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Found 33 results

  1. Hey guys! Here's my new entry for my self-imposed challenge to draw, complete, and post at least one drawing a month for the year of 2020. But no updates on new stuff this time. I actually wanted to share the art I did for the months of January and February, since I only started the blog THIS month. So let's start with January.... Arctic Zotl For this month, I actually decided to go easy on myself and just count a commission I was working on as my monthly art piece. The commissioner had an ahuizotl OC they wanted my to draw, and they actually let me redesign them from the ground up. I don't know her name, but I know she lives a very cold, arctic climate, so I worked on revamping the zotl look from jungle dweller to that. She's got a slightly shorter head and shorter ears, so she doesn't lose as much body heat. She also has a neck ruff/mane and the teeth of a smilodon, to add an "ice age" flair. I quite like her, and so did her owner. On to the next month! Toucan and Hummingbird Rito Designs For February I committed to finally coloring some Rito OC designs I'd whipped up quite a long time ago. Rito are a race from the Legend of Zelda series, and I particularly like the more avian ones that were introduced in LoZ: Breath of the Wild. However, with the exception of one character who's based on a parrot, all the BotW Rito are based on more raptorial birds like falcons and hawks, as well as one owl. But there's so many cool and beautiful birds that could be turned into Rito! So I went designing a Rito based on both a toucan and a hummingbird, specifically a keel-billed toucan and a white-booted racket-tail hummingbird. Their feather colors are taken directly from photos of their real world counterparts, and I examined screenshots of the Rito NPCs to make sure I gave them unique but fitting armor. Which is your favorite? I hope you guys enjoy these art pieces as well as the ones I post in the future! Let me know what you think, and if by chance you have questions, let me know too. Love you guys. It's going to be a good 2020.
  2. I’ve always wanted to make a blog, but could never think of something to write about. And then it suddenly hit me that my self-imposed art challenge this year would be perfect! Partially because you guys can help keep me motivated. Anyway, this is literally a resolution I made for New Years. I drew almost nothing last year. Granted I had a new job to focus on, but it still really bummed me out. So here I am, resolving to complete and post at least one fully colored drawing every month for 2020. I’ll be sure to post another entry about the pieces I did for January and February, but I am on track for this month so far. Maybe even a little early. Spent my whole weekend on it, and I’ve almost finished the base colors for this March’s art project. This month I’m attempting to redraw a picture I drew all the way back in 2006... Yeesh. I feel embarrassed since you can’t see what the new version looks like yet. I’ve shown the progress on the new version to some of you, but I want it to be a surprise for the majority. I always suffer from a bump I need to get over during the coloring part. It’s the longest part of the art making process and can kind of drag as a result. For two reasons: One, you’re tying to sort out a color palette at the same time. And Two, it’s the step that’s closest to the finish line, and part of you just wishes it was done so you can get to the sharing part (the best part). But, luckily I can afford to do it in little bursts. It’s only a little over a week into March, so I don’t have to sit and work for hours and a time to get it finished. So I’ll be unlikely to get burnt out. But man... April’s gonna be rough... because I’ll have Animal Crossing: New Horizons in my hands by then and will want to do NOTHING ELSE for a very long time. Wish me luck! XD Lastly, here’s a link to my DeviantArt page if you want to see ALL my art: Anyway, hope you guys will stick around with me for this challenge. It should be a fun goal!
  3. So these types of challenges have been making the rounds on YouTube. Time to start one here I guess. You post a song that you think will get the next listener to headbang, headbob, toe tap or knee shake. They listen and if they do any of those things, they admit they've lost. If they stand still, they post their victory. Either way, they'll post the next song and try to do get the next listener to lose. Let us begin, with a classic.
  4. So, the basic idea is that we have a team of people and make OC's. We'll do challanges as trying to create a good OC in an hour, and sometimes split in to teams and have competitions. This is prely for fun and i'm hoping to at least gather a small Group We'll be doing most of this over Skype by the way
  5. So, in celebration of pok'emon day, I have decided to partake in a pokemon challenge of you all's choosing! I would prefer it to not be the grindfest that is Nuzlocke, but instead something less well known, such as all one type or only common 'mons instead. So then, what shall I do? I shall make recording of any and all important battles(unless you all want me to record the other bits aswell), and keep this as a running blog until I complete the challenge under the rules you guys and gals set me under. So, suggest away! Make it unique! I'll be waiting~ (Commentary optional, based on what you all want! I just want to have fun and give a little to this community I've been a part of for so long.)
  6. to force myself out of the block rut, I decide to give my art challenges with themes. I will chose two of your request for now do to ... you know, life. But when time become more available I will offer to do more request. now with no further adieu, the theme: pony replace! just give me your OC and I shall put them in a screenshot of your chosing from anywhere in the show (even past gens)! If you may, send me a picture of your OC and the screenshot though 'reply'. THe recreation won't be show accurate instead having my own artistic flare. wondering what's my style, check it out: ndogmario DA I shale notify the request I have chosen with a reply on the thread along with a quote of the requester. when it will be done depends on my free time, but I will do my best!
  7. Episode Line 1 No, no, no, oh! Goodness no. 1 Just a moment, please! I'm 'in the zone', as it were. Oh, yes! Sparkle always does the trick, does it not? Why, Rarity, you are a talent. Now, um, how can I help yo-- [yelp] Oh my stars, darling! Whatever happened to your coiffure?! 1 Out of my hair? What about your hair?! 1 No, no, uh-uh. Too green. Too yellow. Too poofy. Not poofy enough. Too frilly. Too... shiny. Now go on, my dear. You were telling me where you're from. 1 Huh? 1 Canterlot?! Oh, I am so envious! The glamor, the sophistication! I have always dreamed of living there! I can't wait to hear all about it! We are gonna be the best of friends, you and I... Emeralds?! What was I thinking? Let me get you some rubies! 1 Huh? 1 She's gone! 2 She's gone. 2 Ugh, Heavens no! Just look at it - it's dreadful. 2 [screams] 2 Take that, you ruffian! 2 My hair! Woop-- 2 No. My eyes need a rest from all this icky muck. Well, I didn't mean that literally. 2 I didn't see you there, my apologies. 2 She is. 2 Why, of course it is. How can you be so insensitive? Oh, just look at him. Such lovely luminescent scales. 2 And your expertly coiffed mane. 2 Your fabulous manicure. 2 All ruined without your beautiful mustache. 2 I simply cannot let such a crime against fabulosity go uncorrected. 2 You look smashing. 2 Oh. It's fine, my dear. Short tails are in this season. Besides, it'll grow back. 2 Where did she go? 2 Look! 2 Oh, thank goodness. 2 I know! I'll never part with it again. 2 What? Ooh. So does yours. 3 [gasp] Are these what I think they are? 3 The gala? I design ensembles for the gala every year, but I've never had the opportunity to attend. Oh, the society, the culture, the glamour! It's where I truly belong, and where I'm destined to meet him. 3 Him. I would stroll through the gala, and everyone would wonder, "Who is that mysterious mare?" They would never guess that I was just a simple pony from little old Ponyville. Why, I would cause such a sensation that I would be invited for an audience with Princess Celestia herself, and the princess would be so taken with the style and elegance that she would introduce me to him, her nephew: the most handsome, eligible unicorn stallion in Canterlot. Our eyes would meet, our hearts would melt. Our courtship would bemagnificent. He would ask for my hoof in marriage, and of course I would say, "Yes!" We would have a royal wedding, befitting a princess, which is [giggles] what I would become upon marrying him, the stallion of my dreams. 3 Twilight, I simply cannot believe you would invite Pinkie Pie so she can... party, and prevent me from meeting my true love. How could you? Hmph. 3 You haven't? 3 You? You want to go to the gala? 3 But Twilight- 3 Twilight, it's raining. 3 Come with me before you catch a cold. 3 Oh no, it's quite all right. After all, we are... the best of friends, are we not? And you know what the best of friends do? 3 Makeovers! 3 There. Oh, you're simply darling. 3 And you. Oh Spike, I have a dandy little outfit for the dashing gent. 3 Now you just need a hat. 3 [laughs] Oh, who needs him anyway. This is all about you, and how fabulous you'll look at The Grand Galloping Gala. 3 [gasp] And oh, my goodness, what a coincidence. I happen to have an ensemble of my own that matches yours to a T. We would be the belles of the ball, you and I. Everyone would be clamoring for our attention. All eyes would be on us, and then everyone would finally know, the most beautiful, most talented, most sophisticated pony in all of Equestria is Rarity the unicorn. Ah, [nervous laughter] and Twilight Sparkle, of course. 