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Found 47 results

  1. Kinda bored so was wondering if any of you have any favourite YouTube channels you enjoy watching? Personally, I don't watch YouTube much if at all but I'm there's a travel youtuber called Bald and Bankrupt that I'm a big fan of, and I watch all of his videos - I'll link one below. Share your favourite YouTube channels or personalities below, and explain why you like them if you feel so inclined. Cheers!
  2. for community watching MLP episodes (and related): Changed MOTD to: Anypony? Searching for special someponies quite for a while now. <- West/central EU time
  3. I've already uploaded my first video on Sunday this week on Silent Hill 2 and I was wondering to myself. How do I get more viewers and subscribers? If anypony has a youtube channel. Please help me with this I'll also put the link in for my channel later
  4. I am just doing this poll because I don't know what people prefer, although MLP is on Netflix so... I know MLP may just be taken off of Netflix, but there still is a chance it just means that they will add Season Eight, isn't there?
  5. hi ponies can you visit my channel and watch ponies together? i forgot for the link of the site, this is the link :
  6. This is my first big MLP related video of which I plan to do more, my channel is cartoon based as a whole but MLP will be a large focus.
  7. So I really want to be a unicorn a changeling, or ANYTHING but a blank flank. I am rather new, so how do I do it? Thank you all and plz follow me Princess_Cadence
  8. When I was younger, I used to watch Discovery Kids and also Animal Planet where they have these interactive games you can play on your remote. I remember when nothing else was on, I used to go on the games and kill my precious little time by playing all I could find. Now, here's a list of them what I remember; - Kenny the Shark: you play as the title character where you race through a beach full of obstacles on a dune buggy, such as sand castles and cats. One hit, you take a tumble for the worse. There are power ups such as you can use the dog character to scare away the cats. It was quite challenging for me. This also had the same soundtrack as the next game. - I can't remember the title but what I do is that you play as a rabbit in a jeep racing down the sewers and dodging everything. The only power-up I can remember was a fox's tail attached to the end of your vehicle so it can make you fly. The music to this game was arcade noises, high-pitched gibberish and even farts. - Meerkat Manor: ah yes, a classic. You play as one out of two meerkats and you go around a platform of rocks and such, finding your babies. But be warned, rattlesnakes, condors and enemy meerkats stand in your way. I used to love the victory dance where the meerkat happily raises the roof in happiness, while the baby has a jig~ - Another I can't remember but you play as a little chimpanzee where you climb trees and either collect something or defeat enemies. The ones I remember what you can fight (to my humour) were the gorillas, where you can throw an apple at them and boom, they're gone. My grandma who loved gorillas always used to wince when I controlled the apple button. I also remember getting scared of the snake enemies, where you can only see their coils and then they pop out to bite you. I never got past that stage, but I read you can see eagles and crocodiles. - Chomp: hell yeah, this was like their own version of Pac-Man. Chomp himself is a pair of razor sharp crocodilian-esque teeth that go around chomping stuff. In this game, you make a a line and every line you do, you fill this empty space. Similar to Pac Xon online. Watch out for UFO's and candy, where every time you consume it, you hear a chomping sound and also "Wuh-oh". Eat toothpaste to gain health. - Yet again, another game with an unmemorable title, but somehow I loved it the most. I think it was Mystery Hunters or something, I dunno???? Anyway, you either control these children who were explorers and like Meerkat Manor, you control either one of them. You explore this haunted mansion or castle. The whole setting was like the old Zelda or Earthbound game on NES. So you go around, get to the end, but you have to avoid the enemies at all costs. Enemies like bats, automatically opening trap doors, enchanted suits of armour where some charge in different directions and some do with a switch, and even these weird brownish hairy cavemen that charge in mirrored ways. When you get hit, the character will scream while falling off the stage. There was one stage I remember where there's a maze with a knight and an item to collect. Tough the item and you are chased down by the knight. I tried escaping the opposite direction, but he was too fast! So anybody remember these games? If anyone remembers the last one, especially the title, could you please inform me?
