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Found 36 results

  1. I have a friend who is in a desperate situation and I am trying to help with his GoFundMe campaign but I did not know what the site rules were for posting that kind of link or where it would be appropriate to post.
  2. I'm starting to get back into watercolors again! I want to show my recent work to you all. Feel free to tell me what you think. I'm also doing commissions on GoFundMe to help the people of Wuhan, China. I'm prepared to draw and paint all next month. This is my most recent work that isn't a commission. I wanted to go with something simple but colorful and nature themed. I do all sorts of stuff though! Plants, abstract and animals are my strongest points.
  3. This is something I have been pondering for a while now. While I would say that I'm quite busy individual and sometimes it feels that there aren't enough hours in the day, I still would like start doing voluntary work of some sort in some non-profit charitable organization during my past time. I try to give money for charity as often as I can, but let's face it, I have to eat too. My labour would be far more helpful than those occasional pennies I can share... Is there someone who have experience of such work? What I have heard, in US 'soup kitchens' are relatively common way for kind people to help underprivileged. Well, we really don't have those here in the north, covernment has that thing pretty much covered. What I have been thinking is working as a duty officer in helping phones for kids, taking part of those street patrols which help and watch over young teens who are out partying in night-time, helping immigrants acculture and so on. I have took part on couple introduction events of various charity organisations, but none of their tasks did feel like something I would have time or resources for. If you guys have any experience of voluntary work, I would be really interested to hear more about it!
  4. HUMBLE COMICS BUNDLE: MY LITTLE PONY 2019 BY IDW Humble is currently hosting a bundle of MLP comics! You can purchase digital copies of the comics at a decent price. Just for $1 you can get: Just for $8 you can get: And for $15 you can get: SUPPORT CHARITY! By purchasing anything in this bundle you also support Hasbro's charity! Interested? Be sure to check it out by clicking the link below! HUMBLE COMICS BUNDLE: MY LITTLE PONY 2019 BY IDW If you'll be having any questions regarding how Humble works, feel free to ask below. I can also add, that I'm purchasing things on Humble myself. I've purchased few bundles in the past and I have monthly subscription active for about a year now, so I can tell, that this site is legit. - related links - Humble ● Hasbro - Children's Fund ● IDW
  5. So I've been seeing the Making Christmas Merrier campaign going on for a while now and I've personally been feeling sad that I can't contribute to it since I'm a high school student with no money. Because of this, I've decided to make a thread where we can share other good things we're doing for others this Christmas(and beyond!) as well as share ideas on things we can do. As a note, this thread is for everybody and not just those who aren't able to donate. Also, it's not supposed to make anyone feel guilty for not donating. I guess I'll start with saying that I've been trying to be really friendly with someone who's only recently started coming to my church and seems really shy. So what are you ponies doing this Christmas to make Christmas merrier?
  6. Previously in 2016, Poniverse's Making Christmas Merrier V campaign was raising money for an organization called Charity: Water. Just like this year, there were many events happening on the forums as the goals were achieved. Since I was unable to donate, I decided to give my time and effort instead. I offered you all a side event, where I was giving little gifts to those, who donated. "Very generous indeed!" -PiratePony More information about my little, yet demanding project: Now it's been a while since it went quiet, due to me completing the requests. ...But there was still something I had planned, so the project wasn't truly finished. Until now... This year in June, @PiratePony has announced the final update of MCM V, sharing the results of that campaign. Quoting his post; Under the links he provided you can find more information about the achieved goals with photos attached. And this was the time for me to provide the final gift for everypony, who took part in my little project... This gift is a ponified group photo of some sort, that is summarizing the MCM V and my project. It is also based on the real photos found under the links mentioned above. So first things first, please meet the last pony, that I designed for this gift: She represents the ones in need (see the real photos for reference). I gave her name "Hope Sprinkle", which is a reference to the charity's goal of bringing the clean water to developing countries and communities that do not have access to it. And now it is my turn to say thank you to everyone who donated and kept me busy with all those requests. PONIES INCLUDED IN PHOTO (in order of request queue) @Lightwing ● @Creamtastic Jeric ● @Creamimaxis ● @JonasDarkmane ● @Troblems ● @Creme Horse ● @Mr Dash ● @Amorphis ● @Mesme Rize ● @Raritas ● @Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man ● @Compeador ● @Buzz ● @Totally Totally ● @Mentis Soliloquy ● @Yoshi89 ● @Derplight Sperkle ● @Vera Veil ● @Glacies Frost ● @Mohawk Blaze ● @VengefulStrudel ● @PiratePony ● @Buffy ● Pixel Wavelength ● @Rikifive ● Hope Sprinkle You can find more details about ponies and their owners here. It's nothing amazing I know, but all I had were these pixel ponies facing towards the same direction. Nevertheless, I believe it does the job. Oh I cannot even express how many days--weeks--months it took me to get that all done, despite it looking so simple. For me it was a good practice and an amazing opportunity to do and share something with the others. It was a pleasure to work with you, for you all. And finally the time has come to officially announce, that this project is COMPLETED! My gift thread has been updated. Thank you once again!
