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Found 7 results

  1. Oh, hello there. *sips tea* .......... Well, it's been a few weeks, hasn't it? ...Yeah....well, I didn't exactly plan to miss the last two weeks, but shit happens. At least I'm back now, and I intend on getting out three reviews today so that I can be all caught up with myself. What great fun for everyone. And just in time too, I suppose, since we've barely made it into season four. Ah, great, I can now officially say I've "binge watched" the show. Somebody kill me. So we just finished the "Princess Twilight Sparkle" two-parter, which was fucking epic. Let's see what other treasures lie ahead. This is "Castle Mane-ia!" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This episode opens up with Twilight searching through books trying to learn more about the secret chest that came from the Tree of Harmony. Aha, and the plot thickens! Then Celestia interrupts Twilight to send her to the old castle from that flashback where Celestia sent Luna to the moon in search of more information on the matter. There, Twilight finds a library, in which she explodes in glorious glee. My Equestria Girls PTSD is not completely repressed I see. Meanwhile, Spike doesn't like the place because spiders, but fuck him I guess. After the title sequence gives me tonsils in my asshole, we see Rainbow Dash and Applejack in the middle of a "most daring pony" contest. The Bee Movie but it's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magi- ...........WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE. JOSH HABER?! N-n-noNONONO. You, you're not telling me, this is Josh Haber's FIRST EPISODE is it?! .....JOSH HABER? Writer of cancer-spreading "SIMPLE WAYS" JOSH HABER?!?!??!?! *inhale* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I miss doing these reviews. Well, let's see if Josh Fucklord Haber manages to send me into hyperdrive this time. After the beekeeper commands his bees return to him, and Pinkie Pie trots off to ring the new school bell, Applejack and Rainbow Dash decide that to determine the most daring pony, they will venture in to the abandoned Castle of the Two Sisters...............which is where Twilight and Spike are. ....... Oh, and now where Rarity and Fluttershy are going there too in search of fabric. How convenient. I wonder how this story's going to end, huh? It's totally not predictable. So, let's see, whose story will we follow first? Ah, how about the slut and the tranny. There's a story that's sure to have a happy ending. The two of them find their tapestries or whatever the fuck you call them in a branching room, and Rarity asks Fluttershy to fly up and lift it off of its hook. In doing so, she activates a hidden door that separates the two. It's not the biggest thing Rarity's seen rotate vigorously. In this instance, the rotating wall happens to turn in a room that Rainbow Dash and Applejack are in, and Fluttershy's frantic motions make them think there's really a ghost haunting the castle. Of course, the wall turns once more to return Fluttershy to Rarity, causing another problem altogether when its revealed she'd hurt her wing. A surprisingly hilarious dialogue takes place when Rarity explains that Fluttershy must've activated a secret door, to which she briskly and almost completely blankly replies "Oh, I'm sorry." It's the little things you know? Like Bill Maher's dick. Little things like that are hilarious. Anyways, while Rarity and Fluttershy fall in a hole, Rainbow Dash and Applejack try to prove to each other that their not scared of the castle, and Twilight and Spike continue studying. That's when Angel (oh, yeah, he's here too, refer to the above screencap) comes into Twilight's room and inadvertently opens up another door which reveals the Journal of the Two Sisters. Jesus Christ, there's the Castle of the Two Sisters, the Journal of the Two Sisters. What's next? The Cup of the Two Sisters?! .......wait, NO, DON'T! It's okay, Spike. We'll get through the fanfics together. So while Fluttershy and Rarity try to figure their way out of the hole, Applejack and Rainbow Dash bicker as the walk through a hallway of hanging, disembodied pony legs. That...actually is creepy. Imagine if there was a hallway with a bunch of severed human legs hanging off the wall. That's fucked up. This episode just received some macabre points. As Rarity sticks her hoof through a hole (heheh) which happens to touch Rainbow Dash in the creepy hallway, both ponies are spooked by their contact and assume "ghost". Then Fluttershy finds the lever that switches them out of the hole. Great. Anyways, there's this great shot in the middle here where it shows Twilight and Spike on one floor, and then the camera pans down the next floor where Fluttershy and Rarity are briefly seen walking along before it pans down to the next floor, which shows a mysterious figure playing a pipe organ that Applejack and Rainbow Dash walk by. A predictable structure this episode might have, but