3 Twilight, it was unfair of me to try to force you as I did. 3 Allow us to treat you to dinner. 4 But Mayor, whatever shall we do? 4 [moan] 4 Just one last thing. Now we're ready. 4 Messy? Well, did you see her mane? 5 Ooo. [sneezes] 5 I hear she's an old friend of Rainbow Dash. A griffon, so rare. 5 Oh, my favorite game. Can I go first? Can I have the purple tail? 6 My, my, my! What boasting! 6 Just because one has the ability to perform lots of magic does not make one better than the rest of us. 6 [raspberry] Just who does she think she is? 6 Enough. Enough, all of you. I take your hint, but Rarity is above such nonsense. Rainbow Dash and Applejack may behave like ruffians, but Rarity conducts herself with beauty and grace. 6 Oh, it. Is. On! You may think you're tough with all of your so-called powers, but there's more to magic than your brutish ways. A unicorn needs to be more than just muscle. A unicorn needs to have style. 6 A unicorn is not a unicorn without grace and beauty. 6 Quick! I need a mirror! Get me a mirror! What did she do to my hair? I know she did something terrible to my hair! 6 Ugh, no. Green hair! Not green hair! [cries] Such an awful, awful color! [cries] 6 Why, whatever do you mean, darling? 6 Most unpleasant. 6 Mm-hmm. 7 Huh? 7 Well, at least he's not snoring fire. What are we meant to do about it? 7 Hmph. Talk about getting your beauty sleep. 7 Ewww! Much better. Onward! 7 Good thing I brought my scarf. 7 I hear the only thing that sparkles more than a dragon's scales are the jewels they use to build their nests. Ooo, if I play my cards right, I might be able to convince him to part with a few! 7 Ugh. That's thirty-five games in a row. Best of seventy-one? 7 Almost there. 7 Eugh. Bu-la-la-la-la. 7 Uh! This is why a girl always packs extra accessories. Oh, please tell me I brought the tiara that goes with this. 7 [cry] 7 My apologies. 7 [coughs] Obviously, this situation just calls for a little "pony charm". Allow me, girls. I'm so sorry to interrupt. [clears throat] But I couldn't possibly head back home without mentioning what handsome scalesyou have. And those scales have to be hidden away in some silly cave for a hundred years? 7 Personally, I think you should skip the snoozing and be out there, showing them off. Hmm. Obviously, I would be more than happy to keep an eye on your jewels while you're gone. 7 I was this close to getting that diamond. 7 Oh, yeah... sure. 7 Darling, you look ridiculous. 8 Hmm. Hah! Perfect. 8 Somepony has to. You were making an absolute mess of the town square, Applejack. 8 I simply cannot imagine why the Pegasus ponies would schedule a dreadful downpour this evening and ruin what could have been a glorious sunny day. 8 Oh no! My wonderfully styled mane shall be ruined! 8 Oh! Ah! Oh Ph!! It's coming down too fast! Ah! Oh! Oh! Ah! Help me! 8 [pant] Oh, no, no, no! 8 I prefer not to get my hooves muddy. 8 [scoff] Well, and how does muddying my hooves serve any useful purpose? 8 [laugh] That doesn't even make any sense. 8 Does not. 8 Does not. 8 Does not. 8 Does not infinity plus one. Heh. What say we go our separate ways before one of us says something she will regret? 8 On the contrary, I believe it shall most certainly be you who says something you will regret first. 8 Nor am I. 8 After you! 8 Perhaps we should stick together for now and find some shelter. 8 Oh! Unacceptable. 8 Twilight? 8 Hah! We are most grateful for your invitation. 8 Uh, do be a polite house guest and go wash up please, won't you? 8 It may indeed be a problem. 8 Oh! Uh, goodness. Uh, I do believe I have another engagement scheduled for this evening that completely slipped my mind until just now. [nervous laugh] Ah, silly me, I can't possibly stay here all night -- with Applejack. 8 Slumber 101: All You've Ever Wanted to Know About Slumber Parties But Were Afraid to Ask. 8 Yes, uh, great. [nervous laughter] 8 Silly! This is called a mud mask. It's to refresh and rejuvenate your complexion. 8 [sigh] To reduce the puffiness around one's eyes, of course. 8 Did you hear that, Applejack? You certainly would not want to do anything that would ruin Twilight's very first slumber party, would you? 8 So do we have an agreement? 8 Oh! Gross! You know, there's messy and there's just plain rude. 8 Fortunately, I can get along with any pony, no matter how difficult she may be. 8 That's not even a word. 8 Yay. 8 So, how are you getting along over there, Applejack? 8 Never heard of it, but I have a much better one. It's the horrifying story of the messy, inconsiderate ghost who irritated every pony within a hundred miles! Oo-oo! 8 It is a ghost story, they're all made up. 8 Then you place one marshmallow on the top of the chocolate and be sure it's centered -- that's critical -- and then carefully put another perfectly square graham cracker on the top. And done. Ta-da! [laugh] 8 [sigh] You could at least say excuse me. 8 I dare Applejack to do something carefully and neatly for a change. 8 I think the truth of the matter is that some pony could stand to pay a little more attention to details. 8 [gasps] 8 Fine! [cries] 8 Okay. I dare Applejack to play dress-up in a frou-frou, glittery, lacey outfit. 8 Very. [smirk] 8 I dare you not to enter the next rodeo that comes to town. 8 And I dare you to comb yours just once. 8 Oh, please. I am not at all interested in participating in something so crude. Oh! It! Is! On! [grunt] 8 [gasp] She started it. 8 Keep your muddy hooves on your side of the bed. 8 They were. There might still be a little on them. 8 Eww! 8 I have to make the bed again so the blanket will be right. Get up. 8 Ah ah ah! You'll ruin it. You have to do it like this. Mm, uh, ooh, u-u-u-uh, uh, ah. 8 Hey! 8 You did that on purpose. 8 Get up so I can fix it again. 8 M-mmm! 8 You will if you want any blankets. 8 I will not! 8 Won't! 8 Won't! 8 Won't! 8 No, it is I who have been trying my best. 8 No, it was I. 8 I! 8 But I-- 8 [cry] 8 [cries] I tried to tell you it would come crashing down in here. 8 Cleaning up this mess some pony made. Who was that again? Oh, right, that's you. 8 What was that? 8 Uh. Uh, but I'll get all icky. 8 Oh. Let's do this. 8 [grunt] 8 U-ugh. Oh, I look awful. 8 Hmph, thanks. 8 Is it smaller than a saddle? 8 Are we getting warmer? 8 Who flies through the air all over the world to hide magic, sparkly eggs? 8 It is? 8 Well, maybe she wouldn't have been if somepony else hadn't been so sloppy. 8 Oh, no, I'm sure I was much worse. 8 Oh, I'm much more sorry than you are. 8 Are too. 8 Are too. 8 Are too. 8 Now take two steps to your left. Uh, no, my left. 8 [laughter] Sorry. 9 Just look at those stripes! So garish! 9 Then, she lurks by the stores. 9 She went outside! 9 Wicked, wicked zebra! 9 I'm afraid I have to agree. [blows hair out of her face] 9 Yes, there doesn't seem to be a thing wrong with her. 9 And I as well. 9 Aah! Or somepony stepped on her! 9 Oh! OH! Pinkie, what are you doing? Ah, really. Aah! You ever hear of personal space? 9 [grunt] Oh dear. Oh, this is so unseemly. Auuuaah! 9 Ooh... Ahaha. Easier said than done. 9 Oh. I look horrible! 9 Oh my. That place really does look horrible. Nice decorations, if you like creepy! 9 She stole your song? 9 You saw those terrible things. Now do you believe us Twilight? 9 You made me look ridiculous. 9 And the creepy decor? 9 Not welcoming at all, if you ask me. 9 Oh! I have never felt so lovely in all my life! 10 Stand still, Rainbow Dash. 10 Do you want to look nice for Princess Celestia or not? 10 Mmhmm. Thank you, Twilight. Nice to know someone appreciates my talents. 10 Huh? 10 Me too, oh, they're perfect. 10 Not only are you adorable, but you're also quite useful. 10 Oh! Are you okay? Aaah! [gasp] Eewww. Aaah! Gross gross gross! No creature that behaves so revoltingly is allowed in my boutique! 10 Ugh, Pinkie, I'm a little busy right now. 10 Please, Pinkie, I don't have time for some silly scavenger hunt. I've got a real problem. 10 [gasp] I see we're having the same problem. 10 Ew! If you ask me it's already a total disaster. 10 Oh no... if they get inside my store... Everypony for herself! 10 My outfits! Go on, shoo! Get out of here, you naughty! Naughty! [shrieks] 10 So sorry, Pinkie 11 And even though I love my boots 11 This fashion's getting old 11 Little critters hibernate 11 Under the snow and ice 11 We help them gather up their food 11 Fix their homes below 11 Well, how would you like to help create Ponyville's finest birds' nests? 11 Why yes. When the weather team guides the birds back north for the spring, they'll need a place to live and lay their eggs. 11 Oh why, thank you most sincerely. Would you like to try your hoof at a nest? 11 Okay. Now... uh, take some of that straw and hay over there, and a little bit of branch. Now, weave them through there, yes. Uh, take some ribbon, yes, oh uh, n... not there, oooh, yes, uh, tuck it in over there, uh but be careful not to... I don't know I guess that would do... oh dear. 11 Oh, Spa-ha-hike, it's not so bad, ah, maybe birds can use it as a... 11 Spike. It's just fine. It's just a little rough around the edges. Let me lend you a hoof. Let's just untie this ribbon, and let me take out these sticks here, we'll shave this, [mumbling] 11 Ah, and we need to weave the string... 14 Oh, Opalescence. Can't you just picture it? Moi, stepping out in a stunning new gown at the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot! 14 Why, yes! I did make it myself. Thank you so much for asking. 