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Found 14 results

  1. Believe it or not, MLP has two card games out. First, the official Collectible Card Game (CCG), which has been hosted at tournaments ranging from BronyCon to GenCon. A game where you use tokens to deploy pony cards of differing attriubtes, events and items in an attempt to work together and overcome problem cards played by the opponent and the accompanying trouble makers who hinder your efforts, while they do the same against you, each card played effecting everything from number of cards in the hand, what you draw, how many tokens you can spend and who you can move. Whomever can achieve up to the required level of points by solving every problem and vanquishing every troublemaker gets the W. A very unique strategy game in the grand scheme. And on the other side, we have Twilight Sparkles Secret Shipfic Folder (TSSSF), the unofficial, lucrative fan produced game that has spread to every Brony convention across the land. A game that plays upon the more comedic aspects of the fandom by having the focus be on by pairing characters in the game together in branching relationships using the shipping cards, each pony and ship card having it's own effect on the board, and all being used to meet the varying demands of the goal cards. Initially developed as a bit of a party game, the overarching idea was to essentially write and play out really bad fanfics using the most convoluted and nonsensical romance tropes and pairings imaginable, with comedic variants of popular characters, the addition of fan OCs and even flavor text allegedly taken from actual fanfics. But over time TSSSF has evolved into it's own serious strategy game, tactically playing the right cards together to achieve the goals in the fastest time. So with the candidates layed out, which card game was more successful? For those that have, which one was more fun to play? And for those who haven't played either, which sounds like the better game to play?
  2. Anyone into the CCG game like me?
  3. This will be short and sweet. I wanted to love MLP:CCG, and the overall concept of the game - achieving goals and helping people (rather than slaughtering your opponent) - appealed to me. I'm a huge Euro board game player, so I'm very comfortable around victory points. The problem was the fit. Simply put, everything works, but doesn't work well together. Once I discerned how to actually play the game, more by reading guides online than the rules, I found the problem. The clunkiness of the mechanics and the poor book drains the hopeful joy of the source material. The basic concept was simple - have enough power with friends and buffs, confront a problem, solve it, get points. But you also get points for solving it first......what? Solved is solved, right? Nope....because of reasons. Honestly, and this can be seen as a cop-out, the problems of the game are hard to describe. It's very similar to trying to explain why a video game controls poorly. Relating the problem is sterile, as control is an experiential concept. Other CCGs can be explained easily why they fail - bad concept, broken mechanics, boring gameplay. MLP:CCG doesn't really suffer from these. Taken individually, the basics seem to work, and are very similar to modern tabletop games. It's hard to explain why it doesn't work, it just simply....doesn't. The concept fits (somewhat) with the show. The mechanics, once learned, are functional-ish. The gameplay is somewhat slow, but syncs with the bright, bubbly feel of the universe.....kind of. The core problem is, MLP is a great show and setting - it just doesn't fit into a CCG well. A devoted fan, capable of tweaking the setting just a bit (put your torches and pitchforks away - sometimes it's ok to sacrifice a bit of authenticity for gameplay) could make a phenomenal co-operative board game based in Equestria. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Direct competition, in the MLP universe, just feels off, and leads to problems that shouldn't be present in an MLP game.
  4. Well, it seems that its highly possible that the nightmare star card from the trading card game might 100% just be a for fun card, as we have another precedent of that happening now: So, since we have another card that shows the card makers are free to just make things up for fans that don't occur in the show (like pony non-hippocampi sonata dusk), its highly possible that nightmare star isn't going to happen either.
