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Found 17 results

  1. Casting Call Club link to submit auditions: 18 open roles Lead: Rainbow Dash Supporting: Narrator to Mevs: An Explanation (Chapter 2 exposition/lore) Starlight Glimmer Fluttershy Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Spike Discord Minor: Gallus Ocellus Sandbar Silverstream Smolder Yona Celestia Luna Info: The Master Mev is a My Little Pony fanfiction, starring Rainbow Dash, my top favorite character in anything, ever. I am the author and will be narrating the non-dialogue portions with the exception of chapter 2. I categorize it as a drama and consider it light-hearted in nature for the most part. Here is the long-description form for this fanfic on Mevs are magic-eating vampires. There are two types: master and fledgling. Rainbow Dash becomes the master type one night, not long after the School of Friendship has recovered itself from a rough start. She and her friends learn of a way to help keep her properly fed. She needs a pack, and six fledglings are the recommended number. Being a master mev has obligations. There is work to be done, and despite a little drama or tension that may arise here or there to continue life as a regular pegasus most of the time, Rainbow Dash grows to love her new role. It's actually awesome, fun, and rewarding. *** The Master Mev is slated to have 100 chapters total. Up to 31 are published on This project is an audiobook narration that covers only the first arc (chapters 1-11), which is the establishment of the mev pack, Team Awesome. I am starting with only one arc due to the size of the cast and length of story if I tried to do all 100 chapters for one project. All characters would appear again in later projects. Selected actors would be welcome to continue on with future projects, but I will re-cast if we find it necessary. Every chapter has at least one image (a quality inspired by the Harry Potter books) and as such, this audiobook will be published on my YouTube channel, KazamaCat, with these chapter images. You can find them in this DeviantArt gallery: More at the link. Thank you very much for your time. Again, the link to audition is:
  2. Salutations, I have not used MLP Forums in a while, but I'm writing this post in hopes that someone might be interested in auditioning for another upcoming project I'm working on. Just over a year ago, I began my work on my first the comic dub, 'Heart of the Draconequus', to get back into voice acting and start something new, ever since my first audio project flopped. Now that I've completed 'Heart of the Draconequus', I want to continue to create more content like this and just tell stories to anyone who cares to hear a tale or two. Which brings me to the main reason for this topic. I'm working on an upcoming reading of the fanfic, 'Mothers', written by KnightMysterio on FiMFiction. This is one of the first stories I've read when I first joined FiMFiction, and I had always wanted to do a reading of the story ever since I first discovered the story. Of course, just like with my last project, I need voice actors for the characters in this reading. I have gotten a decent amount of auditions for the reading, but truth be told, I could use a bit more auditions, especially for characters that haven't been getting enough auditions. Characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Mayor Mare, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle could use more auditions, but any character that is listed in the casting call is open to all. Down below, you will find the casting call video explaining how to audition and when the deadline for auditions is. Although I've stated that the deadline was on August 31st originally, I've moved the deadline to September 20th as I haven't been getting enough auditions. So, if anyone is interested in auditioning, I'll be more than grateful for your help. If you also know anyone who might be interested in taking part of the reading - a family or friend, tell them about this project and get them to audition. I'll take all the help I can get! Thank you for your time to read this topic. If you have any questions regarding the auditions, feel free to let me know. Link to casting call video: Link to casting call page:
  3. So Friendship is Magic is ending after next season, but that doesn't mean we have to let the story end! DHX is no longer going to be producing pony after Season 9, but who's to say we can't? I know there are plenty of Flash Animators, Storyboard Artists, Music Editors, ponies who can do nearly identical impressions to characters from the show, ect., and if we all came together to collaborate, we as a fandom could keep making our own episodes of pony, well beyond the end of it's TV life. We can save the story from ending, we can keep the Equestria we know and love to continue progressing! How can you help? If you can do an awesome imitation of a pony from the show, if you know how to animate in Flash, if you can storyboard, if you can create backgrounds, if you can edit and/or create background music, ect., we can use all the help we can get! This is no easy task, and every helping hoof well help! So make sure to spread the news of this! What if I don't have any of these skills? Don't fret! You can still help! Just spread the word about the project to anypony who might be able to help! I would like to note, that this will be all voluntary work, I want to keep