targeted audience (younger teenage girls), you will absolutely ADORE this cartoon. Even if you do mind the pandering (I personally don’t), I don’t think it will hurt to watch a few episodes anyways. I think the likelihood is that you will still like it, and probably end up watching an entire season instead, if not become a fan of the show and tune in for the third season premiering in the summer, presumably mid-late July if it follows it's release patterns.
  19. So, since the forums went down, I decided to compile a list of cartoons and anime that I feel like I need to watch. I felt like I've been missing out on good cartoons for the past or 8 years, and have a faded memory of the classics. Here are some of the inclusions: Star VS the Forces of Evil- I've actually began watching it. I really like it so far. It reminds me of earlier episodes of Adventure Time, with a little bit of Regular Show and anime-esque animation and themes thrown into the mix. Steven Universe- I've watched ten episodes of it, and I really don't see what's so good about it. I just don't think it's all it's attributed. I personally find Steven to be annoying, Amethyst to be selfish and childish, Pearl to be straight-up mean (Eps 9 and 10 were REALLY bad about it), and Garnet to be an empty shell of a character. I just can't enjoy it. Gravity Falls- I've heard so much good about this cartoon, though I was initially dissed for some reason. I guess I felt like it'd be like Breadwinners or something... Rick and Morty- Supposedly really good, and my brother references it A LOT. Moved up 3 spots. Inuyasha- From what I've read, it's a solid start for anyone who wants to get into anime. (It's also not Naruto...) Moved down 2. Bleach- I read the manga and absolutely loved it, so why not the show too? Moved down 2. Makai Senki Disgaea- An anime for one of my favorite video games of all time. I hope it doesn't disappoint! Death Note- I've heard so much about it that I felt like I should try it. Fullmetal Alchemist- One of my old friends in high school CONSTANTLY talked about this show whenever it wasn't Bioshock. I've experience neither unfortunately. One Piece- I don't know why this one specifically. I guess because it was the basis of a not-bad fighting game I played plenty when I was "Ash's age." Black Butler- From the people that have watched it, I've only read how amazing of an anime it was. Of course, there's NO WAY I'm going to watch entire shows yet. Seriously, if I had to watch every episode of One Piece... That would take me months if not years alone. IT'S SO LONG. Any others you'd like to recommend? I have some others on the list, though, so it may be already on there.
  20. Hello there! I recently got into this show and by recently I mean I bingewatched the first half yesterday and by golly gosh I love it! It's interesting and funny and I could go on and on but I'll spare the rather uninteresting rambles about it. Anyone else seen it, and if so, did you like it? What do you like? can be just incoherent exclamations because that's me on the inside If you haven't seen it, I suggest at least checking it out! I haven't seen any of the past series (crime I know) but I still am enjoying it immensely!
  21. Which cartoon character (outside of MLP) do you relate to the most? Yes, I realize I'm a guy, but I'd have to go with Raven from Teen Titans (and its spinoff Teen Titans Go). I'm not exactly antisocial, nor so deadpan or pessimistic, but people tend to see me as very mysterious before they get to know me. I guess that's just a byproduct of how introverted I am... for better or worse, I've learned to accept it.
  22. I decided to draw some OC's. Some are completely new, some have never been drawn, and one is Lonk. From left to right: -Lonk (the p0ne you all know and maybe love) -Jaraco (that orange p0ne from Casual Stroll that for some reason nobody had any problem with me ret-connning. I regret doing that. Makes Lonk a bit OP. Wish somebody would acknowledge him. Or maybe I'm not doing enough with him. IDK.) -Some lamia p0ne I just came up with today and don't know what to do with (who wants to give her a name? ) -Jeckle/Fleeting Image (he's a changeling who created his own identity [you may say I stole that idea from someone... and yes. yes I did :3]) I'm happy with my style now. I kinda goofed up on the shadows I think, but I'm satisfied with everything else. You might think Jeckle is new but he isn't. I made a OC page about him plus I'm working on a fanfic about him (kinda). This is the first time I drew him. This is the first time I drew Jaraco also (what's up with all these "J" names? We need a different name for the lamia... Wait I know give her an "I" name!). I always imagined him as the counter to Lonk: Pretty serious about everything, and also older, about 20. That's why he's looking with concern at Lonk. :3 The only p0ne that is completely new is the lamia pony. I was thinking of making one for a while but didn't know where to go with it but for this I decided "Screw it, just throw him/her... yeah her in there for no reason." Also, according to her cutie-mark, she's based off of a rattlesnake. God help us all. I've been thinking of doing a fanfic about lamia ponies but that would be extremely cringy and I don't wanna do it. If you wanna see it though... Gah. Also, sorry you can't clearly see that well she's a lamia except for her cutie-mark and fangs. I dun goof. Also all of them have outlines of their WIP cutie-marks above them. I also changed Lonk's cutie-mark a bit for lulz. That's pretty much it. Leave your comments in the, well, comments. P.S. Found a name for the lamia: Ivory. Probably taken and also extremely cliche, but who cares I just made her today P.P.S. God I love FireAlpacca. This is the first time I drew Jaraco. [EDIT] Yeah, my drawing of Ivory is terrible. I can refine it later, don't worry. :33333333333
  23. Just curious if there are
  24. Hello, this time in my Blog i just wanted to show you guys, my most well known Videos for my old youtubechannel, before i lost the password...there not amazing, but...dont know, maybe the one or another finds them interesting of some sort. I start the first part with my two most clicked videos..the reason why i dont put more on it, is simply because, only two Videos shows direct in the post while the other links just stay normal links Kid vs Kat Tribute - JQ Wake Up ( this was requested by a youtube user, and at this time, my english wasnt that good, so i didnt understood, what this song was about...i guess its not a so harmless song...but either way, the Video became my most popular Video Ever ) And second my Kid vs Kat Cartoon, which i made because i was a huge fan of the show Kid vs Kat, so i made a short cartoon, with my original KVK Characters and Litli, an oval smiley which was my first self created character ever ! ( beware, terrible german voice acting ahead ) For the english people on this forum...well...dont know, maybe you find the voices funny But since i cant go back to my old channel, im unable to upload an english version, sry ) This time ive used one of my own drawings as an entry image, since this post is somehow promoting my stuff...even though the old channel is dead