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Found 59 results

  1. I myself have found that My Little Pony has affected me in the best of ways. Before I got into the show I could easily relate my situation to Twilight's when she first entered. I used to be the lonely nerd who always thought the only thing that mattered were my grades. After this show I became one of those people you could be around and always feel comfortable with. My Little Pony even inspired me to create my own personal code that I strive to match each and every day. It simply states that you should be kind, generous, loyal, happy, and truthful (pretty much the elements of harmony) and that by following this you will be successful in making and keeping friends. So far it works above and beyond my expectations.
  2. Let's imagine that you have the oportunity to change three things from the show... what do you change and why, if you think the show is okay as it is, why you think so?
  3. Youtube has officially changed everypony's layout. They just had to. Jerks. Example: Littlemandude11's Channel - YouTube Discuss.
  4. Create a two-word phrase using one of the words from the previous poster and replacing the other word with your own. (Cannot be compound words, like: basketball, football, bookshelf, Applejack, etc). Example: First poster: problem child; Second poster: child care; Third poster: day care. Let's start: Party hard.
  5. So, one thing has kind of bothered me as of late... Anyone remember / know about that fan character Nyx? I think she's originally from that fanfiction "Past Sins" (which I now have a hardcover book of), correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I remember back in 2012-2014 or whenever, everyone was talking about her, making fan art, plushies, RPing as her, etc; she was a very popular and beloved character it seems. Well to my surprise, after coming back from my multi-year hiatus away from the fandom, I come back to people doing kind of the opposite: making fun of the character, making memes out of her like "compared to this, was I really that bad?", etc. So it has me wondering...what happened while I was gone? x3
  6. I didn't see a question regarding this, but its just a quick question. Is it possible to change a thread title? Asking cuz although i was only worried about the Body, but wanted to rename the thread title. If we do, or if you guys do, can you rename my: Looking for a Crew *List on Thread* to MLP: Fan Film - Volunteers Wanted Thanks,
  7. So I've reached the point in my life in which I have to choose what im going to do for the rest of my life and I want to do something related to writing poetry and stories or at least something that has to do with creativity... and thinking back to what someone once told me, I realized that a lot of people never use their talents to change the world for the better, they mostly hide it or use it for other things. Everybody has a talent, so if you could get the chance to use your talent to change(save) the world, what would you do? and how?
  8. Just watched this video and I think Luna would be a better ruler than Celestia =) what do you guys think ?
  9. This should be an easy question to answer: In what ways are you trying to improve your life? For me, I'm hoping to go on more exercises (walks, in particular) and I've been eating a lot more healthier foods than before.
  10. You know when there's something you can never stop talking about? This is it for me. My life is significantly less depressing for me now than it was only a mere couple of months ago. I mean you all know a big chunk of why this is, and if you don't, well, you haven't been paying an awful lot of attention to what I've been posting about said thing is over and over again. If you don't know, as of late February or Early March of this year (can't look because of inane forum drama), I have been happily in a relationship, one that has helped me out significantly. Two months ago, I had a chance argument with a man who would later become my boyfriend. He was arguing about a post he made in regards to being depressed, he sounded like he was trying to force his sadness on other people. Then we apologize to each other, and then after that he begins to sound like the sad little puppy. Adorable, but definitely very depressed about life as a whole. I don't know what switch flips on in me, but I come to love him pretty quickly, and within a week, we've both said that we love each other. Though at first I admit I was a little unsure if I really loved him or I was desperate. But, after a while I come to realize, this guy, was in all ways but physically everything I ever wanted in a romantic partner... He's smart enough, and oddly civilized enough, for me to have intellectual discussions with. He has been immensely courteous to me, to the point it makes me feel guilty sometimes. He's also presses the right buttons if you know what I mean , and if you don't know what I mean, well your mind isn't sick enough to know. He also shares interests with me, mainly in the areas of science, mathematics, a specific type of humor, and his musical tastes aren't really too different than mine. But when I saw him in real life a couple of weeks ago ( had a great time by the way, though it didn't quite go as far as I wanted ), I realized he was also a big cute teddy bear too, you know like the one that's begging to be cuddled with. I'll also say that we slept in the same bed together and I nearly kissed him. Like I was inches