  7. Making Christmas Merrier V We are pleased to announce that Making Christmas Merrier is back! Every year Poniverse bands together in order to help spread some holiday cheer by raising money for a worthy cause. This year I will be headlining this event, and I’m going to start off by saying that it is a great honor and hopefully I can do it justice. I certainly have some fabulous shoes to fill. From 2011-2015, Poniverse’s Making Christmas Merrier was able to rise over $9,000 for BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. It is a great testament to our beautiful community here on MLP Forums and all of Poniverse about how we came together in the spirit of love and giving year after year, which is really at the heart of the Christmas spirit and even Friendship Is Magic. This year for MCM V, we are raising money for an organization called charity: water. Charity: water’s goal is to bring fresh and clean drinking water to developing countries and communities that do not have access to it. We may take it for granted to be able to walk into your kitchen, turn on the faucet and be greeted with a near limitless supply of clean drinking water. However, in some countries, this very basic necessity is a daily struggle to acquire….if it is acquired at all. The most basic of all needs is not even accessible to nearly 663 million people. Women and young girls are often the ones responsible for walking several miles for hours every single day to carry 40 lb cans of dirty water to their homes, which is often overridden with pests and disease. Dirty water is is responsible for more deaths in the world than every form of violence combined. Many of these deaths are children. Medical care is substandard in these areas because the water needed for medical treatments are also contaminated. This often leads to infection. Not only is the cause important and lives can be impacted by our donations, charity: water has some incredible benefits: 100% of our donations will be going into the field. All processing and fees are taken care of by charity: water’s private donors. Our donations will not be split into fees such as office rent or employee salary. It will go directly to water projects. This year, we are able to donate directly through their website. They are able to process both credit cards and paypal in United States dollars, so there are multiple options for donating. Another bonus is that because their fees are covered by private donors, the typical processing cut from paypal or other companies will not be taken away from your donation Charity: water is consistently praised for its openness, accountability and transparency If you have the time, please take some of it and watch this video about this year’s charity. We have set ourselves a goal of $3000. If we can meet our goal and raise $3000, then we will have been able to help 100 people get access to clean water. That is 100, women and children who will be able to drink water that is free of disease. That is hours of a young girl’s life taken back because she can pump water in her village rather than walk several miles to gather her family’s water from a dirty river or contaminated well. She can go to school and have an education that she would have given up because of the time needed to get water. The people in these communities, especially their children, deserve to wake up on Christmas morning and have the gift of fresh, clean water, just like you and I have. And that would make for a very merry Christmas indeed. Donations Poniverse's Making Christmas Merrier V Donation Page This year, we are going to have our donations directly on our charity: water campaign page. The benefits of this: 100% of your donations will go to the field to help give people the gift of clean water. There will be no processing or transaction fees Donations will be in United States Dollars! You have the option of donating with a credit card or paypal account When donating, please make sure to use your MLP Forum username, so that we can properly attribute the donation to you. If you end up using your real name, please PM me to let me know. FAQ What is the goal? $3000 USD. If we can make that or surpass that, it would do so much to improve a large amount of people’s lives. What is the deadline? December 31st. Because of our late start date this year, we’ve extended our fundraising campaign until the end of the year. A great way to get in those last minute charitable gift receipts on the last day of the year. Can I send the money directly to Poniverse? For this year, all of our donations will be directly through our Poniverse charity: water campaign page. What can I do besides donate money? Please, please, help spread the word! By joining in our conversation, sharing our statuses via Twitter, Facebook or other social media or by even directing non-bronies in our direction to help in this great cause. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for these families that are without our most basic necessity. Stretch Goals The mane event. Some of you like to get the funds higher so that staff can do ridiculous and embarrassing things, like forcing staff to read ship fiction, or forcing staff to change their name, or forcing staff to sing badly, or facing staff to leave, or forcing staff to...think of creative ways to include members so we have some share of our dignity left.... Anyway, the stretch goals are back, and so is the art from last year. I regifted this art to myself, so they don’t mean anything. There’s no hints or clues this time. Uhhh...there are plenty of fun goals though. Some of them may involve you, yes, you the one reading this. You’re just going to have to wait to see. Also if you have any ideas that you would like to share for goals or ways that *you* want to be involved, feel free to PM me! So let's get these gifts unwrapped and Make Christmas Merrier! $100 Goal is unwrapped - Element of Generosity Badge This is awarded to donors who contribute at least $5.00 $250 Goal is unwrapped - Staff Solo Song A staff member will be forced to sing a song for your amusement. Dance staff puppets, dance! $500 Goal is unwrapped - Holiday Solo Song by Donors One of our donors will get to have their holiday song showcased! $750 Goal is unwrapped - Q&A of one of our Donors One of our donors will have one of MLP Forum's patented Q&A sessions Also will be featured in the Poniverse newsletter! $1000 Goal is unwrapped - PiratePony will match donations for 1 week, up to $1000 PiratePony will match total contributions from 11/30/2016 until 12/07/2016 up to $1000 $1250 Goal is unwrapped - One donor's OC will be featured in forum banner One of our donors will have their OC as part of MLP Forum's head banner $1500 Goal is unwrapped - Pie to the Face Challenge Brave volunteers will film themselves smacking themselves in the face with a pie. For charity! $1750 Goal is unwrapped - Staff/Donor Name Change for December Members vote on a staff or donor's display name to change until Dec 31st! $2000 Goal is unwrapped - Randimaxis Sings A Glass Of Water Chaos University graduate sings his alma matter $2250 Goal is unwrapped - Ban a Poniverse staff for one week A free 7 day/6 night vacation for one in glorious not-MLP-Forums! $2500 Goal is unwrapped - Staff or donor reads a shipfic WHY!?!!?!?!?!! $2750 Goal is unwrapped - Roast a Poniverse Staff Member Make them feel pain! $3000 Goal is unwrapped - Staff Reads Twas The Night Before Christmas A classic poem in ponirific taste! Are there more gifts to unwrap!!!!??? We're also going to release some plans for giveaways, special events, and more. We had a late start this year, but we are working to make this MCM as special as the ones that came before it, with the same goal of helping those in need. Thank you all very much for your time and generosity. Let’s show everyone what Poniverse can do when we all come together. Merry Christmas everypony!
