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Found 5 results

  1. Another picture of Nymphaea here, a lot happier with this one since you can actually see her without having to turn your computer brightness way up. I do like how she came out, however I sort of half-assed the background and it shows. Critique and suggestions are appreciated, especially regarding the cloven hooves as they were a bit experimental I'm sure there are better ways to do them.
  2. Since this is the media chat, I thought I'd post one of my favorite games for the iPhone. Celtic Heroes! The game has excellent graphics is a ton of fun. The game actually looks like it's concept art! The game is basically a dungeoning and boss fighting/level grinding game with PVP modes and so much more. I would encourage you to join. Here's a link to the game's website. P.S. If you want to play with me, I'm a level 150 rogue on Rosmerta.
  3. NO I am not music-dead! I am still working on music, believe it or not! I have been silent for just about 2 months now due to a combination of Schoolwerk and my next big orchestral piece; The Symphony of Travesty. So you know, I decided to take a break from intense dramatic orchestra and since I'm on vacation in palm springs I went ahead and whipped something up... something that I'm very proud of considering I used lower quality instruments than usual. o_O There you have it. Celtic! But Marcato, what's with the poll? What? I thought that was obvious... So I have been jumping around between a couple different genre's of music lately, and this celtic piece was a little more out of the ordinary for me. (Despite my absolute love for the violin.) The genre's I usually compose in are as follows... Cinematic Orchestral: Piano + Orchestra Accompaniment Pure Piano Those are the main ones. The other one is Symphonic Metal: Basically, the poll exists because I want to know what you all want to hear. What sort of genre's do you prefer? What kind of music that I make do you prefer? Also, the first question is asking about celtic music. Do you all think I should make more celtic-style music? Fiddle, flute, guitar, etc? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments, and answer the polls! Thanks all!
  4. Because there aren't enough music threads already, and because I get bored way too easily and have too much free time on my hands, I'm going to go ahead and throw my hat into the ring. Not that I expect anyone to care. So... yeah, Celtic music. Traditional stuff mainly, although I guess if you wanted to post Flogging Molly or something that would be fine. Anyway, I'm just gonna throw some songs up here and call it a day. I swear, one of these days I'll remember how to embed videos properly.
  5. For some reason, for about the past month or so... I've been feeling... "Homesick"... ...for Equestria.... O.o I can't really explain it... but that doesn't make the feelings any less real. So, when I heard "Isle of Inisfree," a Celtic song about a displaced soul longing for their home... I knew just had to rewrite it to match how I was feeling. If you've ever felt this too... I hope this song makes the longing a little easier knowing that there are others who feel it as well.... My Equestria I've met some folks who say that I'm a dreamer, And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say, But sure a body's bound to be a dreamer, When all the things she loves are far away. And precious things are dreams unto an exile. They bring her home to a land so magical And in her heart she's once again pony, In her dear lovely home, Equestria. When this world's moon rises beyond the rooftops, Of this great city, with wonders near and far, I scarcely feel the bright lights or the turmoil... I'm home again in my Equestria. I wander o'er green hills through dreamy valleys, And find a peace no other land would know. I hear the birds make music fit for angels, And watch the rivers laughing as they flow. And back to Ponyville my hooves they take me, My dear old home and tenderly behold, Ponies I love around the village, gathered. And I relive their friendships young and old. But dreams don't last Though friends are not forgotten And soon I'm back to harsh reality. But even if they paved the roads with gold here, I still would choose my dear Equestria. ----- (from "Isle of Inisfree" – by Richard Farrelly, ©1950) Vocals & Equestria lyrics by Dreamsong Flute and instrumentation by Dreamsong