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Found 17 results

  1. Oh dear... They've done it again! Joining the My Little Pony movie in South Korea's forbidden list is the video game "Danganronpa 3: Killing Harmony". For a different reason compared to the former, this game is banned for containing kids killing other children. Here's the sources: I so can't believe it -- one nation killing off a movie and a video game released in the US and Europe just 2 weeks apart from each other -- Those guys sure are getting nothing this fall!
  2. Hello everypony! So I was bored the other day browsing YouTube looking for ideas on my next video, and I came across some funny episodes that were purposely censored to make it seem as if they were saying curse words. There used to be a series called MLP: Censorship is Magic, but the last episode was over 2 years ago... so I resurrected the series! With full episodes too So basically I went through the entire "The Cart Before The Ponies" episode and put unnecessary censor bleeps all over it! I also worked on a second one for "Slice of Life", and it's uploading right now, it'll be done tomorrow! I'll post that one too. Hope you guys enjoy! I'd really appreciate it if you guys subscribed to my YouTube channel and/or liked/commented! *Note* There are suggestive curse words (the bleeps) so I don't recommend it for everypony. They aren't actually curse words, but it makes it sound like them.
  3. Hello everypony! I present to you the second and surely not last video in the MLP: Censorship is Magic series! This one was Slice of Life at a request from a comment on the first one. This video got cropped because I guess I was working on 720p instead of 1080p so it cropped the sides, but it shouldn't affect it too much. I hope you guys enjoy! And yes, I know some people prefer short 4 minute videos, but videos longer than 10 minutes attract larger audiences. Comment what episode I should do next below! *Note* There are suggestive curse words, so I don't recommend it for everypony. They aren't actual curse words, but the bleeps make it seem like it. Nevermind, it got blocked worldwide for copyright.... You probably can't watch it, it's blocked worldwide ;/ Can an admin block this thread please? Thank you.
  4. I've been feeling this issue getting worse and worse lately and I'm just sitting here wondering if I'm alone By no means do I have a problem with the rules in place, however I feel like the way they're enforced is problematic to say the least It's bordering on censorship lately, say anything that could be remotely construed as offensive and it gets removed. I saw a thread not long ago that almost inspired me to create this thread yet I held back since it was eventually removed, but I saw one user literally praise MLPforums staff for removing the unpopular opinions thread because apparently any disagreeable opinion shouldn't be voiced for the safety of the users here. I understand this is supposed to be a family friendly forum, but I feel it's bordering on a tumblr-level hugbox only ANY disagreeable opinion isn't just shunned, but also censored entirely and sometimes without comment. I'm afraid likely nothing will be done about this, but considering it's almost driven me to leaving today I feel like something needs to be said I posted this here rather than in the feedback thread since I intend for this to breed discussion and/or debate about the topic, but if the mods would like to move it I guess I can see why
  5. Buzzfeed Recently an alt-right journalist and tech editor of Brietbart, one named Milo Yiannopoulos, had his Twitter account permanently suspended off Twitter during a conflict with actress Leslie Jones. This isn't the first time Milo has been banned from Twitter as he did back in June, but they reinstated his account a couple days later. Milo is known for his inflammatory behavior on Twitter, which in certain tweets they would go beyond just breaking a couple rules on Twitter. Now there's a lot of info about what happened between Mr. Milo and Ms. Jones, but there's a really good video about the situation made by Paul Joseph Watson who can explain it better than I can. Now the argument being made now about the current status of twitter is free speech and who are they really targeting. I find it funny how certain groups of people are able to say obscene things on the same level if not worse than Milo, yet Twitter does nothing about it. Why is that? I would compare this to another incident of criticizing someone on the internet, only to end up having your account taken down. But this time it isn't someone, it was company. A youtuber called InfiniteElgintensity (Elgin Mones) who's known for "critiquing and trolling "bro scientists" ("Exercises in Futility") and ego lifters ("Gym Idiots") to raise awareness about bullshit in the fitness industry.", (excerpt from his about page). He had his entire youtube channel shutdown for criticizing the fitness regimen Crossfit for it's poor form, bizarre exercises, etc. 2 years ago, many of his videos had received copyright strikes from Crossfit on his account in a attempt to silence Elgin, which ultimately led do the shut down of his channel. Ever since then Elgin has his account back up and running again, and contiunes to poke fun and rustle the jimmies of egolifters and Crossfitters. First Source Second Source Elgin's Channel Was it something he said? Whether or not you find Elgintensity's type of humor genuinely funny or offensive, or Milo's obscene behavior and antics abusive, mean-spirited, cruel, etc. What is your take on this folks? Was twitter in the right to permanently suspend Milo from Twitter, while others are able to pull of the same thing but haven't had the banhammer been brought upon them.
  6. Steven Universe is a great cartoon. No one can deny that. One thing it really does well is address same-sex relationships and LGBT politics. One episode featured Rose Quartz and Pearl in a very romantic dance together. It's uncensored in America. But in Britain, Cartoon Network decided to censor the dance and any hint of lesbianism between them in a recent broadcast. You can find the video and Polygon article here. Here's the same video on YT (head to the 1:57 mark): What does CN UK have to say about it? CN UK's statement to Pink News: BULLSHIT! There's nothing lewd about same-sex romance in "kids' programming," especially this one. Thousands of homosexual couples are parents of kids. To bring same-sex romance into a family show like SU (especially because SU is good and family-friendly) tells kids and gay couples, "We know you exist, and we won't hide behind the idea that they don't." There's no such thing as "just" a cartoon. Cartoons and the decisions from the higher-ups influence certain aspects of society. By going all Hasbro-on-Derpy Hooves and whitewashing this powerful scene, Cartoon Network UK panders to conservatism and enforces homophobia and sexism. Why sexism? Because Rose kissed Greg, and CN UK wouldn't censor it if it was a male and female dancing. *sarcasm* Good going, CN UK. */sarcasm* Your thoughts?
  7. This has to be the most hilarious troll job I have seen in a long time.
  8. Might belong in debate pit with this. I'll let the local admins decide. I just got off a week-long debate with a child (under thirteen) on DeviantArt over how he had stolen art without crediting the original artist and blatantly insulted people by shouting "rasist" (spelled exactly like that) and various other kind of things that he saw as an insult. It's got me asking why anybody would allow this person on the internet. Every response I got was almost unreadable, without punctuation, and tons of spelling errors when I asked him where the source for a flag "he mad" was, since it was clearly professional and beyond his capabilities. As this little war with him has ended with him blocking me just now, I really have to ask; Could we (rightfully) restrict internet access to those older (or at least more mature)? Part of me wants to be able to just enjoy my time online some 8 year old kid shouting obscenities at me because they can't come up with a better response, or spamming their meager attempts at humour, or half a million other immature things. Censoring these younger users would at least stop some part of that, albeit I don't know how much. The other part of me says it's the parents of the child job to know what their child is doing online, and monitoring it. Unfortunately I know many parents simply follow the idea of "If the computer isn't broken, he's alright" and care at all as long as the child is shut up for a few more hours (this was the principle I largely grew up on).
  9. Everywhere I go, I always see some Brony saying that the show should have gore, and they even question why the show has no gore. They actually question it. How illogical can you get? Why WOULD there be gore in MLP? Just because Bronies watch it DOES not mean that children watch it (with or without their families). "i hope dat dymund teara dies a paynful and horibul deth in teh end of teh seasun" "y u no make a gory deth for princes celetia i wanted her 2 die paynfulee" "y is der no gor in da show i want gor in da show" If you want to watch gore go watch an 18+ movie. Don't complain because something else doesn't.
  10. Q: You guys think MLP:FiM should air on YTV instead of Treehouse TV due to censoring words like "losers" and "stupid"? Any comments on that?
  11. Stop selling the flags at Walmart and ebay? Okay, doesn't bother me. Stop flying them above government buildings? Again, I don't have a problem. But if you're gonna stop airing reruns of "The Dukes of Hazzard" because of this shit, then NOW I HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM. For those of you who haven't heard:
  12. So, this rant is kind of a response to a current event. So there is this show on Nickelodeon called Oggy and the Cockroaches. I've never heard of this show, but a quick Wikipedia search told me it was made in France. Anyways, there is a controversy going on over a blink and you'll miss it moment. In one episode, there was a shot of breasts for a second or something. Basically, angry parents got angry over this one second shot that's probably a blink and you'll miss it moment, dubbing it "boobgate." (How many gates are we gonna have. There better not be a Pinkiegate :okiedokielokie: .) Our of all the things to complain about on Nick, they chose that. So let me get this straight, there can be an episode of one of their sitcoms involving one of the kids thinking he's pregnant, a cartoon about twerking ducks with one episode revolving around date rape, and an episode where Spongebob, THEIR FREAKING CHANNEL MASCOT dates a sandwich and looks at it kind of seductively. However if there's a shot of that for a split second, that's instantly the worst possible thing? May I remind you that the aforementioned scenes I mentioned were entire episodes dedicated around this? May I remind you that this show wasn't even made by Nick, but in France, you know, where the censors are more light. Honestly, why are the censors so light here in the States? I mean, they show edgy content in kids shows made in other countries. Just look at the Pokemon episode Beauty and the Beach, or the Total Drama series made in Canada. Heck, when the first season of the latter show was airing in the states, they had to edit down so much dialogue, that it made some scenes come off as jarring. Would show you one edited clip I'm thinking of, but I can only find the uncensored version. The reason why we're so scared of edgy content here in the states is all because of angry soccer moms who think that this stuff is gonna scar kids for life or something. We can't even have a scene of a clumsy pony named Derpy without someone getting offended? On a side note, was anyone who is actually mentally handicapped offended by that scene? They seem to get angry at scenes that don't even effect the story, and not stuff that do or entire episodes, making them come off as extremely hypocritical. In a nutshell, make up your mind and stop speaking for your kids.