  8. In light of all these devastating recent events, I just wanted to post about one of my favorite charities, Samaritan's Purse International Relief. Samaritan's Purse provides disaster and medical relief all over the world, including the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida. Click on the link below to donate: I've also included a link to Global Giving for Mexico Earthquake Relief and the Gofundme page for victims of the Las Vegas shooting: Another Samaritan's Purse project I wanted to talk about is one they do every year around Christmas called Operation Christmas Child (OCC). OCC is a project in which donors fill shoebox-sized boxes with toys, school supplies, and practical items. These boxes are distributed around the world to needy children living in impoverished countries who might otherwise not receive anything at all. Please consider giving and show your support. And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. - Matthew 25:40 (KJV)
  9. Amazon is a huge industry, so much so that it probably plays a role in the world's economy. Sooo... WHY doesn't Amazon standardize (ergo force) the use Amazon Smile (AKA I'm honestly both amazed and confused at why you can shop at Amazon without going through Amazon Smile. Does anyone else use Amazon Smile? If so what charity do you/did you choose (you don't have to say if you don't want to)? If you are only now hearing about Amazon Smile now and have an Amazon account, you should definitely make the switch to Amazon Smile.
  10. This is a bottle of water. You can buy it at CVS or any local pharmacy. It is easily accessible and affordable for just about everyone. The price of such a bottle of water -- about one dollar and nineteen cents. On December 19th, I would like to challenge you to buy a bottle of water for the people that our charity is striving to help. Of course I don't mean go to CVS and drop a buck nineteen and mail it across the world, instead, I would like for you to go to our donation page, and symbolically leave a very small $1.19 on our page rather than spend it on a bottle at your pharmacy, corner store or bodega. Let's see how many bottles of water can add up in one day to help those who really need it. I'll see you next Monday! -Pirate
  11. So, I've been looking around the internet a lot recently, and I've found out about these charities that do a lot of good work. I thought I might post them here for you lot, 'cos I feel like these guys could use more support than they're getting, so check these guys out, if you're interested, and, maybe, show them a little support, if you want. Thanks for checking this out.
  12. So, I've been looking around the internet a lot recently, and I've found out about these charities that do a lot of good work. I thought I might post them here for you lot, 'cos I feel like these guys could use more support than they're getting, so check these guys out, if you're interested, and, maybe, show them a little support, if you want. Thanks for checking this out.
  13. Ok so this has been brewing for a while, It's called 'Letters from Ponies' But it goes something like this. We get a bunch of Roleplayers who can write as the main cast. People can write a letter to a pony, where the RP will write a response to send back. It will be Emailed to a person who has fonts for each pony(Or if the RP want's they can do the fonts and print it them selves). will print the letter in the font and mail it to the person who write the first letter. The prime target is for younger fans of the show, who have an issue that they want a pony to help them with. Right now, this is just an Idea, So I want to see if anyone else think it is a good one? Pony ideas(You can suggest more): Celestia Luna Twilight Rainbow dash Fluttershy Rarity AppleJack Pinkie pie AppleBloom Scootaloo Sweetie belle Lyra Octavia Vynal(100% sure that is not spelled right) Doctor Whoves
  14. Introducing Making Christmas Merrier IV Each year around the holiday season, the entire Poniverse community rallies around one of our marquee events dedicated to providing a better Christmas to the young patients at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada. The money raised will go toward their Christmas fund and an effort to ensure that each child will have a better holiday. For a family dealing with some of the medical conditions common in a pediatric hospital setting, a showing of generosity from a stranger can and does make a profound difference. It inspires hope and love. Hope that there is more than just struggling and concern about tomorrow. That is at the heart of this campaign. We aim to show, all of us together, that there are individuals out there that care. For a great idea of what we can do as a community, check out the past MCM events. 2011 - The initial event. This started based on a simple status update from a member. Look where it took us. <3 2012 - We made $1810.00 and introduced some traditions that carry through to this very event. 2014 - Surpassed our goal of $3000.00! Also much much embarrassment was inflicted on the staff. A day in the life of BCCH. These are the people your donation is helping to support. If you can spare seven minutes I would definitely give it a watch. Donations New for this year we are introducing a new primary site to donate to collect donations to go along with the MLPF's own system. Hosted directly on the event page of BC Children's Hospital, you can make your contribution via credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express only). BC Children's Hospital Donations Page IMPORTANT! To ensure that your donation can be credited to you individually for specific perks (hint hint), please disclose your member name in the field dedicated to announcing a pseudonym. Alternatively you can PM me to validate Example of where to enter your member name when making a donation: FAQ Q: What if I can't pay via credit or debit card, or my card isn't accepted by the hospital? Q: What if my card is declined or otherwise runs into problems? Q: I cannot or don't want to donate in Canadian Dollars. What do? Q: What is the goal of this event? Q: How much money are you looking to raise? Q: I donated, what else can I do? Q: Can I donate the old teddy bear I had as a child? Q: Will MLP Forums/Poniverse keep any of the money I donate? Stretch Goals While we would likely all agree that helping to bring a smile to an ailing child requires no reward or recognition, the MCM is also about celebrating the virtues of our community and saying thank you to all of those that participate. Bringing joy to others, celebrating the spirit of the season, and having fun in the process is an enduring element to this tradition. Last year we introduced stretch goals for certain fundraising objectives. Some were thank you's to the