  9. Hi I thought I would post my new equestria tv channel gamersmate.
  10. Ello there my fellow ponys today im gonna broadcast so if you want to see more info or just wanna see it look below. So i created my own Channel) and ill be broadcasting in 6:00 am sharp (pacific time) ill be broadcasting in these following days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (If i cant make it one day ill just put it on the next day) This week ill be broadcasting Season 1 of MLP Friendship Is Magic on this channel. (i speak of) If you have any questions then just ask.
  11. Ok its time for Rarity channel If you want have fun with Rarity and adore her beauty join here :grin2: :grin2: yeah If you have any suggestions for Rarity videos added there feel free to suggest Stay fabulous! Edit: Since the original is screwed the new link would be
  12. Hello everypony! I am here to announce the creation of.. My Little Movie! That's right, I'll be hosting 5 My Little Pony Movies each Saturday night! They start from 12:00 AM EST to the time when all the movies are over! So grab your popcorn, because this is gonna be a long ride! Movies we'll be watching: * My Little Pony - Legend Of Everfree * My Little Pony - The Movie * My Little Pony - Escape From Catrina * My Little Pony - A Very Minty Christmas * My Little Pony - Dancing In The Clouds Link to MLM: The movies will be starting at 1:05 AM EST. Have fun now! 1 minute everypony! Come before you miss out!
  13. This Channel Is all about Button Mash Aka Don't Mine at night Pony. ​I don't Get it. Gaming Streams Pony videos and other Button Mash stuff. Channel Schedule Starts 3pm Central American Time. I changed it to 3pm instead of 2pm which I think is a better time.
  14. I'm starting to do reaction vids on my channel, ask me to react to anything from ponies to anime and gaming videos, and I will try my best to get to your vid. And once I hit a certain amount of subs I will be doing a Q and A so hit that sub button and get me there. Just make sure the requested videos are appropriate nothing like sex unless it is fully censored like racist Marioand hentai please or ecchi. Link: And if link does not work type in Idiotstickgaming and look for a stick man sleeping on a desk.
  15. Straw poll link Video link
  16. Hey eveypony! me and my friends started a show called BronyTrioRadio. we review each new ep as it comes out, talk to a guest and a hole bunch of other craziness!
  17. I have created a channel called the anime-club! The channel for all your anime needs:anime club It will have songs, openings songs, ending songs, reviews, videos, polls to vote on anime(and everything in-between)! The channel's streaming time starts on Wednesday, 3:00 EST. It will be a lot of fun for us anime fans. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Staff: please pm me to apply! Na11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emotes: WIP(much more coming) :aaa: :baka: :Boxing: :cake: :clap: :cri: :fdos: :smile: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules ​ecchi, well a highest 13+ rating, any genitalia must BE CENSORED! ​absolutely no hentai We do not accept detailed gore/blood-anything NSFW is not allowed The highest anime rating is 15+ Anybody who breaks the rules 6 times will be banned. ​------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News 2/15/16:added 8 new emotes, working on changing channel time, and editing MOTD and CSS.
  18. Welcome to the official thread for the Steven Universe fan channel, 'The Universe Tooniverse'! This is a WIP, so please hang in there as I figure things out. But if you want to, you are more than welcome to suggest things to me, including, but not limited to: Pictures for emojis Videos to be added to the playlist Rules and Punishments for not following said rules that are not included by defult of being a channel Music to be added, be it fan made or from the show Alternate names for the channel, as I am not too sure about the current name and because it is so new ATM Who you think would make a good moderator to the channel. If you must self-nominate, give either at least three good reasons, or at least one VERY good reason. Ways to make the channel more unique. Special events the channel can do and when. Current Emoticons: #SUDancingWhale #DJShy3 Current Staff: Me - King of the World (Owner of the channel) News:
  19. Hello and welcome to The Dash Lounge! Your home for Anime, games, shenanigans and more! Join us every Saturday night at 6pm EDT for Anime Nights (Please check back often for any updates and changes or new events. See below for info and rules) (Keep an eye on EQTV for The Dash Lounge. As I might (might as in I haven't yet) randomly stream me working on some art or playing a game in between events) Currently Playing on Anime Nights: Rifftrax Live: Samurai Cop Stick around after Anime for randomness. Anime Nights: Rules: Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what this channel has to offer!
