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Found 45 results

  1. I was wondering if someone could draw her? I'd love to see! nah never mind lol
  2. Hey there, I was just browsing through my Tumblr and I saw the cutest thing that instantly put the biggest smile I had this year. Did it make YOU smile?
  3. Maybe I should wonder what ppl put into that food... 20191227_225446.mp4
  4. Just another random question by me. If you had to have a dog and a cat, or if you already have one or both of these animals, have another, which breed would the cat be and which one would the dog me? For the dog, I'd say Shiba Inu, and for the cat, American Bobtail. How about everyone else?
  5. As many of you know, I am an avid lover of pets and that includes those that have made a name for themselves online. I only learned about it today but Bailey died on December 9 due to kidney problems. He was 14. Who’s Bailey? Cats are fickle creatures. Many don’t like kids and just learn to tolerate them. But Bailey truly loved his little human friends. And while I’ve seen a strong bond between cats and children before, Bailey took it to a whole new level. Check out this tribute on People Magazine’s website. The video of Abby singing to a dying Bailey was just so touching. She’s too young to fully understand death. Yet, she does the most amazing job comforting him despite his pain. While it’s sad he’s no longer with us, I’m glad he died peacefully in the presence of his favorite humans. Rest in peace, buddy.
  6. I thought this idea would be funny -- our cool kitty Capper ending up with Jon Arbuckle, and in his place with the ponies at Klugetown's slums the lazy little lasagna-eating tiger of American newspapers. What do you think it would be like, and how would things be different, if Garfield and Capper switched places? Also, would that sound like a good idea? "Why me?"
  7. I couldn't find a thread about favorite cats. What is your favorite breed of cat? How adorable are cats? How cute are cats? How cuddly are cats? How fluffy wuffy are cats? How warm are cats? I love cats! What is your favorite kind of cat? I like domestic short hairs (that's cat speak for "mutt"). I like black cats.
  8. Hi, I drew again and guess what, it's new character again. I messed up the hands and forgot to draw scales and whiskers -_- But otherwise I'm satisfied with the end result, and if it isn't clear, head = cat, Body and hands = dragon, Hooves = pony, wings = bat, and tail = lion. I did this in about 6 hours, so it was rushed drawing, mostly because I didn't want to leave it unfinished for a week. I'm not really sure if it's he or she
  9. hi 4 years ago was i reading a comic that i found on deviant art. i lost the link and i cant find it anymore i never finished it. it was about sapient cats that met the ponies i don't remember much anymore. can someone help?
  10. i made my character for animation, i used Anime studio Pro for it, any feedback?
  11. I was lucky enough to have a certain cat for 16 years of my life. For a cat, I would personally say that she was the most amazing cat you would have ever met. A couple days after the Christmas season, my cat passed away. Since then, her passing has been such a quiet topic that I didn't want to ever talk about, but I feel as if I should properly give her a goodbye. Penny was her name. I had Penny for as long as I can remember. I've actually had Penny as my cat only a little bit after I was born. So in a way, we grew up together. Penny was such a pretty cat. I don't exactly know what species she was, but I can describe her as white with black and brown spots. She was amazingly skinny, and was a stunningly healthy cat. It was probably the reason why she lived so long. Penny was such a quiet and nice cat too. She wasn't one for games but more of a lap cat. I remember when I would get up for school, she would claw at my hair like a scratching post. It hurt, but I let her anyways. Something about the way she pulled on my hair (combined with my tiredness) just felt strangely nice. Penny loved everyone. If you were new to the house (and didn't have dogs) she would love to sit on your lap the moment you sat down. She wasn't a bother to anyone. She would just sit there and sleep. And it was nice. I remember the way she would curl up on my lap when I would play computer games. She always seemed so peaceful. Penny actually had her tail cut off. Yeah, she hurt her tail really badly and had to get it removed. She lived without it though. She seemed perfectly fine. She had good balance even after she had lost her tail. I remember a time when we got a pizza delivered to our house. My dad was talking to the pizza delivery guy and he noticed Penny close to the door. He made a comment about how he had never seen a cat without a tail, and my dad laughed. We became so use to seeing her without a tail, we didn't think about how other people would find it strange. Penny loved to give us her treats. She was often an outdoor cat, but we were never worried. We had a big backyard, and Penny loved it. We were never worried when Penny got outside, she would always return at night. Sometimes with a treat for us. She loved to show off the new dead mouse she captured. Sometimes, she would even surprise us with a bird! How she ever caught those birds, I will never know. It's sad to think that I'm going to have to live the rest of my life without Penny. It almost feels weird and lonely. I knew I could always find that cat and give her the love that I rally had for her. There'll never be another cat like her. But with all life, when one ends, we must move on. There's no point in hanging in the past. I've just got to accept that my cat is in a better place now, and I've got to move on. So to you, Penny, I'm so thankful for the joy and love you brought to me in my childhood. I hope that I'll be able to see you again at some point. But for now, I'll just live my life the way you would want me to. Thank you Penny, for being there for me. I appreciate all pf you who have read this the whole way through. I really feel better now.
  12. ..... [balareth: Kiki, we are online] Oh! yeah, sorry, since the AMA is getting too popular i thought it could be a nice idea if i start my own, now don't get confused is not the user AMA (balareth) is me, a talking cat who came from planet Felidae, i entered in a magic portal and i meet lots of ponies and the experience i had with them and also with my planet were very amazing, so if you have any question feel free to ask, am excited to answer and talk a bit about myself and the adventures i had so let's start!
  13. Well, I thought this would be a good way to get to know more OCs. I answer via script format for my OC. --- One day, you paid a visit to Zecora and after you finished your business, you saw a strange cat sitting at side of her hut. It was a strange looking cat. A ragdoll breed with coffee color on top of cream fur. It seems to be wearing some sort of mask and holding a crudely made doll. You can see golden cuffs on its paws and tail. It is about the height of an average dog. It noticed you and looked up and stared into your eyes. (Ask away)
  14. So I made this little video. It's not much, just a looping gif but I think it turned out pretty good. For those of you who don't know, the cat is Sakamoto from Nichijou. and here's a cute little gif version
  15. What is with the stuff on the internet that is about Twilight being a cat? I am talking about stuff like this: Sorry if I missed something but it doesn't make much sense to me.
  16. I wanted to make a special entry for my kitty Luna's fifth birthday!!! <3 <3
  17. One of the biggest thing on the internet now and forever is cats. Everyone loves cats, even people who cats love them. I know I do. Anyway my favorite cat character is Kyubey. His emotionless emotions is just the best thing ever and blaze the cat from Sonic. She's pretty bad arse. What about you brosnies? And everything is better with Kamina shades
  18. I drew Pinkie Pie as a cat.
  19. Hey guys! It's been a really long while since I posted in this blog in particular, but I need some advice. Several days ago, my mom saved a pug from getting euthanized at 10 AM the next evening. They were going to euthanize her for no apparent reason, because no one came and took her in. Mom felt sorry for Roxy (that's her name), and now she lives over here temporarily since we are moving into an apartment soon. Now here's the problem. As of two days ago, let's just say my cat, Sophie, isn't taking this so well. We had a dog in the house before, but I am afraid this has blossomed her deep distaste for dogs since all the dog did was try to "play" with her. Anyways, the first time Sophie saw Roxy, she immediately hissed at her and started growling. I know this is typical cat behavior, but i'm worried for my cat. Sophie hasn't came out of my room since, because Roxy keeps chasing her and barking. I literally realized that today when I noticed her food bowl hasn't been touched, so I literally had to bring in her food bowl in my room. As I speak, she is still eating and I gave her the food 10 minutes ago. She hasn't purred or looked me in the eye since, and i'm afraid my cat may be upset or depressed about there being another dog in the house since she is used to all the attention since our previous dog, Maggie, left. She won't even let me cradle her like a baby as usual! Is she mad at me, and will she adjust to the fact of there being another animal in the house. We have a bird too, but she doesn't mind her because she's in a cage.
  20. I have a pet cat that seems to like music to a degree. If I listen to music in the living room during the day she'll come from her normal spot and sit in the other chair (that she doesn't use otherwise at that time of day.) Sometimes she will even swish/twitch her tail with the beat when she's sitting there. I usually listen to rock/alternative when I put it on in that room, but more on the mellow side. She doesn't like just any music. She normally chills on the beds upstairs during the day but if My sister puts Dubstep or similar music on she gets the hell out of there even if it's not that loud. The song she seems to like the most is the synth/instrumental part near the end of Styx- Come sail away. she always perks up and her ears flick all over. At 3:25 in
  21. Here is my OC Chimera pony! I was thinking her name could be kind of mystical sounding but still MLP like. She is very curious, she's sweet but can be threatening if she is provoked. She is mostly part pony--part cat, but she also has some fawn aspects, such as her ears and spots. I did the spots black and orange like a calico cat. Please don't use her for anything without permission. Here is the non-colored in version if anypony wants to see it!
  22. Wagging tails Growling Whining Stretching (for dogs) Purring (for cats)
  23. Um.. This is my "OC" Layla...I'm wriitng a story called Hahiko's Secret, which is basically about magic cats.... So Layla is a character in it... I made this myelf by editing a pic of a cat in the editing program: Here she is!: It's also my icon so yeah... Also! I have decided (since I'm nice) I'll be doing FREE commissions for these type of pics! i'll post all the rules later!