community, and others were designed to embarrass staff and give everyone but a victim a hearty laugh. I am pleased to announce that we have brought this back for this years fundraiser. Below are the goals, hidden and ready to be opened as we reach each level. As we reach each goal, it may trigger other threads or events. As we will be using two platforms to raise money this year, the sum of both will count toward these goals. Have fun guessing what is in each present or ornament ... the hints are there if you look closely enough. $100 Goal is unwrapped - Element of Generosity Badge This is awarded to donors who contribute at least $5.00 $250 Goal is unwrapped - Staff Name change and Giveaways! For each $5.00 donated your name will be placed into a drawing for several giveaways*, such as Pony Merch, Steam Games, and the ability to alter a staff members name for your own amusement. Stay tuned for more announcements on different prizes and giveaway announcements. *If you mail a self addressed stamped envelope to us you can be entered in the drawings as well. Poniverse Networks Suite 248 1641 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver BC V7M 2J5 Canada $500 Goal is unwrapped - Staff Solo Song A Staff member of your choosing will sing a song of your choosing. It has begun! Also +1 Name Change Prize to the pool. $750 Goal is unwrapped - Newsletter and Member Q&A Adding to our giveaway pot we are going to pull one lucky donor's name to be a featured interview or editorial writer in Poniverse's Newsletter. On top of that we are also giving away a slot to have the Poniverse PR feature you as the star of your own Q&A on MLP Forums. Also we are up to 3 Name Change Prize's to the pool. $1000 Goal is unwrapped - Holiday Emotes We have added several of the mane six in glorious emote Christmas celebration mode (and a few new that we didn't see last year). Also we are up to 4 Name Change Prize's to the pool. $1250 Goal is unwrapped - Ban a Moderator! This will be taking a page from the old 'sitting in jail for charity concept' but with a twist. The community will vote for one Moderator to be banned until the next goal is reached. This ban is for reals and will be overseen by one of the Admins. They will not be able to access the forum during this time, and since their profile will be inaccessible due to the ban, we will create a fun 'roast' topic for them to view on their return. More information in the main topic. We will also be doing our second solo song here shortly. Also we are up to 5 Name Change Prize's to the pool. $1500 Goal is unwrapped - Group Song If you guys remember Winter Wrap Up from last year, you have an idea of what you are getting. Between 2-7 members of staff will join together and sing a various duet or group songs. Admins and Department Heads are still not included ... but you are getting closer. Details on the Steam Giveaway will be posted shortly Also we are up to 6 Name Change Prize's to the pool. $1750 Goal is unwrapped - Your OC on the Forum Banner The banner on MLP Forums is our brand. It is what visitors see when they first come to our site. Only a select few have ever had their OC on the banner, and that has always been reserved for staff in the rare case it has happened ... until now. During our post MCM Giveaway in which the lucky winner will have his or her OC featured in a MLP Forum Banner custom made by one of Poniverse's staff artists . Each $5 donation received will earn you a chance for this and any other giveways we have. So if you donate $5.00 you are entered. If you donate $20.00 then you have four entries. The more you donate, the greater your chance. Click here for a non donation related entry option. Also we are up to 7 Name Change Prize's to the pool. $2000 Goal is unwrapped - Staff reads a shipfic The banner on MLP Forums is our brand. It is what visitors see when they first come to our site. Only a select few have ever had their OC on the banner, and that has always been reserved for staff in the rare case it has happened ... until now. During our post MCM Giveaway in which the lucky winner will have his or her OC featured in a MLP Forum Banner custom made by one of Poniverse's staff artists . Each $5 donation received will earn you a chance for this and any other giveways we have. So if you donate $5.00 you are entered. If you donate $20.00 then you have four entries. The more you donate, the greater your chance. Click here for a non donation related entry option. Events and activities Last year we had a series of events throughout the fundraiser. This year is no different and we expect to outdo ourselves. Pay attention to this topic, the scrolling banner, and of course follow the Poniverse Events and the Canterlot Castle Throne Room forums for more information as we announce each event. Auctions, giveaways, contests, special guests, and likely some shenanigans should be expected. With no further ado, as the element of generosity herself once said ... IT IS ON! CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND MAKE CHRISTMAS MERRIER
  15. I know I haven't been on the site for awhile. I've neglected my other forums as well, and I've missed my friends. But as some of you know by my last blog, my mother met a man in may on the internet, went to visit him for a month in august, and 6 days after knowing him she married him. Since then, life just became a hell fest frankly. With my mother trashing my character, and acting as if I was the strange one for being concerned for her know, marrying a man you just met is a little abnormal. Midway through September, she informed me that she was moving at the end of October, and that I was not coming with her, and I needed to find a place to live, and that it was none of her concern what happened to me. I am chronically ill and disabled, so I don't have an income, which put me in a serious position. Pretty much, she was punishing me for some nonexistent infraction. I've had to change my number, and have been dealing with lots of abusive letters from family, and family friends who have started attacking me. It's been horrible, and has drained me of my energy and joy. Some of you may know what my mother is really like, some of you may only have known she got married unexpectedly and was being really mean. But to say that my family is cruel, is very spot on. To give you a bit of perspective of what I've been dealing with in my home. My mother is a narcissist, manic depressive, has bipolar disorder, and is a hoarder. My home has since I can remember, been filled to the brim with things. I wont go into details, but it's been a toxic and verbally abusive life with my mother. I had packed my things, and was attempting to work on commissions to get money to survive. My mother, spent most of her time on her laptop, ignoring packing