14 Oh, Opal, of course you can help me. Thank you. What's that? You want to help me more? Oh, aren't you the sweetest thing? Careful now. Don't move. This shouldn't take long at all. 14 Is there something I can help you with? 14 Oh, no, no, no! You can't wear this... old thing. You need a glamorous new outfit for the Gala and I'll make it for you. No problem at all. It will be my pleasure! 14 Twilight Sparkle. I insist on making you a new dress. 14 Not another word! I won't take no for an answer. 14 Let me guess, Applejack. You don't want a new gown either. 14 You can't possibly be serious, Applejack! You absolutely must wear formal attire. 14 What if I just spruce up your... duds for you a little bit? 14 Deal! 14 Hmm... [gasp] Idea! I'll make you an outfit for the Gala too, Rainbow Dash. 14 I'll make one for you and you and all of you. Oh! And of course Pinkie and Fluttershy too. Oh, and when I'm done, we can hold our very own fashion show! 14 Oh, it'll be a little bit of work, but it will be a wonderful boost for my business. Plus, fun! 14 Then it's settled. We'll have a fashion show starring us. 14 Oh, Applejack. You make it sound as if it's going to be hard. 14 Thread by thread, stitching it together 14 Twilight's dress, cutting out the pattern snip by snip 14 Making sure the fabric folds nicely 14 It's the perfect color and so hip 14 Always gotta keep in mind my pacing 14 Making sure the clothes' correctly facing 14 I'm stitching Twilight's dress 14 Yard by yard, fussing on the details 14 Jewel neckline, don't you know a stitch in time saves nine? 14 Make her something perfect to inspire 14 Even though she hates formal attire 14 Gotta mind those intimate details 14 Even though she's more concerned with sales 14 It's Applejack's new dress 14 Dressmaking's easy, for Pinkie Pie something pink 14 Fluttershy something breezy 14 Blend color and form, 14 [To Opalescence] Do you think it looks cheesy? 14 Something brash, perhaps quite fetching 14 Hook and eye, couldn't you just simply die? 14 Making sure it fits forelock and crest 14 Don't forget some magic in the dress 14 Even though it rides high on the flank 14 Rainbow won't look like a tank 14 I'm stitching Rainbow's dress 14 Piece by piece, snip by snip 14 Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip 14 Thread by thread, primmed and pressed 14 Yard by yard, never stressed 14 And that's the art of the dress! 14 That's it. Keep them closed. Don't look. Okay, you can look now! 14 These are your new outfits. What do you think of your old duds now, Applejack? Pretty swanky, are they not? And Twilight! I made this dress for you and I designed each outfit theme to perfectly reflect each pony's unique personality. Oh, it took me forever to get the colors right on this one, Rainbow Dash, but I did it. Oh, and it turned out beautiful, don't you think? And I know you are going to love yours, Fluttershy. It just sings spring! And Pinkie Pie, look! Pink! Your favorite! Aren't they all amazing? 14 But what's the matter? Don't you like them? 14 That's okay. Not a problem. There's plenty more where that came from. They were only a first pass. You're my friends and I want you to be 110% satisfied. Not to worry, I'll redo them. 14 I want them to be better that just fine. I want you to think they're absolutely perfect. 14 Oh, it's no imposition. Really, I insist. 14 What have I gotten myself into? 14 Fluttershy! Your new-new gown's ready. I completely revised it and I know you're going to love it. What do you think? 14 Oh, you're just saying that. 14 "Nice"? 14 If you don't like it, you should just tell me. 14 Like it or love it? 14 Which is it? 14 Well, just tell me what you really think. 14 Tell me. 14 Tell me! 14 Tell me, tell me, tell-me-tell-me-tell-me! 14 Stitch by stitch, stitching it together 14 Deadline looms, don't you know the client's always right? 14 Even if my fabric choice was perfect 14 Gotta get them all done by tonight 14 Pinkie Pie, that color's too obtrusive 14 Wait until you see it in the light 14 I'm sewing them together! 14 Well, I think... 14 Well... 14 Hour by hour, one more change 14 I'm sewing them together, take great pains 14 Fluttershy, you're putting me in a bind 14 Rainbow Dash, what is on your mind? 14 Oh my gosh, there's simply not much time 14 Don't forget, Applejack's duds must shine 14 Dressmaking's easy, every customer's call 14 Brings a whole new revision 14 Have to pick up the pace, still hold to my vision 14 Ugh... 14 Streamers? 14 Streamers it is. 14 Aren't you going to tell me to change something too? 14 Do you not like the color? 14 Do you not like the shape? 14 Got to overcome intimidation 14 Remember, it's all in the presentation! 14 Piece by piece, snip by snip 14 Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip 14 Bolt by bolt, primmed and pressed 14 Yard by yard, always stressed 14 And that's the art of the dress! 14 Oh, Opal. These are the ugliest dresses I've ever made. 14 Okay. I did exactly what each of you asked for. Now don't hold back. Let me know what you really think. 14 Well, I'm... happy that all of you are happy. I'm just relieved to finally be done. 14 Hoity Toity? He's coming here? To see THESE dresses? 14 Oh. [gasp] There he is! [deep breaths] Okay. Relax, Rarity. Your friends like their outfits and so will he. UUUAAA, what's wrong with the lights?! Oh, yes. That means the show's starting. Good. 14 Oh! Hide me. 14 I'm never coming out! I can't show my face in Ponyville ever again! I used to be somepony. I used to be respected. I made dresses. Beautiful, beautiful dresses! But now everypony is laughing at me. I'm nothing but a laughing stock! [sobs] 14 Leave me alone! I want to be alone! I want to wallow in... whatever it is that ponies are supposed to wallow in! Do ponies wallow in pity? Oh, listen to me, I don't even know what I'm supposed to wallow in! I'M SO PATHETIC! 14 Exile... I guess technically I'd have to move away to live in exile. Where would I go? And what would I pack? Oh, it's going to take me forever to do all of that packing. What are you supposed to pack when you go to exile? Are you supposed to pack warm? 14 Huh? Opal? 14 Opal, how did you get up there? Hang on, you poor dear! Mama's coming! 14 Rainbow Dash?! How dare you strand my poor Opal in a tree? 14 What is it? It's not... You... [gasp] 14 Like it? Like it?! 14 No, I don't like it. 14 I LOVE IT! 14 You ponies did an amazing job. It's exactly the way I imagined it. 14 Oh, I forgive you. 14 But my whole career is still ruined! 14 Oh, thank you. Thank you! Oh, thank you so much! 16 Go on, go on. 16 Find a spell that will get us wingless ponies into Cloudsdale. Didn't you see how nervous she was? 16 Oh, puh-lease. I have put on enough fashion shows to recognize stage fright when I see it. We've got to find a way to be there for her. Now go on! 16 You've got to try! 16 I will! For Rainbow Dash, I will go first. 16 I most certainly am! Aren't my wings smashing?! Twilight made them for me. I just adore them! Why so shocked? We couldn't leave our favorite flyer without a big cheering section! 16 Yes! 16 [in mirror] Oooh! Aaah! 16 Oh, wait for me! 16 Why, thank you! 16 Don't worry, Twilight. I'm sure they can't get worn out from too much attention. 16 [gasp] Ooh, the snowflakes look even better from up here. 16 Hmm... Yeah, I guess I could see that. 16 Oh, they were just admiring my wings, Rainbow Dash. 16 What, these old things? Go ahead, everypony. Photos are encouraged. 16 Oh, pfft. How can you ask me to put away perfection? 16 Waa-haa-haa! 16 There really isn't anypony who uses their wings quite like me. Perhaps I should compete. 16 I'm going to be awhile! 16 I'm number four, and I need just one more itsy-bitsy minute. Be a dear and have somepony go ahead of me, hmm? 16 Rarity... is ready! 16 Well, Rainbow Dash? Shall we? 16 Good luck, Rainbow Dash. Just do your best. I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of changing our music. That "rock and roll" doesn't really match my wings. 16 And now for my grand finale. I will fly right up to the sun and beam my beautiful wings over the whole city of Cloudsdale! [gasp and squeal] They'll be talking about it for years! 16 [panting] Look upon me, Equestria, for I... am... Rarity! 16 Uh-oh. [screams] 16 [sigh] You sure did. Oh thank you, Rainbow Dash. You saved my life! 16 I want to apologize to all of you for getting so carried away with my... beautiful wings. I guess I just lost my head. 16 And I'm especially sorry that I was so thoughtless as to jump into the contest at the last minute after you had worked so hard to win it. Can you ever ever forgive me? 16 Princess Celestia, I am sorry I ruined the competition. Rainbow Dash here really is the best flyer in Equestria. 16 I certainly did. I learned how important it is to keep your hooves on the ground, and be there for your friends. 17 Where'd I put that? Ohh, I thought I already... 17 Ohh, and I can't forget I've got to... oh, how am I ever gonna get this done? 17 No! 17 No thanks! 17 Just stand over there. 17 Where you'll be out of the way. Ribbon, ribbon! Where's the ribbon?! 17 Aah! 17 No. You've helped me quite enough. 17 I understand. It's just that... I need this time to fill this order without any... complications. 17 Okay, all done. Now, back to work. I've lost a lot of time, and I cannot have any more interruptions. 17 Oh, what now?! 17 [gasps] Fluttershy! Forgive me! I was so wrapped up in my work that I forgot you were bringing Opalescence back from her grooming! 17 Oh, she looks great! I just don't understand how you're able to do it! I can't get near her without getting a swipe from her claws. 17 Ahh! Did you use... the Stare on her? 17 Well, you should have a picture of Opal as a cutie mark instead of those butterflies. 