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Found 17 results

  1. Bad news guys. MLP characters swear. Well, not EXACTLY. In "Owl's Well That Ends Well", Twilight says "shoot" when losing her descriptive paper on comets. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Spike exclaims, "Holy Guacamole" at Princess Celestia's sudden appearance. In "A Dog and Pony Show", Pinkie exclaims "Holy Moley" at all the holes the Diamond Dogs have made. In "Call of the Cutie" and "The Cutie Map: Part 1", along with a few other episodes, Applejack says "shoot", rather casually. In "The Last Roundup" and many other episodes, Applejack exclaims, "What the hay?" "Shoot" is a pseudonym for "Shit". While it may not be the same word, it certainly has the same intention and meaning behind the reason to say it. "What the hay" is a pseudonym for "What the Hell" or "What the Fuck". Again, the intention is the same through conveying a message through what is deliberately said. Same goes for "Holy Guacamole" and "Holy Moley" being pseudonyms for "Holy Shit" or "Holy Crap". So what do you say? Is MLP no different in dirty mouths as any other PG-13 reality TV show like Duck Dynasty or Storage Wars? I don't understand you, Hasbro. I just don't.
  2. I want you to poorly explain the character development of any pony from the show. This isn't about the character themselves, just their development.
  3. A lot of fans seem to think the Mane 6 have reached the limit of their character development. What makes them think this?
  4. Last year, I praised Once Upon a Zeppelin as Fame & Misfortune written correctly for three reasons: writing an actual story than a hodgepodge of "jokes" disguised, the princesses' fans not written disparagingly, and writing Twilight well while simultaneous treating the multi-sided conflict with respect. Princess Twilight is the most developed of the Mane Eight; initially focused on her studies over friends, now it's reverses: she loves to read and study, but emphasizes friendship first. Becoming a princess and then the Princess of Friendship meant an increase of both her duties and role as an international advisor. So how much involvement is too much? When does acting like a princess feel like a honor and more of a chore? A Flurry of Emotions hinted that question, but was mostly surrounded by tying in her schedule to sudden babysitting duties. Once Upon a Zeppelin tackles that question directly and becomes her most important episode since Twilight's Kingdom. No vacations allowed? The cold open shies away nothing from the downsides of Equestrian royal duty. Twilight's bored expression as she rests her muzzle on her hoof demonstrates how mundane princeesshood is sometimes. Given previous continuity, she loves being a princess, but also wants to show how being the Princess of Friendship allows her to spread her knowledge far and wide. But here, she signs because she feels like she has to instead of want. Accidentally snapping the head of her quill further adds to the frustration. Excellent visual storytelling initiates the conflict, further accentuated by this line: Pay attention to the line and action underlined. She wants to go, but believes she'll betray her princess duties if she stops or dillydallies. Royalty for her devolved into a bad habit, and sometimes interference is required to break it. Hence Spike's role, which is small but very, very important. His involvement and Twilight emphasizing how much she means to him as a family shows their bond, but that's still rather understated. Spike knows her better than anyone and comprehends when Twilight isn't feeling cheerful or excited. When it starts to become a chore, he doesn't want her to be swamped under it all and dread life as a princess permanently. His insistence of accepting the zeppelin vacation and promptly taking over her roles demonstrates the proper guidance she needs. Does it end things, though? Knowing this show, far from it. A return to duty. Iron Will announcing not just random bullshit about Twilight exploring Cloudesdale's Weather Factory caught her attention, but the BS that Iron Will made up just to excite the crowd, too. Knowing that Twilight, Cadance, and their family would set the zeppelin abuzz, he took advantage. But that's not why Twilight accepted the invitation in the first place. She accepted it to get away from royal duties for once, but Iron Will putting her at the center of attention forces her to return to them. While in the royal lounge, Twilight was stuck with a massive dilemma: cancel the cruise, make everyone miserable, and miss the Northern Stars (her most sought-out event of the cruise) or continue the cruise and hope she won't be driven crazy and miss the Northern Stars. When Night Light suggested to cancel it, Twilight stepped in: Why does she do this? Negotiating with others and sometimes compromising in order to get things done is crucial to anyone being part of a governing body. Twilight wants to do what she wants with her family, but also wants to disappoint no one. With this deal, she hops she can help create a satisfactory and memorable cruise. This means adjusting to her schedule, but hopes she can balance them. Secondly, pay attention to what she said after SA expressed concern (which I'll get to in a bit): Nowadays, her duty as Princess of Friendship is instinctual. If she feels canceling the cruise will disappoint everyone, she believes she's betraying her goals as princess. Everything she suggests in her deal offer to Iron Will is centered on selflessness. A will to sacrifice her own happiness for others' happiness. But that doesn't mean her family doesn't get concerned for her own well-being and her own happiness. After Twilight creates her deal on the fly, Shining said this: Recall why Spike jumped into her duties despite her objections. He wants her to be a happy pony rather than just a princess and let her hair run down. Spike's instincts foreshadowed SA's mild objection above, which in turn foreshadows future events. A break-free day. Despite making the deal, Twilight maintains hope she'll spend quality time with her family, but no matter where she goes, something always gets in the way, starting with the sudden raffle. Star Tracker becomes Twilight's honorary family member, and right away, there's friction between them. Star Tracker is very quick to go around, all to the point of her not noticing him unless by surprise. He's incredibly nervous around her, because she's a princess and doesn't want to do anything to harm or embarrass her. But his difficulty to communicate results in sometimes breaching simple etiquette, such as whispering into her ear without warning and standing too close to her. All this creates cringe comedy without crossing the line into secondhand embarrassment. So why doesn't Twilight tell him to give her some space? Two reasons: Unfamiliarity with this type and degree of discomfort. This is the first time we see anyone approach Twilight in this manner, and she doesn't know what to do. Despite the discomfort, he has no ulterior motive. She understands he doesn't do it to be creepy or uncomfortable, and she doesn't want to add to the embarrassment and discomfort he already feels. To her, swallowing her own pride and hoping he realizes what he's doing was her best solution. Unfortunately, it isn't the best solution. By saying nothing, she accidentally lets the bingo game last too long, nearly missing the boat race (and having to wave the checkered flag rather than race against her older bro). Then, she missed time to be with Cadance and Flurry Heart in Peewee Princess Playtime and had to hastily depart for a Q&A while the zeppelin is stationed at Neighagra Falls. Despite the cluttered and buy schedule, she hopes she accomplishes her objective of making others happy, fulfilling her end of the bargain, and anticipating watching the Northern Stars. Yet, making others happy results in missing even more valuable time with Velvet. Because she spent a long time answering the Q&A, she missed watching Velvet take part in the barrel ride over Neighagra Falls. There, despite having the time of her life, Velvet's motherly instincts kick in after seeing disappointment on her face: As any good mom would do, she sees how overwhelmed she is with the princess duties, but Twilight fibs to her and tells her it's all peachy. So why does she lie to Velvet and Night Light? Because she doesn't want to let them down. She wants them to celebrate and have a good time. Admitting to being unhappy and disappointed in not participating with her family is, to repeat from before, admitting to unfulfilling her royal duties. Once more, it's not like she doesn't want to take a break. She feels like she can't. Like being a princess is a part of her identity and must stick true to what she's assigned to do, whether she's on duty or not. This disappointment and crowded schedule culminated to one final thing: signing autographs. From a composition and storytelling standpoint. it mirrors almost everything she went through previously. Star Tracker with the quills: Spike with the quills. The stack of papers: The princess mail she had to sign away. Twilight's disappointment on the cruise: Twilight's boredom over signing the mail and forms. The fans and autographs: Twilight's fan mail from the castle. Iron Will: The offscreen person who delivered Twilight the mail prior to the open. Twilight's in the center; everything and everyone surrounding her is tightly enclosed around her, perfectly capturing the same claustrophobic atmosphere to debut the open. What happened in the open and what led her to escape the castle for a breather returned in full force, culminating to her boiling point in Act 3. Purple minus the blue. Her boiling point? Missing her most important event of the whole cruise. At this point, the toll she put up with filled up. The façade, that forced happy face, she kept in order to keep everyone else happy crumbled. For the first time in a long time, Twilight couldn't hide her vulnerability. Here, it's impossible not to feel bad for her. For several years, she maintained her duties as a princess while keeping her composure. Beneath the fun and smiles, stress slowly accumulated within, accentuating as OUaZ increased the tension. What makes her crying hurt to watch is threefold: Compared to the others, she doesn't cry often, both in the past and future, so for longtime bronies, when she starts to cry, they'll notice. The crying felt real. Twilight not only showed