from his face before I backed off, because he looks like a big chubby angel who's begging for a kissing. But to what he's done for me. His complements towards me have helped me find a renewed self-esteem, as in I don't view myself as ugly anymore. I still feel like I don't deserve such high praise, but I'll admit I look pretty cute . He also helped me through a depression that was spiraling out of control, by giving me hope and love that I've needed for a long time. Seriously, I was quite seriously thinking about hanging myself from the pecan (let's pronounce that: pi' KAN (It's a joke most of you may not get about another couple)) tree growing in the backyard, but since him, they've been replaced with thoughts of cuddling, kissing, and everything else. He's helped me get along in the pursuit of my dream of making my own successful tabletop game. He has resources that are getting content from the current version printed off! That and he's really encouraged me to work on it. He's also made me realize that it is always good to appreciate what you have. On another philosophical tangent, he's made me realize that negativity is necessary for positivity to exist. This is not the complete list, but only the list of what is the most impactful of these things. As for our future together, we're supposed to be going on our "second date" a week from now! We've also been planning about what happens when we really go the distance, and live together under the same roof. He's been planning to get his driver's license renewed, and he's been planning to save up for some sort of place to live for the two of us. We haven't discussed anything like legal marriage or anything yet, but I do fantasize about our lives together as one little bitty gay family of 2 (or 3 if adopting a kid is ever in the cards). I just hope it gets there! Sorry if I keep bringing this up almost non-stop, but can you blame me anyways? After all my life has improved dramatically since I and he have been together. I am not sorry.
  11. 'Sup MLP Forums, how are you all doing? For those of you who may already know me, you may already be aware that my site username also happens to be the name of my Ponysona OC (and the name of my Music Channel on YouTube). However, I have started to notice that: 1. It may not make that much sense to use as a male pony name (despite some pony names literally having names that human beings also use, such as Cadence, Octavia, etc.). 2. I honestly feel a little cringy having my Ponysona OC using my real life nickname (and what I also use for personal real life branding), Jonny. It just doesn't sound right and feels out of place. 3. I did not know how to better name my Ponysona OC back then when he "became alive" back in 2014 when I asked someone to create an OC for me. And so because of this, I have been thinking to change my Ponysona OC's name to something else, such as these potential new names I came up with: - Shining Pipe (this might be a good name for my Ponysona OC) [Note, this name was inspired from Shining Armor and the sound producing part of a "pipe" organ] - Silver Pipe (sounds pretty generic to me personally) - Charming Stallion (according to the "Rum & Monkey" Pony name generator, lol) - Wild Pipe (not sure if my Ponysona is "wild" enough for that kind of name, lol) - Tin Pipe (as in the material organ pipes tend to consist of) - Steel Pipe (same as above) - Silver Whistle (Decided officially as the new name) (The last 4 were found/inspired from the My Little Pony name generator from the Fantasy Name Generators) UPDATE! (new names!): - Lucky Pipe - Lucky Whistle (The reason for "lucky" is due to the association the colour green (my OC's coat colour) has with luck)) If you have any name suggestions or if you happen to disagree with my thought of changing the name in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts, I'll be looking forward to them. Also for reference, you'll see an updated image of my OC attached. UPDATE: As of Jan. 19, 2019, my Ponysona OC's name is now "Silver Whistle".
  12. Hey there, I was wondering if there were a way to change the email address associated with this account, the one I have now is my old one that I no longer use and for some reason all of my email notifications go to there instead of my current one that I changed at Poniverse, even though I change my email over there, I can't change it over here as it is locked right now, I was hoping if anyone can help me on this?
  13. I was thinking about if this was possible based on what we know about cutie marks. The reason I am asking is because if it was possible, it would really help out my OC's backstory that I am developing right now. A more accurate question would be, can a cutie mark be modified? My OC is originally going to have a heart as a cutie mark, but because of certain event, an arrow goes through the heart. Is this possible based on canon or popular fanon?
  14. So, Thorax instantly changed in character once he transformed, like the other changelings, and suddenly was the biggest changeling in the room (the "room" had no roof btw) and the changelings accepted him as a leader. He also started looking really confident and relaxed from then on. He transformed from the all-shy little changeling to the big confident-looking changeling in no time and seems to accept his duty. I would like to know, what you think about that. What's your opinion? Do you have a theory? Or an explaination that justifies his change? I would really like to know!