17 I'm sorry I can't invite you to stay and chat, Fluttershy. I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew with this order. 17 No, Sweetie, it's an expression. It means that I've taken on more work than I can handle. I've got twenty of these special robes to make tonight! They're due in Trottingham tomorrow morning. 17 See? I've lined them in a special gold silk. It took so long to make, but I think it adds just the right touch, don't you? 17 Well, I, uh... 17 I'll manage. 17 Hello, uh, girls ... 17 Sweetie Belle! What have you DONE? That was the last of the gold silk! Oh, now I'll have to make more! Oh, I hope I can make more. I'm gonna have to work all night! Which means... Sorry, girls, I'm afraid the Crusaders sleepover is cancelled. 17 I just won't have any time to watch you if I want to get these robes delivered on time. 17 No buts this time. I'm sorry, Sweetie Belle; it's just the way it has to be. 17 I couldn't ask you to do that. 17 Have you met my sister and her friends? A problem is all it would be. 17 I suppose that's true... and I do have a lot of work to do... 17 I assure you, they're quite a handful. 17 Well... all right. 17 Hmmm... 17 [sigh] Just delivered them. I have to admit, if you hadn't come along, I might not have. Thanks again. 17 I really must get back to the shop and clean up. Girls! Get your things. Time to go. Girls! 17 Girls! Time to-- Girls! Your things! Girls! It's time to-- GIRLS! 17 Ah, huh, ah, how did you... how did you do that? 17 Ah, uh, speaking of which, I could use your help with Opal. 17 How about now? [strains] 18 Sweetie Belle! I told you not to touch my things. Come back with my supplies! 19 Perfect! 19 Coming! Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique, and magnifique. [gasp] Sapphire Shores! The pony of pop! 19 You yah... Y-y-you know my name? 19 Oh my stars. If I'm dreaming, do not wake me up. How may I help you, Miss Shores? 19 [giggle] How may I help you, Sapphire? 19 I have just what you need. Sapphire Shores, prepare yourself for the pièce de résistance de la haute couture. I used every last diamond I found on this one garment. 19 Really? 19 Beg pardon? 19 Spike, a lady is never jealous. 19 Ladies do not "flip out", Spike. However, I was quite in awe. Oh, I need to find more jewels than ever before to decorate her costumes. Oh, aha! 19 Yes, Spike! Right there! 19 Spike! I promised I'd give you gems to snack on, but we need to collect more first or I'll never be able to make these outfits for Sapphire. 19 Come along, Spike. We have many jewels to find. 19 Spike! 19 You've been very patient today, Spike. And for that you get the finest reward. This is from me to you. 19 Is something wrong, Spike? 19 Ooo, bring the cart, Spike. There are more over here. 19 Spike! Where are you? 19 You know, it's terrible to keep a lady waiting. 19 I think we're really going to strike gold this time. So to speak. [laugh] 19 Well, Spike, I think that's all we can do for today. And these will certainly get me well on my way with Sapphire's outfits. Why don't we start headi... Oh! What's this? Another jewel. Oh.. Oh, strange. It's in the trees. Oooo... Ewww! Uh... uh... Good day, gentle... uh, fellow. Uh, I am Rarity and this is my friend Spike. 19 And you are... 19 Oh really? Oh well, that explains your fine taste in jewelry. I mean I-I-I know diamonds are a girl's best friend and now I know they're a dog's best friend too, ha ha ha. So, um, [cough] are you out hunting for gems as well? 19 Uh... we? 19 Spike! Come on! Hurry! 19 Waah! Spike! 19 Unhand me this instant, you ruffians. Stop! dust Put me down, you thugs! You brutes! 19 Spike! Ah, dirt! Aaaaah, Spiiiike! 19 Save me...! 19 Oh, woe is me! What ever shall I do? Ah! Dirt, dirt! Get away, dirt! Oh! Make it stop, make it stop! Ah! Filthy, disgusting dirt. It stings, it burns. Help! Oh, somepony save me, save me! 19 Ah! 19 Aah! 19 Aaaah! 19 [gasp] Spike! I knew you would save me! 19 Ohohohoh, Spike. You are my... hero. [smooch] 19 Oh please, Diamond Dogs. Please let me go. 19 But what ever do you want from me? 19 Oh! Is that all? 19 There. A lovely pocket of jewels are right there. Now, if you'd be so kind as to show me the exit? 19 What? But you said you wanted me to find the gems. 19 Dig? 19 Ohh... [grunting] 19 Forgive me, but prior to you so rudely dragging me into your dirt pit, I had a pony-pedi and I am not about to chip a hoof because you dislike my style of digging. [grunting] 19 I beg your pardon, but what, pray tell, are you doing? 19 Well, somebody certainly needs proper nail care. When was the last time you two had a manicure? You're scratching up my coat with those jagged things! 19 Good heavens, what is that smell? 19 Ah, mystery solved. It's your breath. 19 Well, since you insist... But I must say the working conditions in here are simply dreadful. Musty and damp, it's going to wreak havoc on my mane. And this air is stifling, suffocating. And when I try to take a deep breath, the stench of all you dogs makes me nauseated. 19 You look and smell like you haven't bathed in weeks. Have you never heard of soap? You could all do with a good round of soap and water. Oh water, oh water, I'm terribly thirsty. Could I please have some water? 19 And that's another thing. I would appreciate if you stopped calling me "pony". I am a lady and I wish to be addressed as such. So you may call me "Miss" or "Rarity" or "Miss Rarity". 19 Whining? I am not whining. I am complaining. Do you want to hear whining? Thiiis iiis whiiining! Oooh, this harness is too tiiight! It's going to chafe. Can't you loosen it? Oooh, it hurts and it's sooo ruuusty! Why didn't you clean it first? It's gonna leave a staaain! And the wagon's getting heeeavy, why do I have to pull it?! 19 But I thought you wanted whiiining! 19 [dreamily] Anything? 19 [sigh] This water is hardly sparkling. But I suppose it will have to do. 19 What are you doing? Hey, you spilled my drink. Oh! [whining] Not sooo tiiight! 19 Did you just call me a... mule? 19 Mules are ugly. Are you saying that I too am ugly? [cries] 19 He called me ugly! 19 An old ugly mule! And it's true! Just look at me. I used to be beautiful, but, but nooow... 19 You're just saying that! 19 I don't believe you! You never liked me! [wails] 19 Why, yes. Hello, girls. You arrived just in time to assist me. 19 With those. 19 Just because I'm a lady doesn't mean I cannot handle myself in a sticky situation. I had them wrapped around my hoof the entire time. 19 Me? What did I teach you? 19 Not if you eat them all, Spike. 20 So sorry, Fluttershy. I hate being late for our weekly get-together. The usual! 20 But you will not believe what happened to me. 20 Oh, it's much more than all right. I was on my way here, wearing my latest hat creation, when who should stop me on the street but Photo Finish!? 20 She is the most famous fashion photographer in all of Equestria. Anywho, she saw my hat and said it was absolutely marvelous! 20 She was so impressed that she wants to take some pictures of my shop featuring some of my clothes! 20 [vibrating] Do you know what this could mean for my fashion career? 20 But I'm going to need somepony fabulous to model for me. Somepony with beauty. Somepony with grace. Somepony... like you? 20 Oh, this is such a huge opportunity. And it would mean so much to me. 20 Nopony is going to have your elegance and poise. 20 Nopony! 20 Please! 20 Please! 20 Please, please, PLEEEASE! 20 Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! You are the best friend a pony could ever have! 20 Isn't it? Though I was so afraid you wouldn't agree to model for me that I felt completely frazzled. I think I feel a pimple coming on. Oh! Only one solution! 20 The usual! 20 Hm... She's going to want to see attitude and pizzazz. 20 More light! It has to catch the sequins just so or the whole outfit is just a disaster. Oh, and the headdress need more feathers. Pinkie Pie! More feathers! And sequins! More sequins! 20 And more ribbon! Oh no! Less ribbon. No! More ribbon. 20 Oh, this hem is completely off. PINCUSHION! Thank you all for helping me. I'm sorry to be so short with you, but I'm... I'm just so nervous. 20 Let me just say, what an honor! 20 Attitude and pizzazz! 20 Well, the headdress is too big for you and cape had too much sparkle. I can't believe I ever thought Icould impress her. 20 Really? 20 Did you hear that? I am going to "shine all over Equestria". 20 Oh, never. I knew you'd be perfect. [excited giggling] 20 No, no, no, yes! That is definitely the one. Photo Finish is going to love it. Everypony is going to love it! 20 Never. 20 That's just what I was thinking. Um... give me a moment and I'll, uh, put a little something together 20 But... but... how are you going to help me "shine across Equestria" if I don't design something new for these pictures? 20 Oh, but you must, Fluttershy. Photo Finish wants to make you a star. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. I know we were both hoping it would be my lifetime, but nonetheless you can't throw away this chance. You must do this for me. You must. You must! YOU MUST! 20 It didn't. Photo Finish wanted to work with Fluttershy, not me. 20 I just want to be alone right now. 20 Wow. Look how popular you are. I'm so excited for you. You must be having the best time ever. 20 Of course! I can't wait to hear all about the... "thing at the place". 20 I'm the one who should be mobbed by strangers wherever I go. 20 Welcome to Carousel Boutique! 20 Sorry. You just missed her. But you're still in luck. I'm having a huge sale of some of my best designs. 20 Rarity, of course. 20 My hooves are getting positively pruney, I've been waiting here so long. Obviously Fluttershy's just too busy with her new career to spend time with her best friend. 