completely- but it wasn't my problem to help her. So when the night came that we needed to move out, I did what she told me to do which is 'worry about yourself, you're an adult and not my problem anymore'. So my friend and I dealt with everything that was mine. My grandma came despite me saying I was not ok with it since she's elderly, and my mom and grandma were packing. My mother wasn't packed at all, and had to leave in 5hrs for the airport. She hadn't got her shipping labels in order, my mom got herself a u-haul truck, and my friend and I had to take all my stuff by my car. Well, by the 3rd time we came to my house to get a load of stuff, things had descended into complete anarchy, and my mother was having what I could only describe as a psychotic break, and I didn't feel safe in my home anymore and my friend, who'd grown up in an abusive household and is very protective of me, took charged and wanted me to leave immediately for my safety. So my friend and I got my animals, I took my most important boxes and bags, and we left with the intent to get the rest of my things the next day as the house wasn't being cleaned out till the 2nd of November. Around 2hrs later, when my mom was being taken to the airport for Alaska, she sent me this. "Bravo. Well done. You win. You got your revenge on me, and kudos on the bonus of having your 81yr old grandmother in the position to move furniture. You promised to help. So- here is everything. How does it feel? All yours. We got you a storage unit, and a truck, so we don't have the money to change my ticket. 1800Junk will be there on Nov 2 to clean everything out. Good Luck." Of course none of these accusations are true. But this is what narcissists do- everything is always everyone else's fault. Everyone is expected to drop what they are doing to assist the narcissist or you are the enemy, and because I finally stood up and said 'enough of the abuse' I have been getting vile and horrible messages from family and family friends who have heard the heavily edited story my mother has been telling them. The storage unit that was suppose to be mine was closed, thank goodness I had nothing in there or I literally would have lost everything. I came back to the house the next day to get my stuff, and everything was there. She packed and took absolutely nothing with her, and the house is jam packed with stuff. As I stated before- my mother is a hoarder, and collected vintage things. I've spent the past couple of days, literally going through box after box, in every room with my best friend, and 7 members of his wife's church. All in an attempt to save family heirlooms, genealogy, and photos...all my baby pictures I found in the trash. I've saved what I can, but just like the house, I was thrown away like garbage. I was coping pretty well, trying to keep it together so I could finish the task of packing up the most important items. The final day my best friend and I were at the house getting the final items I needed, when all of a sudden my grandma just showed up. She showed up to clean out the about priorities. I will go into details later, but I had a break down, and my friend had to get me to his house quickly. I couldn't handle it anymore. I was sobbing and crying in his arms, and all my grandma could do is pat me roughly on the back and say 'oh, that's to bad' and walk away. My friend has some WORDS with my grandmother after that as he was so furious at how she was treating me. It's hard to consider myself a victim of abuse even though I had been for most of my life. No one likes to feel like they aren't in control, and it can blind you to the truth. But when a dozen people who I've never met, entered into my home, and looked around, and look at the hoard, and the fact that she left me, and threw my baby pictures away, and they can say 'A sick mind lived here' it's really shaken me, and opened my eyes. You never know what peoples homes are like, and even what condition your friends live in. Not everyone has a good family life, and not all parents appear like vile monsters in public, some can appear to be completely likable and fun- my mother was that. Untreated mental illness destroys families, and the victims of abuse have hard time recognizing there own situation. I'm hoping to come to terms with the sort of life I've lived, and that my life was not normal. I want to thank all of you who not just ordered commissions and let me put them on hold while I deal with all this, but also those of you that selflessly donated money to me in my time of need- it saved me. It's wonderful to know there are good people out there that care. I hope someday I can come to terms with it, and learn to better myself. I'm mostly hoping that with me sharing this, and also future journals and pictures, that people in the same situation will realize that things can change and get better. Once you get away from your abuser(s), you can learn to blossom. ~Anti~ PS: A special thanks to the Mormon church for helping an Atheist in need.
  16. EDIT-Please keep in mind, this is a hypothetical question that is geared towards needy children. I did not make that clear when I first posted this. I know we are not allowed to ask for donations or sell things on this site without permission, but that begs the question: If asked, would you donate? How deep would you be willing to dig into your own pockets to make someone else happy(er)? A hug and kind words are great, and advice freely given more valuable than gold at times, but sometimes a person's happiness relies on that one thing they have wanted but could never afford. Most of the time, especially in today's world, that happiness comes from Video Games. Video games are a wonderful experience that can entertain, lift spirits, and generally make people FEEL. They can transport you to a galaxy at war, a world of magic, or even an alternate reality to our own. Sometimes, a person measures themselves by their accomplishments in those games because they have no other way to feel that sense of accomplishment. While it may not be healthy to rely on that, those people who get satisfaction from saving the girl, world, or just surviving the 5th night may not be able to keep experiencing that satisfaction just from replaying the same titles over and over. So many great games are coming in the next year alone, and while many will play those games, some will not. They will either be unable to afford the systems or the games themselves (Heck, I can't afford either!!!). So I ask: If you had the means and opportunity, what would you be willing to give so that a gamer could be happy? P.S.- This doesn't have to be just about Video Games. Heck post this sort of question (with the games parts edited out of course) in other threads, and let's see how charitable others can be!!!