to be upset. She sounded upset, too. Her family, Iron Will, and almost every other cruise pony being able to watch it makes this scene sting even more. Flores's tender care for the scene. This event was incredibly important to her, and missing it by having to fulfill her duties as a princess while trying to temporarily escape her duties for a few days is a big problem. By playing this scene straight, we connect to her on a deeper level, extending our sympathies from within to her as we watch. After this, Twilight Sparkle turns into Rainbow Rage, yelling at her family — from her parents to Cadance to Flurry Heart — emphasized by the brilliant red-to-orange gradient background as her temper exploded, and then feigned an apology to Star Tracker after accidentally stepping on his hoof. Was she right to be upset? Absolutely. I she right to take her frustrations out on them and ST? Absolutely not. Like Glideance, Flores's careful writing and hard effort come into play. Despite sympathizing with her, Zeppelin knows what to tolerate, what not to simultaneously, and maintain that delicate balance. Immediately, Cadance's motherly wisdom comes into play. She, and the episode itself, comprehends how scolding her would be detrimental to her growth as a princess. FIM's at its best when it proactively resolves the conflict, and this is no exception. She understands what Twilight's feeling and retains that soothing voice throughout, while remaining firm in her morale. A princess she'll forever be, she has her own needs and wants, and must set up boundaries so they don't get crossed. When mothers hogged their babies around a nervous FH, she immediately stepped in, separated her from them, and used her experience as an example to help Twilight further understand how being happy and wanting to do the things she wants is as noble as helping others. Zeppelin earns a lot of credit for having the guts to teach that message. Is it noble to help make others happy? But you're also obligated to make yourself happy, too, and that obligation isn't selfish or entitled at all. Twilight's whole conflict fits the moral's frame, which is executed with excellent class. And how does she approach it? By apologizing to Star Tracker for lashing out on him and letting him, her family, and everyone else on the cruise eat ice cream on the deck. This… …isn't all that bad, either. <3 Conclusion. Once Upon a Zeppelin is one of the best episodes of the show for a variety of reasons. One of them is how Twilight experiences and resolves the conflict. The Princess of Friendship's turmoil was great, and little by little, the story chips away her self-confidence and the façade she self-painted on her face in order to maintain her reputation. Every time she tries to make others happy, she becomes more and more miserable, and it becomes more and more difficult to maintain that image she created. Missing out on the Northern Stars brought her to her breaking point, leading the way to a valuable lesson she needed to learn ever since she ascended. Through Flores's careful respect to continuity, it methodically recreates Twilight's image as not simply a princess, but an Equestrian being overall. Altogether, Zeppelin's an excellent study of growth and maturation within an evolving show.
  5. This was hard, but I made a lot of improvements to my OC, Neon Tetherlight, and I'm pretty proud of 'em, BUT, I have no idea for a cutie mark. I mean, I do have some ideas but... I'll need help. I'm just not that good at getting that 'perfect design' I was thinking of... I would be grateful if you could gather up some ideas for a cutie mark. Anything would be fine. I'll also give a small description about him- He is an ambiverted unicorn that works for a prestigious software and hardware company called ManeFrame. (Pun intended, and you could also help me with that. :P) His dream is to spread the knowledge of technology to each and every corner of Equestria. He mainly works in the secret wing of his company that is developing a machine that uses magic to power an A.I called . And, there has been some amount of progress, the only problem is that the magic that they are currently using isn't strong enough to keep the A.I conscious for long. Enough about his job. Let's get into his head. Neo is a Stallion of few words, and only speaks when beneficiary, but when he is around his friends, he is like a high school Filly, talking about other pony's secrets that he has no business knowing. He likes being around his friends, but doesn't make it obvious. His relationship with his sister though, is a whole other story. He and she used to get along well, but their different views on the world separated them and made them go their own ways, But that doesn't mean he doesn't like spending some sibling time together. He also has a tendency to get into fighs even if they could be easily avoided. No one knows how he does that though.. Now fears... He is scared of the ocean. Like the deep blue part of it, and he's afraid that the waves will drag him into it. (Even though it's not exactly possible with him.) He is vulnerable to jump scares and anything that looks a bit too scary. He has stage freight but if he's performing something in front of his friends, he's fine with it. And now for talents! Uhh... He is exceptionally good at programming and can work with any kind of basic motor. He is pretty good at gaming and had won in a lot of competitions as a colt. He is kinda like a 'Jack of all spades' with sports. Not excellent in anything, or too bad at something. And cooking is out of his league keep that in mind. (*cough*) I will add a bit more of his bio after I've gotten an idea of his cutie mark. Remember, whatever I've written here is rough and I will make improvements. And thanks in advance! Image014.tif