20 Of course she did. She's a big bright shining star! I wish that star would burn out. 20 I know, I know. And I should be happy for her, but instead I'm just... jealous! Oh, please promise you won't tell her I feel this way. Please, please, pleasepleasePLEASE! 20 Fluttershy may be the one who's famous, but that doesn't mean I have to stop looking fabulous. 20 Guess it's time to see what all the fuss is about. 20 Oh no. 20 Bravo! I say bravo! 20 Such attitude! Such pizzazz! She's invented an entirely new kind of modeling! Bravo! 20 Fluttershy! Are you all right? 20 Out there on the runway, everyone was turning on you and... Oh... Oh, Fluttershy. It's so awful. I wanted them to. 20 I'm jealous! I wanted all the attention. And instead it was going to you. I even started hoping that you would do something silly so your modeling career would be over. But then, when it started happening, all I could think was how could I want you to fail at something you love so much? 20 You do? 20 Then why did you keep doing it? 20 And I thought if I told you how jealous I was of your success, you'd think I was a terrible friend. 20 All this time! 20 I promise never to keep my feelings in secret again. 20 Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. [laughs] 20 Isn't it, though? 21 Applejack! Were you reading a bedtime story to... an apple tree? 21 No fair, Applejack! You've got a luxurious, private sleeper car for a tree, while I am crowded and cramped in the same car with all the other ponies. How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep?! 21 Hmph! You talk about it as if it's your baby or something. 21 It's widdle Rarity who's all "saddy-waddy"! Urgh! 21 [sigh] For crying out loud in the morning! 21 Would you all be QUIET... NOOOOW!!!??? 21 I just love their accessories! 21 I want to speak to the manager! 21 They took Spike! 21 Ow! [groaning] Gently, please! 21 About the trees. Now if you could– 22 Don't touch me! Watch the dress! Careful, you're gonna spill that on me! Oh, oh, that looks delicious. What is it? Oh, does it stain?! Keep it away from me! 22 Stay right where you are. All I want is a clear path to the exit. NOBODY MOVE and my dress won't get hurt! Stay back! Back, I say! 22 Put me down! 23 Are you girls still obsessing over your cutie marks? 23 Mmm, I know how you feel. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why I didn't have mine. 23 Nice?! They need to be spectacular! And the performance is tomorrow! 23 I tried every trick I could think of, but nothing seemed to work. The costumes just weren't right. And the play opened that night. 23 Maybe I'm not meant to be a fashionista after all... Aah! What's going on?! 23 I had no idea where my horn was taking me. But unicorn magic doesn't happen without a reason. I knew this had to do with my love of fashion and maybe even my cutie mark! I knew that this was... MY DESTINY! 23 A ROCK?! That's my destiny?! What is your problem, horn? I followed you all the way out here for a ROCK?! [groans] Dumb rock! 23 Ooh! 23 Yes, Scootaloo, that's exactly... 23 There was an explosion I could never explain when I got my cutie mark. 23 We've been BFFs forever and we didn't even know it! 24 Do we have Spike to thank again for this amazing spread? Isn't he simply amazing? 24 Spike, you are such a little star that I had to make a little bow tie for you. 24 Oh, poor little thing. 24 And Owlowiscious is just such a star I just had to make this little bow for you. 24 Come along, Opal. Let's hurry up and get to Fluttershy's tea party. 25 This punch is simply divine. Is this the same recipe you used for your "Spring Has Sprung" party? 25 Bravo for hosting yet another delightful soiree. 25 [sniff] [whimper] Hmm... perhaps you could take a bath. How do I put this delicately? You smell like a rotten apple core that's been wrapped in moldy hay and dipped in dragon perspiration. 25 Ooh! Love the new hat. Very modern. What's the occasion? 25 The party is this afternoon? As in, "this afternoon" this afternoon? 25 Oh... do they? 25 And I'm sure that we would, but I'm going to have to decline. I have to... wash my hair! 25 It doesn't? 25 See? [gag] Dirty! I have to go! 25 She didn't see you at the sweet shop, did she? 25 Oh, good. I'd hate for her to ruin everything. 25 Have you seen her? 25 Me neither. Can you believe she was planning on throwing an after-birthday party today? 25 Me too! This is obviously going to be so much better. 25 [whispering] See you later! 25 We'd been planning this party for such a long time, we had to make excuses for why we couldn't attend Gummy's party so that we could get everything ready for yours. 25 That's what we've been trying to tell you, darling. 25 Aww, he was upset? 26 Pinkie Pie! Stop that right now. It's time to prepare for the Gala, and I refuse to let you put on your new dress when you're all sweaty. 26 Where are the others? It's getting late. 26 What ever shall we do? 26 Uh... ahem. Excuse me. Uh, would you boys mind pulling our carriage to the Gala? 26 Heavens no! We're getting dressed. 26 [moan] I'm sorry, Spike. Some of us do have standards. 26 We'll just have to see. 26 At the Gala 26 All the royals 26 They will meet fair Rarity 26 They will see I'm just as regal at the Gala 26 I will find him 26 My Prince Charming 26 And how gallant he will be 26 He will treat me like a lady 26 Tonight at the Gala! 26 Find my Prince 26 To find! 26 [gasp] [squeals of excitement] Hurry, Rarity... Oh, but not too fast. But don't wanna lose him... WAIT! Have to play it cool. Oh, but don't be cold! I can't lose him, I can't! He's everything I imagined! Even betterthan I imagined. 26 I am... Rarity. Oh my, what a lovely rose. 26 This isn't at all what I imagined. 26 I waited all my life... 26 Just give him a chance, Rarity. His princely side is sure to come out if you're just patient. 26 Oh. Prince Blueblood! How chivalrous. 26 Yes. One certainly would. 26 Oh, of course it will. 26 Two apple fritters, please. 26 Ahem. 26 Ahem! 26 [sigh] I'm going to have to pay, aren't I? 26 Thank you, Applejack. At least somepony here has good manners. 26 [angry growl] You, sir, are the most uncharming prince I have ever met! In fact, the only thing royal about you is that you are a royal pain! 26 Afraid to get dirty?! [babbles] 26 [shriek] No! Ugh! Let's go! 26 ...being together here has made it all better. 27 Ahem. I heard about your troubles, Applejack, and I came to see if there's anything I can do without getting wet. Or dirty. Or out from under my umbrella. 27 Spike, Twilight will come up with something. 27 Ooh. You can keep the Elements. I'll take that case! 27 I can't believe we're wasting our time talking to a tacky window. 27 Your horn! My horn! Ahhh! 27 See you in the center. 27 Fine! 27 I was expecting an audience with the Princess, not outdoor sports. Agh. Oh my... 27 Yes... I like very much... No! No, I shan't succumb to such fabulousness. Must... get to the center... to meet... the others. [grunt] Mine! 27 Well, Rarity. It took forever, but it was worth it. Who knew three little gemstones would turn out to be this handsome hunk of a diamond? Now to get you home. [grunts] 27 What do you mean, "boulder"? This big beautiful bedazzling rock is a diamond! And it's all mine. Keep your envious little eyes off it! I found it and it's mine fair and square! [grunting] 27 Little help here! Thanks, Twilight. 27 But don't get any ideas about my gem! I know where you live. 28 HI-YAH! Try it, punk. He's mine. All mine! Ya! Ya! Ya! 28 Don't touch my gem! 28 Forget it, Twilight. I know what you're up to. The second I go in, you'll have your little minion Spike come and take Tom! 28 Well, it's not going to work. 28 Mm-mm. 28 Careful, Twilight! You'll ruin his beautiful finish. 28 Mine! 28 No, but if you want it, I want it! 28 MINE! 28 What do you think you're doing? Get away from my gem! Get away--! 28 Let us never speak of this again. 28 How in Equestria can she think that tiny patch of clouds is Cloudsdale? 28 I thought we agreed never to speak of that again. 28 WHOA! 28 PINKIE! You were supposed to secure the ROPE! 28 Oh, Fluttershy, would you be a dear and FLY FASTER, please? 29 [sobbing] Why me-e-e-e-e-ee... [gasp] WHYYYY?! Why? Why-y?! And of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! 29 [gasp] I've lost my diamond-encrusted purple ribbon! I have searched high, and I have searched low. Low and high! High and low! But I can't find it anywhere! Anywhe-e-e-e-ere! How can I possibly finish my latest creation if I can't find it?! 29 Oh, there it is. Isn't it always just the last place you look? 29 Mm-hm! 29 Yuh-huh. 29 Hmm... there is one thing. 29 I think I left my measuring tape under the fabric over there. Could you get that for me? 29 Twilight? Is there something bother-- Twilight? 29 Please tell me I did not forget the plates. [gasp] I did. I totally forgot them. Of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! [cries] Why, why, why... Uh... What? You didn't expect me to lay on the grass, did you? 29 Oh, what a drama queen. Mm. Relatively speaking... 29 Don't look at what? 29 Of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! What? I really mean it this time! 29 As Twilight's good friends, we should have taken her feelings seriously and been there for her! 29 And that you shouldn't let your worries turn a small problem... 31 [mumbling in sleep] Oh... Are those sweet... carrot... pancakes I smell? [gasp] Mmm, how divine, num num num num. The aroma... spiced warm apple cider. [sniff] Ahh, and, the smell of... smoke... smoke? Smoke?! [screams] 31 Father! Mother! 31 I... figured. [sniffs] I didn't know you could burn juice. 