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Found 51 results

  1. I don’t think there’s a thread discussing this game my Budge Studios, who also worked on the brand with Rainbow Runners and Harmony Quest. This seems like a mix between Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid, with collectible chibi figurines each with their unique special abilities i think it will be released by fall in the US
  2. I did a YCH on DA awhile back that for the most part is closed since I am in the process of making a new one so I figured I would post all the ones I have done. All OC's belong to their respective creators the work just belongs to me.
  3. This is a remake of Chibi Twily, a piece that I did last year.
  4. You may have seen these earlier in derpibooru, but there's coming a new line of cute chibi horses (and at least two chibi humans as well) I want that Cewestia
  5. I'm kinda bored. I want to draw some pony art but I would like some art of my character Mehndi Heart as well. So I thought that a trade would be a fun idea! I don't really care if I receive digital, traditional, amateur or professional. I just like trading and appreciate any effort that's given. XD I'll do a chibi drawing of your pony character as a trade! (I really love drawing chibi ponies) So, any takers?
  6. First I chalk on the pattern and cut out the pieces. it's a modified version of one I found on dA. Sew the pieces together and Huzzah I pin on parts (ears, wings, tail) to position them, you can attach them with bot glue or stitching, I prefer doing both Well here's the tricky bit, the mane. There's no pattern for manessince they're all different. This pony has Celestia type flowy mane, which doesn't not translate well into 3 Dimension. You'd end up with a large sort of chunk ^Bad attempt ^decreased the mane volume and made a small collar necklace ^Added eyes on, sharpie the mane since I didn't have the right colour material As a bonus @Techno Universal
  7. Little Twilight Sparkle says hello!This is the first in a new series of chibi art that I was inspired to create by This is also the first time using the gradient mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator.
  8. Please give her a hug, she really wants one!
  9. Is she a pony? Is she a pig? Those are legitimate questions!
  10. Hey there! Prince lunox here! Im looking to see how many of you like this style!
  11. So, since I'm a huge fan of Jasper, I can't stop drawing her :T and now I wanted to try draw her in a chibi style(or something alike).
  12. Hey guys So, I drew this yesterday and thought I'd post it here for anyone who likes Rarijack Hope you guys like it! xx
  13. Hey everyone! I was just wondering if I could get your opinions on my new chibi style of drawing ponies: Hope you guys like them, I'm getting back into drawing ponies again Let me know what you think! Edit: Here's Fluttershy!
  14. That seems to be a chibi new line for EG. I don't expect it to be used in another movie, but I would consider buying one if not so God ass ugly like the current dolls . Stay tuned to New York Comic Con, as you'll see what it really is soon UPDATE: Yep, chibi EG toys, and while they don't resemble the movies as much as I' expected, they are far more appealing than the standard line of toys, cute even . I have to decide between Dashie, Twi, Pinks, or Rarity
  15. I was going to do this on my vacation, but me and my family cleaned up the house and packed faster than I expected so I got free time today. I've tried a lot of styles, but I think I'm gonna stick with this one and tweak it as I go. Pencil sketch Colored and inked
  16. Still not feeling 100% better. Going to the doctors tomorrow again to find out what's wrong with me. Couldn't pay attention in my zoology class cause I felt awful so I doodled this in pencil and went over it in pen during my 3 hour English class. Enjoy!
  17. I feel like its been forever since I posted something, I was working on something Power Pony related about a week ago. Done with the sketching and inking, just gotta color it. But then I came back and have been sick since Monday. Still feeling tired no matter how much sleep I get, lymph nodes are still a little swollen. Hopefully I'll feel better. Here's a cruddy Dashie doodle I did in history trying not to fall asleep.
  18. Got bored in class and ended up doodling these while my professor dragged on about boring stuff. So I watched Friendship Games twice yesterday and I gotta say. It makes me want to ponify all the shadow bolts in my own style and especially human Twilight! She's so adorable with her glasses and dorkiness! I'm so glad she was pretty much like Twilight but different enough to where you can separate them as characters
  19. Rarity chibi drawing for ooBrony! I hope you like it!
  20. So I haven't got much done since I've moved into my dorm. I started a bigger sketch of my ponysona but it's hardly colored since I was having trouble picking a color scheme. Thus I did a tiny doodle on a sticky note to help pick out colors.
  21. Bam. Got my new colored pencils. 72 set of prisma premiers! So pumped. Colored my chibi Dashie finally. Tried to make the colors a little more accurate. doesn't pop as much but it's all trial and error.
  22. So I doodled a little chibi Dashie a while ago. I'm redrawing a bunch of my old stuff whether it be doodles or something a little more serious. Just the line art, sorry for no rainbow colors I'm waiting till I get more colored pencils in a couple weeks so I'll probably throw the colored version in with some other drawing I do later on, so it's just a matter of time.
  23. I was bored after taking my pre cal BIT so I doodled this. Only had colorful pens on me so that's what I colored it with. Working on my children's storybook right now painting the cover with watercolor. Probably will paint a pony later
  24. Oops. I know, I suck. I think I like this style a lot better than my other chibi style. but here you go, freshly taken off my Instagram for you all to enjoy.