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Found 10 results

  1. (Please note this isn't the same as the topic about what songs get stuck in your head a lot. This is what is stuck in your head at this very moment in time) This is a very random question, but I am wondering what song is stuck in your head right now at this very moment you read this sentence. This does not necessarily mean you like the song, just wondering what song is stuck in your head. There is always one song stuck in your head. For me, I always have single song stuck in my head for each day. It switches each day for me and is completely random. Right now, the song "Spies" by Coldplay is stuck in my head. What about you?
  2. This month's song is a quick and happy one that started out life as a commission, and then I decided to polish it a little more and post it! It is short, sweet, and perfectly silly. You can get the HQ download on ponyfm:
  3. What is the catchiest song you've heard? For me, Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects is ridiculously catchy. While I do like the above example, it doesn't matter if you like the song that you post or not.
  4. This doesn't necessarily mean the best soundtrack. But which cartoon do you think has the catchiest soundtrack? Not including musical numbers, or the title sequence.
  5. Between the Bemani games, Capcom fighters, Sega games, and other similar games from other developers? What is it about arcade game style music that makes it so catchy? I think its because a lot of them are very upbeat and fast-paced. This style of music is really lacking in games today and its kinda sad too, I feel it gives them alot of energy and excitement.
  6. Hey guys, Considering how diverse the world's national anthems are, I decided to start a poll where you guys can vote for your favourite national anthem! Here's a huge chunk of the anthems right here! You can always look it up as well! Anyway, my favourite's this here anthem, just because it's very patriotic and musically rich: Well, get voting then! After a period of time, I'll publish the top 10 national anthems according to MLPF!
  7. Most catchiest song I've ever heard is this one. (gah, I can't get it out of my head)
  9. When I was younger, I was always a classical music listener. Everything I listened to was classical. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, you name it! I didn't listen to anything else, partially because my parents made me listen to classical music only. As time went on though, people showed me other types of music, like hip hop, alternative rock, pop rock, and so forth. Although they were interesting to listen to, I never really liked it when I was a kid. When I began listening to ragtime, jazz, and traditional pop though, I slowly grew into it. In particular, when my friends began talking about all sorts of musicals they loved to listen to, from "South Pacific" to "Sound of Music" to "The Lion King", I was intrigued. What was so special about the musical? Why did my friends love it so much? Personally, I never really watched a musical at that point in my life, so I was completely clueless. Because of that, I did some research... I began to listen to a few musicals. I even performed in one. I listened to songs from South Pacific, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, even the Disney musicals and Wicked just to get as much as I could. What I found was really interesting. Most of the songs were so catchy. Take "I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy" for instance. Featured in Fallout 3, it was a waltz tune that showed a girl in love with this wonderful guy. Simple plot, simple melody, but catchy. Here's the song below. What was even more amazing was that the musical numbers touched a part of me. I could relate to the characters involved. Take for instance "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel. Julie's husband kills himself and she's got nowhere to go. However, the other people give her the support she needed to move on. It's so touching that it became Liverpool FC's song. All of us need a sense of community when we're down. The song touchingly reflects on that truth. Here's the number. Start at 3:35. In defense of the musical, these composers were writing about their own struggles in their lives, but they veiled it with plots that reflected people living everyday life. The values and themes that were reflected in these musicals were faced by everyone who watched them. Seeing them played out in such a touching and catchy way was what touched me and many other viewers and made them huge successes in the music world.
  10. Got a song you can't stop thinking about? Post it here, and maybe you'll infect others with the catchiness. I'll start