31 Vacation? Is that this week? As in 'starting this very instant' this week?! Uurh. Let me guess: apple sauce? 31 So, now, when you say 'a week'... is that, um, seven whole days? 31 But I've got such a long to-do list. Oh well, I suppose 'spend time with your sister' will just have to be added to the list. 31 Now, let's get that kitchen all cleaned up. 31 Well now, Sweetie Belle, I appreciate the gesture, but we simply can't eat this breakfast; it's burnt. 31 Never fear, my dear, I'll get a proper breakfast going. 31 Oh, er, of course, er, in one moment, Sweetie Belle. Let me just get things started. 31 You are! You... can... put the garnish on the plates. 31 Okay, now, easy! It has to be just right! No need to rush. No! That's too slow. Careful! Back up! Looking for perfection here... 31 Not... bad. 31 [gasp] There are some things I must attend to. Can you take the dirty towels to the laundry room? 31 Sweetie Belle! 31 Am I? You washed my incredibly expensive one-of-a-kind designer crocheted wool sweater! Do you know how hard these things are to come by? 31 The big deal is that in the heat of the sun, wool... shrinks. 31 Nng... Well. Back to work. I must create. 31 Huh. Stay out of trouble, okay? Please? 31 Stay out of trouble, okay? 31 [screams] Oh no! Did you use these gems?! 31 But, but these are extremely rare baby blue sapphires! I need them for an outfit for an extremely important client! 31 [sigh] Sweetie Belle, what am I going to do with you? 31 That's not what I meant! 31 Now I have to go and find some more of these gems! 31 No! No thank you. You can help by picking up these papers and stacking them, neatly. Put the pens and pencils back exactly where you found them, and please find something to do that doesn't create a large mess for me to clean up! 31 Sweetie Belle! I'm back! Sweetie Belle? [gasps in shock] 31 My- ee- bleh- My inspiration room! What did you do? What did you do?! 31 This wasn't a mess! It was organized chaos! I was just about finished planning my new fashion line, and, and you, you, you went and, and you– and you put everything away! 31 But this was my mess in my house! And now I have to start from scratch! 31 Happy?! Happy?! I– [grinds teeth] I just need some time alone. Hm! 31 What a ridiculous idea. A contest at Sweet Apple Acres? It doesn't sound... very... clean. 31 Sweetie Belle, watch your tone! I am still your big sister. 31 Sweetie Belle...! Honestly! Playing silly little games in the dirt is just... uncouth! With or without a sister. 31 [gasp] Oh, I'm the one who's ruining your life?! Really?! Have you looked around this place? I'm the one who'd be better off with no sister! 31 Deal! 31 Hmph! 31 Ugh, all that work ruined, thanks to Sweetie Belle. Oh my. It's usually a big mess in here. [gasp] Id-ee-a! This is genius! I shall call it 'full spectrum fashions'! If Sweetie Belle hadn't– [clears throat] Well, no matter. She still shouldn't have touched my things without permission. Hm! 31 Now to get these fabrics washed for my fabulous new line. Ooh, my favorite sweater... I just can't believe that Sweetie Belle. 31 Oh, Opal-wopal! It's as if Sweetie Belle knew the sweater was perfect for you. And Sweetie Belle should consider herself perfectly lucky that this thoughtless mishap turned out all right. Hm. 31 Perfect! Just one more, and this ensemble is fini! Rrgh, Sweetie Belle! Where's her silly little arts and crafts project? 31 Oh, Sweetie Belle! My one and only sister! What have I done? All the time I could have spent with you was wasted complaining and wishing you were gone! [crying] Woe is me! No! I must get her back! I must! As Celestia is my witness, I shall never be sisterless again! 31 [gasp] Sweetie Belle! Oh, I have been galloping all over looking for you. I– 31 Oh, Sweetie Belle, I want to apologize. I am not better off without a sister. 31 Oh, Sweetie, you don't know how happy I am to hear– 31 What?! 31 But I don't need lessons on being a good sister, I-I promise! Listen! I'll show you how to cook my favorite quiche! Or, or, I'll show you the proper way to beautify your mane. Won't that be fun? Hm? 31 Uh... yes? 31 Well, that apology went swimmingly. Applejack, why do you have to be so good and make me look sobad? 31 But of course I give. I give lessons. Reasonable demands. 31 But apart, all we are is just a pile of mush and some crumbly dry mess... [gasp] I know what I need to do! I just hope it isn't too late! 31 That we did, little sister. Well, except for the start line. 31 Us. I did it for us. You see? We are apple pie! 31 Uh, I'll explain later. For now, I think we deserve a celebration! 31 The spa, of course. 31 No, I-I-I'm serious. 31 Very well then, what should we write to the Princess? 31 I agree that being sisters is a wonderful thing, but it takes teamwork. Sometimes it's about compromising. Sometimes it's about accepting each others' differences. But mostly, it's about having fun together. Even if it means getting your hooves a little bit dirty. 31 A little bit dirty. 31 A little bit dirty! 31 Deal! 32 A lovely new chapeau will cheer you up. 33 Sincerest apologies, Rainbow, if our pets were bothering you. 33 Say you're sorry, Opal. 33 She's... sorry. 33 I certainly hope all of this dreadful dust was worth it! [sneezes] 34 Have you seen her costume? It is to die for! If you ask me she's a hero of fashion. 34 I made the costumes. Fabulous if I do say so myself! 35 [gasp] Here? I get to stay here? 35 Thank you so much, Princess. 35 No, really. This is so nice of you. 35 Oh, but it isn't nothing, it's everything! I, I just don't know what to say but thank you, thank you! [kiss] Thank you! [kiss] Thank you! [kiss] Thank you, thank you, thank you! [more kisses] 35 Thank you! 35 Thank you! 35 That's perfect. 35 Opal, do you know what I love about Canterlot? [sip] Ahh. Everything! I may have been born in Ponyville, but I am a Canterlot pony at heart. [sip] Now, I know that we are here to pick up some fabrics for the shop, but Twilight was such a dear to get me that suite at the castle, I simply must make her something to express my gratitude. Hmm... ooh! An outfit for her birthday party this weekend! Perfect! Don't you just love it here, Opalescence? 35 Oh, this old thing? Oh, it's just something I– 35 Oh, yes, of course... how are you? 35 Well, yeah, yes, but– 35 "Looked a little country". "Not something you can get in Canterlot". I'll show you something worthy of Canterlot! 35 [panting] I have to get started right away. This new design is very ambitious, and I've already written to Twilight to let her know she'll have something beyond fabulous to wear to her party. [gasps] Fancy Pants! 35 Oh, goodness, I am so sorry. I didn't see you there. I've just got so many bags and I was trying to get back to my suite at the castle and– 35 Wh– The Princess invited me to stay in one of the suites. 35 Oh, it's for an ensemble I'm making for a friend. Her birthday is in a few days. [pants] Again, I am really sorry I bumped into you. 35 Me? 35 Well, I'm, uh, ah- no- sure. 35 Rarity. 35 Pro: Seeing the Derby from a VIP box is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Con: Going to the Derby cuts into the amount of time I have to finish Twilight's outfit. Pro: Fancy Pants is the most important pony in Canterlot. His stamp of approval could mean big things for me here. Con: Twilight's party might not be as sophisticated as the Derby, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't put all of my energy into creating her birthday ensemble. My Ponyville friends will appreciate my hard work more than anypony. I'd hate to let them down. And I won't. Opal, I am going to the Wonderbolts Derby as a guest of Fancy Pants! [excited giggling] 35 Pardon me. 'Scuse me, 'scuse me! 35 I don't think he has a chance against Fleetfoot. 35 My friend Rainbow Dash talks about her all the time. She says what Fleetfoot lacks in size, she makes up for in speed. 35 Uh... [gulps] Why... she's... she's the... the Wonderbolts' trainer, of course. 35 ...And then I said, "Puh-lease, that isn't a hat, darling, that's a natural disaster that somehow landed atop your head!" 35 Oh, I'd love to, but I– 35 Well, that sounds wonderful, but I– 35 I'm flattered, really. It's just I have a project I really need to get started on, and- 35 ...of course I'll be there. 35 Looks like we'll be spending a few more days here, Opalescence. Turns out bumping into Fancy Pants like that was the best thing that's ever happened to me. Of course, finishing Twilight's dress in time for her birthday party is still my top priority, but I can't possibly disappoint the Canterlot elite by rejecting their invitations now, can I? 35 I'll be the toast of the town, the girl on the go 35 I'm the type of pony every pony, every pony should know 35 I'll be the one to watch, the girl in the flow 35 I'm the type of pony every pony, every pony should know 35 Becoming as popular as popular can be 35 Making my mark, making my mark in high society 35 I'm the belle of the ball, the star of the show, yeah 35 I'm the type of pony every pony, every pony should know 35 See how they hang on every word that I speak 35 My approving glance is what they all seek 35 I'm the creme de la creme, not just another Jane Doe 35 I'm the type of pony every pony should know 35 At home, at the opera, on a fancy yacht 35 Becoming the talk, the talk of all of Canterlot 35 I'm the creme de la creme, not just another Jane Doe, yeah 35 I'm the type of pony every pony, every pony should know 35 Because I'm the type of pony 35 Yes, I'm the type of pony 35 Yes, I'm the type of pony every pony should know 35 Oh, I hope I haven't forgotten anything. 35 We'd better get going. 35 I must get back to Ponyville with enough time to finish Twilight's ensemble. 35 For me? Dearest Rarity, your presence is requested at the Canterlot garden party tomorrow afternoon. Yours, Jet Set and Upper Crust! [gasps] The Canterlot garden party! Why, next to the Galloping Gala that is the premier event in Canterlot! [squeals] Oh, but if I go, I'll miss Twilight's birthday... But if I don't go, my new reputation in Canterlot as a Very Important Pony might be ruined! I might never be invited to another high society event again! Friend's birthday... Very Important Pony... [winces] It's just too important. [takes deep breath] My dear Twilight, I am afraid I won't be able to make it to your birthday party tomorrow, because... because poor Opal is quite ill, and she is in no condition to make the long journey back to Ponyville! I do hope you understand. Your friend, Rarity.
