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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everypony! I present to you the second and surely not last video in the MLP: Censorship is Magic series! This one was Slice of Life at a request from a comment on the first one. This video got cropped because I guess I was working on 720p instead of 1080p so it cropped the sides, but it shouldn't affect it too much. I hope you guys enjoy! And yes, I know some people prefer short 4 minute videos, but videos longer than 10 minutes attract larger audiences. Comment what episode I should do next below! *Note* There are suggestive curse words, so I don't recommend it for everypony. They aren't actual curse words, but the bleeps make it seem like it. Nevermind, it got blocked worldwide for copyright.... You probably can't watch it, it's blocked worldwide ;/ Can an admin block this thread please? Thank you.
  2. I know it's not much but here it goes anyway. Any feedback will be appreciated. Ps. There are few censored cursewords. Hopefully it doesn't mean it breaks the rules.
  3. Seems someone has a potty mouth and needs her mouth washed out with Soap. And that someone is the Great and Powerful Trixie Note: If you would like the Uncensored version, PST me and I'll give it to you.
  4. Hi everypony! The thing is Mexican government will likely approve Telecom Bill, which allows them to censor any TV/Internet content that they consider it shouldn't be there. They will also remove intenert access in any regions within Mexico that they want. I know this situation already happened in some countries, and I remember when SOPA Bill striked some time ago, but then again, what can a person do to stop this? I'm not even an adult but I know tweeting stuff about this will not solve the whole problem. What would you do? Has your country experienced this thing too? What do you think about all of this? Thanks for reading and replying There's more info here:
  5. To the Moderator: I know that my brief mention of MLP here is technically off topic, but it is necessary as part of my effort to promote a general discussion about how death is portrayed in cartoons. Overall, death in TV Y programming is rare and usually referenced to by weasel words like saying someone “didn’t make it”. Due to censorship rules, terms like “death”, “die”, and “kill”, are to be avoided. That’s why the passing of Applejack's parents was related to us in such a subtle fashion. In Apple Family Reunion, Applejack verbally worried that some of her relatives may be too busy to attend the next family reunion but her body language tells a different tale. She was thinking of the other meaning of “not making it”. I thought the animation here was nicely done. See how Applejack's face fell as she took a moment to reflect on her deceased parents. In my opinion, this is the most poignant event in the entire series. Her brief expression of sorrow promptly gave way to one of resolve. Applejack knows that each day is a gift and tomorrow is promised to no one. This is the real reason she was so determined to make this the most memorable reunion ever. I am hard pressed to remember many other deaths in children’s programming. But I clearly recall a mention in Goof Troop. Talking to Max about his mother, Goofy said she “is amongst the stars now”, indicating she is dead. In Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, it was openly revealed that Uncle Ben was slain by the burglar Peter Parker allowed to escape the day before. Peter learned, in the most tragic possible way, that “with great power comes great responsibility”. This is why he became Spider-Man. The only other mention of death in a Y rated show I can think of off the top of my head is in the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas special. A boy named Tommy was battling a life-threatening illness and his sister expressed her despair by asking her parents, “What do you mean he might not make it?” Thankfully, Tommy made a full recovery. If it were televised today, the anime adaptation Star Blazers would probably be rated Y7. It was groundbreaking in that it showed the deaths of several key characters. I was always grateful to my mom for letting me watch a relatively mature cartoon as an 8 year-old. For the record, it was heavily edited so that gratuitous violence and bloodshed was not seen. But Captain Avatar’s on screen passing was one of the most touching moments I ever watched on TV as a kid. Why are you laughing? Stop laughing. That was his name, it's not that funny. Sheesh! Have we composed ourselves? Good. A funeral in space was held for the many casualties suffered during a particularly brutal battle. The Star Force continued its mission against all odds, in part, to honor their fallen comrades. Star Blazers also showed a Comet Empire pilot deliberately carry out a Kamikaze attack on the Argo. Broadcasting this was a ballsy move at a time when painful memories of World War II were still fresh in America ’s mind. A more conservative studio would’ve either cut the crash scene out and said “he flew off” or omitted this episode entirely. Because Star Blazers was generally upfront about the price paid in human lives, the editors of the show were never forgiven for claiming “Knox got out right behind you” when even a small child could tell there was no chance of escape. Wildstar knew that Knox's claim that he would be able to get out on the other plane was a bald faced lie. Hell, the music itself left no doubt that he died to protect earth! Jump to 4:10 to see the key scene. Note the blood on Sandor's face too. 4Kids would never show that today! When WEP released Voltron for North American audiences a few years later, serious anime aficionados criticized them for editing out virtually all fatalities. If Star Blazers could show some death, why couldn’t Voltron? But WEP went on to redeem themselves later by releasing a DVD which compares the Voltron you saw as a kid to the Voltron you didn’t see: GoLion! In fiction as well as real life, the loss of loved ones consistently serves to inspire and motivate. We see it from Applejack’s desire to throw the best family reunion ever to Peter Parker’s decision to become a crime fighter. I’m sure some of you have plenty of thoughts on this, so please don’t hesitate to share them.
  6. Okay first of all I am a glee fan besides being a pegasister. This is just a theory I have about one of the couples of the show in regards to the censorship and how a similar treatment was given to derpy. link here:
  7. Alright, get ready everypony for FRIDAY NIGHT SYNCHTUBE!!! Totally not quoting Apple Bloom Quoting Kurtiss, nope, not at all. Applelie.jpg Alright, lets get it on and watch endless videos of Trixie Ponies!