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Found 8 results

  1. Hey so I heard a rumor that they were considering rebooting the old TV show chaotic and decided to go and log into my old account on the game, sadly as it turns out that is impossible because it shut down about a year ago. anyways I was just wondering if anyone on these forums used to play it, and if so would like to see the game or series started back up again?
  2. What once started as something so playful and light-hearted as exposing a certain moderator to the general public has evolved into a force so much more powerful, so much more destructive than we could have ever imagined. For centuries, we have seen the signs. We've heard the calls. We've all known that this day was going to come. High atop a mountains, the old man gazes out towards the blackening skies and steady rainfall and gasps. "The prophecy..." he stammers. The people of the forum were sent into utter panic and discord. The skies have darkened, and chaos has consumed the world in greed and pestilence. Cities burn, while natural disasters tear apart the very fabric of society and civilization as we know it. What is this? Is this God's way of repenting for our sins? Some cataclysmic event foretold by our ancestors, lost to the bowels of history? Extraterrestrial beings terrorizing our forum (Scootacoooooool...)? A plot by the administration to purge all whom are not considered important or beneficial to their society? Has the Fire Nation attacked? The forum was plagued for many days to come. As time passed, people began to forget what the forum had even been like previously. Dust and debris are the only thing left. This is the rapture. The Revelation, it seems. Amid all of the chaos and destruction, there was a sudden and magnificent flash of light and an incredible boom. A light so powerful, that all who gazed upon it were instantly blinded. A sound so deafening, that all who listened were instantly rendered completely deaf. What... what could this be? This is what the forums always were at the core, and will forever will be. A collection of it's member's navels and lower tummy areas. What was once some silly topic made by myself to expose Discord in a way that may have been slightly embarrassing whilst in a state of sleep deprivation and slight annoyance has evolved to it's full potential. In other words, we've reached 9001. People who have 100% willingly exposed their navels ~Chaotic Discord~- Our Almighty Overload of all Things Navel Navel Princess Luna Moog Jonke Betez Djenty (fuck you) Mofuggin' Stryker Tichnavel Musix NASCARFAN160 Batbrony Rainbow Dashey More coming soon. Join us~
  3. Welcome to the sequel of the end, everypony. For those sad fillies and colts who were too young to participate in the grand battle of the past generation, feast your eyes on the bloody and tumultuous battle that took place in the lowlands of the forums, between those yellow-bellied harmony worshipers, and the proud chaos harbingers. --> --> When the Valkyries sang the final note, and the dust settled, the Feldian Castle was taken, and the numbers of Lawfulites was slaughtered by the overwhelming might of the mighty, undefeated Chaoticans. But now, with Season 4 of the ponies just over a month away from our grasp, and the Feldicorn having gone into the Feldian Sleep and thus relinquishing some of his strength to the rest of his council of High Priests, I call upon the chaotic forces to meet once more. Though we triumphed once, our hold on this land has yet to become absolute. It is time to take the power we have gained from our rest, and strike down these sad excuses for beings now that their almighty leader has stepped down. Come to me again, my subjects. We shall gather what remains of our undefeated forces, call new blood to the side of chaos to grow our forces even further, and rule this land forevermore. Lead Admiral of All Nonsense: ~Chaotic Discord~ Vice-Admiral of All Nonsense: ~Chaotic Spoon~ Secretaries of Anarchy: ~Chaotic Shift~ Honorary Chaos Followers: ~Chaotic Nas~ ~Chaotic Kyoko~ ~Chaotic Flipturn~ ~Chaotic Rudy~ ~Chaotic Sky~ ~Chaotic Dratini~ Chaotic Chickenism ~ChaoticElectrobolt~ ~Chaotic Skygunner~ ~Chaotic Twiliscael~ ~Chaotic SBB~ ~Chaotic Strikey~ ~Chaotic Trixie~ ~Chaotic SkyStorm~ ~Chaotic_Fluttershy~ ~Chaotic Diamond~ ~Chaotic Xelphos~ ~CHAOTIC D1SCORDANT~ ~Chaotic Freedan~ ~Chaotic DudeGuy676~ Evilshy: Evilshy -- Vices and lower commanders shall be chosen by my hand as our cause regroups. I shall re-add members only as they pick up their weapons and pronounce loyalty to the side of chaos, once more. Make me proud, Chaoticans. Win your God his trophy.
  4. I [Fox], and the mischievous @~Chaotic Discord~ have budded heads with each other, and are undergoing a comeback war. Who will have the most funniest, or brilliant comebacks? Make sure you follow this thread to get all the comebacks thrown at each other. Fox Vs ~Chaotic Discord~ Previous Battle Feel free if you have anything to chop at us.
  5. Lead Admiral of all Nonsense: ~Chaotic Discord~ Secretary of Anarchy: ~Chaotic Key Gear~ Honorary Chaos Followers: ~Chaotic Clarity~ (Legion General) ~Chaotic Luna~ (Chaotic Cheerleader) ~Chaotic Harmony~ ~Chaotic Haven~ ~Chaotic Chicken~ (Legion Captain) ~Chaotic Entity~ ~Chaotic Lightning~ ~Chaotic Rainbow~ (Legion Lieutenant) ~Chaotic Loyalty~ ~Chaotic Laughter~ ~Chaotic DoomGuy~ ~Chaotic Stare~ (Chaotic Cheerleader) ~Chaotic Aeternae Salvtis~ ~Chaotic Xweet~ ~Chaotic Shift~ ~Chaotic RD92~ ~Another Chaotic Username~ ~Chaotic Supreme Leader~ ~Chaotic Ponkazerd~ ~Chaotic✮Derpy~ ~Chaotic Dismajo~ ~Chaotic NASCARFAN~ ~chaotic darklord260~ ~Chaotic Flying Ace~ ~Chaotic Count Paradox~ ~Chaotic Draconus~ ~Chaotic Bass~ ~Chaotic Fluttershy~ ~Chaotic Wingnut~ Long has peace, friendship and prosperity reigned over MLP Forums. It brings this aging Draconequus pride to see so many taking up the flag of chaos. Now, it is time for some fun. All aboard the Nonsense Train, everypony. We arrive at Feldicorn Castle at dawn.
  6. ~What's with~ ~everypony~ ~putting weird symbols~ around their names and/or calling themselves ~Chaotic Somebody~? It was cool when Harmony and Discord were doing it, now it's just getting old. Yep, that about sums it up really. I would expect it on another board but it just looks silly here. Reminds me of an old (bad) forum I was on when everybody became obsessed with the word "ocelet."
  7. What if Discord had won and the elements of harmony didn't work. Well, here's a piece I composed to represent just that. WARNING: There's a ton of dissonance in this piece, so if you can't handle it, don't listen, otherwise take it like a man.
  8. Well today has been a extremely crazy day for me! Supposedly today was supposed to be Cow Appreciation Day @ Chick- Fil -A! I started working at Chick-Fil-A only about a month ago & I currently love it here compared to my last job Mcdonalds where I worked for about 2+ years. From the time I clocked in and clocked out we were SLAMMED no breaks whatsoever! Here are some pictures from my work! Did you go to Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day? This was the "calm" part of the day! @ around 10am-1pm the whole entire lobby until outside the restaurant was full! People were taking pictures & everything xD!!