  17. Just wondering. I am a member of NASHI myself, and I was wondering if anyone else does stuff like that?
  18. Holy Guacamole! We have saved one of the best for last as we announce our final Guest of Honor for BABSCon 2015: We present to you the super-powered Charlotte Fullerton in her first pony convention appearance since 2012! Charlotte Fullerton is known for writing some of the best-loved MLP:FiM episodes, including “Power Ponies,” “Putting Your Hoof Down,” “Baby Cakes,” “May The Best Pet Win,” “Look Before You Sleep,” “Suited for Success,” and “A Bird in the Hoof.” You’ve also probably been watching her stunning stories for most of your life in shows like Ben 10, The Fairly OddParents, Kim Possible, Duel Masters, Zach Bell!, and many others. Charlotte joins the strongest slate of Guests of Honor since…actually, since BABSCon 2014! Along with Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Peter New, Claire Corlett, Ian James Corlett, Rebecca Shoichet, Brian Drummond, Brynna Drummond, Marÿke Hendrikse, Danny Ingram, Steffan Andrews, Natasha Levinger, Josh Haber, G.M. Berrow, Heather Breckel, Tony Fleecs, Heather Nuhfer, Bobby Curnow, and Jenn Blake. Twenty one of the wickedly talented people who bring an amazing comic and the pastel pony show we all fell in love with. But this isn't the last piece of news we have for you until con time. We still have a very Special Guest, more community guests and massive amount of more musicians that we are bringing to you, in the biggest pony convention on the West Coast! Our hotel block is almost full so book your room and buy your memberships now at You don’t want to miss the biggest pony party with the #HorseFamous people you know and love! In addition, we have several charities that will be present at the con! Check out the details below: San Francisco Suicide Prevention: The mission of San Francisco Suicide Prevention is to provide emotional support, education, assistance and intervention as necessary to all persons in crisis and those impacted by them, with the goal of reducing suicides and self-destructive behaviors. New Horizon School & Learning Center: We provide individualized learning programs for learning-different and dyslexic students. Our programs integrate educational therapy, remedial assistance, creative expression and self-esteem building utilizing a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to facilitate the development of each student’s unique learning potential. New Horizon School & Learning Center is a state certified, non-profit educational organization based in Santa Rosa, CA. If you want to donate items to our charity auction, please email for details. The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our second year April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information! • • •
  19. Three years of MLP Forums, three Making Christmas Merrier fundraisers, and countless unforgettable memories. After a year off, Making Christmas Merrier returned stronger than ever this year, raising a whopping $3111 CAD. This beats MCM II's total by 71%. How amazing is that? It might sound simple - knock up a call for donations, deliver cash to the hospital, call it a day - but the amazing staff of MLP Forums went so far beyond that. With everything from crowdfunding-style prize tiers to the fan club showdown, Making Christmas Merrier has only been further cemented as an event all our own. Bringing the MLP Forums community together to be silly, have fun, and bring smiles to real kids' faces in a way that hospital budgets usually don't - that's awesome, and it's a privilege to be part of this. With the final prize out of the bag, this marks the official end of Making Christmas Merrier III. Whether you contributed or not, I hope you enjoyed the activities and spoils of battle from the event, and look forward to MCM IV as much as I do.
  20. We're coming up on the end of MCM, so lets raise a bit more money! I've made the Poniverse mascot, Pixel Wavelength, into a plushie. Bidding Closed: Congratulations Artemis! A little about Pixel Wavelength: This lovely lady had lead the other Poniverse mascots, gaining both a horn and wings in her ascension to awesomeness. Her cutie mark is the Poniverse quotes, which can be seen a bit more clearly here. She totally has a backstory, I swear. I'm so fired as RP lead. :okiedokielokie: About the plushie: She stands 20 inches (50 cm) tall from head to hoof, and about 16 inches (40 cm) long. Is is made of Minky (polyester) fabric Cotton thread Polyester fill Stainless steel wiring to help hold her shape Felt to keep the shape of her wings and hair If the buyer is interested, I have fabric to make her socks as well. >.> I used both hand stitching and a sewing machine (Brother cs600i). For the eyes and cutie mark, I adapted images provided for my embroidery machine (Brother PE500). She is moderately poseable. Pattern designed by DolphinWing. Now for the specifics of the sale: Aside from the mandatory charge for the transaction, all money donated will be going to BC Children's Hospital. The bidding will start at 100 Canadian dollars. Bids will be done as reply to this thread. Bids will be in 5-dollar increments. The auction will be closing at 11:59 PM of the 11th. Payment must be in by noon PST on the 12th, so that we still have plenty of time to get the money to the hospital for their cut-off time. If the winner fails to get the money in on time, the plush will be awarded to the second highest bidder. Any money that she sells for will also be added to the MCM total. Shipping will be included in the price, both domestic and international. Now for some pix. A bit of an aside, I've been busting my ass trying to get her done on time. Her wings are the last thing to go on, and once they're finished, they will be attached, as well as the picture updated, but be aware, she does have wings. Just not yet. Also, the Trixie figure in the picture is for size reference. She is mines. You can't have her. Finally, a huge shout out to my husband for helping run the demon (embroidery) machine, and sewing on parts while I worked on other sections of her. He finally did make an account! :comeatus: With all of that being said, let the bidding begin. Let's show this world just how generous bronies can be! EDIT : Now with wings!!
  21. MAKING CHRISTMAS MERRIER 2014 Three years ago, when MLP Forums was still in its infancy, a seemingly inconsequential status update from a member lead to what would become one of MLP Forums most important and fulfilling projects. Making Christmas Merrier - A charitable event focused around us as a community of friends coming together to provide a more joyous Christmas for sick children. . What is Making Christmas Merrier? In 2011 and 2012 MLP Forums - under the guidance of @Feld0 - initiated a charity fundraiser to collect donations with the sole purpose to purchase Christmas gifts for the young patients at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada. In 2011, the MCM’s raised around $400.00. You can read all about the history of the inaugural event here. The site was new and had only a sliver of the membership we do now, but the following year MCM raised over $2000.00 for the Children’s Hospital. Read all about that here. In the end, our contributions as a Forum ensured that Christmas was better for many kids, some fighting for their lives. Last year, we were unable to get this off the ground, much to the dismay of several members here on the board. We have heard you and Making Christmas Merrier is back for 2014! Contribution instructions Contributions to the fundraiser may be made through PayPal, or through a credit or debit card. Due to processing fees, we ask that you please consider maximizing the donation amount per transaction. Remember, the more money that gets taken through fees, the less money that goes to the children! In order to get the money to the Hospital in time, donations will tentatively close on Dec 12th. Donations are now closed! You all are the epitome of what it means to be a Community. Anonymous Donations When donating you have the option of doing so anonymously. This will mean that you decline the badge you can also specify to be removed from any giveaway drawings. Please PM these three Administrators: , @SCS, and . This will ensure the anon request doesn't get processed as a normal donation. Please make the subject line of the PM "Anonymous Donation Request" Gift Donations You can donate in another MLP Forum community member's name giving them the Generosity Badge as well. This has been done a few times, but we wanted to publicize the option. To do this, after donating, PM requesting that the donation be counted toward the person of your choice. Be sure to include the member's user name. Please make the subject line of the PM "Gift Donation Request" Note: Due to processing costs - Gift Donations must be a minimum of $5.00 per individual you are gifting the badge to. While any charitable contribution is usually made with the spirit of generosity and altruism as the driving force, we felt that the prior years fun and festivities should be carried over. As in 2012 we are rolling out a series of fun (and embarrassing) incentives. Some will be based on individual donation goals, while others will be rolled out as we hit specific goals as a community. If you read the 2012 thread you will have a good idea of what we are talking about. Individual Goals For every $5 donated you will be entered into the three separate giveaways that we are holding, with the winners announced LIVE on Movie Night. Art Commission Giveaway Several of MLP Forums own artists have agreed to donate their time and talents for a special raffle. The artists include: Shimmering, Ashley, Anilewe, Ruishi, Sceethe, Dilarus, Storrnfury, Tsitra360 (yes … that Tsitra) Steam Giveaway Bastion Terraria South Park FTL Witcher 2 Castle Crashers Fallout New Vergas Battleblock Theater Psychonauts Hotline Miami Farcry 2 Serious Sam 3 Little Racers Street Super Sanctum TD Dungeon Hearts Goat Simulator Don't Starve Merch Giveaway Merch from Funko, WeLoveFine, good ol’ Hasbro. Pixel Wavelength Plushie Auction For those that do not know, Troblems / Phantomhive is one of our resident Plushie Artisans. We will be auctioning off a new creation from her - Pixel Wavelength the Ponivese Mascot. You can own this one of a kind plushie that will always remind you of what this community means and can do when we come together as one. You can find out more at this link. Stretch Goals We figured we would make it a bit more fun this year. As we reach specific targets as a community a new Stretch Goal will be revealed as well as an image hint for the next one. Again, take a peek at that 2012 and you’ll have an idea. Want to embarrass a Mod or Admin … this may be your chance. $100 Goal - Unlocked Generosity Badge All Christmas Donors receive a special title and a nifty "Element of Generosity" badge! If you aren't immediately moved to the special donors group, don't worry! We'll get to you ASAP. If you still haven't been moved after 24 hours, be sure to contact an admin. $250 Goal - Unlocked Staff Name Change Christmas Donors are entered into a raffle to change a staff member's display name or member title for a week. If two members choose the same staffer, then the changes are queued. Each successive goal unlock will add one more ticket to the raffle. Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $500 Goal - Unlocked Staff Solo Song What is a better Holiday tradition than caroling? Especially of the carols are songs from Friendship is Magic. Doubly so if it's a member of the staff serenading you. Eyup! Through a special poll, the MLP Forums will select one Moderator or Staffer to record a song from the show we all love (your choice as well) for everyone's amusement - or horror. And in some cases ... our embarrassment. The poll will be posted soon. This isn't the last Staff Song as more may show up in the future. Note: The songs in this bracket will be mostly solo songs. Also, you have opened another Name/Title Change ticket Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $750 Goal - Unlocked - Newsletter Feature One of you gets to be a direct part of the Poniverse Newsletter Team or choose to be featured. Added to the raffle pool now is a featured piece in the Poniverse Newsletter that goes out to tens of thousands of people. What does that mean? Well, that depends on you. You can pen an editorial or column on an aspect of the show or fandom. If you are a Fan Fic writer ... we will feature your fic. If you are an artist we will feature your art. If you have a Commission Page here we can plug that as well. If you simply want to be the featured interviewee ... done. This will be for the Dec Newsletter due in late Dec. Also, you have opened another Name/Title Change ticket Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $1000 Goal - Unlocked Staff Group Song Well, since making a certain Rarity lovin' member of this community sing was apparently so popular, your'e going love this - Group Staff Song from FiM is unlocked. You will vote on one of the many songs in FiM that require more than one person to sing (excluding Admins). Look for our status updates and a post here for when the poll will be up. Also, you have opened another Name/Title Change ticket Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $1250 Goal - Unlocked Holiday Emotes / Design Emote / Solo Staff Song A series of Festive Mane Six Emotes will soon be available in the emote panel, courtesy of @Obsidian Sky Also, ever wondered why we don't have 'x' character as an emote. Well ... here is your chance. Soon we will create a poll that will allow you to pick from a selection of characters. @Obsidian Sky will design the winning selection. We will also be including this as an winnable item during the drawing where one member will be able to pick a non featured character to be added as well. Who will win? Also, yeah ... since you guys seemed to like making us sing ... a new solo song will be done ... same as before eliminating Art of the Dress. Oh and Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $1500 Goal Unlocked Admin Fan Fic Reading / Staff Song - Share the Wealth Well done everypony! You have now unlocked the first Admin Stretch Goal! One Admin chosen by you will read and record a fanfic (approx 5000 words). Also, yet another song with members who have not yet gotten to shine. Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $1750 Goal - Unlocked The Massive MLP Forums Smile Song $2000 Goal - Unlocked Admin Duet - This Day Aria "This day is going to be perfect ... " Two of the four Admins will need to sing as Cadance/Chrysalis in on of the best duets in the show. You vote on the pairs. Poll will be up soon. Also Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $2500 Goal - Unlocked Staff BABSCon Cosplay Poviverse and MLP Forums staff will be heading to BABSCon and are hosting a live streamed and recorded panel. For some of us, this will be our first Ponycon experience and representing this place that we call home will be an exciting time. What better way to ratchet up the fun than to step into the skin of your favorite character ... live ... and hosted on YouTube for all the world to see? Sooooo. Yeah ... this is going to be a thing. @Simon, @Jeric, , , and will be hosting the Poniverse/MLP Forums Panel. One of us will cosplay as our favorite character during the panel. One of us will enter the cosplay contest. You choose who it will be. Name/title change tickets so far: 10 $3000 Goal - Epic Rap Battle Unlocked FAQ Q: What is the goal of this event? Q: How much money are you looking to raise? Q: I donated, what can I do? Q: Can I donate the old teddy bear I had as a child? Q: Will MLP Forums keep any of the money I donate? “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ? John Holmes Before we turn your day (or night) back over to you, we want to say this: our success over the years was not due to Feld0, or any of the Staff at the time. Likewise, if we can achieve our goals this year, it will not be due to Feld0, SCS, Spoon, Aquila, or any staffer for that matter. It will be due to you, all of you. Together this community can achieve amazing results, and ensure that the kids at BCCH have that Christmas they may otherwise not have. We've done it before, and we can do it again. Please feel free to pose any questions, comments, or other queries below, If some are grouchy, pay no mind Surprise instead with something kind Lo and behold, you may just find A smile is what you bring ? Rarity
  22. OUR DONATION PAGE We are happily taking donations, all donations over 5 dollars will get a drawing or type of art from a randomly picked artist! You can opt out of the free drawing, however, if you would prefer! ==================================================================== More Info: Our email We are still searching for artists and people who would be willing to spare some time for the cause. Any type of art will be appreciated! This includes, but is not limited to; Visual art, Music, or even a Livestream. Our goal is to give people who donate something over a certain amount to be awarded with a free piece of art from the community to show our gratitude. ======= Can't donate art or money and want to help? You can put a link to this page in your signature or go to THIS website to help people get the food they need.
