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Found 7 results

  1. Stancet

    Experimental Pony Project

    This is an experimental project I've been working on as of lately; painting my favorite MLP characters onto ceramics. I couldn't say if my first batch of ceramics is all that impressive, but this is what I've dished out. For my very first project, I'm surprised it turned out the best looking of the bunch (in my opinion). It was quite a work load. The rest are tiles because they proved simpler to design and make. LyraBon? Yeah, couldn't help myself. They are the most adorable couple ever! This one definitely gave me the most problems, especially because the color of the glaze changes quite a bit in the kiln during firing. In the near future, I might try fixing the problems I have with this particular piece. "Beam" is a word from the Smile Song that Pinkie sang in season 2. That single word is my favorite word in the whole song because I never heard it used in such a context and it makes me happier than any other part of the lyrics. Besides that, this tile helped me think up a technique that helped get rid of some of the "blotchy" effect I'm trying to overcome. With that technique, I hope some of my future works will have sharper lines and crisper textures. But, this is the first few I've made and I hope you like them.
  2. Delete this account

    Craft Hellspawn Chicken

    This is my most favorite chicken... the pictures do not do justice to the beauty it holds. ;_; He is such a cutie.
  3. Delete this account

    Visual Art Dead Smurf

    Another strange creation from my head. This time, a smurf. Not just any smurf, one without a body, or eyes, or a mouth. Enjoy... I know I will.... It just keeps staring at me, and when I hold it to my ear, it speaks. There ate still more creations to come. :3
  4. Delete this account

    Visual Art Octo-Cock Clock

    At one point.... it was a chicken. And then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. No feet. No head. No intestines NO SERVICE This piece is actually very symbolic....
  5. Delete this account

    Visual Art The... happy face

    This is the happy face... A severed head placed on a pedestal with its eyes carved out. You don't want to see the sad face.
  6. Delete this account

    Visual Art Turtle

    I went and made myself a ceramic Turtle, complete with glazes! Enjoy my little creation.... he is just so adorable. :3
  7. Delete this account

    Visual Art Triforce tile

    Zelda... my favorite series of all time. 'nuff said. More accurately, Ocarina of Time is my absolute favorite game. This Trigorce tile was a experiment for a later project that I will unveil which includes the medallions from Ocarina of Time. Enjoy this tile, I think it came out quite well.