  5. There are some jobs certain people shouldn't have. I shouldn't be a lot of things, but one thing I DEFINITELY should not be is a rulebook writer for games - they would each weigh 16 lbs, fall off shelves, injure innocent children, and I would be in court 9 days a week being sued. I would want to cover every concept in depth to make sure what has happened to me in my gaming life never happens to others. I stand by what I said in my first impression - the rulebook is concise and covers the necessary mechanics well. When playing, however, using the rulebook needs to be a quick affair - find the necessary concept or term, get the definition, and get back to the game. Generally, this is accomplished by gameplay examples or a faux-playthrough included in the text, along with a helpful glossary in the back. The examples given are far from all that helpful, and the glossary has about 10 words in it. There was one major flaw, which now that I know of it I can work around it, but if one isn't aware, it can be frustrating. The layout of the rulebook is a mess. It gets the basic flow - card structure, mechanics, turn order. The problem is that it break down concepts in a weird way. It points out the different parts of the card (the first section, card structure), but doesn't define their function fully until they come up in play (section 3, turn order). As a cover to cover read, this works fine - it doesn't overwhelm the player looking to get the basics. When trying to find something when teaching another player, however, it's a hassle to find what you need on the spot. I attempted the first game with my wife - a very intelligent woman, we play a variety of table top and card games, and she does well with all of them - and it quickly became frustrating trying to find answers to questions. We eventually called it, and decided to come back to it after we both had thoroughly read the rulebook (this will be my third time doing so). As I've played many games, I can see the potential in this, but the rulebook needs a major overhaul. This may simply be the Canterlot Nights rulebook issue, as this is the set I have. I will be buying starters from the other sets, and comparing the books. You win this round, you inanimate object, but I'll be back........
  6. Welcome to Rogue's Refuge! As I have been a brony for a long time, and an avid CCG player for even longer (yes, I had first edition Magic the Gathering cards - dating myself), it's crazy to me that it took me so long to get into the card game. Now, however, that little oversight is resolved, so let's saddle up! As the title says, this is a complete and unbiased first impression. I have seen a little bit of the game, but never owned any or played a hand before. For anyone unfamiliar, I hope this gives a good intro. For veteran players, forgive any beginner's ignorance. I have not yet played a full game yet. That will come later. First off, the cards are nice, durable, and well detailed. My most extensive experience with a CCG I have is Redemption, as I have been playing for 14 years now. That is the gold standard of material - a tad thicker, a good coating so finger prints stay where they should (elsewhere!), but without the feeling of industrial cardstock. MLP isn't up to that level, but is far beyond other games - Yu-Gi-Oh is a tad thinner and collects prints like none other. The worst offender is the horrendous Inuyasha CCG - exceedingly cheap. I was worried a bit about MLP, but for the most part my fears were unfounded. The cards are above average in material quality, so they can be played without sleeves, though I wouldn't recommend that. Properly sleeved, they'll last a long time - much longer than other games. Stored unsleeved, they seem like they will survive. Starter deck construction, however, leaves a tad to be desired. I understand the mechanics of the game, and can see that the starters are not chock full of power cards. This is understandable, as the goal is buying more (I get it - business is business) and building one's own deck, but other games have done better. Redemption, again, is phenomenal, as each starter comes with mega-power cards. MLP certainly has a good mix of higher grade cards, and a base to build on, but also has a few too many low power cards. One or two is ok, as sometimes LPs can work to a strategy, but I can tell when I build a lot of original are going to end up in the scrap heap and will more than likely not be used again. A shame, but this is common in all CCGs. The extras are nice, but unnecessary. I would have preferred a MLP Theme D20 to keep track of action points, but that's just me being excessively nerdy. The included action counters are good, and will easily fit in a deck box. The playmay is enormous, and unfortunately my uncoordinated self already ripped it in the unfolding. I'm a terror with roadmaps. I can definitely see it being helpful for younger players, so I like how detailed it is. The rulebook, though small, covers the necessary concepts well - it even answered a few questions I had while reading about the game that I figured I would need an online reference for. All in all, I'm pleased with it thus far, and will be getting some more starters and packs soon. I hope this has, at the very least, been interesting, and I will add (much) more after a few preliminary games. Thank you for reading!
  7. I'm a huge tabletop gaming fan, and have been looking for a new CCG to get into. I play Redemption, but the community is small, and almost non-existent in my area. Could I ask some MLP:CCG questions? 1. Is the community big across the country? I love tournaments, and want to make sure there is an established comm to play with. Who plays, and where? 2. Are the starters good? Many games (*cough* Magic *cough*) have terrible starters, and it kills it for me. I colllect, but want to be able to build and modify to start with. 3. Is it good? I've seen it played and reviewed, but want some input from dedicated players, not professional reviewers. Please be honest, brutal if needed. This might become my go-to CCG, and I'd like it to be a good one. Thanks!
