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Found 132 results

  1. A new season means new characters and that means new fan clubs! So why not have one about the adorable little Changeling Ocellus? I mean, what's not to love about her? She's adorable, shy, a huge bookworm, and did I mention adorable?
  2. Don't mind the fact that some of these are sideways. Also don't mind the fact that these were drawn using pencil and paper. The other spoiler contains everything drawn using my primary art style.
  3. Hi everyone. Welcome to the Thorax fan club, the rules are as follows: No bad language (no swearing, cursing) No bullying (no badmouthing any other forum members, let's all be friends here) NEVER post naughty/NSFW images (please keep this fan club clean for all ages) That being said, have fun! Warning: he's too cute X3
  4. After attending BronyCon for my third time, and hearing the big news at the end of the closing ceremony, I decided to finally put some effort into creating an OC. I'm hoping to create one who represents myself, and go to the final BronyCon in cosplay (part of what I'm doing to help make it the best one ever), so I'm getting a jump on it right away. I've decided on a reformed changeling for a variety of reasons. For one thing, I have no idea what my cutie mark would be if I made a pony OC; while I have some accomplishments, I don't feel that I've done anything that would cause a cutie mark to appear, and don't identify with any special talent or skill in particular. So, a little bit about my OC's personality. He's introverted, and while he enjoys being social, he's often very quiet unless he's around people he knows, and needs time alone to recharge after socializing (which can be quite challenging in the hive). He often changes into different personas to avoid interaction in public spaces when he feels anxiety, which is one way he finds time to be alone. He only reveals his true form when he's around friends and family in a comfortable situation. Even though he may come off as antisocial at times, he enjoys sharing the things he loves with others, and getting free of Queen Chrysalis' reign was a great relief to him. Since becoming reformed, he has grown interested in pursuing needlework and creating clothes and plush toys to express himself. I'd like him to be more of a slice of life character than one who's involved in a larger, epic story, and I'm looking for some input from the community so that I can really create a compelling character. One of the biggest things I have to decide on right now is a name. It's tempting to call him Draxon, mostly for simplicity's sake, but also because I identify most strongly with that name, but I'm open to other suggestions. Canon changelings are named for insect parts, species of plants, or in the case of Kevin, just have regular names, so I think there's a lot of room for creativity. I'll also have to come up with a color combination for his appearance, but I think that'll mostly come down to experimentation. If you have suggestions for a name or on ways I can improve upon my character, please jump in! Thanx!
  5. Link to OOC @Maple Bat As Will Guide the Disney-loving Unicorn awaited for Maple Bat and Woodland Orchestra to arrive, he once again mentally spoke to the Changeling soul within him. Are you sure you want to do this? You know that not everypony has accepted that most of the Changelings race has turned good. Yes. You've been my sleeping spell coffin for too long! It's time I stop hiding! Okay, but it won't be easy! Let's do this!
  6. I'm starting on a new fic, involving a male changeling, when I realized I have no idea how changeling naming works. The only name we know is Chrysalis, so should I go with an insect based naming theme?
  7. Hi everyone. Welcome to the Pharynx fan club, the rules are as follows: No bad language (no swearing, cursing) No bullying (no badmouthing any other forum members, let's all be friends here) NEVER post naughty/NSFW images (please keep this fan club clean for all ages) Have fun!!! X3
  8. Link to RP Okay, @Maple Bat, I'll get us started on this. Although, I'm starting with Unicorn Will Guide already acquainted with your OC's. And he already knows about his inner Changeling side. He begins asking if his Changeling side is ready to come out!
  9. So just a little spoiler alert for those who aren't aware, it seem after seeing this picture, it look like S8 is happening. But not only that, looks to me there will be a school of friendship?? And a female changeling?? how is that possible? There's also a new merchandise as well corresponded to this.,p_89:My+Little+Pony|Hasbro|My+Little+Pony+Equestria+Girls&linkCode=sl1&tag=alabmlme-20&linkId=decd195ae8921c9c493b6c04824e08ca,p_89:My+Little+Pony|Hasbro|My+Little+Pony+Equestria+Girls&linkCode=sl1&tag=alabmlme-20&linkId=57fa55f29d63508fc5f6532d4bbd9adf What do you guys think of this?
  10. You know, I have no idea what the big deal is about these 'ask' threads, so why not start one? So, feel free to ask me anything from life in a black shell hive, to neuro surgery, to those pesky elements that leave me uncertain after the last season about who actually claims the title as holders. Doesn't mean I'll be able to give you a good answer... XD
  11. How would you describe Pharynx's personality in his original changeling form vs his new reformed personality? We mainly only see his former personality, but what do you think changed or stayed the same, personality wise, after his acceptance of love and friendship?