it sure has quite a few interesting overlapping plots. Maybe this episode isn't too bad? We'll see when it's over. For now we have to watch the pipe organ trigger SJWs and boobie traps throughout the castle, sending many of our main characters astray. Well daymn. The thot just plickened! So, I normally go through what subplot is going where, but this late in the story, there's a lot of shit happening at once. Rainbow Dash getting crushed by armor and running off, Applejack going down a dark staircase, Rarity tumbling around, Spike shitting himself, Fluttershy looking for angel. It's just chaos. Let's just skip all the shit and say everyone get's fucking lost, fed-up, and curious, emotionally torn apart, and on the brink of suicide, but they all end up in the middle of the castle in hysterical panic. Then Twilight comes in and freezes everyone and tells them all to STFU, 'cause she's a princess now, and she can do that authoritatively. At this point, they all hear the pipe organ playing and decide to investigate. When they do, they find out that the mare behind all the mayhem was Pinkie Pie. Praise her. Well, maybe you can trigger boobie traps with that organ, but can you play "Gangnam Style"? That's what I thought, bitch. After Pinkie Pie spouts out her convoluted explanation for being in the castle, they all go back up to the room Twilight was in to recover. There, she explains that reading the journal about the past helped her keep a level head in regards to what was happening in the present, which is complete bullshit, but I digress. Twilight comes up with a great idea. They should keep a journal about their adventures, so that they can learn from each other and someday somepony else can learn from them! What a fantastic idea that could lay the foundation for a grand legacy for our main characters. Just one problem; what the fuck ever happened to that. Like, I fucking remember in season four they had that going for a little while, but then, to my recollection, it disappeared off the face of the goddamn earth, never to be mentioned again. I can't even find out on the wiki what happened to it. It makes an appearance in the first part of the finale, but after that it's all abandoned, and I don't remember it being in season five at all. What a shame. About as unimportant and unmemorable as a Rolling Stones record. And so concludes "Castle Mane-ia". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The beginning and the end of this episode did not impress me. In the beginning, I could smell the ending coming a mile away, and in the end, I was unmoved by Pinkie Pie's phoned-in explanation for being a part of this plotline. However, I don't think this is a bad episode. Quite the contrary. Yes, the structure was predictable, but everything in between was fucking exhilarating. Watching each of our characters arrive at this shared location in pairs and then slowly be split apart and reconnected one by one until they all regroup was this really gripping ordeal that I didn't expect to be so engaged in. To me, the episode ended when they all got together, because then I knew what was to come. Not even the Friendship Journal proposal satisfied me since I know it was completely scrapped after this season. Still, the interconnected plotlines I find immense interest in even to this day, so I think the whole episode balances out to roughly an 8/10. Geg. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, so that's one down and two to go. The next episode on the list is "Daring Don't", which would've been last weeks review. Will it continue season four's so far consistent quality, or will it crash and burn in a fiery inferno? I sure hope it daring don't.........'cause I'm fucking tired and I can't be bothered with a shit episode. Tune back in a few hours for the continuation of... Three Reviews. One Day.
  2. After rewatching "Castle Mane-ia" (Season 4 Ep.3), I was curious about where everyone was during the episode. So I drew a simple blueprint of the Castle of the Two Sisters. I tried to be as accurate as possible based on character interactions and the background art. I also plotted the character paths.
  3. Is Castle Mane-ia a great episode? Or is it a terrible one? Find out in this week's super-awesome review! Make sure to subscribe if you want to see my season 5 reviews! Feel free to leave comments below or on the video
  4. While I was looking at the armor in Castle Mane-ia, and I notice something about the armor. The muzzle piece of the helmets are pointed and curved, like a mare's, not blunt and straight, like a stallion's. With this observation, it seems that most, if not all, of the guards were females. Also, all of suits also have horns, giving the impression that they were all unicorns as well. This brings the question of when did they change from a female, singular race system to the male, multi-race system the currently have? I guessing shortly after the Nightmare Moon insentient, but feel free to give my your thoughts and theories.
  5. Well, Josh Haber has written three episodes now: Castle Mane-ia, Simple Ways, and Leap of Faith. Question is, should he return for season 5? I think he should. He does rather well writing the mane six, especially AJ.
  6. I find it odd that I'm the optimistic one for once. Every other person seems to have a gripe with Season 4 so far, but I'm enjoying the ride which is even stranger considering after the sloppy, rushed, Season 3 and irritatingly persistent musical numbers of 'Magical Mystery Cure' rather than plot and exposition the long wait has finally ended. We've got a full 26 episode roster, again! Which means there's still 22 left to air! And so far... We've got a Season-long story arc with a new mystery-so why do so many fans seem disgruntled? I mean-I'm not saying that they're wrong or about their opinions, but I'm curious as to why they feel this way about certain aspects this Season has offered so far.
  7. the title a pun on a pun? ... Do you think this is a bucking game? What a terrible night to have a curse. "Castle Mane-ia" By Josh Haber Not a lot to say about this one, but it was actually pretty good. Great, maybe even. Takes what was sort of a weak premise for an episode and turns it into an entertaining romp with a decent amount of laughs. What's surprising about the humor is that a lot of it comes from timing, some well-placed silly sounds (Donald Duck is apparently trapped inside Applejack's head), and the VA's delivery. Even more surprising is that the one who almost steals the show from Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain is the queen of line delivery around these parts) is Fluttershy. In the last review, I briefly mentioned that I greatly appreciated that she wasn't just some redundant coward like she tends to be in more problematic stories, and that trend continues here, fortunately. She's still tense and everything, but she isn't spending the entire time cowering at every single shadow and is allowed to partake in the same comedy endeavors as everyone else. And by jove, is Andrea Libman great here. She's actually allowed to act and deliver lines, and she ends up being quite funny. I think in general, everybody really delivers here, from Tara Strong's delighted squeals in the opening scene to Ashleigh Ball's juggling characters who's frightened states sound different from each other. It helps that they're backed by a nice script penned by newcomer Josh Haber, who already seems to have a great handle on the personalities of the Mane Six, how they would reason going into the castle, and all the little nuances present in the character. I can't wait to see what he does with a more substantial story. The animation is also effectively funny. Not as extravagant as the premiere, but you can tell they're still experimenting with more three-dimensional posing and placement, and again, the timing is perfect. So many derp faces. I can't. To be sure, the ending is a bit predictable, if not actually really funny, and it's a little disappointing that the Journal of the Two Sisters isn't so much a tool for worldbuilidng so much as a new framing device for the show. I think the episode is enjoyable enough that I can forgive those two quibbles, though I'm sure others might not feel the same. Overall, an inconsequential but enjoyable episode. Nothing more, nothing less. 8/10 Random thoughts: - Why does the idea of a Pony of Shadows or even a ghost seem unrealistic to everyone? The ruling princesses have been alive for a thousand years and Fluttershy's flatmate is the Lord of Chaos. It's like how Indiana Jones never believes the object he's going after is supernatural right up until it starts melting people, despite the fact that the same thing happens literally every time. At this point, nothing should be out of the ballpark of plausibility for these people. - So, is the Pony of Shadows going to end up being real and part of a future plot? That final moment seemed to linger on those glowing eyes a wee bit too long for it to just be a random ending. I'm going to go ahead and assume the Pony of Shadows leads a Nightmare Moon cult or is Voldemort hiding out in the castle while he regains his strength via unicorn blood. - The episode does raise an interesting question about what, exactly, Celestia and Luna's childhood was like. Were they there by themselves for a few hundred years before getting bored and installing the trapdoors for the heck of it, or is the guy who designed the castle an ass? - This is the funniest I've found Pinkie since "Too Many Pinkie Pies". The imagination line at the end is my new favorite Pinkism. Your move, Amy Keating Rogers.