  6. So I've started a new fanfiction, and I have a brilliant idea for how I want to develop my characters. So the story goes like this: Queen Chrysalis crashes and barely (as barely as barely gets) survives after "A Canterlot Wedding". She gets back to her castle and sends what few remaining changelings she has to capture Fluttershy and convince her to feed Chrysalis her love. Fluttershy reluctantly agrees. She meets a regular changeling named Dirge, who is a foil so he's more bold and disobedient (but he still loves his queen like everyone else). Throughout the fanfic, Fluttershy slowly loses her compassion and even helped invade Cloudsdale when she saw ponies she didn't like. (maybe the bullies who picked on her) Eventually, Chrysalis sends Fluttershy and Dirge to capture Twilight, so she may have her revenge. (note: Chrysalis never fully recovered, and has been slowly dying) When Twilight is brought to Chrysalis, the queen shows her the queen transformation room, where a large cocoon lies dormant. Chrysalis says this will be her revenge, making Twilight the new queen of the changelings. Fluttershy, however, gets really upset about that and steals into the cocoon herself. She anted to be the new queen, she deserved to be queen. Chrysalis tries to stop her, but dies in the process. Twilight leaves and Dirge cries over his queen. Fluttershy reemerges as an all-powerful version of a changeling: an Anti-Changeling. Her hatred had become her food, instead of love, and she wants to make everyone hate her at all costs. Dirge becomes her submissive slave who does her dirty work. Basically, the only thing I wanted help with is how to go about making Dirge a memorable foil, and also pulling off this foil role reversal at the end? (or actually more like halfway point) What can I do to make Dirge an opposite, but also a partner, to Fluttershy? If you need me to explain more, just ask me. I'm pretty bad at explaining things.
  7. I've noticed a lot of people have a problem with fluttershy for the reason that she never seems to get over her shyness. But I'm here to defend fluttershys honor. Being someone with social anxiety I can completely understand her fear and why it isn't easy for her to get over it quickly. And even after an episode targeting her shyness she goes back to being shy. I think her improvement is happening at a good pace and if they rushed it and she just suddenly wasn't as afraid that it would be unrealistic. Maybe I'm biased but I'm curious about everypony else's opinion on this topic.
  8. Warning: This thread is about improving her as a protagonist, yet keep her in the show. If your suggestion is to eject her from the show somehow or kill her off, this is NOT your thread. Clearly, Starlight's path to redemption has had its ups and downs. Episodes such as The Crystalling really set the table to who she can be and where she can go from her beginnings, but her path hasn't been smooth. In Lesson Zero 2.0 Every Little Thing, she hypnotizes the ReMane Five and forces them to do her work. In To Where, DHX tries to tell us that Starlight really progressed and changed into becoming a better pony, but the two-parter relies on us trusting her as well as her really-sparse development in between. When you're adding a mane character to the cast and your transformation is that far apart, the quality of your arc degrades. While her performance in season six isn't good, she's season seven's biggest highlight so far. A flaw in her character arc (not connecting with others in Ponyville) was addressed in two episodes: All Bottled Up and Rock Solid Friendship. She talked with others in Ponyville and developed a kinship with Maud beyond the blatant rock-based gags. Later, when Pinkie was in despair, they talked with each other. In Fluttershy Leans In, she doesn't speak, yet actively worked with the rest to construct the animal sanctuary. Not all episodes should have her as a mane role. If it makes sense to use her, do so. To have her actively involved with them makes her a part of the community, a connection that severely lacked. Apparently, she's more sure of herself. Her hesitance and self-doubt have ebbed away. As a character, she sounds much more self-confident. ELTSD's biggest flaw is how they handled Starlight's reason for stripping the ReMane Five. Rather than showing absolute desperation and handling it when she was at her lowest, she performed this task when she was really self-assured and had a smirk. All Bottled Up inadvertently addressed this issue: Starlight physically bottled up her anger aimed at Trixie as a last resort out of fear that if she blows up again, they'll fall out again, this time possibly permanently. She's showed up more often. Last season, after Hearth's Warming Tail, she was seen very rarely for the rest of the season. Some of those episodes where she was missing she could've been plugged in for a non-speaking role, e.g., Dungeons & Discord. Despite an improvement, there's still a trust issue between her and many bronies, and for valid reasons. One eventual episode, A Royal Problem, could really plug in those worries: So, this leads to this thread and question: how can we come up with ideas to improving her as a protagonist? How can she be written better? Like I said, ejecting her from the Mane Eight in any way (i.e., return to the village, jail, leaving on her own) does NOT cut it. Starlight's part of the crew. Like it or not, we're stuck with her. To do so by DHX tells the audience that they quit and would rather take the easy way out and not put in effort to make it work. It'd be as big a disaster as Twilight returning to a unicorn. Mea Culpas belong to The Hunchback of Notre Dame, not this show. My five suggestions to help improve her character would be as follows: Continue to give more frequent, yet sensible, appearances. If it makes sense for her to become a part of the story, use it. Integrate her into the community. She doesn't have to speak or even be merely a tertiary character. Make her do something. But don't pull a S1 Twilight and plug her in just because you can or have to. Talk more with the rest of the Mane Eight. She had many conversations with Twilight and Spike. In Rock Solid Friendship, she and Pinkie talked. But this connection and communication are really missing for the most part with the others. And in a talk with @Jeric on Discord, there's no positive interaction between her and the ReMane Four. There's nothing to connect. No casual dialogue, humor, smiles, hobbies they share. Give them something to connect. Why is this important? Because DHX swears that they're all friends, but they don't show it very well or not at all. Give us something so the audience can watch it and say, "Yeah, they're friends. I buy that." Expand her friendship palette with other characters. Maud is one such case, and it was done very well. Pay attention to their scenes objectively; focus on how both of them are able to organically grow a connection. What started as an awkward beginning evolved into a friendship. Show the writing confidence to grow that friendship with others in Ponyville and beyond. Continue to focus on her biggest character flaw: her temper. Established back to TCM2, she has trouble channeling it. Give her sensible trials to deal with her anger so we can understand where she's coming from. Remember, the mane characters are supposed to connect to children as role models. Sometimes when kids get angry, they don't understand how to channel it constructively. Starlight can be that vessel of constructive solutions. Give her plots where she may have to talk to someone to help her; give her ideas. If When her anger causes problems, have her correct it herself. Why's that important? Because it shows contrition to us; she caused the problem and wants to prove to be a upstanding, proactive citizen of Equestria. Give her an episode or two where we can see her teach others a lesson. Season five really evolved the show by making the characters teachers sometimes. Even when the episode isn't well written, they're the biggest strengths. Pinkie in Party Pooped, Rarity in Rarity Investigates, the CMCs in Lost Mark, AJ in The Mane Attraction, and Twilight in Re-Mark all led in some way. This leadership role plausibly molded them to where they can help others. Except Gauntlet and Viva Las Pegasus, this leadership role's been missing, and Starlight can fit in that role at points. Ever since she became a protagonist, all of the episodes she's in shows her having to overcome an external or internal conflict, and if you continue this cycle, you risk dragging habits that should've been long resolved. Starlight has a ways to go, but that doesn't mean she can't use the lessons she learned to help others. If you have any ideas, plug them in this thread.
  9. IMHO I have a feeling that the main characters of the show are getting a little stale. The Mane 6, the CMC, Spike, Discord and Starlight Glimmer have gotten so much focus that I'm beginning to I'm starting to, I'm very sorry to say, resent them a little bit. I figure that one way to keep the show fresh would be to focus on characters that haven't gotten storylines or episodes focused on them such as the stallions and colts (which I've probably mentioned so much already). But then how about just plain side characters in general regardless if they're a mare or stallion, filly or colt. They did manage to use Trixie well by having her be a part of the team that saves the day back in the season 6 finale. Why not have more episodes focusing on other side ponies such as Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts, Cheerilee, Big Macintosh and the other Apples, Shining Armor, Cadance, Daring Do, etc? This would be fresh, something new, and these characters have plenty of potential for development and crowning moments of awesome for them. Should the series focus on some side characters? If so, which side ponies have the most potential for story arcs or development?
  10. FIM is still a work in progress. and more often than not, some plot points established earlier on in the series have plenty of potential for further character development and would make for fantastic story arcs. The problem is that sometimes, the creative staff tend to focus on other storylines and ignore others. I think this past year, the writers were focusing WAY too much on the Starlight Glimmer stuff, but that's just my feelings on it. One storyline I'd like to see capitalized upon that was established back in Season 5 is Big Macintosh's desires to be a hero like Applejack. Are there any plot points and/or potential storylines that have been established at any point earlier in the series that the writers haven't yet followed up upon that you would like to see developed?
  11. Welcome to my Character Feedback/Help Thread! My name is Ziel (Zieli on DA), and I am a visual artist in many forms. One of my favorite things to do, however, is create new characters! Character Design, be it starting with a design and building off of it, or starting with a personality and creating a design to fit it, is something I rather enjoy doing. But, I would like to think I have a pretty good handle on what makes a good character story-wise, too! So if you're not sure about your OC, or don't know where to start, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to lend a helping hoof! Rules + General tips for feedback requests: Please let me know what specifically you're seeking help with. If there is anything you DON'T want me to comment on, please also state what that is! (EG: "I need help with my OC's backstory, but I DON'T want any critique on their design.") Please do NOT ask me to design your OC for you! I can give suggestions for the design, or potentially tweak an existing design, but in order to learn, YOU will have to do most of the work! A good place to start is either with the Pony Creator (easiest), or with a Free Base (requires some artistic skill - double check the rules in the submission to make sure you're allowed to use it!). For cutie marks, you can use the Cutie Marker or Cutie Mark Creator (this one doesn't seem to work for me but it might work for you). If you'd like me to transfer your Pony Creator design + Cutie Mark onto a Free Base, I can do that for you - please provide the Creator design, Cutie Mark, and Base you want it on! Please let me know whether or not you're trying to make your OC more "realistic". By this, I mean "Do you want them to fit into the MLP Universe (good for canon RP), or are they just for fun (no serious restrictions)?" In general I will lean towards "more realistic" unless told otherwise, since many people appreciate "realistic" OCs over "unrealistic" OCs! You can also specify whether you want them to lean towards realistic, but it doesn't really matter to you if they're still a little out-of-the-ordinary. Please do NOT get upset at me for my feedback. My feedback is only meant to help - I want you to improve! If I don't like something and think you should change it, that's my opinion - meaning that you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to, and you don't have to change it if you don't want to! But please don't waste both of our time by trying to justify/explain your choices to me - just take it with a grain of salt, and move on.
  12. Back in 2014 I made a thread called "Spike needs a dragon friend." At the time he was getting really abused by the writing and it was kind of hard to watch really. He's been fodder for slapstick and been the butt of jokes all the way back to season one episode one. However he has been finally been getting some traction in recent seasons and seems to be making a really strong showing in season Six with his solid performance in the season premier and now he's starred in probably the best Spike episode to date. Plus, just like I asked back in 2014, he finally gained a friend (and a potential love interest) in Ember, the dragon Princess turned dragon lord. So what does this bode for Spike and the dragons in the future? Ember has the scepter and is his friend, so you know that he has the dragons on his side at least from that angle. Is she going to make him glow and call him over for things in the future like the other Dragon Lord did? Does this basically mean he could be called for his own Episodes with Ember just like the cutie map can call any of the mane six? It would be interesting to see if they work that angle more. On a side note: My 2014 self is having quite the track record this season
  13. Ever since the Brotherhooves Social episode, I've been hoping to see more episodes that would further develop Big Macintosh's character. After he explained his desires to be a hero like Applejack, I just can't help but feel as though the writers have to follow up on this and make a story arc out of it. The question is, how do you think it can be done? I'd say: -Have him interact more with Applejack and Apple Bloom individually. -Have him say more than just Eeyup and Nope. -Have him interact with other Mane 6 members. -Have more episodes focused on him. -Have him explain his desires for heroism to his family members. -Have him do heroic deeds (starting out small but important and build on it from there). -Have him step in to help out and complete the job whenever Applejack is unable to do so (Such as win a blue ribbon at a rodeo or something) -Finally have him help save Equestria by carrying the Element of Honesty when Applejack is unable to. (if only for just one adventure) These are just some suggestions as to how I would further develop Big Mac's character. Do you suppose they'll do so in Season 6? What other ways do you think they should develop Big Mac?
  14. I'll been thinking about how Spike should soon get over his feelings for Rarity and find someone his age. Whether it's a new character, or one we seen before, like Zippoorwhill (The small pegasus with the puppy in Filli Vanilli). I think it could grow Spike's character. What do you think? Should Spike get a new love interest, or do you think Spike/Rarity are best couple?
  15. Wow, Big Mac .... I'm really impressed by this episode. I'm not actually sure if this is going to be topic that has a lot of discussion, But, can I get a minute to actually praise Big Mac in all of this? I'm really actually impressed and delighted at how Big Mac's character was written throughout this episode and I'm quite surpirsed that I would actually say that. Up until Brotherhooves social I pretty much thought that Big Mac was only going to remain as a gag character for the series. I've long accepted his shtick of being the strong silent type, a stallion of few words (haha, not even three, more like two words at best some times). I never really thought of Big Mac going beyond his trope since he was going to be a minor character after all. What I find most delightful about brotherhooves social is that, it felt like a well written and well-excuted episode. Yes, I know its obvious that up until this point, Big Mac was almost like a blank slate character that one could work with well. He was never really meant to be a main character and he was genuinely going to be a minor support character throughout the series. And that meant that you could have a lot of wiggle room on writing BIg Mac's character for this episode. But it just felt like it was welll excuted and that's why I want to praise it. Okay maybe I should just focus on this one basic element about the episode to make it clear. I'm not going to go through a detailed analysis of this epsiode but I think what I want to talk about is about the pay-off. Big Mac's confession, which was really the thing I was hoping for as the episode approached its ending. I know Big Mac has spoken more than his two token words before, but he's never spoken like this before. And that's being able to actually talk about his feelings and his motives, his understanding of his relationship between him and Applebloom and Applejack and even his position within the Apple family and pony life in general. It was a really detailed explanation for why he did the things in Brotherhooves social (I know it seems un-extrodinary, but it seems so much more considering that his gag trope, almost, up until this point, seemed like it definined his whole personality and character altogether). I just felt that honest explanation about himself was ... well rather beautiful. I almost can imagine that Big Mac probably has a lot more to say on things but (as previously shown) he is either cut-off (as a gag) or his character and thoughts were never meant to matter in the first place considering his position in the series as a character. Hmm, I think I'm crossing into different things whether I'm taking the work of fiction to mean something so real or if I'm trying to make it feel like its real. Maybe we could use this thread as the, "what you thought of Big Mac, and insert rant about this aspect from the Brotherhooves Social" ? (congrats to Peter New, Dave Polsky, Michelle Creber and everyone involved in this episode; it felt really well written to me.) Now if only they could get a certain small dragon to as well written as BM was here. Thoughts on Big Mac from this episode?
  16. As the world spins on its axis and our human forms evolve ever closer to the Star Child at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, so too has our expectations of our animated programing changed. Right now, the big thing appears to be character development over the course of a series, even in shows that have a slice of life or stand alone story structure. Adventure Time is basically a coming of age story set in a world that is growing increasingly darker and more complex, Regular Show has a central cast of characters who have formed a friendship and new relationships over the last few seasons, and Gravity Falls is about two kids becoming more independent and (kinda sorta) mature as the mystery within the show becomes bigger in scope. Character development is incredibly important to FiM, what with its themes of destiny, self discovery, and "friendship growing all the time". It's really interesting to see how each character has changed in attitude or perspective since the show began, and to try to guess what plans (if they exist) the writers have for the characters have in the future. /formal intro. For me, that kind of stuff is really fun to discuss and hear other people's opinions on it. So basically, where do you think any of characters will be heading in the long run, or what do you think would be the best way to go with their arcs?