  23. I don’t care for entitlement for ‘being the first ever fan-film on DVD’. I just want this to be a fan-film on DVD so that way it can be something physical-copied so we can sell it at conventions, or we can post it on iTunes and promote it at a convention – so that way it’ll sell. I’ll get permission from Hasbro of course, but I need a team to convince them even more. . .. So here are some details: Plot/Summary: Spellbound and Justice Might are two mischievous and rather rebellious unicorn colts who dream of yearning more for the history of Equestria. More importantly: they wish to learn more about why the only Alicorn Stallion died if he was immortal. The terrible twosome set out on a journey across the region to find out these unanswered questions, and possibly cause a split in their friendship but evolve as characters themselves and make new friends. The developmental lore of Equestria (Luna and Celestia’ parents [a briefing of how they met.]) Two lyrical tracks (one being 1.30 minutes and the other being 2.30 minutes.. (The first one being titled ‘Find My Way’ [developmental name for now] sung by Spellbound. The second one being an untitled Flim Flam Duet song. . .) (Other’s OC’s will be added in the background or as side characters, some special occasions will be given a voice or a one-liner depending if they’ve contributed, or if not and we feel eh, just to want to we can add them in the crowd somewhere so everyone wins in this project!) A duration of 35 minutes. Not exceeding 45. 100% Completely Original Orchestral Track, Original Animated Scenes, Original SFX(s). . . I would like some of the themes to be 8-Bit though like a video game. .. Have some originality. An art book will be sold of developmental art, schemes, etc. This will be at conventions and whatnot, so that way we can have proceeds donated to several organizations I have in mind. . . The goal for money is 3,000 USD. We will split that into 1,000 each and put it amongst three different rescues. If we get a larger amount we will buy supplies that are needed on the wish-lists of those organizations/rescues. Those rescues/organizations are: Eraf of Palm City, Florida USA. Nala’s New Life Rescue of Hobe Sound, Florida, USA. Dominos House For Cats of Palm City Florida/Stuart Florida, USA. Of course every organization needs help, but these are the ones I’d really like to donate to as not just because I have special connections to but I’ve personally seen these places and they really need help. (LOL what makes this even more awesome is that Eraf is an Equine Rescue!) (I also would like the art-book to have stickers and for some people to make buttons and plushies at the con, so that way we can have extra stuff to sell. . .)
  24. [so, I've been waiting a while to do this, but had to ask Feld0 permission first, before I could post this, according to forum rules. Feld0 is freaking awesome. He approved.] For those of you that are unaware, ObabScribbler has a youtube channel in which she does excellent fanfic readings and collaborates with a lot of different people. Pounce was playing an important role in Heroically Heroic Heroes. Pounce, unfortunately, suffered from a stroke. He's okay, but he has accumulated an astounding hospital bill of over 50 thousand dollars, and is having trouble finding work because of the condition his stroke left him in. Below is the latest video on Scribbler's channel, made by Pounce himself. I'm making this thread to spread awareness of Pounce's predicament, and If you wish to help you can make a donation via his website below. There were a lot of Youtube artists, including ReverbBrony, and others that put together a charity album for pounce, which you can purchase. All proceeds, go to helping Pounce. Neither Pounce, or I are begging anyone to donate, and I wouldn't want anyone to donate if they are hard up as it is. However, if you would like to contribute, links have been provided. I don't personally know Pounce, but from what I've learned of him through Scribbler and others, he seems like a really stand up guy, that wouldn't ask help from anyone, unless he absolutely needed it. All help, is appreciated. [Edit: Even Tara Strong has donated something to this guy.]
  25. Poni To The People (yes the spelling is deliberate) is a brony charity initiative made to spread love and tolerance all over the world (that was cheesy to write). The idea is to compile music into an album, and all proceeds go to a certain charity. The first album is going to be called Rarity's Charity and all proceeds will go to charity: water. For those who don't know what charity: water is, This is from their website. Though it is called Rarity's Charity, the submissions don't have to have a Rarity theme, or any theme at all! When submitting, follow this format: (attach file to the message) Name to credit to Name of the song Genre Message to go embedded in the track/lyrics Anything else we should know Submissions are open until 12:00 on the 24th (or 25th if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) of October. after that we will take a to judge, compile, and put the icing on the cake with a surprise thing! Then it'll go live for the world to buy. Submit to, we accept .wav, .aif or .flac files Have fun! This album is NOT reciving submissions. It was a communication error. We're sorry for wasting anyone's time