  20. I thought I would make this because I didn't see it anywhere. My favorite you tuber/youtube channel is Good Mythical Morning. Feel free to post your favorite youtuber/youtube channel!
  21. Welcome everyone to the unveiling of The Vocaloid Channel! Your number 1 source for Vocaloid Tunes here on the Poniverse! We have a playlist that spans over 130 hours, which means a wide variety of tunes for you to chill, dance and sip a mug of tea to! We have a custom CSS theme for the channel which presents you with an experiance which you won't see on many other channels! *cough* Which means the player is on the Right hand side lel We are currently recuiting Admins! PM me if you have a passion for Vocaloid and want to help manage the channel. And we may do themed nights where we may stray away from Vocaloid content, this isn't set in stone but if you have suggestions let me know!
  22. This is a channel started by the Count to a Million regulars, for the Count to a Million people and anyone else who wants to come say hello, and watch videos with us! As a channel we stream every season 5 episode as it premieres at 4:30pm BST on Saturday and we will eventually set up movie nights once we find a good reliable streamer to stream them, as well as a play list to run during the times that nothing important is playing. ___________________________________________________________________ Owner: vinylscratchydj (Vinyl Scratchy DJ) Co-Owner: Fillypino Pride (Fillypino Pride) Admin(s): CAPTNCAPS (CAPTNCAPS) Moderator(s): ___________________________________________________________________ Rules: Tolerate and love everypony. While we don't quite mean this in the literal sense, we do ask that you remain respectful of other people's opinions and realize that they are, at the end of the day, just opinions rather than grounds for declaring thermonuclear war. Don't flame, don't troll, and you'll be fine. Keep the foul language down. Swearing is not forbidden on, but we kindly ask that you keep it to a minimum. Not only is swearing out of place in the My Little Pony universe, but some fans who visit this site may be much closer to the target age than you and will not enjoy seeing the F-Bomb drop on their screen. Racial or other derogatory terms against other members, groups, or other entities with the intention of slandering are more or less prohibited as well. NSFW and rule 34-type content is strictly forbidden. Got a fetish involving ponies? We don't care if you do; however, we politely ask that you keep all fetishistic, pornographic, and other "not safe for work" material off of here. Do not post links to pirated material. This includes torrents and links to direct downloads on cloud storage services. Not only do laws pertaining to piracy change periodically and vary from country to country, we also want to respect the rights and hard work of content creators. Do not spam. That means no consecutive identical messages, spamming one letter/word/symbol, random typing (werijgoji’qwl), or just unnecessary nonsense. Keep in mind that constant complaining/arguing also counts as spam. Do not sock puppet. In other words, don't use multiple accounts at the same time, or pretend to be someone else. Keep discussion on topic. Our events are for watching movies and ponies together, not random chat. Try to keep all discussion at least somewhat related to the video. Do not Roleplay. There are plenty of other sites for that purpose. In fact, there is even an RP section on MLP Forums. No spoilers. This event is supposed to be fun for people who both have and have not watched the movie(s), please take care in not ruining the experience for the latter people. Whatever you do, do NOT give away anything important that has yet to happen in the movie, even if you don’t know, and/or just joking. If you break a rule once, you get a verbal warning. If you continue to break the rules, you get kicked. If you still insist on breaking the rules after being kicked, you get banned from the site. ___________________________________________________________________ Click here to join us! [This thread is still under construction]
  23. I am not afraid to show my face, I also don't care what you say about how I look. My audio quality is terrible, but I will learn to fix it.