  8. this is a re-post from my furaffinity journal so this is basically an art challenge COLOR PALLET CHALLENGE if there is no watchers to give you the following listed below you may choose yourself rules: you may only use one color pallet chosen by a watcher from the watcher will give you 3 markings and shapes you must use on the character or reference (shapes and markings must be of equal number example: 3 markings and 3 shapes) marking numbers are limitless it just the type of marking thats limited so you can have tiger stripes polka dots and stocking markings on a character like my angel dragon sherbert the watcher will give you a species to use (for now I am using angel dragon) you must post the image link back to here and nominate this challenge to your friends and other artists you may only use TWO shades of one from the ref so if you have a dark green you can change it to a much brighter pastel green so on so on but you may only do this for TWO colors~! hope you enjoy~! and if you like you may sell your finished character as an adopt
  9. I propose a challenge!! Similar to a previous thread I made back in December, I challenge anyone who reads this, to name a fictional character who can beat my own. Who can beat Battler Ushiromiya, the Golden Endless Scorcerer? Rules: no omnipotent/nigh omnipotent characters, other than that, you may use any character in fiction. Give reasons as to why your character would win. You may name up to 5 characters. Oh, and you cannot use Battler himself, or characters from his own verse. Just some friendly advice, by the way, I suggest that, if you wish to have any chance at all of beating him, you should name very, very heavy hitters in fiction. Bring it on. :3 Here's a theme for the battle: Anyone? Come on, you know you want to!!
  10. What's up, everypony? The name's Alex Night and I've started to catch the Let's Player bug for a while now, so I decided to try my hand at YouTube and taking just a small break from Twitch. I've already got a few projects started along with some projects already done, but there is one project that I'm really pushing for in terms of involvement from both me and my viewers. It is called the Pokemon Sacred Gold Egglocke challenge. Pokemon Sacred Gold is a ROM hack of Pokemon Heart Gold where the Pokemon have changed in many different ways to create a more challenging experience like buffing some of the weaker Pokemon or how all of the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four have six Pokemon to use against you. For those unfamiliar with Egglockes or Nuzlockes, it's essentially a self-imposed hard mode. There are two (three) basic rules to the Nuzlocke portion that are mandatory. 1. If a Pokemon faints, then it is considered dead and must be either released into the wild or put into a "dead" box for archival purposes. It cannot be revived and used again with the exceptions of HM Slave purposes. 2. You may only catch the first Pokemon that you encounter in each Area/Route. So, if you happen to encounter an Abra which has a habit of Teleporting on its first move and it gets away, then tough luck. You can't have a second chance. 3. You must nickname every Pokemon that you catch/receive as a gift in order to create a more emotional bond with your Pokemon. Now we come to the part of the Egglocke rules which is where the viewer/subscriber comes into play. 1. Every Pokemon that you get, including the Starter Pokemon, serves as a token to swap for a random Egg pulled from the PC box that is provided by the viewers/subscribers. 2. Now because the games as they are now hatch Pokemon at Level 1, I have to enable a one-time pass for creating 999 Rare Candies only for the sole purpose of leveling up the hatched Pokemon to the same level as the Token Pokemon that was swapped for it. Any Rare Candies that I may find out in the game are used immediately for legitimacy purposes. Optional Rules: There will be a duplicate limit for the eggs where I cannot get 3 of the same Pokemon during my run. So, if I were to hatch a fourth Charmander during my run, then I would have to pass over that Charmander for a new egg. I want to be as fair to everybody during my run which is why I put a high enough limit, but given that Gen 4 has plenty of Pokemon to choose from I don't think I'll run into too many duplicates. So obviously I need people to send me eggs to even get this project started. I even created a YouTube layout for the game which I'll be more than happy to show for you guys. The video link here will take to the first episode where I explain all of this in video form and it also explains how to create an egg and send it to me. Since I prefer to be on the mods' good side (particularly Bababa's), all the stuff that you need is provided in the video description. Keep in mind that I'm still working on my commentary and that I may let some curse words out from time to time during my videos. I'm trying to cut it down to a point where I say some silly word in its place, but just giving you a fair warning. Other than that, let me know if you guys have any critiques about the video or about the layout as feedback is greatly appreciated.
  11. The time has finally come! It is time for everyone to read through the entries submitted to the 500 word fanfic contest and make a decision on what your top 4 favorites are. For those who don't know what the content entailed: participants had to enter a piece of fanfiction about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe that used at most 500 words. Not the easiest set of requirements, huh? A list of all valid, entered stories are below. Please read through as many of the stories as you can before voting begins. The stories are very entertaining and fun to read through, so you'll enjoy it anyways. Voting begins on Friday, 8/24/2012, to give all members the chance to read through the entries before voting to ensure they vote in an educated manner. Feel free to discuss your favorites below, and give critiques and praise. Please keep things civil, do not demean someone or say nasty things about their story, everyone who entered put hard work into their stories and they're all great. If you're going to give critiques, please try to be as specific and helpful as possible. COMPLETED ENTRIES: List of completed entries: Finesthour/Crona/Incognito NLR Soldier Eljordo Resolution ~Chaotic Discord~ Bronynonymous russelshy MallaJong1 cuteycindyhoney Blue MoonFeather Zoop Sugar Plum Shadow Chaser Jalaton SuntouchedCoco Lord Pretty Pie Juggler Luna Sparkle
  12. Today I begin a series of challenges, which I call... The Interpretation Creation Challenge (Now I'm not sure if this idea is already a thing. Knowing my luck, it probably is. For now I'll just assume it isn't and continue.) What is this challenge about? Everyone sees things differently. I see things one way while someone else will see it some other way. It's all about perspective and the way we interpret things. This challenge puts this idea to the test. What's the setup? I'm going to give you a list of personality traits, talents, and other various things. What you need to do is craft an OC around these. Why? This is a bit of an experiment to see what various outcomes can come from a single source of information. This tests the creativity and diversity among those who enter. And it's just fun! How do I enter? 1. Read the provided traits/prompts. 2. Create an OC. 3. Comment here with your creation, including: The OC's Name The OC's Cutie Mark + Description A Picture(Optional) Additional Info/Backstory(Optional) What are the rules? 1. You have to use the prompts from the list. You can't just submit a random unrelated OC. 2. You can't use an already existing OC. You need to start from scratch. 3. You can add additional traits if you want. 4: A picture isn't required(though it is preferred). Also, if using a picture, it doesn't need to be "show quality". Make it in whatever style you like(paper drawing, computer sketch, vector, etc.). If you don't include a picture, describe what the OC looks like. 5. Your submission can be as simple or complex as you desire. 6. Have fun! In each challenge there are 5 winners and 5 honorable mentions(or less depending on how many people participate). There are no actual prizes, other than...well, winning. This is just a fun little challenge for people to test their creativity. -------------------- NOW, IT IS TIME FOR THE CHALLENGE! Here is what you have to work with: Traits Funny Silly Clumsy Awkward Geeky Talents Being Random Entertaining Analyzing Theorizing Age 19 Gender Male -------------------- Take these and create a new character! Colors, mane style, height, weight, race, cutie mark, etc. are all up to you. As for your time limit, you have until: January 26th. That gives you two weeks to do your thing. I will post the winners a day or two later. I'm excited to see what you can come up with! Good Luck! Current Competitors Dulset Tarn ... ...
  13. Taking another, largely facetious, stab at this lol. People like to pit colorful, talking ponies against just the absolute worst, most unfathomably powerful, world-destroying evil entities that video games, literature, TV and movies hath ever provided. And it's always some boring fight to the death. Yawn. Therefore, I've sought to change things up somewhat: Each of the Mane 6 face a competitor (inexplicably dragged out of their respective universes to face a specific ponygirl). It is not a fight to the death. In fact, killing (anyone) is strictly forbidden, and any who so much as attempt to inflict lethal harm will be instantaneously disqualified and banished to the Lego-verse wherein they shall forever assume the form of an impotent yellow Lego block. Attempting to cause significant or disabling physical injury to anyone will result in a similar banishment, differing only in that the assumed Lego block form will be red. Competitors are allowed (nay, encouraged!) to "say mean things" to one another and to "talk smack." Twilight Sparkle will face Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) in a book reading contest. Whoever reads the most pages from Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" (available in whatever languages the competitors are most comfortable with) within the given time period of thirty minutes - provided they can accurately answer a page number-appropriate question pertaining to the book afterwards - wins the competition. Who would be the victor?? Rarity will face Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) in a dress-making contest. Both competitors will have precisely one hour to make a dress and have access to the same amount of materials. Freddy is permitted to use his "special glove" to cut fabric, but - as this competition will take place in the real world - any abilities he may possess solely in the dream world are inhibited. The resulting dresses will be judged on a ten point scale by a panel consisting of Judge Dredd, Judge Judy, and Judge Man. Who would be the victor??? Apple Jack will face the Xenomorph (Alien) in an apple pie-baking competition. They will both have access to the same ingredients and cooking implements. The resulting apple pies will be taste tested by Kirby, a Yoshi, and a Snorlax. All of whom will judge the deliciousness of the pie by how "happy" they become immediately following consumption. Except for Snorlax, who will likely fall asleep. Who. Would. Be. The victor???? Fluttershy will face Great Cthulhu (The Call of Cthulhu) in a blushing competition. Cephalopods are known for their impressive color-changing abilities, so this could be anyone's game. The blush MUST, however, be produced after the competitors have been exposed to an exceedingly cute bunny. Criteria upon which the blush will be judged include: duration, significance of color change, and how "adorable" it makes the competitor look. Anyone's game, indeed. Who would... You get the idea. Pinkie Pie will face Satan (the bible) in a joke-off. The joke cannot be of a derogatory or beyond-PG nature, and it must be accompanied by a rimshot - competitors will be provided with the means to manually produce said rimshot. Satan is allowed to say "hell" in the wording of his joke, as he is from there. The funniness of the jokes will be judged (by their laughter) by a panel consisting of: a human baby, a laughing hyena, and some guy that just wandered into the competition. His name is Bob. Whowouldbethevictor?? Rainbow Dash will face Godzilla in a race. As Godzilla is a being (radioactive lizard thing?) of significant, err... Girth - the starting line will be drawn along whatever part of his body most protrudes. RD is permitted to fly, but she is discouraged from utilizing the Sonic Rainboom. Because fair is fair. The race will be conducted in a more-or-less straight line over a distance of ten miles. If Godzilla comes close to squashing or otherwise harming ANYONE (whether deliberately or simply because he's a big dude), it's a Lego life for him. Just to be clear: bugs do not qualify as "anyone," as they are bugs. Godzilla is permitted to squash all the bugs he likes; he just may not squash any, say, people as if they were bugs. Victory goes to... Well, whosoever crosses the finish line first. If Godzilla goes on some wacky detour because he felt like remodeling a city's skyline, that's his own fault. Who would win???$?
  14. Hello everypony and welcome (if this has not already been done) to the ALS Ice bucket Challenge thread! Basically just recount on your experience of doing and or being challenged to the ice bucket challenge and maybe even link the video if you posted one! As for me I am doing one right after I finish this post and will link the video when I can!
  15. Hello, everypony last week I had to get a replaced 3-d crystal puzzle series replaced it was one of my favorites the diamond had 41 pieces anyway which one of the 3-d crystal puzzle was the hardest for you guys ? Also got a crystal puzzle of hello kitty it's 43 pieces skill level 2 diamond 3-d puzzle skill level 1 enjoy !
  16. hey it's strawberry starshine so i just what to start a small game dor fun. as you can GUESS from the title you will trie to guess what inspired my name. just so you know my name comes from the name of character in another show . p.s it was orignaly starshrine but a type'o later it's starshine. it ok if you think this i lame i understand -_-
  17. hey it's strawberry starshine so i just what to start a small game dor fun. as you can GUESS from the title you will trie to guess what inspired my name. just so you know my name comes from the name of character in another show . p.s it was orignaly starshrine but a type'o later it's starshine. it ok if you think this i lame i understand -_- i will be dropin hints every so often umm i will move this to another section becose i relised this belonges in clowdes dale ooops. see you thare
  18. Hi all! Today i present a fun challenge for everyone in the forums! It's pretty simple. THE VECTOR CHALLENGE! So I know a lot of people here love MLP:FiM fan arts and make them their avatars.... Well the challenge is simple. All you have to do is change your avatar to a vector of your favorite CANON pony or character. (Twilight, Rarity, Spike, Discord etc.) This is a fun way to show other forum users our love for our favorite ponies! Ex. Rules: - No fancy stuff like GIFS or fanart! - Once you accepted the challenge you must keep the avatar for at least a week. ~~ Soooooo..... Challenge accepted? Anyone wanna join innnn?
  19. Well im going to be doing the brony challenge this Saturday but has any one ever done it. If any one is planning on doing it good luck. (Check Image for Rules and Details) EDIT: i didnt make this contest and the image, im simply asking if any one has done it. ALSO if any one will be doing this on 11/16/2013, if you want add me on Skype because i wanna get a group of bronys together and do this
  20. So, in todays age of games that seem to tender more towards squeezing money from the consumer rather than providing them with a quality experience, what games have you played that still provide you with a challenge when you play? You may guess what inspired me to create this, I recently purchased Bioshock Infinite, and before I play that I figured I would celebrate by going through the first 2 on Hard difficulty. It wasn't until I had to fight my first Big Daddy that I realised exactly how hard it was, and it's safe to say it's enough of a game to give me a challenge. Another would be the original Halo trilogy, Halo CE on Legendary was incredibly challenging, but doable with some perseverance, but that's an old game, much like Halo 2 - back when games at least had an illusion of wanting to be a great experience. So, any similar experiences with challenging games that break the monotony of today's 5 year old fan base?
  21. I'm looking for rap/hip hop without profanity or sexual references, preferably without talk of drugs either. Also no Christian rap because that's too easy, this is supposed to be a challenge.
  22. If you havn't seen Billy Madison I'll give you a quick rundown of his challenge, in order to get his father's company he had to prove himself by starting school over from Kindergarten to 12th grade 1 grade a week, so my question is do you think you would be able to do remember enough from your school years to be able to do that. For me i think I would be fine from K-10th 11th and 12th would be hard and anything with geometry and fractions would kill me ass well (sorry if this topic exists my forum search function is still broke)
  23. So I am looking for anyone with any artistic ability to help me. What I am looking for is someone that will draw me up some tattoo designs and ideas with information I give you. It happens to be something my whole family needs help with. Here is the idea/ info.... We want a cowboy cross tattoo that has barb wire going up it and across it. With the barb wire going across it we would like it to form our name in the middle. That is pretty much the rough Idea. Cross: attached thumbnail That is just the basic shape of the cross Name in Middle: LOPEZ Feel free to throw in anything or change anything (except the name) . I just want to see what I can find so you don't have to make anything exact and it can be a rough sketch with flaws. PLEASE help me
  24. For those of you who don't know, the 30 minute challenge is where an artist tries to draw something in 30 minutes or less. ... I am not a fast artist. ... Nonetheless, wanting to be cool and fit in with the rest of the devianters, I picked up my touchscreen laptop and my stylus, and freehanded something :I ... I failed. ... I suppose it can only get better, right? ... Right? ... Guys? DeviantArt: