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Found 6 results

  1. Fluttershy isn't shy... and never really had been, with the exception of the first episode where she first meets Twilight Sparkle. But even then, it was more of an act of social anxiety, as someone who is shy would still answer to questions, especially when they are in a one-on-one conversation. She has never acted like that since the first episode, so she was more or less out of character in comparison of the rest of the show. Yes, Fluttershy is the following: timid, introvert, meek, reticent, quiet and apprehensive, but she isn't shy; she can, and has on numerous occasions, went up to a stranger or group of strangers and talked to them, without breaking a sweat. She also has stage fright, but this is also not related with shyness. Anyone can have stage fright, but the show just decides to go with the whole cliché "cowered who is scared of everything" stereotype, and uses Fluttershy as the main protagonists that overcomes fears, instead of using other characters to create more unique and realistic character personalities. Although, this is a kids show after all. All the characters are strongly based on stereotypes and each have particular roles within the show. This is used to make it easier for the audience to follow as well as demonstrates juxtaposition between each of the characters. Most people, including myself, would have assumed Fluttershy portrayed as being shy, due to her name: Flutter"shy." However, her name is only to describe her being a pegasus and having an interest in animals. It also describes her butterfly cutie mark, by the use of assonance, consonance and end rhyme. I have done a lot of research in to this subject from books and articles; not just searches off the internet. I'm sure some people may disagree with me or have a different understanding of the word "shy." This this is just my thoughts and knowledge on the subject. I'm not trying to go against anyone who likes Fluttershy being a shy character (I'm aware some people relate to her that way, witch I think is great; there's nothing wrong with personal alterations.) I just wanted to share this information, as a lot of people can get confused with the true meanings and definitions of words. A lot of other forms of media have made the same misunderstandings in their work too. It's a miscommunication made by many people as it's never a popular topic and possibly mislead by varies of social dialect. For those who don't know, the "true" definition of shy, is to feel unconfotable around strangers and find it hard to talk to them. That is it. Fluttershy has never deminstraited this ever (apart from the first episode's "funny" joke with Twilight.) People confuse being too kind and polite, timid, scared and quiet with shyness.
  2. Well, I had a stray thought a few moments about making a blog post about autism, and really discuss the topic as a whole. The stray thought was partially triggered by a thought I have circling in the back of my mind that goes something like this: "If I really were to be diagnosed with Asperger's (if you didn't know, it's the mildest form of autism), what would it mean for me?". It came to evolve into something along the lines of "I know I've discussed it a lot before, but . Society lacks awareness of the issue, regardless of how much they may think otherwise. It's not really that much of a black and white topic, as many people who have invested research into it would understand. If anything, autism in general can be pretty complicated. I know plenty about the issue considering I've been researching into it for the past 3 years or so. What is Autism, Really? This may seem straight-forward, but it's not. It can be told a number of ways, as it still isn't truly understood and exactly established how exactly to define it. Here's a couple of examples: one from Leo Kanner, a psychiatrist who was one of the first to study autism, and another from the Autistic Society of America, respectively. "a developmental disability which affects language and communication, sensory processing and motor skills, cognition, and interaction" "Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults with autism typically show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities." These two definitions aren't exactly conclusive. Kanner's way of defining It is way more to the point, but the ASA's definition has some nuance lacked by the former. Sure, these definitions are clearly describing autism as anybody invested into the topic would know of it, but they aren't entirely congruous with each other. They both properly describe autism as developmental (the disability part isn't necessarily accepted much anymore by the autistic community). Both also describe issues with social interaction, but here's where they split. Kanner describes it affecting sensory processing, motor skills, and cognition as well. The ASA on the other hand describes in more detail how it impacts the affected. It states that it occurs within the first three years of life and that it's a complex disorder that isn't truly understood by the psychiatric community, and that autism in itself is a catch-all term. Both are correct in their own ways. But I personally believe this is the way I would define Autism: "Autism is an umbrella term for a developmental disorder that affects a variety of functions of the brain including the processing of sensory information, communication, motor skills, and also may effect the emotional stability of the affected. Most also affect cognitive skills. The disorder normally shows signs in the first three years, but some milder forms may not be diagnosed until adulthood, due to the fact that it's generally associated with cognitive deficiency, but they will nonetheless show difficulties in specific areas that may become concerning later in life." Wow that was a mouthful. It's basically a combination of both definitions, but a bit modernized as both definitions were a bit aged. In simpler terms, I'm stating that autism is actually a term for several conditions that affect neurological development. That's probably the simplest it could be made, really. What are the Symptoms of an Autism Spectrum Disorder? Whoa. Back up. ASDs have a multitude of complex, sometimes even contradictory symptoms.Nobody diagnosed with autism really crosses off every single box. It's always been more about an interpretation of a variety of symptoms that are indicative of an ASD. Here's some of the characteristics that are usually present in most autists. Note that the way these are presented aren't very specific, and in fact can allude to a vast array of symptoms. I will put them down here, and then relate them to myself to sort of explain what they're supposed to mean. Atypical movements. I have a consistent need to pop my knuckles, a very odd gait that changes from time to time (to explain, it's sort of a limp, sort of a long stride, and sort of a march), I also will occasionally rock back and forth in chairs, especially if I don't feel secure in them (in other words if I can't lean back far enough in it...) Communication issues. I don't think I really need to explain this one. Just not being able to communicate in an effective manner. Unusual responses to sensory input. I have always had issues with the sound of vacuum cleaners, I find them torturous and loud. So when one's going I usually have a habit of making weird noises in imitation of it to block the noise from them out. Unusual development for age. Well, considering I watch quite a variety of cartoons and enjoy them when most people around me my age would just cringe, the fact that I am quite the fan of Pixar, and that I still retain a borderline obsession with video games (particularly "unusual" in this category a love of the Pokémon and Mario franchises). Not to mention that I couldn't tie my shoes until I was 10, and I wet my bed until I was about 14. I also wet myself in public more than once, but that was more of a social anxiety issue. Specialized interests. Well, I feel the need to constantly discuss League of Legends and Paladins related things whether it be with somebody else or (99.99% of the time) myself. Also, my interest in game development kind of falls into this as well. Potentially having problems with the following: anxiety, depression, ADHD, epilepsy, dyspraxia, et cetera. I can check two of those boxes. I have had unchecked anxiety and depression issues for years now. As for ADHD, I don't think I have it but I do sort of fit the bill, albeit to a smaller degree. (Most Forms) Cognitive Delays. I actually had some. I was in special education classes until I was in the fifth grade. Even though I excelled in math, I was slow with reading initially. I had a kindergarten reading level in the third grade... That's pretty bad. But by the fifth grade, I had gotten ahead of the curb there as well, so I guess that's where it ended. By the sixth grade, I was able to read the entirety of Watership Down in a matter of a week (trust me, it is long. By long, I mean like the book was in excess of 400 pages... But the book is definitely a good book I'd more than definitely recommend to anyone with the patience to muddle through the beginning 40 pages or so). These are generally what psychiatrists and psychologists look for in diagnosing somebody with an autism spectrum disorder. They look for problems of those varieties, and if qualified professionals observe you and believe that you check enough boxes, they will diagnose you with a form of autism depending on which you check and don't. It's a bit more complicated than it seems, because different people have different requirements for what they'll diagnose as autistic... I'll release a part 2 and maybe a part 3 in the future. Maybe not too soon, but likely after a few days or so. I've really been spamming out these blog posts lately, and there's a chance I may not be able to post for a little while... Oh well... People are probably tired of me just posting more and more s*** anyways. *shrug*
  3. When I was showing the first episodes of MLP to my friend it got me thinking about my first time watching them and my first impression of the Mane 6. Rarity is my favorite character of the Mane 6, but when I first watched the show I really thought of her as shallow, conceited and narcissistic . I really saw her in a bad light and it wasn't until the episode Suited For Success, that I started seeing her for the generous , thoughtful and sincere pony that she is. It was then that I started noticing her actions more than usual and fell in love with her. So I want to know: Which of the mane 6, or peripheral characters, made a bad first impression on you and when was it (if ever) did they change your opinion of them? Are they one of, or your ultimate favorite now? Do you think the writers did that character, or characters, an injustice by premiering them with a lack luster story or painted them in a lesser than greater light?
  4. What would you say pinkie pie as a drink would be? I would say some form of energy drink.
  5. I believe there is a lesson learned in most episodes from the show, mostly pertaining to the Elements of Harmony aka Mane Six. So I had a thought, what about the other ponies? What element would make them unique? To start off, I would say Luna is the element of Patience (being on the moon for a millennium), but other elements would link to her as well, but I think patience is more fulfilling. There are signs in the show that describes her being concerned about Twilly before she became a princess, worrying if she would fail, I assume. She seemed to let time pass her by, let things change as they will, observing her surroundings. There are times I noticed when a pony temporarily loses their element, like Fluttershy being kindness tends to show assertiveness or anger, Pinkie being Laughter, tends to show insecurity and sadness, etc. So back to Luna being jealous of her sister showed she was becoming impatient maybe? An element of harmony could mean polar opposites at times? Also, Celestia would probably be the element of Wisdom for obvious reasons. Any other ponies that come to mind being an element or sub-element? Background ponies? Anything to hint what their element would or could be.
  6. So I'm currently studying genetics in my biology class and I decided to open this thread for discussion on pony genetics. Of course, as we all know there are four species of pony: Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus and Alicorn. It is also said that Alicorns are not naturally born...well, there is one thing that can happen for an Alicorn to be naturally born. This can happen via a mutation in the chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. According to Wikipedia, horses have 64 chromosomes, or 32 pairs. Here's a karyotype, or diagram of chromosomes, for a horse. Now, let's say that pair numbers 30 and 31 were responsible for determining wings and horn. The diagram shown above would be the karyotype for a normal earth pony. But, for a unicorn, there would be an extra chromosome in pair #30. For a pegasus, the extra one would be in pair #31. For an alicorn, which is extremely rare, both chromosome pairs 30 and 31 would have an extra chromosome. Alicorns would be sprout only because of a mutation. Just because a pegasus and unicorn breed doesn't mean that the result would an alicorn all the time. It can be either one. This is determined by what is known as a Punnet Square. Don't let the results confuse you. The capital letters represent dominant traits and the small case letters represent recessive traits. As you can see from the Punnett Square above, there can be four outcomes. One would automatically assume that the first foal, the red square, would automatically be an Alicorn. REMEMBER, alicorns can only sprout via mutation. Also, the father's traits are usually the dominant traits (this rule only applies to the first foal). The first foal would be a pegasus, the second foal would be a Unicorn, and the third and fourth would also be pegasai. But you're like: "Wait! Both the traits in the fourth foal are recessive. Wouldn't it just be an earth pony?" I see what you're thinking. But remember the rule of dominance? This also applies to the fourth foal as well. So, let's have a little debate here: Were Princess Celestia and Princess Luna born Alicorns? I say yes. Let's take this a little out of the canon shall we? Princess Galexia, Princess Celestia and Luna's mother bred with their father, Prince Universto. Because they were both Alicorns, they could breed Alicorns themselves. This begs yet another question. "If an alicorn breeds with another non-alicorn (Earth, Pegasus or Unicorn), wouldn't it produce just another alicorn? Well, actually no. If the mutation is passed on then yes. But otherwise no. This may confuse some people due to the Punnett square situation, as the Punnett square would produce 3 alicorn foals. Well, what's your opinion on pony genetics?