this project as far away from financial gain as I can. For most of the crew, just send me in a sample of what you can do. These episodes will be made in the style of FiM itself, so keep that in mind when creating your samples. It's a little bit more specific for voice actors/actresses. You MUST have a clear mic with no white noise, and you MUST provide a voice sample of the character you are auditioning for. No foul and/or inappropriate language in the voice samples! Voice samples are accepted in MP3, WAV, OGG, and FLAC file formats. ALSO, don't be discouraged if somepony else has said they could do a voice. This is not a first come-first serve basis. I will review any voice samples I get, and choose which ones I feel are the best, and even if you don't get a mane role, you still might be cast as a background/extra voice. If you're looking for a microphone, the Blue Microphones - Yeti, or the Yeti Nano, should be two good microphone options. The voices I will need for the pilot episode are: For canon characters: Applejack Applebloom Big Mac Granny Smith Fluttershy Berry Punch (non-alcoholic interpretation) Scootaloo Twilight Sparkle For the original characters: File Clip: A nice, upper class stallion Earth Pony who lives in an apartment in Manehatten. Not much of an accent, a pretty average adult male voice, not too deep, not too light. Marble Hoof: File Clip's nice Earth Pony wife. Not much of an accent either, a smooth average female voice of a mare in her mid-late 20s to 30s. Pearl Necklace: File Clip and Marble Hoof's, (very) bratty daughter, who doesn't like the idea of being in the student exchange program. A squeaky teenage voice, who talks in a bratty tone most of the time. Re-occurring characters I will need voices for if the pilot is approved (initial occurrence most likely within the first five episodes). Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Applejack Rarity Spike Starlight Glimmer Trixie Luamoon Maud Pie Applebloom Sweetie Belle Scootaloo Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Berry Punch Zecora Derpy "Ditzy" Hooves Princess Celestia Princess Luna (pretty sure Celly and Luna will be re-occurring) There will certainly be other ponies' voices I'll need eventually, and I can always use background/extra voices, so even if you don't match anypony on the list, feel free to audition as a background/extra voice if you wish! All proper position volunteering and voice sample auditions should be e-mailed to this address: (you can also ask in the thread, but you must have an e-mail regardless if you asked in the thread or not.) There is also a Casting Call Club page if you prefer to audition via that. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread. Thank You for taking the time to read this! -SP64
  4. Hi everyone! Im Voseerie, formerly mylilpegasister, my Username, and accounts are changing to keep everything separate from eachother. Please call me Vos, Eerie, Vee or Voseerie. I dont like my irl name being used. What I'm looking for are characters that are not being used currently in any story or timeline to be recycled into characters in a graphic novel im creating. I need characters, and its hard to keep creating ones whom are too similar or have the same traits as my own. Therefore im asking for old OCs that are not in use, characters who have been neglected and you wish to see them used or characters who you simply dont want anymore. If the characters are fitting and we both accept, credit and links will be beneath each page in the description, where the page includes or references them. and inside each overview and informational piece about the GN. What id like to make very clear is that if I'm allowed to use your OC in my story, their personality, name, race and some design tweaks might be made. This is just to make them fit better into the story if need be. Ill run any tweaks by you first to see if you are okay with their ' Voseerie AU' Self. However, i will try to keep the character as true to themselves as i can. If any tweaks are hard NOs then i can try to use them elsewhere. When submitting an OC please make YES and NO tweaks clear. PLEASE also include your characters age, gender, pronouns, sexuality, and beliefs, Also include if they are eligible for Romance, children, conflict, and Death. Some characters may die, some in flashbacks others just mentioned. If the direction of the character takes a turn you dislike, please contact me and i can try and change the issue(s) while the pages are still being developed. If the issue goes unnoticed and the page is uploaded or finalized before the issue is resolved i can try and salvage the issue in the next few pages. If the issue is serious and you are completely against the alternative salvaging pages the character will be removed from the story as soon as possible where necessary this can include simple or extreme methods such as character death. A disclaimer will then be made explaining the issue and where the character has gone. If the character takes on an important role in the story then they will remain until they can be either safely removed or until a replacement is made. The replacement will have the same Name, gender, and basic personality traits until they announce their new alias in the story. While this may seem extreme; The same way you are your characters creator; I will be their publisher and i don't wish for my novel to have any loopholes or issues because of poor