  8. I've noticed that ever since GenCon 2014 in august, the MLP CCG has sharply declined in popularity. The comic shop where I used to play the game got plenty of players, almost as many as the regular magic tournaments. Now no one shows up. And I believe the gencon event found the major flaws in the game. There's basically two ways to win. Rush strategy, where you move characters around rather fast in conjunction with stronger characters for a group win. Or a control strategy, where you prevent your opponent from doing what is needed to succeed. These make them game predictable, and in the case of the latter strategy, not fun to play if you're on the receiving end. Since your opponent is controlling how many tokens you spend, where your characters go or stay or even if they stay on the field or which cards you draw, you are essentially no longer playing the game, and it ceases to be fun. What do you guys think? Is the game broken? Was the MLP CCG destined to be a fad? What can be done to make the game popular again?
  9. I have just gotten into the MLP CCG and I LOVE IT!! It's like magic the gathering in a way; the 2 decks i have built from scratch are a Blue and Purple ( start card is Rainbow Dash) and the other is Yellow and White ( start card is Fluttershy) Do any you you play it if so what you think of it =) ? to me its a good game but is mostly for bronies because most younger girls (6-12 age) won't be able to play the game properly as it is a bit complex, then again i could be wrong. BTW i have this card in the blue and purple deck
  10. Testing a CCG's cards with sticky notes isn't as hard as you'd think. All you have to do is write the info on the sticky notes, sometimes using two, and you're good! At least, I am. I got my Uno cards, I got my pen and felt tip pens, I got my sticky notes, I got my tape (to keep the sticky notes from coming off) and I got my computer with my Deckbuilding document open! (I set this up so you guys could see what I'm doing :3 I actually make these sitting in my chair, not on the floor ) That's why I need tape. :3 And I messed up on that one up top But, waste not, want not~~ (Especially since I lost my other set of sticky notes) And this is the whole shebang! (That's a digital keyboard resting on its box in the background, in case you're wondering. Also, the rug is Pooh.) FOOVILLE: THE ULTIMATE PIGGY CCG COMING A LONG TIME FROM NOW Let the foo-ntastic games begin...
  11. So, I recently bought 3 decks of the CCG (my little sister stole 1 1/3 a deck) and i have nowhere to put it. How do yall store your CCG? Do you have any suggestions for how I can store mine? What are some other ideas you have for storing your cards. Get creative!!!
  12. Hi Everypony, It's been a while since I've posted an update. The Grand Brony Gala is only 2 months away and we're in full swing with rehearsals for our stage shows: "Fluttershy's Villain Reformation Program" which will be a full length stage show with some of your favorite villains and "Mystery at the Gala" which will take place on Saturday Night at our formal Grand Galloping Gala, and will be an interactive Mystery Dinner Theater and Formal Dance. Along with these shows, we also have two local bands performing: The Brony Tones and SS Hanami AND we have our Guests performing: Michelle Creber (VA of Apple Bloom) and Black Gryphon in Concert In addition we have Cathy Weseluck (VA of Spike & my favorite: Mayor Mare) And the MLP Book Series Author: GM Berrow who will be signing autographs of all her titles, including Equestria Girls. So many events and panels planned for this fun-filled weekend! If you want to come, tickets are still available online! Oh, and where & when is all this fun taking place? Embassy Suites/USF Tampa, FL Aug 15-17
  13. Hey because the CCG just came out and like many CCG the theory crafting could be intense. I think it would be very nice to have a centralized section so all thoughts and rules are confined together.
  14. I hope this is OK to do - if not, mods please remove the post! I interviewed Gail Tilden, the VP of Marketing at Enterplay, for the latest episode of my podcast. Enterplay, of course, have just launched the MLP Collectible Card Game in North America and have plans to unleash it worldwide throughout 2014. We talk about how Enterplay work with Hasbro, how the game came about and a lot more besides. The interview with Gail takes up the first twenty or so minutes of the show, so don't feel like you have to listen to the rest of it (though it's good, I promise ) You can search for Episode 72 of The Little Metal Dog Show on iTunes or download it directly from the site. Here's the link: Thanks for listening! And I'm trying to co-ordinate an interview with Darrell Hardy, one of the lead developers of the game, for the next episode of the show. If that comes off, I'll post it up here too.