  12. *Deep Exhale* As the title suggests, I am NOT doing this of my own free will. It was either join this foreign exchange thing or sit in on an agonizing session of a feelings circle. (*Thorax in Background - It's a feelings forum!) Whatever! The point is, to get my younger brother off my back and to embrace my new reformed self, I'm willing to answer a few questions. Um, so I guess that's it then. (*Turns to Thorax - There. You happy? Now buzz off and find a feeling's circle to join or something. I can't do this if you're hovering over me.) (*Thorax: Okay. Again, Feelings...FORUM!!!) THORAX!!!
  13. Ever since the Season 6 finale it seems the show has purposely tried to get rid of these dark hole-filled changeling designs, and after "To Change a Changeling" even the outlier, Pharnyx changed to the new design (albeit a little darker than the others) But here's something I noticed: Unlike the changelings in the Season 6 where it seemed after seeing Thorax change into his new form, they just went "Oh yeah lets transform that sounds awesome" almost like it was their choice. However in the episode Pharnyx expresses his love for the hive and they return their appreciation for him and then he transforms. There was no pressure from them saying they'll only appreciate him if he changes form, they were ready to accept him as he was. So that raises the idea. I don't it's that the show wants to say a changeling can't look like the old design and be loved, because once a changeling is loved they physically can't keep the old design and naturally evolve. Long story short it's not Conformity, it's Evolution.
  14. I can wait no more. All my expectations I remember at season 6 episode 26; why did Queen Chrysalis reject Starlight Glimmer's hoof? I was really expecting to see her reformed. I have seen some fan arts about her reformed version but it would be amazing to see an official version of her reformed. I can't wait anymore, please My Little Pony, reform her too. xD Look what happened to King Thorax, he was way different when he reformed and the other reformed changelings, so just imagine how pretty would Queen Chrysalis be. A beautiful fan art example:
  15. So, Thorax instantly changed in character once he transformed, like the other changelings, and suddenly was the biggest changeling in the room (the "room" had no roof btw) and the changelings accepted him as a leader. He also started looking really confident and relaxed from then on. He transformed from the all-shy little changeling to the big confident-looking changeling in no time and seems to accept his duty. I would like to know, what you think about that. What's your opinion? Do you have a theory? Or an explaination that justifies his change? I would really like to know!
  16. The land, which was previously occupied by Queen Chrysalis has now been cleansed by the love shared by Thorax and the rest of the inhabitants of the old changeling hive. Lades and Gentlecolts, I give you…The Reformed Land. This piece is in an Asian style, my first time ever doing this style. I'd like some critique on it please. Note this is a completed track.
  17. I have always respected Queen Chrysalis as a character, and as an antagonist. She's clever, manipulative, and before the season 6 finale, she had a complete army behind her. Just like Cadence, she was design to be a perfect ruler, to depend on love. She's Cadence's perfect shadow, obscure and terrifying. But the thing that calls my attention, is that she's in fact a mother. She has lost her reign, her subjects and her childrens. She's alone, and all she has known is now a reflection of treason. That's why it hurts me a little when she loses it all. At the same time, I can only wonder if she's capable of raise a whole new swarm by her own, or if she needs some, *cough*, partner. Equestrian biology is something I would take in college for sure. And this is not a surprise, we'll have a Chrysalis episode in season 7. It would surely surprise me if they forget about her for a whole season, haha. Please don't, Hasbro. We need either a revenge or a redemption episode. Twitter! deviantArt!
  18. Queen Chrysalis couldn't have laid all those eggs on her own. Who did she mate with?
  19. Since everyone is talking about changelings right now, I have a small concern about them. In To Where and Back Again, every changeling in the throne room agreed with Starlight's idea of sharing love. I mean it wouldn't be so bad if there were some changelings that disagreed with her, and only half the changelings decided to take the good path. I know it wasn't shown in that episode, but could there be other changelings that decided to stay loyal to Chrysalis?
  20. Since we now know that changelings (sorta) reproduce asexually, that raised a good question to me. Do they have a gender? Or do they technically don't have a gender since they come from eggs and some like Chrysalis sexually identify themselves as either male or female?
  21. "Hello, I am Void Crawler, the old leading Commander drone in the Miasma Hive of Las Pegasus, and I would really like to receive your questions, and not devour your emotions... Not at all..."
  22. Ever wonder how changelings work? Ever had your headcanons about how? Want your information and other's to be mixed and merged into one big study? Here's the thread for you! Here we discuss changeling biology, society, history and other topics having to do with changelings! Discuss below all about changelings, how you think they work, and what their society would be like.
  23. This OC here, is my favourite OC in my huge arsenal, and also my oldest OC that I frequently use on all forms of social media. He has been called well done before in the past, but a page overhaul may have ruined this, I would like some help on if he needs changes, minor or large or not and if he is still a unique OC who isn't over the top. Thanks for reading even if you don't reply /)^3^(\
  24. Greg the changeling... changing. I've uploaded the same image on DeviantArt and Tumblr, but I figured I'd toss it up here too.
  25. Thorax's new from from the season 6 finally