communication. If you wish to withdraw a character please give me 2 weeks notice and (optional) allow them to remain until the end of the chapter, this allowes me to tie up loose ends and give them a fitting goodbye, You will still be credited unless specified not to for your contribution. Moving on ! The story is about my headcanon of batponies and their society after the Rise and Fall of nightmare moon and then their adaption to lunas return. The story will have talk of racism to the batponies, scenes or war, blood will be a regular occurrence, and mentions of sexual content and reproduction. Nothing explicit will be seen however as i don't feel comfortable in drawing gore and NSFW scenes. All pages will be appropriately tagged. The characters im looking for will be background characters and minor characters, many will be made into my batpony race, and others will remain as they were. As apperance goes, dull and natural tones are preferred. No neon colours will exist among the batponies execpt with eye colour and hair. If your OC is brightly coloured, their coats will be desaturated to fit in better with the society. If they remain their original race, only a few tweaks of colour will be made. If after reading all this and you still would like to submit your character, please include a clear visual, and basic information about them. Include a basic outline of who they are, their goals, likes, dislikes, cutiemark, tect... please also include as stated above; age, gender, pronouns, and sexuality. Having many characters can lead to confusion after all! and i don't want to offend anyone or misinterpret their character in any way! Thanks for reading everyone!! --Voseerie.
  5. Hi there, this is my casting call for My Little Pony and Equestria Girls: I would really like to have some good canon mlp voice impressions of Sunset, Starlight, Twilight, Applejack, Spike and Sunburst soon. These character roles close on February 10th, 2019. You might be able to get an understudy role if you come as the second winner. Skills and other voice/singing auditions are welcome too, just send them in the right roles. A couple of important roles close on the same date. Requirements: An email (to contact me. Must be sent like this: someoneexample@ (with the space in a private message.) A high quality microphone with no background noise. Good MLP and Custom Voice Impressions. Goodluck!
  6. ALL ROLES FOR EPISODE 1 HAVE BEEN FILLED. THIS CASTING CALL IS NOW CLOSED. What This Project Is. Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy is a planned 12-episode crossover radio drama / audio play between Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. What sets this version of Doctor Whooves apart from others is the fact that the Doctor in this story is not, in fact, the same doctor as from Doctor Who. He is instead someone who met The Doctor as a foal, and through an unfortunate string of events, winds up absorbing several of the Doctor's traits and memories. These include a longer life span and regeneration. He then becomes the Doctor's living legacy in this other universe. The story will follow the second incarnation of The Legacy Doctor, as he is called, as he works to figure out who he is, and whether or not he truly wants to be the Doctor of the MLP universe. Alongside him are, of course, his companions. In this case, they are Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, and on occasion, Derpy Hooves. As of the writing of this casting call, the scripts for Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are all written, and an outline for the whole series has already been written up. What I Am Needing. As things are, I am capable of handling the assembly of the episodes, the writing of the scripts, and maybe even to a lesser extent episode artwork (Although I would rather someone more skilled than I take on that job.) I also have the capacity to voice several of the characters in the series, including the main villain and some of the side characters in individual episodes. However, I cannot do every conceivable voice under the sun. As such, this post is written so I can see about getting voice actors on board for this project. There are three documents I will link to, and each one contains a list of characters, their personalities, voice types, and audition lines. The first document contains a list of the main cast members, the second document the supporting and secondary cast members, and document three has a list of voices for episode 1 only. MAIN CAST ROLES SUPPORTING AND SECONDARY CAST ROLES EPISODE 1 ROLES Audition Guidelines. Feel free to audition for as many characters as you want. Please supply each character audition in a separate .wav file containing however many takes of each of the audition lines as you feel is appropriate. Supply a different file for each character you are auditioning for. This will make it easier on my end for organizing the auditions. Send your Auditions to Alternatively, you can submit your auditions at the Casting Call Club website here: Link to CCC Audition Page. Additionally... Here is a link to the Public Discord Server for discussing this project and keeping up-to-date with announcements and other specific progress. If you are chosen for a part, then you Must be willing and able to use the Discord messaging app, as that is how I am keeping in communication with all members of the team. THE CURRENT DEADLINE IS THE 9TH OF SEPTEMBER!