  15. Imagine if all the Mane 6 get new hairstyles and they're permanent. How would you feel about that? What would you want to see?
  16. Having watched the Season 6 finale yesterday. And I saw that the plotline of the story was very similar to a Fimfic that I was in the progress of writing. It was about the main characters getting kidnapped by evil forces and it's up to side characters to save the day. I had posted the first chapter of the fic on Fanfiction and Fimfiction about a month or so ago, before the season finale aired. It's a 4 chapter fic called "Harmony's New Heroes" The episode also featured the Changelings and now with everything that has happened in the episode I don't know whether or not my fic will continue to follow the canon of the story. And I feel rather disheartened by this turn of events. My fic has several different elements that might be different from the episode, but the show may have beaten me to the overall concept of side characters saving the day. I don't really know what to do. What do you think I should do? Should I continue with my story or should I discontinue it?
  17. Have you guys grown to like the new Starlight Glimmer? While I wasn't a big fan how her redemption was handled, her character has improved in the new season so far without stealing too much of the spotlight. Still, comparing her from season 5 to season 6, is such an abrupt change from her her character they almost feel completely different characters. Honestly, the show needs to be more consistent and nuanced with how the characters are portrayed. Here's hoping for a better villain in the season 6 finale.
  18. I have noticed that there have been subtle color changes to the show. It might not seem like much, but it comes up often when I see images from the show such as screenshots, etc. The color saturation between earlier episodes (like season 1) and later seasons (even season 2). In the earlier seasons, the color saturation is a little less than in the later seasons. For example: Season 1: Season 3: It's obviously just a quality difference, but it is an interesting change. Has anyone else noticed this?
  19. Not sure if this game is really going to work or not, but this is, as the title suggests, a game of telephone. Obviously, there is no speaking involved, but the rest is the same. Simply take what the person above you says, and type something that either sounds somewhat similar or is spelled similarly. I'll start: The fox hates red hair.
  20. Sometimes, even though the Mane 6 are fine being themselves, we would imagine them being different in some way or another. How would you change the appearance and behaviour of each member, if you can do so? Would you turn Pinkie into some Punkamena chick? Or Dash into the incarnate Rainbow Factory horror? Or Twilight into some insane, green-furred earth pony who is nothing but data and bytes?
  21. Considering they reused animation from the intro at the end of this weeks episode, do you think that the photo they took at the end may replace the one used in the intro currently?
  22. DQ stands for "Daily Question", it is a theme me and SugarfootWillie came up with. If I could change one thing right now, it would be our lack of a utopia in this world. Creating one that can work and still be compatible with human nature seems an impossible task to everyone I see, but I never saw it that way. I have no boundaries, no ties to society tainting my view, so what's to stop me from making something like this happen? Really why I want this is because I want to make a contribution, but can't seem to think small and complete anything, so I think big, believe in things others deem too radical, impossible, I say no to those who think something can never be done, If there is a solid wall blocking me, I'll widen the cracks to make a doorway, build a ladder to scale it, but never say it can't be done. I hope that inspired some of you. As always, thank you for your time and I'll see you on the next daily question.
  23. In recent episodes, namly Party Poopers and The lost whatever of Griffonstone, she has become a far more likable character to me. I used to hate her guts in S1 and S2, after that i only tolerated her. This is because she brought nothing to the show beyond comic relief and slapstick humor. You can argue with me on that, but youll lose. But in Season 4 (save Pinkie Pride) and particularly season 5, she has become far less nonsensical and takes important matters much more seriously. She still keeps the quirky humor that makes her character, but thinks and adapts to situations in a much more thoughtful way. It has made me appreciate her character far more. What do you guys think? Has she become a better character thanks to her less nonsensical attitude? Did you prefer her in earlier seasons? Or mabye you think she hasnt changed at all.
  24. "Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands." - Clint Eastwood
  25. Hi there! I had recently changed my username but I realized that I had spelled it wrong. I have already made 3 of 3 name changes, so I cannot fix it. I do not want to wait 15 days to alter it. Is there any way a moderator or staff member could fix it? THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED