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Found 190 results

  1. Hello! For weeks I have been working on a story about ponies, I am still creating the characters and this led me to wonder what makes the personalities of each of the Mane Six different? For example I know that the characters are usually classified by 'extroverts' and 'introverts', Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie are the first, and Fluttershy, Twilight and Applejack (although I'm not sure about her) are the second, but still within those groups, personalities are different, for example Rarity is what society considers as feminine, and Rainbow what is considered masculine, Pinkie is also feminine but not in the same way that Rarity, in introverts, Fluttershy is considered as femenine, Twilight and Applejack as masculine. What do you think? What makes their personalities different?
  2. .. While I normally like listing off my favorite things... this list is actually gonna be kinda small for me personally. This could maybe be attributed to the fact that hardly any one fictional character really connects with me, usually it is the combinations of characters within certain settings. That being said, here goes: Ripred, The Underland Chronicles Rarity, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Luxa, The Underland Chronicles Gregor, The Underland Chronicles Boots, The Underland Chronicles Spike, My LIttle Pony: Friendship is Magic Captain Holly Short, Artemis Fowl series Applejack, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle. ... and then, uh...I'll probably just hafta go with like, Buzz Lightyear and Woody and Toy Story characters. I know a ton of people here will be like, "too many to count". I hardly care about... like, Harry Potter characters, or Hunger Games characters. They just sort of exist and are pawns in a larger story. the characters from both those series I just mentioned. oh yeah... maybe I like the major characters in my actual favorite movie of all-time, the movie called AKIRA. I like Kei, and Yamagata, and Kai, and even the Colonel. I also just realized, I forgot to mention how excellently written most of the characters are in that one manga-about-the-manga-industry called Bakuman. I adored that manga, despite the fact that it is one of the only manga I've ever read and that I generally dislike manga and generally don't read manga. Kaya Miyoshi is one of the best-written female characters I've ever known. I also like the two main characters, Moritaka "Saiko" Mashiro and Akito "Shujin" Takagi.
  3. Bronies and Pegasisters gather round, and hear my news that shall astound… Get off the stage, Zecora. Okay, lets get down to business. I’m here to prove to you, without a doubt, that Spike is a main character, and only those too stubborn to ignore facts won’t agree with this. Now let me clarify what I mean by main character. No, Spike is not a part of the mane 6, otherwise it would be called the mane 7, wouldn’t it? I’m looking at the show as what it is: a TV show, not what the fandom has made it out to be, and who the lead role’s would be. Before we jump in, we need to ask ourselves, what makes a main character? A member of the main cast is measured by two things, importance and screentime. For example, you can have minimum importance to the series, but a large amount of screen time and be considered a main character. Now that that’s out of the ways, lets get things started. First off, let’s start with Spike’s importance to the series as a whole. Spike has multiple episodes that feature him as playing the main role. Let’s compare that to some other main characters of other shows. Here’s a good one: Doctor Who. When you look at the amount of episodes that feature Rose Tyler as THE main role, as in the episode surrounds her and is about her, it adds up to the astounding number of one. Rose Tyler plays an extremely important role to the series, and even when she leaves the Doctor, she is still referred to constantly, more so than any other main character. Spike, a supposed “supporting” character, has more episodes about him than she does. Now, let’s look at Spike’s actually importance in the show. Could the show exist without the number one assistant? The answer is a definite no. While he doesn’t have an Element of Harmony, thats just what the show needed. A main character without an Element. This provides the show to do more with the story, such as when Spike becomes the new Rainbow Dash in the Season 2 premiere. And although Spike doesn’t have as many episodes surrounding him as the other characters, he is constantly on screen during these episodes. Why is that? Well, it’s because Spike is very, VERY good at one thing. Being the character that the others personalities bounce off of. In this way, yes, he is a support, but not a supporting character. He supports the personalities of the other ponies, and is remarkably better at doing so than others. He can laugh or be creeped out by Pinkie Pie, he can give Twilight solid advice or be the comic relief for when its just him and her, he can swoon over Rarity, adding more to Rarity’s personality while doing so, he can tease others with Rainbow Dash, he can be adored by or act protective towards Fluttershy, and he can be told-off by Apple Jack. Unlike the other ponies, who all have more shaped personalities, Spike’s personality can mold to be that perfect fit for the people surrounding him. If the show didn’t have him, the script would have a lot less to go off of. The script would even lose a lot of dialogue with Twilight. Often times, Twilight is alone with Spike, with no cause for other ponies to come talk to her. To provide dialogue, Spike is there. Without Spike, who would Twilight talk to? Owlowiscious? That would get boring VERY fast. You could say they could just replace him with another character to provide dialogue, but if thats true, then I could say they can replace Applejack and give the Element of Honesty to somepony else (Just imagine if Applejack wasn’t a character… Ew). And let’s not forget, Spike was the one who told Twilight she needs to make some friends. He’s also saved Equestria before. Losing him would lead to some drastic changes to the series. Now for Spike’s screentime. Let’s begin with Season 1. While Spike’s screentime is less than the rest of the cast, he is actually a part of the gradual climb downward of screentime for each member of the mane 6. Excluding Twilight (who has godly amounts of screentime in Season 1), the order for most screentime to least goes as this- Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and then Spike. If you look at the amount of screentime they have compared to each other, you may notice something. Its a little hard to explain, but basically, the amount time Rarity has more of on screen than Applejack is nearly equal to the time Applejack has more than Pinkie Pie, which is equal to the time Pinkie Pie has more than Fluttershy, and so on. The distance of time between each of them is virtually equal. Its a slow, gradual descent. So, if one was to claim Spike wasn’t a main character, I could claim Rainbow Dash wasn’t. After all, she does have much less screentime than Rarity and everypony else. When we look at Season 2, it’s a bit different. This time, Spike’s screentime is still the least, but compare it to Fluttershy’s, who is the second least. Spike’s screentime is relatively close to hers, while when you compare Fluttershy’s screentime to Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie has much, MUCH more screentime than Fluttershy. This seems perfectly good reason to claim Fluttershy isn’t a main character, considering her screentime is closer to a “supporting” character than a main character. Both Rainbow Dash and Rarity have much more than her as well. In fact, even Applejack’s screentime is more comparable to Spike than Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, or Rarity. I know there are some right now that are saying just because they have less screentime than others for a season doesn’t make them not a main character. And get this: You’re right. You’re absolutely right. But if that’s true, if you honestly believe that Fluttershy and Applejack are still main characters DESPITE having much less screentime than the 4 other members of the mane 6, then you have to believe that Spike is a main character as well. Want to know why? Take a look at Season 3. In this season, Spike has more screentime than Rarity, Fluttershy, AND Pinkie Pie. Why would a supporting character have more screentime than THREE main characters? And if Applejack and Fluttershy are still main characters, why wouldn’t Spike be? They all have been interchanged for different spots on the screentime list, and in Season 3, Spike has the 4th most screentime. In fact, when comparing Spike and Fluttershy’s overall screentime, they has barely any time seperating them, Fluttershy just barely, by mere INCHES, being above Spike. So if Spike isn’t a main character, clearly you must also believe Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie aren’t main characters either. Oh, but I’m not done with screentime yet. Just think for a second about Celestia and Luna’s screentime, who to some people are in the same category as Spike. How can that be possible? Both of the princess’s screentime combined don’t even come near to Spike’s screentime. Even taking two of the members in the CMC and adding them doesn’t reach Spike’s. After looking at all these facts, can you honestly still claim Spike isn’t a main character? Only people refusing to accept that they were wrong could believe that. I’ve shown you the facts, I’ve given you solid evidence, I’ve downright PROVED Spike is a main character. Anyone that says otherwise is just a little to stubborn.
  4. (Posted in General Discussion because I hope most characters posted here aren't ponies) What is the most original character you think you have ever made? Basically, what character that you have thought of is based off of the least things possible? For me, it would be a character I named Deotasli Va Gerphole, or less formally known as "Gaseous" It is an alteration of an alien species I called Muteox. The Muteox themselves are worshiped by the Onesismeaga, another alien creature, because they are the only things on their entire planet that can produce the planet's atmosphere. Deotasli Va Gerphole is a kind of Muteox who combined two gaseous chemicals in its planet's atmosphere at birth in a way that nothing ever has before. The chemicals (sentousuw and opasdeun) came together to create a chemical which it called "apexquiluw." When one inhales apexquiluw, the apexquiluw melts down all the organs inside of the thing that inhaled it, and replaces them with a much more powerful and advanced organ that enhances the inhaler's performance in almost every way. When Deotasli Va Gerphole produced it, it melted down all of its innards, and detached most of its skin, leaving behind mostly just its skeleton. It wanted to be killed by the Onesismeaga, since it was disrupting the balance of the atmosphere. Since the apexquiluw made it so it was immortal, it was then taken as a major threat by the Onesismeaga. It became enraged when it was constantly being killed by them, so it went off into the nearest city built by them, and produced a poisonous and very flammable gas (which you can see in the picture above) that spread throughout the city. The poisonous aspect of the gas didn't kill much, but, even though it didn't know that it could do so, it called upon a Pterotaum, a naga-like creature with a flaming scalp, to ignite the gas and send it into a raging inferno. Once it returned to its place of birth, it noticed that some of the apexquiluw it produced leaked into the other Muteox, causing them to become slightly more sentient, and it drove them to shun it. Deotasli Va Gerphole then left the planet in search of another species it could bring back to its planet to convince its species to let him return home. After a few thousand years, It went to Earth, found a certain human to do so, and returned to the planet, only to find it in ruins due to the solar system's star's supernova. From the rubble that was once its planet came the spirit of a Pterotaum. The Pterotaum then followed Deotasli Va Gerphole around the universe with the human and his friends. And that is it. Do you have any really, really original characters? I would love to see them!
  5. Loosely inspired by the "Bi, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, or Pan Pizza" topic. Here's how it goes: Post an image of a character from wherever; doesn't matter if they're from a video game, live action film, anime, or whatever. The next poster says whether or not they find the character image from the above post attractive and then also posts an image. Optionally: You can say WHY the above character is attractive to you, how attractive they are, et cetera. If this sounds superficial... It's because it is. It's a forum game; they're all superficial. I'll start because I have to (and because we've been watching Sailor Moon Crystal): ^ Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury
  6. Trust me, more will be added Soul Eater: Soul Eater Evans ♥️ Death The Kid Black*Star Crona Kiriku Rung Hiro Dr. Frankenstein ♥️ Justin Law Giriko ♥️ Mifune Fairy Tail: Natsu Dragneel ♥️ Gray Fullbuster Gajeel Redfox ♥️ Gildarts Clive Laxus Dreyar Freed Justine Bickslow Leo Scorpio Precht Gaeblog Yuri Dreyar Totomaru Lyon Vastia Hibiki Lates Bacchus Groh Sting Eucliffe ♥️ Rogue Cheney Rufus Lore Orga Nangear Dobengal Doranbolt Jellal Fernandes Cobra Zancrow Mard Geer Silver Fullbuster Jackal Erigor Sho Dan Straight Hughes Hisui E. Fiore Kama Zeref Dragneel Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Edward Elric Roy Mustang Jean Havoc Scar Major Miles Maes Hughes ♥️ Naruto/Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden) Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden) Shikamaru Nara (Shippuden) Neji Hyuga (Shippuden) Kiba Inuzuka (Shippuden) Kakashi Hatake ♥️ Iruka Umino Asuma Sarutobi Yamato ♥️ Gaara (Shippuden) Kankuro (Shippuden) Hashirama Senju Tobirama Senju Shikaku Nara Minato Uzumaki Inoichi Yamanake Itachi Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Kisame Hoshigake Hidan ♥️ Kakuzu Deidara ♥️ Sasori Pain Obito Madara Kabuto Orochimaru Suigetsu Free!: Rin Matsuoka ♥️ Makoto Tachibana ♥️ Rei Ryugazaki ♥️ Goro Sasabe Momotarou Mikoshiba Food Wars!: Soma Yukihira ♥️ Satoshi Isshiki Takumi Aldini Ryo Kurokiba Akira Hayama Death Parade: Decim Ginti Seraph of the End: Yuichiro Hyakuya Mikaela Hyakuya ♥️ Yoichi Saotome Shiho Kimizuki Guren Ichinose Norito Goshi Makoto Narumi Ferid Bathory Crowley Eusford Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yami Yugi Joey Wheeler Seto Kaiba ♥️ Bakura ♥️ Duke Devlin Marik Ishtar Yami Marik Yami Bakura Odion Bandit King Bakura Dartz Rafeal Valon Pokemon: N ♥️ Lt. Surge Blue (grown up) ♥️ Red (grown up) Brawly Wallace Volkner Grimsley Leon ♥️ Raihan ♥️ Gordie Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: Archer Lancer ♥️ Assassin Gilgamesh My Hero Academia: Tenya Iida ♥️ Denki Kaminari ♥️ Eijiro Kirishima Fumikage Tokoyami ♥️ Shoto Todoroki ♥️ Katsuki Bakugou ♥️ Izuku Midoriya ♥️ Hanta Sero ❤️ Hitoshi Shinso Neito Monoma All Might Shota Aizawa Dabi ♥️ Muscular Tomura Shigaraki HunterxHunter: Killua Zoldyck ♥️ Gon Freecss Ging Freecss Black Clover: Asta Yuno Luck Voltia ♥️ Finral Roulacase Magna Swing Julius Nova Chrono Klaus Lunette Zora Ideale ♥️ Leopold Vermillion ♥️ Rades Spirito Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehog ♥️ Knuckles the Echidna Shadow the Hedgehog ♥️ Silver the Hedgehog ♥️ Espio the Chameleon Vector the Crocodile Jet the Hawk ♥️
  7. Just Clear Skies- I mean Clear Sky, levitating her name. Note: This has been created 5 weeks ago, and the pony ears are quite small. However, new ones are now like the normal pony ears we see in MLP: FIM
  8. Most of us, or at the very least some, have encountered this thing where a character- fictional of course, has inspired you in some way. Hmmm, best way to explain and give an example by an "inspirational character" is say.... If there was this character from some animated show that you really like and this character is really into art but you are not into it by trying to get into it. But because this character has so much- or at least some- impact on you that you're all like "Because this character that I really love is into art, and has shown me the inner-love that I have and other stuff like that, I will now get into art!". You see what I mean? So basically, you just talk about characters that have inspired you in some way shape or form and such. Enjoy! :3
  9. Name: Rayven Starshield Age: Young Mare Gender: Mare Species: Batpony Status: Single Occupation: Princess Likes: Mischief, stuffies, teasing the royal & night guards, pranks Dislikes: Rude & Disrespectful ponies, harmful pranks, 'Prince' Blueblood Personality: Rayven is a mischievous young mare, who loves nothing more than a good prank. She loves to flirt with and tease both the royal and night guards. She is very protective and caring towards her twin brother Silver Moon, who is a bit of a frail colt. She is loyal to her family and the friends she has. History: Rayven Starshield was born to Prince Crow Moon, the son of Princess Luna and Discord (In an AU), and to Scarlet Rose (A wolf from another world). Growing up, she was tutored by Equestria's finest and best tutors, but would often try to skip out on classes to either pull pranks on her friends and family or to flirt with a guard (leans towards the Night guard). Appearance:
  10. What do you guys think the Mane Six like to listen to? I have a few ideas. Rainbow Dash - metal and rock Pinkie Pie - pop and dance Rarity - classical Applejack - country (obviously) I'm totally stuck on Twilight and Fluttershy. So what do you think?
  11. Hoi hoiii my little chicken nuggets! I hope you are doing well today C: I am here to show you a few of the adopts I have done so far this year! I am really happy with what I have done so far. So lemme show em! They all belong to a Semi-Open Species called Northlings. If interested in the Species, let me know ^^ I am really happy how they have turned out and I am proud! Also the base used is made by me and is only for personal use,sorry! Enjoy!
  12. Let's push those waifus aside for now. Who is the most attractive male anime character in your opinion? Katsuki Bakugo is my current #1
  13. Over the years, I occasionally referred to Rainbow Dash's decision to quit the Wonderbolt Academy as her character's "apex." What do I mean by that? To explain better, here's what "apex" mans, according to Merriam-Webster: Either the first sub-definition in #1 or #2 apply. But to explain what I mean in FIM's context, the apex for a character is a scene or moment within the series showcasing said character at their most mature, most likeable, and best written. Their highlight epitomizes why the character is so well rounded and beloved. My challenge for you is this: Pick ONE moment from at least one of the Mane Eight or any other character (i.e., CMCs, either individually or as a team). Explain in detail why that moment/scene is that character's apex moment. This moment doesn't have to come in their best episode, occur when that character is the lead for that episode, or even within the TV show. It just has to be an excellent moment that defines their positive to a tee. For a bigger challenge, if you have a mane character you dislike, describe why the scene you choose is their apex and epitomizes their status as a great character. Since I'm starting the thread, I'll begin with Rainbow Dash quitting the Wonderbolt Academy. The Bearer of Loyalty spent virtually all her life idolizing the Wonderbolts and wanting to become one. Up to season three, she made great strides as both a character and flyer to eventually become one. But in the Academy, Spitfire rewarded Lightning Dust's reckless behavior and felt pressured to follow LD's lead due to her wingpony status, even when her actions were against her morals. Dust's idea to crank a tornado and not care less about nearly killing her friends snapped the straw. Dash didn't simply quit the Academy, but also her lifelong dream. More than five years later, I remains one of the show's most mature moments and really highlights why Dash is such a great character. For the dislike option, it's clear that I'm not a big fan of Sunset, neither as a villain nor protagonist. But Forgotten Friendship fixed many big problems with her as a character, such as her villain and hero personalities acting like different characters, her older traits inconsequential and mostly absent, and being quite flat at times. FF is the first Sunset-centered special to make her whole character and journey cohesive. Two of her traits back when she was a villain (her self-importance and threatening temper) had a big impact on the story and carried hefty consequences. Everything she went through climaxed when she jumped in between the RM6 and Wallflower, absorbing the blow from the Memory Stone. Despite her journey into the present, Wallflower possessed no trust in Sunset, believing all this time that her reformation was a ruse. After Sunset and everyone else forgot she existed for the last time, Wallflower wanted to make Sunset feel what it's like to be invisible by stealing the RM6's positive memories of her. Not only did it work. Everyone treated her like her reformation didn't occur. But Sunset worked to find the culprit and try to fix the damage Wallflower caused, who looked to really make Sunset feel her pain one more time. Jumping in front of the RM6 and absorb the Memory Stone's beam meant she sacrificed everything to protect her friends and convince the RM6 she isn't evil anymore. Watching Sunset scream in pain from her memories being physically taken away from her as the RM6 watched in horror was terrifying and gut-wrenching, but that moment really shapes how far she came since EQG1 and why I now have appreciation for her.
  14. So, I just put Abedias into the Character page and after a lengthy writing session to get it all out I post it only to find the formatting is completely borked! Any idea what's up with that? Am I just missing something Here? Anyway, on to another subject! I'm currently working on a bit of a project. If you've had any interactions with me it is more than likely that you already know about it but for those that don't, I'm trying to set up a systematic method for interpreting cutie marks that will produce interesting and deep characters based on a cutie mark image. Basically, put cutie mark in, get Awesome OC out! To that end, I would like any help you guys are willing to offer! Ideas, critiques or suggestions are welcome and I always enjoy trying my system out on new Cutie Marks to see how they match the OC you've already got So, anyone willing to help out or give it a try, I've got a post set up in Sugarcube Corner, or you can just PM me! That's all I have for now~
  15. I would like to know what you guy's favorite character from Disney is? My personal favorite is the Genie from Aladdin. He is hilarious. Please Post your answers below.
  16. I am in the middle of writing a children's book called Mouse in the Coffee Cup. I might collab with someone to help illustrate it. Depends if i find anyone interested. Story Mouse is a very tired and lonely character. He doesn't act anything like his siblings who are active and social. One day, Mouse discovers a substance to change his behavior; coffee. Mouse starts to use coffee more and more often eventually changing him... and not in a good way. Mouse learns the dark journey of addiction.
  17. What are colors you haven't seen/not seen much of for ponies? I think red is actually not that common, since the only character I can think of is Big Mac. Green is not used often either, but a few characters have them.
  18. Who do you think is the most adorable female character in western animation? Aside from the obvious choices (Fluttershy and Bubbles), my 3rd choice would be Jenny "XJ9" From My Life as a Teenage Robot. Watching this show as a kid, I always wondered what separated Jenny from the common teenage girl characters. Maybe it was her uniquely cute design, maybe it was her combination of teenage interests and child-like innocence, or maybe it was her voice actress Janice Kawaye. It's probably a combination of all 3.
  19. Something I've noticed to be true is that from Ironman... the Beatles... one is ever safe from ponification. That being said there are still many characters that have yet to be given the pony treatment. I started trying to think of some that I'd like to see. A few that came to mind: Pony Montana (Tony Montana-Scarface) - Partially cause the name fits so well with anyone named Tony, partially cause he's such a cool character that I think deserves to explore his pony side, and partially cause there's a little ghost town called Pony, Montana. More Lord of the Rings ponies. Especially Gandalf and Aragorn. - I've seen a couple, not many though. Maybe because it's so hard to turn their names into horse puns . However, LOTR is all about magic, mystical creatures, and adventure. So is My Little Pony, so it seems to fit. Also there's not many ponies out there with epic beards, there needs to be more! Mare E. Garcia (Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead) The Rarity micro comic has really sparked an interest in me for the characters Flax Seed and Wheat Grass (especially Wheat Grass) and I feel they should have some hippy pony musicians to listen to. Anyway, which of your favorite characters would you like to see ponified? Any particular ones that have been ponified, but you feel deserve a more thorough ponification? Any particularly well made ponifications you've seen that you'd like to share?
  20. I know its pretty bad but when i drew this i was inspired about anime and i wanted to create something, I was planning on second character to go along with her but i wasnt inspired enough and now im not quite sure what to do about it i mean i would like to continue but im not really satisfied of how she looks mostly my issue is in her face since i dont really know how to draw eyes or other facial featured and it irritates me t o a point where i dont really have much inspiration so if anyone have any suggestions how to improve the face feel free to say them
  21. When I was showing the first episodes of MLP to my friend it got me thinking about my first time watching them and my first impression of the Mane 6. Rarity is my favorite character of the Mane 6, but when I first watched the show I really thought of her as shallow, conceited and narcissistic . I really saw her in a bad light and it wasn't until the episode Suited For Success, that I started seeing her for the generous , thoughtful and sincere pony that she is. It was then that I started noticing her actions more than usual and fell in love with her. So I want to know: Which of the mane 6, or peripheral characters, made a bad first impression on you and when was it (if ever) did they change your opinion of them? Are they one of, or your ultimate favorite now? Do you think the writers did that character, or characters, an injustice by premiering them with a lack luster story or painted them in a lesser than greater light?
  22. Who is your favorite character from the King Arthur legends?
  23. For the last time, Twilight is NOT A FREAKING MARY-SUE! Let me explain in detail if you are one of those bronies that hate her because you think she is one. Before I do however, if you don't know what a marysue even is here is a link to the definition: Mary sue You get the idea? Mary-sue's are "perfect" characters with no reasons to be what they are. They are flawless and usually just puppets of the creators fantasies! Twilight has many reasons as to who she is and why she does certain things and is definitely NOT Lauren Faust's self-insert character. Unlike a mary-sue, Twilight grew as a pony and changed throughout the show. She still has things learn, but she still improved over time. Mary-sues DON'T change. They stay "perfect" no matter how much the creator wants you to believe they changed. Not only does Twilight change, she has reasons to be the way she is in the first place! The very beginning of the show even shows that clearly. Right away, you learn that Twilight is a bit anti-social, an over-worker and much more. With Mary-sues, the creator is very quick to show their nonsensical perfections or their meaningless edgy backstories. None of which happens with Twilight. BTW being a princess doesn't always equal to a mary-sue trait. Usually princess mary-sues are ALREADY royal or become royal through nonsensical reasons. Twilight didn't even know she was going to be one! Plus, there were no hints she was going to be one in the show. She EARNED herself to be a princess. Royal status wasn't given to her without purpose like mary-sues are. Ok, there a few more things I could say but I think I made this long enough. If you still think Twilight is a mary-sue, thats ok. Just don't shove it down people's throats like some people do.
  24. Do you guys like voting? Well, I sure do, so I've decided to host a double-elimination tournament in order to decide who the best characters are! Only characters from the main series are included, and only if they have a speaking role. I've run a similar tournament before, with 64 characters, between Season 2 and Season 3. This taught me a few things that I'll use to hopefully make this contest even better. I'm also using parts of the previous results to create some seeding (that one was with random seeding, which wasn't ideal). There is one notable change to the traditional double-elimination format: The winner of the winners finals will be #1, and the winner of the losers bracket will be #2 (no grand finals, since chances are we'd just end up with the same two characters facing each other again). Oh, and I've decided to skip the mane 6 this time, partly because there have already been so many polls with them, and partly because they tend to steamroll most matchups. You're only allowed to vote once per round, even if you have multiple accounts. In order to reduce the risk of cheating, I will only accept votes from users with a minimum of 5 posts.
  25. It has been something I've thought alot about, that it seems odd that nobody has tackled the idea of a hydra before. Many complicated things come together to form our personality to the way it is today. A fact that is even further complicated when your several beings sharing the same body. Since it would likely help you to first read a bit about the description of Gallimaufry or "Mauf" and his backstory; you can find out more about The Cephalli Family here. Feel free to direct your questions to whichever head you feel like, though as it is a hydra the other heads can, and likely will, interrupt to give their own two bits too. Which works out fine, between the six heads you're likely to get the truth. Each head will be represented by their own color text; feel free to let me know if some of the colors don't show up too well or hurt your eyes. As I will essentially be roleplaying as six simultaneous characters, give me some time to untie the necks out in their proper orders, heh. From henceforth on, I shall spend the rest of this thread in Character(s)! As you've heard rumors around Ponyville of some sort of hydra that wrecked the town up a bit a few months ago, but seemed more or less repentant afterward, you took it upon yourself to explore a bit of the Everfree where the creature was last seen shambling towards. After a few hours you find a rather large cave that leads into the earth that is a short walk from the edge of the forest. Judging by the size of the mouth of the cave, the wide trail of flattened, smashed & chewed on trees that lead directly to it with a deep rut in the ground from a massive tail, you wouldn't be surprised if this happens to be where the hydra headed. You don't hear much noise coming from inside, apart from a low rumble of breath, so you assume rightfully so that the beast must be sleeping right now. Perhaps you can sneak inside to take a quick look & sprint back out before the behemoth notices you and come back with a tale to brag about Ponyville about? As you slowly walk down the cave entrance you notice how most of the bottom half seems worn down by the dragging hulk of the monster, while the upper half of the cave has dents along the upper sides with a few stalactites having been recently broken off, giving the impression that one of the heads hit itself and blamed the others and started attacking itself, which seems to confirm your impressions of hydras. You begin to start doubting the course you chose to take for today... As you round a corner, you finally see it. What appears to be a massive scaly ball & wall of muscle taking up a healthy portion of the room you just entered. While part of you considers that something that huge probably wouldn't notice something as small as you unless you shoved a spear in that fat hunk of flesh; that thought is rather drowned out by the other thought of "Okay, job done here. GET going now!" You carefully turn to leave, but as you do you inadvertently kick a small pebble out of your way and it noiselessly skids a few feet away. Almost immediately you hear a large honking noise like someone just stepped on a chicken, as one long & rubbery neck of the hydra shoots out behind the heap of scaled flesh, hits a corner of the ceiling and starts loudly squawking. "Warning! Warning! Warning! Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Doom, Death! We're being invaded, invaded! Death, Doom! It's gonna eat us alive! Help me! I don't wanna die! Help, help, help, help, help....." "Wurrgh...will yeh bloody well shut up already, yeh stupid, boneless, noneck..." And from that, the cave begins to fill with the sound of the hydra shuffling & awkwardly, but loudly trying to rock itself back onto its legs. As the thought reaches your brain that running would be a good idea right about now, the Hydra succeeds in righting itself with a forward somersault and in the moment its thick, tree-trunk like claws hit the ground with all of its weight behind it, the ground quakes with so much force that rocks and stalactites crumble off the walls, you're knocked off your hooves & you're pretty sure this place is caving in. As the dust settles & you quickly scramble back up, you get a quick look at the behemoth. Some of the heads look limp & as if they were still sleeping, and what ones aren't are up and looking in your direction groggily & grumpy. You turn to run, and as you do a deep, throaty, raspy roar rises up behind you. " Who dares disturb the sleep of the great Hy-" " *snuffle* I taste something *****able around here..." " Every! Bloody! Time!!" *the right & left heads continue bickering in not-so-quiet whispers as the more wide-eyed and slender center head leans towards you & starts quietly talking to you in as reassuring a manner as it can* "I try to set up a good entrance, and what do you do but ruin it with your senseless, stupid..." "Pfft! Hee-Hee! Ya cute when ya ain' got ya sleep!" " S-sorry about that, *yawn* Didn't mean to scare you or anything...Oh, uh, hey, are you from Ponyville? Been meaning to learn more about society. Feel free to ask us anything!"