  13. All in the title. XD What do you think about this subject, or how would you feel if this were to happen?
  14. Hi everypony! The thing is Mexican government will likely approve Telecom Bill, which allows them to censor any TV/Internet content that they consider it shouldn't be there. They will also remove intenert access in any regions within Mexico that they want. I know this situation already happened in some countries, and I remember when SOPA Bill striked some time ago, but then again, what can a person do to stop this? I'm not even an adult but I know tweeting stuff about this will not solve the whole problem. What would you do? Has your country experienced this thing too? What do you think about all of this? Thanks for reading and replying There's more info here:
  15. I am new here (yes, I did post in the welcome forum), but I have discovered to my dismay that most episodes are not available. I have seen several episodes while deciding whether to become a brony (FIM both parts, Ticket Master, Boast Busters, Dragonshy, Sonic Rainboom, Party of One, and Lesson Zero). However, probably due to legal matters, I cannot find any more for free on YouTube, except for the occasional heavily-modified ones. I know there are several ways to access episodes (primarily Netflix), all of them are not possible for me at the time. Although it appears that the newest episodes are available for free, I don't want to watch them since they are so far ahead. Can anyone (anypony) help out here, since otherwise I will probably be forced to leave (before I really even began).
  16. If you couldn't already tell, I don't hide when it comes to the subject of sex. I've been very open about sex since as early as puberty, and never really saw it as a big deal. In fact, it's a defining feature of my personality. I'm a borderline sexual deviant ^-^ But that makes it sound icky... Let's just say I'm very "anti-prude". Now, I definitely believe the act should be handled with extreme care, and safety, but I really don't think it should be treated like a once-in-a-life-time thing, or referred to as something so vile and dirty, when in reality, it's a beautiful ritual that occurs all throughout nature. ~Pic related~ It shouldn't be completely exiled from society. It's in our programming. We are sexual creatures by default. We just have emotions and standards thrown on top of our primary instincts because we're human, but that doesn't mean we should hide from them. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's a private thing, but discussion is harmless. No one is truly getting hurt when someone else is a bit more comfortable with talking about penises and vaginas. Just because one person isn't scared of nature doesn't mean they should be discriminated. I think that society these days is WAY too prudish with censorship, and it makes me sad. Why lie to ourselves? Why hide from something that makes us whole and together? If it weren't for sex, none of us would exist, so stop treating the beautiful, natural ritual with so little care. There's no need to throw it into the closet, and forget about it until your honeymoon. Embrace it. [/EndSexualRant]
  17. This is just unbelievable. How in the world are kids even going to take tests if these words can't be allowed to be on tests!?!? This is why I love Fox. Sure, they made a crack on bronies, but they were clearly mis-informed; with what information was given, I would say they were right to be appalled (that a "brony" is someone who quits work for MLP community, and gets welfare income), but they were dead wrong on that, I won't say they're perfect or anything, that brony crack was an all-time low and ultra right-wing strawman style, but, they do cover stuff like this that you'll almost never see on any other news outlets. Like, for example, something that, egads, might make Obama look bad. Anyways, more on-topic here; Scroll down to the bottom and you can watch the video. http://foxnewsinside...d-words-absurd/ Sometimes, living in the very conservative south really bothers me. I'm surrounded by lots of people who don't think, lots of "Christians" that have no idea what they believe, other than some simple little anti-science mantra some preacher said, close-minded, homophobic, and love hunting and such. But then, I'm reminded by things like this, why I prefer this to the far-left places like New York, Boston, LA, or San Francisco.