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Found 14 results

  1. I'm talking about celebrities because they are easily well-known and hard to reach. Sometimes I find a celebrity to be so a genuine and heartwarming person that I wish we could become friends, regardless of fame or anything else. Just valuing the person in itself. It happened with Will Smith (and his family), Robin Williams, Michael Jackson a few others actors and musicians mostly known in my country.
  2. Out of boredom, I'm attempting to work a Complete list of Celebrity Bronies, got as many as I could so far and just need some thoughts on it and what I can Improve and fix.
  3. Your request is granted, @Banjo Title pretty much says it all. For me it's...a few NASCAR drivers and a mother load of country singers. Too many hot guys to list here.
  4. Doesn't necessarily have to be someone known by all, could be someone who is just starting up or that is known well enough locally. Though if you ever met someone rather popular that would be interesting.
  5. What celebrity do you think you're the most like? This can be in terms of appearance, personality or anything else you can think of. Tell us how and why you consider yourself similar to the celebrity (or celebrities) you choose. Choose as many as you wish. Commence!
  6. This was a bit of a while ago, back in July, but I was at Supercon in Raleigh, NC cause my friend wanted to meet up there. So I'm in the "basement" area where all the merchandise vendors are and I run across the celebrity autograph section. Most of them are empty but I saw the header "Tara Strong" and a crowd behind it and I'm like "no way" and try to find the line. I end up in the line for the guy who voices Steven Universe behind this massive crowd of fan girls until a con staff member asks me what line I'm looking for. So the line for Tara Strong is considerably smaller and I find out that I'm the only brony in a line full of parents with their kids. So I'm a bit embarrassed but I shuffle through the line and it turns out there's a separate line for people with VIP passes. So this one guy with a VIP pass starts coming up and shouting "Bubblelicious!" and telling Tara Strong that she is his childhood hero and I'm just standing there cringing. And then I find out that autographs are $30 bucks a pop (at Animazement I got a free voice actor autograph) and I'm a little miffed. But I shell out the 30 bucks (for another 20 I could've gotten my pic taken with her but I passed). So I get an autographed pic of Twilight Sparkle (her handwriting reads "Tara Sty" almost) and I'm pretty chill. To be fair, Tara Strong is a real good sport with the little kids, making them feel special. Also, she's a real sport about dealing with creepers, etc. (sorry but there are some toxic elements to the fandom). Anyways, rant over, here's a video with the proof showing of my MLP collection.
  7. Something I've noticed to be true is that from Ironman... the Beatles... one is ever safe from ponification. That being said there are still many characters that have yet to be given the pony treatment. I started trying to think of some that I'd like to see. A few that came to mind: Pony Montana (Tony Montana-Scarface) - Partially cause the name fits so well with anyone named Tony, partially cause he's such a cool character that I think deserves to explore his pony side, and partially cause there's a little ghost town called Pony, Montana. More Lord of the Rings ponies. Especially Gandalf and Aragorn. - I've seen a couple, not many though. Maybe because it's so hard to turn their names into horse puns . However, LOTR is all about magic, mystical creatures, and adventure. So is My Little Pony, so it seems to fit. Also there's not many ponies out there with epic beards, there needs to be more! Mare E. Garcia (Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead) The Rarity micro comic has really sparked an interest in me for the characters Flax Seed and Wheat Grass (especially Wheat Grass) and I feel they should have some hippy pony musicians to listen to. Anyway, which of your favorite characters would you like to see ponified? Any particular ones that have been ponified, but you feel deserve a more thorough ponification? Any particularly well made ponifications you've seen that you'd like to share?
  8. John Noble (Walter from Fringe or Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Knight) was at a convention signing autographs. I presented him with a fan vector rendering of Starswirl the Bearded. I asked if he was interested in doing some voice acting for MLP and I showed him the picture. I was trying to be passive and said "it's up to you sir, it's cool if you're not interested". His handlers got him up to speed about the show in one sentence. In the end he said he would consider it so it's more 50/50 rather than a "I'd rather not" so I'm happy with that. I have no proof other than the signature I got from Mr. Noble.
  9. As the title suggests, who do you want to have as a guest star for the show? When I talk about celebrities, I'm talking about either IRL actors or actresses (Leonardo DiCaprio or Nicolas Cage). We're not going for already established voice actors in animations though. Honestly though, I'd be totally cool with Johnny Depp as a guest. So who's on your guest list?
  10. My brother in law showed me that Robert Downey Jr posted this on his fb page earlier today: Poster enlarged: Now, I like to be realistic IRL, so I can't say he's necessarily going to join the herd simply because somepony did a crossover-comparison chart matching Tony Stark to Pinkie Pie... But what I do know is that I like RDJ even more because he's willing to acknowledge all his fans and coverage, even if it is jokingly. Any thoughts on RDJ + ponies?
  11. DigiBrony as you know is one of the lead analyists of the Brony Fandom. He is (was) highly revered as the best we had to offer in terms of pure analysis. Although, as he stated in his latest video, that he wanted to die out of the fandom completly and to not have a hand in anything. In his post on his Tumblr said ( "I’ve unfollowed a significant number of pony channels and blogs, and I’ve ceased to hold responsibilities within the fandom. I don’t want to write for any pony sites or be a part of any more large-scale pony projects anymore. I’ll still be finishing the Brony Quiz shows and the Elements of Brony series, but I won’t be getting more involved in the fandom." Of course he is entitled to his own opinion, but he is completly depriving the fandom of one of the best Analyists to boredom. Also: "I’ve grown to hate the way my videos are interacted with and perceived in the fandom." Wha... Dude, that is YouTube, and more importantly, part of a Fandom. You will get flak, but you most definetly get love too! Please post what you feel on the situation, I'm really sad about this, care to help?
  12. I would like a list of stereotypes involving: * their behaviour * their attitude, and * the stereotypical events in their career, from start to finish.
  13. I'm intrigued by the pony celebrities. Not sure I would include Trixie because she seems to be more of a fairground act than an Equestria-famous star, but you get Photo Finish Rather obnoxious IMHO, only seems to think of herself even tho she has the ability to turn others into stars its all subsumed by her own focus on herself Hoity Toity Seemed genuine and honest, didn't like the first lot of dresses but was willing to give Rarity a second chance, and then a big order once she had proved herself The popstar - was it Sapphire? Seemed down to Earth and friendly, approaching Rarity without too much fuss and happy to give her a big order Any others? Any different thoughts on them?
  14. I found out how to make a Matt Damon pony on General Zoi's Pony Creator! Here's the pony code: 3G002S40000000544F4F4F00000310084UN183700000000220000000FF7FFF02107F3FCC004CB2 I also found things from Avatar: The Last Airbender... Go and try to find new pony ideas, then post them here!