  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening to whoever it may concern. It has been a long while since I've actually done a post like this on MLP Forums, and because it has been a while, I am uncertain if I am doing this right by posting this topic on this forum nor do I know if anyone might be interested in what I am requesting for. Nevertheless, I hope that I am able to get some help in some way. In August of 2017, I've discovered an MLP comic on DeviantArt that I fell in love with simply because of its art style and storytelling. I've considered doing a dub of it once I finished my first fic reading on Youtube, but due to real life and production problems, I was forced to put the fic reading on hiatus and work on something new. Hence, my current work on this comic dub I'm working on. I'm proud to announce that I have released a casting call for the upcoming comic drama, 'Heart of the Draconequus', an original MLP fan comic written by the lovely Celestial-Rainstorm. You can find out about the comic here. Link to comic: The comic features minor Fluttercord, something I'm not really into, but regardless, I do like this comic simply for how it is drawn and how the story is told. As for the comic dub of this series, I am currently holding a casting call in which I am looking for male and female roles that include the Main Six, Discord, Eris, and many more. For more information regarding on auditioning for the comic dub, you may find it here in this video. Link to casting call video: I've received quite a few auditions already, but I can still use the help in regards to having more people auditioning for the comic dub. I'd be so grateful if I had more people coming in to audition for the comic dub. If you're unable to audition, all I ask is that you may spread the word about this project to anyone who might be interested. I can really use all the help I can get. Thank you for your time to read this topic. If you have any questions regarding the auditions, feel free to let me know
  8. Hello fellow ponies, this is :: Mysterious Soul :: . I'm requesting ocs for my mlp nextgen fanfic. I want you all to now that Twilight and Discord are together along with My oc Ocean Whiplash and Doctor Whooves, and Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. So I am using ocs form a person on deviantart that i'm watching. I will give the link below and tell you want characters I'm using. Please let me know if you want to have or create oc for this. This is the lady I'm using some of her mlp next gen characters. Lopoddity . Characters I'm using from Lopoddity Pandora Chakra Blossom Cupcake Peachy Keen Rosemary Jamboree Sandwich Peanut Butter Sandwich Artemis (The one with the night looking mane )
  9. Hi all, I'm creating a crossover fanfic with the CMC starting a Pokemon Adventure and I'm looking for ponies to be introduced as either trainers or important parts of story! I'll be playing and basing this fanfic on Pokemon Black, which has a lot of characters and things to see. I hope that you'll read it :).
  10. Hello! Swivel here, I've been working on making a dr who/MLP crossover audio drama, because this fandom surely needs more of them. (not, this is pretty much for fun) Anyway, the time has come for me to be looking for talented voice actors to voice the characters as well as an editor to check over my script. Details can be found here: If you would prefer to email me your audition, please use the lines in the link, separate each character into a different file, and name the files with you name and the name of the character you're auditioning for. You can email auditions to I'm also looking for an editor, the more nitpicky the better. You can either do as requested in the casting call or simply tell me why you'd be a good editor for this project. Keep in mind, I'm not simply looking for someone to check spelling and grammar, but also story, pacing, how the dialog flows, and more. If you have any questions about this project, or think you might be able to help in some other way, feel free to post here or message me!
  11. I'm putting it up here, just in case Also, Mare and the Master's TARDIS Adventures is cancelled for the time being.
  12. I'm looking for anypony out there who can do the voice of filly AJ for this comic. Reply with your audition here. *REQUIREMENT* You must have a professional-like microphone (I use a Blue Snowball USB Microphone) to gain the best quality for the recording. This will allow me to clean the audio correctly for the final product. I wish the very best of luck to be in this. Have Fun! P.S. I have uploaded the comic for reference, if you want to use any line from it or be original; improvise something clever.
  13. Final update Casting Call is now CLOSED. UPDATE: Auditions end 5 July! All auditions need to be in by that time. Updated update: The Role of Discord has been cast. But DO try out for the other roles. Voice actors (and actresses) needed for a slight reboot for our series. New writer, new cast, new everything. (Well, mostly) Characters needed: Princess Celestia: Pretty self explanatory. She's both a sort of 'narrative' force at the beginning and a key component in the series as it goes. Reference: I think you can guess… Princess Luna: Luna is slowly being consumed by a dark force, her performance must show this. She's sad at what is happening to her, but at the same time, the dark force is taking more and more control over her. Reference: Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon (more the tone of Nightmare Moon, with the voice of Luna) Silver Lining: Male He's the 'hero' of our story, trying to find Princess Luna and bring her home safely. He's smart, but hides it behind a facade of humour and one liners. He plays dumb, but has a clever undercurrent that shows when he needs it to. Reference: Pete Lattimer from Warehouse 13, or Shawn Spencer from Psych (or a slightly more serious Pinkie Pie…) Indistinct voices 1&2: Ghostly dream-world voices. Guides (sort of) to Silver while he's in the dream world. Reference: A mix of Gollum/Smeagol and the stereotypic ghost children in most horror films. HAS BEEN TAKEN: Discord: Pretty self explanatory, just like in the series, but a little less mature. Reference: think Q from Next Generation. Audition Lines: Celestia: Without proof of his duplicity, any action I made against him would incite further action to his cause. I needed to tread carefully. Have you any evidence of what you claim? Or do you believe your word is evidence enough? Luna: (Crying softly) (SOUNDING STARTLED AND CONFUSED): Silver? What are you doing here? How... how did you get here? NIGHTMARE MOON (BLENDING WITH LUNA): No! Wait... Help me... come save me... I'm with the Gryphons... Danger... Silver: *yawns* Morning already? *stutters* My voice?! What happened to my voice?! (Groans, tired) We've been walking all day. I want to save Luna as much as anypony, but can we rest for a little while? I'm exhausted. And we skipped lunch. Indistinct Voices 1&2: (INDISTINCT VOICE 1: "Where am I?" Who am I? /What/ am I? (Incoherent whispers) INDISTINCT VOICE 2: What is it? INDISTINCT VOICE 1: I think it's a pony. INDISTINCT 2: A pony, a pony... is it a little hoarse? INDISTINCT 1: Very little. TAKEN: Discord: *mocking laugh* Oh, what's wrong, Silver Lining? *demeaning tone* Don't like the new voice? Hmm... I could change it. You're no fun, /mon Chambrelyn/. Fine, I'll cut to the chase. There's been a disturbance in the force, and I need you two ponies to fix it. Post auditions either to this topic, or send them to me or MasterChaoss, who is the director of the series, and thus has final say to casting.
  14. Life in Ponyville, outside of the usual events like a parasprite invasion or a revenge-seeking, all powerful megalomaniac kicking out the librarian, tends to be laid back and typical. Which Applejack doesn't mind. However, after the CMC cause more problems due to influence from a newcomer in town, Applejack gathers the girls to fix what the CMC did. But then a mysterious creature ends up attacking Applejack, and while she survives and seems fine, it isn't long before she starts acting strangely. It's up to the usual group of ponies to figure out what's going on before it's too late. Hello everyone! I am making of an animation based on the Applejack fan fiction, "A Hairy Problem". I'm going to start with the first two or three chapters of the fan fic once everything is settled. Every episode will have 18 - 22 minutes in length. EDIT: This is an audio series now. Voice actors are still needed! Mane Six Applejack - LittleMissBloo Twilight Sparkle - A.K. Yearling Rarity - Pink Mist Rainbow Dash - Neon Fire Pinkie Pie - A.K. Yearling Fluttershy - Pink Mist Apple Family Granny Smith - Pandora/Bloo Big Mclntosh - StormwingThePony Apple Bloom - Pandora/Bloo Other Nurse Redheart - Lyrafinish Lyra Heartstrings - Lyrafinish Bon Bon - Little Lizards Sandalwood - Star Burst Princess Celestia [open] Princess Luna - Little Lizards Sound Designer/Editor/Special FX Christmas Doge Musicians/Music Flakers Christmas Doge
  15. Hey, all, PuniPony is about to officially begin working and releasing an exciting and somewhat extensive project. We are going to be making an animatic series based around Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Twilight catching a cold, the magic of friendship, and the purest of love turned to the darkest of revenge. We are not officially opening up the casting call for this production (we still have yet to get the pilot out), however when we do there will be many roles that need to be filled. Right now, we are looking for a Lyra. Lyra's role in this production is an investigator of somewhat comedic relief. She overhears Whooves slipping up and begins to suspect him of being "Human" in disguise. Making it her mission to uncover the truth about him, she pops up in a majority of the episodes looking for clues. I am looking for her voice to be somewhat androgynous. Perhaps a lower female voice or a higher male voice? Very ambitious, and very dramatic. Someone with lots of character is encouraged to apply for the role. If you would like to audition for Lyra, please read the following lines (you can do a few different takes if you would like) and either post it here, a link to it on soundcloud or youtube, or email it to me at Remember, I'm not looking for a super canon voice, but rather one that is full of emotion and sounds good. If you can both say the words naturally and use the widely accepted fan voice, that is perfectly alright. Remember that recording quality and the acting come before sounding like what's 'canon/fanon'. LYRA: "Human eh? Something's afoot!" LYRA: "Oh to live in a world where you can wear shoes without having to nail them into your feet." Simul says if you're really serious, read him a sonnet from shakespeare in your best Lyra voice. Please simply do your best. We're looking for good character, emotion, and good mic quality. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. To send your audition, either post it here, provide a link, or send to The auditions posted to this thread will be considered before those that are emailed (as Simul and I will check this thread more frequently). If you wish to be a part of this production, however do not want to audition as Lyra, please keep your eyes peeled for an announcement coming in mid to late January or early February 2014 where many more roles will be offered. Best of luck! Bloo, Simul, and Chromatic
  16. Do you enjoy fanfiction? Do you annoy all your uninterested friends by going on and on about the latest update to your favorite Grimdark Adventure Shipfic starring Twilight Sparkle and Tom the Rock? Wouldn't you rather talk with some people who care about the same things you do? Let me tell you about a quirkly little book club/podcast I'm putting together... “The Canterlot Library Book Club” (name pending) is a once a week get-together for fanfiction lovers to discuss the material they love so much. Each week, a member of the podcast will be given the opportunity to choose the fanfiction that all members (and listeners) are expected to read before the next online get-together. When the meetings start, we discuss what we've read, give our opinions, and generally discuss the contents of that fanfiction. If possible, after we've said our pieces, the author him/herself might even join in to give us their own two-cents, and be open to questions we might have. The meeting ends with the decision made for what will be covered at next week's meeting, and the cycle continues. How can you join this club? Well, all you'd need to do is tune in to the podcast and read along with the hosts. But if you're interested in becoming a host, now is the time to let it be known, because positions are limited. Too many cooks spoil the pot, after all. The following are the requirements for anyone interested in joining the podcast: You must have a genuine love for fanfiction, and generally have “good” taste. You must be open to reading all genres of fanfiction, and are not put off by sometimes mature content. This may include violence, swearing, and homosexual relationships. No fanfiction for pure titillation’s sake, “clop”, will be read in the book club, though. You must be able to meet online for the recording of the book club meeting for one hour or more, once a week. You must be able to discuss your opinions in an intelligible way, and get along with others even when you don't agree with them. Along with this, a passable microphone is necessary for your words to be heard. You must be able to read a fanfiction each week, which will vary in length from short to very long, depending on the week's selection. *In the event that the podcast is broadcast live while it is being recorded, you would need to be able to be present each week at the same time. This matter is still up in the air though, and I'd prefer it the podcast to be recorded in advance of being aired, if it is aired in any capacity other than a download link.* Still interested? Great! Please respond in this thread with your reasons for why you want to become a host and why you should be accepted. Also include a link and short, spoiler free summary of 1 fanfiction which you love dearly, or is your all time favorite. But don't go into too much detail; if you become a host, you'll be able to discuss it on the show. The cast thus far (this is not set in stone) includes... Legendary Emerald (aka Serah Anastos, aka myself) Questio (Pending) ??? ??? Also, depending on the amount of feedback this thread receives, and the quality of submissions, the cast limit might be made higher to allow more hosts.
  17. UPDATE: The project's entered another stage. The game will now focus more on the Canterlot Guard and will be some form of episodic series or trilogy. I am hiring at the moment modelers and a voice actor for Shining Armor. So if anyone wants to apply, contact me at the forums. Voice Role Open at the Moment: Cadence - Like the series. Twilight Sparkle: Like the series. Shining Armor: Like the series. Spitfire: Like the series. Our website: