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Found 26 results

  1. Hey all you people! As a fast food connoisseur... I figured I'd make my OWN fast food tier list! I'm gonna show you the tier list I made, and break each restaurant down. Just letting you know, this is just my opinion, and if your favorite fast food restaurant isn't on here, that doesn't mean it's not great, I just probably never ate there, or I didn't eat there enough times to formulate an opinion. With that said, let's do it!! I'll go through each restaurant, from worst to best. F-Tier: -Raising Cane's: I've eaten here a few times, and... it's not very good. Their chicken and fries are mediocre at best, and the only thing that's good is their soda. (But to be fair, how do you screw that up?) -Cici's Pizza: Also not so good... Their pizza is pretty average, and their desserts are pretty bad... I just haven't had much good experiences here. D-Tier: Arby's: In all honesty, Arby's isn't TERRIBLE... but it's still pretty subpar... Their curly fries are good, though... but their sandwiches? Eh... Domino's: Overall kinda mediocre. Their crust is subpar, their sauce is... okay... and so is their cheese and toppings. Their desserts are decent, at least. AND they had a pretty amusing mascot during the 80s! I wish I remembered that when I was making this tier list, because that would've moved it up to C tier, but oh well. C-Tier: KFC: KFC is okay. Their chicken and biscuits are... alright. But that's about it. Their cookies are pretty good, though. Pizza Hut: Another okay restaurant. Their pizza is just... meh, but their desserts are pretty good. They also serve fries, which is kinda neat. Never tried them, though. Papa John's: Pretty much everything I said about Pizza Hut applies here, except their pizza is slightly better. Subway: I feel like I shoud've ranked this a bit higher, but I digress. Their sandwiches are honestly pretty good in my opinion, and their options are probably MILES healthier than most other restaurants listed here, but... their options are pretty limited, so... whatever. Popeye's: This place is pretty similar to KFC, but their fried chicken is a little better IMO. Their seasoned fries are pretty good, though. Chick-Fil-A: At last, the king of the C-tiers... In all honesty, I kinda like Chick-Fil-A, and as far as I'm aware, they're the most popular fast food joint in the US, or at least the south. I think Chick-Fil-A's breakfast options are REALLY good, but their lunch options are kinda meh. Not bad by any means, but... nothing special. Oh well. Can't win 'em all! B-Tier: Braum's: I like this place, but I still think there are better options for burgers or ice cream. Their burgers are pretty good, and their fries aren't bad, either. Their ice cream is REALLY good, and their Lava Cake Sundaes are to DIE for! If you ever want a good sundae... Braum's can hook you up with a Lava Cake Sundae. Tell them I sent ya. Thank me later. Sonic: Another place I like. Their burgers, fries, chicken, and chicken sandwiches are all pretty good, and their slushies and shakes are good, too! The only thing that's really holding this place back is their slow as molasses service, and it's a little pricey. Still pretty good, though. Burger King: I like me some Burger King. Honestly, most burger joints are gonna be high tier, because I LOVE burgers. I haven't eaten here in a while, though, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but their burgers are VERY good IMO, and their fries are also pretty solid. I haven't really had much here, though, as I've only ordered hamburgers here. But I saw that their getting more options, so that's good. Jack in the Box: I love this place! I've only eaten a few times, but it was overall pretty good. Their burgers and fries are nice, they have a lot of options, and I like the look and design of their restaurants. The only thing that's holding this place back is their lack of locations. There isn't a SINGLE ONE in Arkansas, my home state. But they DO have one in Tulsa, which is only an hour drive away from where I live. A-Tier: Little Caesar's: Now we're getting into the REALLY good stuff. This is easily my favorite pizza joint. Their pizza's really good, and so is their crazy bread. And it's pretty cheap, too! If you ever need fast, good, affordable pizza, Little Caesar's can hook you up. I just wish they had dessert options... Five Guys: A really good burger joint. Their burgers are REALLY good, and their fries are also pretty nice! Last time I checked, they had a lot of soda options, too. Only things keeping it from being the creme de la creme are that I don't think they have any dessert options, and their food is kinda pricey. Don't count me on that, though. Whataburger: What a burger is right! I love this place! (I actually ate my birthday lunch here, lol) Their burgers and fries are REALLY good, and they have a bit more drink options than the average fast food joint. They also have some variety, as they also serve tacos and chicken sandwiches. I just wish they had more dessert options... Taco Bell: One of my personal favorites. Their tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas are all SO good! Not to mention the fact that they have some exclusive Mountain Dew drinks here, so that makes them stand out a lot more. (Even though I'm not a big Mountain Dew guy) The only things that could make it better is if the food was a bit cheaper and they had more dessert options. (I know I've been saying that a lot, but sometimes I want some dessert with my food, y'know?! ) Wendy's: Again, another one of my favorites. Their burgers are pretty good, they have a LOT of drink options, and they have the classic frosties. I was originally gonna put this in B-Tier, (Same with Whataburger, but I moved Whataburger up a tier because their burgers and fries are REALLY good.) because their fries aren't perfect, but I had to put it up a tier because of the whole "Waifu Wendy's" ordeal 2 and a half years ago. How could I not? That was seriously one of the best things I've seen in my life! S-Tier: McDonald's: Hoo, boy... I'm not gonna make a lot of friends with this pick... But yeah, McDonald's is S-tier. McDonald's burgers and fries are pretty dang good, they've had a LOT of options over the years, their service is quick and reliable, AND their food is cheap! Pretty much everything you could ask for is all here at the Golden Arches. The only problem is that their mascot is the Joker. (Let's be honest, Ronald McDonald is secretly the Joker. ) And... that's all she wrote! What do you think? What's your favorite fast food places? Lemme know!
  2. Does any of you seen chickens before? I'm here in the countryside of Calatagan, Batangas in the Philippines and I was looking at the chickens when I suddenly found their wings very similar to the comic versions of pegasus wings when they are fold and also in the TV version of them. If any of you look closely at their wings, tell me if they are related to the wings of the pegasi.
  3. It's the holidays! You know what that means? It means I've gotta come up with some kind of "Christmas Special" so I can get some kind of BOOST in popularity. But I digress, it's the holidays, a time to sit back, create some debt, worship the chimney-sweeping Coca-Cola dude, Santa Claus, and replay that "NINTENDO 64" meme I love so much. So let's sit back, relax, and step down to earth with our first-ever: REPUB'S 2016 HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF REPUB, KING OF REALLY BAD FANFICTION, EXTREMELY BELATED BLOG ENTRIES AND FORGETTING WHAT DAY IT IS. SERIOUSLY, IS IT LIKE . . . SUNDAY OR SOMETHING? DOES THAT MEAN SCHOOL IN THE MORNING? DARN. Monday, December 19st, 2016 We had an early Christmas, nothing more than a few presents under the tree. Reason we did it early was because the movers were coming the next morning and we had to be prepared. Now, usually I'm the last person to do so, but I really think I had the upper hand in all this. For the last three days, I'd been throwing all my old toys and such from the last 8 or 9 years (a lot of tears were shed), so my soul was prepared for anything (about 5 huge garbage bags full of junk). Unfortunately, I'm still a procrastinator and still had about two bags to take care off; I didn't sleep that night (partly because of the early Christmas) I will admit, I have a terrible gift of "The Careful Eye"; meaning, my holidays are always the most anti-climatic parts of the year. No matter how well you hide a gift, I; for some reason, always find it. So there was no surprise in my holiday gift list. I received a new laptop (AMD Quad-Core 1.6Ghz HP Notebook PC w/ 8GB RAM), the MLP Twilight Sparkle Train Conducter set (really cool, btw), and the Twilight Sparkle Holiday Ornament (Hallmark. It looks like it's one of the newer designs for the 2017 movie). Not a bad loadout for this year, so I'll take what I can get (that laptop was a very good payoff). I didn't sleep that night. No, not only because I was up all night downloading 3.2 GBs of the famed, "Blackjrxiii"'s work, but because I still had a lot to pack and throw away. Since then, I've been sleeping really late. I suppose you could call that the, "Last Sunrise I'll Ever See". TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20TH, 2016 Movers in Japan are no joke. For one, they take their jobs very seriously and will starve to finish their duties (unless it's lunchtime, which they'll ditch anything for). We in Japan like to call them the, "Ninja Movers" because if you don't specify every little thing you do not want packed, they'll take it away. If you turn your back, they'll pack your stuff in such an aggressively careful way, whatever you left will be compact in a neat little box the next time you look. I sat in the bathroom, the safest room of the whole house, and wasted away with erotic roleplay with some of the PonyCrush Community. (It got really saucy, so I'll leave it at that). Afterward, the house was pretty much empty with the exception of a few pieces of furniture later to be sold to some random people online. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21ST, 2016 Lazy day #1. We did nothing but sit around; I did a bit of late schoolwork (wow, RePub does school? What is this?) but I didn't get very far. I did, however, get to download my entire Steam library along with many other programs I needed from my "Le Brick" Windows XP computer. Y'know, I take back what I said about Windows 10. It's kinda cool once you remove: -Pre-installed programs (Includes HotalAdvisor. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FOR?) -Cortana -OneDrive -Office 360 (If I have 2007 forever, why would I pay a subscription for something marginally better?) -Microsoft Edge -Custom Toolbars -Bing -Wallpapers made by Windows -Xbox Everywhere -Xbox Live -Apps on the Start-Menu -Apps in general -Pretty much everything added in Windows 10. Other than that ^, everything's pretty cool. Best console I've ever bought. (Did I tell you it has a Numpad?) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22ND, 2016 I played CS:GO all day and scammed my friend for 9 extra skins (Plus one I got via random drop). I think it's hit me . . . the Skin Insanity. I had a conversation with another friend of mine (wow, RePub has friends?!? What is THIS?!?) about Stage Definition for many of the Skin Insanity symptoms. Here's what we came up with: Stage 1 - Want it, need it. Stage 2 - Spending all your money in CS:GO Stage 3 - Attempted Thievery Stage 4 - Scam your friends and Family Stage 5 - Investing every dying cent into that rare pair of Gloves (or knife) Yeah, Stage 4 is hitting pretty hard, but I think it's been dying down. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta shoot 600 more bots in training ('cause I suck real bad) Oh, and I think this was the day I wrote about the MLP Gameloft game. Uh . . . yeah . . . something like that. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23RD, 2016 We donated a lot of extra crap during this day; but that night, I had the honor of viewing the Assassin's Creed Movie in theater (3D, but I recommend 2D because of a lot of action). Without spoilers, it's not bad (which is a first for a video game movie). I think it needs a lot of work; there are a lot of scenes that'll cut from the middle of a conversation to look at some random plant, but that's all good when you look at it as a whole. It's got some trippy parkour (which is expected), but I think the underline message is to create a withstanding example for future video-game based movies. And with that goal in mind, I believe it succeeded. Let's hope FNAF doesn't screw it up. (Oh, I saw Rogue One a week earlier; I'll write a review on that whenever I get the time) SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24TH, 2016 Technically, this was Christmas Eve, but we didn't have anything to give so we went out for the day. It was more of a family day, so it's not much to talk about. My mother was on her usual quest to find the "perfect photo", so that left me and my father out to linger. Earlier that day, however, we had to find our little bird, Kiwi, a new home. He didn't make many appearances in this blog, but he's in the thumbnail for the entry, "HOW 2 SNORT WASABI (Part 1)". RIP Kiwi, gud burd. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2016 (Wow, that title really trumps yesterday) It's Christmas and I awoke to Windows 10 updates that've been collecting over the past week! Thank you, Microsoft for a present more forgetful than my grandmother's socks: Three hours of waiting! Now, there's a tradition here in Japan. When that holiday where you see Americans dressing up in reds and hanging lights over their door comes around, you better call KFC for a reservation. "Why?" You ask. Well, I'll tell you. When Christmas rolls around, every single Japanese person in this country runs to their nearest KFC (potentially a mile away) to collect their holiday chicken. It's true! They'll run across the island to pick up their holiday tradition of taking in the Coronal's moist chicken with the least amount of time between bites. My mother decided to jump on the band wagon this year and pushed us all out the door (and across the island) to pick up the golden-fried legs of an Ancient Japanese tradition. When we arrived, we half expected a line to be waiting outside the feeble red and white building. Much to our surprise, no one was there except two petite Japanese women; they were no older than 20. My mother tried to go inside, but the two ladies told us they were closed for the holidays and instead offered us a tiny box of $10 chicken legs. From the corner of her eye, however, a large family, no smaller than six or seven persons, barged out from the KFC with huge, black drums of chicken. My mother was furious and demanded to know why they were closed and what happened to all that chicken; I stared at the feeble box of second-rate food. The lady backed off, trying to explain that those customers had paid for a reservation one month in advance. So while we were stuck in the cold with our poor-man's turkey, everyone else was living it up with their enormous barrels of exclusive KFC. We had to settle with the low-rate 10 dollar chicken, splitting a single box between the three of us. --- We're almost at 5,000 Views, so I'll make my thank-you speech here for the holidays: Thank you all for sticking with us throughout the year! It's been quite an adventure writing these, so I sincerely hope that my disparity has given all of you a few laughs! Since coming here, I certainly hope I've made a good impression on the many of you, even if few of my conversations were a bit aggressive (I've got an inbox full of take-down notices ). We're still working on big projects and I hope this entry can make up for all of the ones I missed. I remember writing my first entry as some sort of complaint/rant about BronyMate (my, how short those entries were back then) and somehow they evolved! Now we're at 5000 Views by strangers who I don't even know! I honestly didn't think people read my work (they probably don't; it's probably me just refreshing the page a hundred times ). My, how we've all grown. Yes, I've run into a few dry patches from here to there, but life goes on and there's always new things to talk about. I know there's still a long way to go, but I hope this blog continues to grow and make its mark upon these forums; that's my only Christmas wish. Thank you all, and I'll see you in the next post, -RealityPublishing Discord: FiMFiction: DeviantArt: Youtube: "Special thanks to everyone in the Brony Fandom. Without you guys, I wouldn't be half as creative as I am today." -RePub
  4. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are pretty much the "other" main characters of the show, even having entire episodes to themselves, so which one of them is your favorite?
  5. Introduction GO, GO ZYURA-oh wait, wrong side of the pond. The Episode The episode begins in the Juice Bar (...GRRRRAAAAAAANOTAGAIIIIN!!!) where Kimberly and Trini are asking around, looking for a little girl named Maria, who they have become Big Sisters for the day to. They find Maria (or, should I say, Anti-Social Little Devil), who has deliberately turned off the hot water in the Bar, just to troll everyone. Trini and Kim admonish her, and then we get Maria's backstory: her dad is too busy for her, and she is an outcast at school, so she trolls simply to fill the void. The girls tell her that if she has any problems, they're by her side every step of the way. Meanwhile, the Repulsa Gang have just uncovered the ancient Power Eggs, which Rita plans to hatch and use to conquer Earth. Unfortunately, she simply cannot hatch them on her own: they require the touch of a child in order to awaken. So, what does Rita do? She asks Finster to create a chicken monster in order to capture Maria. When Kimberly and Trini find this out, they contact the other Rangers. Since teleportation and communication at the Command Center are down however, the Rangers use their newest backup ride the Rad Bug (a modified Volkswagen Beetle) to race to the rescue. Once they get there, they find that the Chunky Chicken and Goldar have teamed up. In the ensuring battle, the Rangrs toss the Power Eggs into the ocean. Still determined, however, Rita has the Chicken dangle Maria from a rope and (although it isn't stated outright) threatens to kill her if the Rangers don't give her the eggs. In a small gambit, the Rangers comply...but Rita cuts the rope anyway. The Megazord catches Maria just in time, and the Chunky Chicken is defeated. My Opinion This episode is one of my favorites in Season 1 mainly because it's in essence a Zyuranger episode with appropriate Americanization: Villain comes up with plan involving child, nearly kills child, child is saved, villain is defeated until next episode. While the Chunky Chicken looks like Big Bird filled with salt water and steroids, he overall adds to the campy nature MMPR (and by extension, all of Power Rangers) is known for. Final Score: 9.5/10
  6. Originally this song was gonna be acoustic song, but it turned into this soft indie-punk sound that i just had to keep adding onto with airy vocals and a highly distorted electric guitar in the background all topped off with heavy reverb to give the song a bit of a ring Part of my EP Equestrian Serenad3Z on Bandcamp
  7. a marshmallow. And at least once I saw that Rainbow Dash is skittles. And Sweetie Belle is a dictionary. Well, how much farther can we go with this meme? If we get enough of these weird comparisons, maybe we can have a quiz where you match the pony up with what they are. In a similar theme, I saw a funny video where it is revealed that ALL the ponies are 90% food. You have Skittles and Marshmallows already. Pinkie Pie is cotton candy and Applejack is cereal. I can only assume Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are lemon and grape-flavored something or other.
  8. Inax

    Jeopardy Theme Ever got so impatient with someone (or pony) who is taking too much time, like placing a letter on a Scramble board, putting make-up, or waiting in line at the DPS (Oh gosh). Well, this is the perfect tune to be playing. I never watched Jeopardy, but the jingle is highly recognizable. So I played it. I actually figured out the tabs by myself on this one Enjoy, and make someone laugh at this X3
  9. I saw some people doing it and decided to give it a shot. If I would show this to some guys I know they would beat me until my slow and painful demise.... Also, today is Boca's 110 birthday! YAY! Fun thing is that I didn't know that, creppy coincidence I guess. I'll use it as a tribute nevertheless. Well. First, some context: Here're the pics. (Got lazy with the background, just pics of the inside of the stadium with a couple of filters in Photoshop.) Original: Hat version, because Argentina. What d'ya guys think? Is there any emponehment of your team around?
  10. VERSUS It was to be a match of epic proportions... Group D of the 2014 MLPF World Cup, featuring Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Princess Celestia, and Bulk Biceps, was crowned as one of the Groups of Death because of the matchup between Scotaloo and Princess Celestia. And what a game it was. Princess Celestia started off strong, and after the first half, all signs were pointing to a Princess Celestia victory. But somehow... somewhere... the tides started turning. Within the next 5 hours, Scootaloo managed to gain her wings and fly back to a tie with Princess Celestia. But it wasn't enough for the Scootaloo faithful. They wanted to see her fly past the Sun Goddess. So within the last hour, Scootaloo managed to sneak an extra three votes and kept it that way to the bitter end... It would be one of the defining moments of the World Cup... I read through the posts again and I'm stunned at all the support you guys gave to both characters during the game. That's the kind of support I want to see not only in the forums, but towards fellow bronies as they walk through their paths of life. You'll Never Walk Alone Scootaloo. You'll Never Walk Alone Bronydom.
  11. I really like Fried Chicken :3 Simple Question. How do you like your chicken made?
  12. Because the poor thing evolved into a turkey!
  13. Which of the scootaloo's do you see with your adjourning beautiful eyes catces the essence of beauty? @Fox Me, Bari, woona, and fox worked on the right one Fox did the left one by himself And then Bluetrace made tat little thingy in the corner
  14. Ask me about anything, using anything, even the police!!!...I mean the band.... Anywhom, you know what I want you to do...
  15. Me and my friend are doing Lp's for the luls. If you are really bored, and I know you are!....don't lie to me.... I will tell celestia... That's what I thought.... Just check it out we love just playing games when we get the chance so ya know, give us a reason to do more please XD
  16. I have come back from school with a bit of weight on my shoulders. I had to kill some chickens because they didn't have the qualities the school wanted for breeding and nobody wanted to re-home them. Anyway, this gave me an idea for a fanfic that I wanted to type up. It's going to be a bit "Risqué" so prepare yourselves. (Note: It's fairly long) Disclaimer: This Fanfic does involve an animal's death and Fluttershy crying. I apologize if you hate me for creating this. We all know people hate the creator of Cupcakes... Title: Friendship is difficult (give title suggestions) Thank you for reading! Let me know if I made any misspellings and give your honest Review! I know it's pretty rushed, but hey. Nobody's perfect.
  17. This is my most favorite chicken... the pictures do not do justice to the beauty it holds. ;_; He is such a cutie.
  18. At one point.... it was a chicken. And then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. No feet. No head. No intestines NO SERVICE This piece is actually very symbolic....
  19. Now when Hasbro knows she is a chicken but put her in a human world, what will happen to her future kids?
  20. Did another sketch, this time... Scoo-scoo-scootaloo! I luv Scoots, she is my favorite filly :3 Anyways, sorry these are sketches, I'm feeling a bit lazy and not wanting to develop full pics... So... enjoy...
  21. Yes, the linework is lazy. Yes, the colors are inaccurate. Yes, the proportions are off. Yes, I was inspired by Zhooves' latest drawing. No, I don't care.
  22. So, I saw how much candy Pinkie Pie made last year with a chicken-costume! And since I love candy let's give it a shot! Drawn by UnPause (yes I draw my own stuff)
  23. Yesterday I uploaded my first attempt to draw a pony. You guys were amazing, thanks for your answers to topic.. and you asked for more.. and I promised to make more soon (yeah, it´s kinda entertaining. ). Being sick, I can´t go outside + my connection is either slow, or isn´t working (thanks to my brother), my schoolmate forgot to lend me books (she promised to bring them to school for me on Tuesday.. well, I don´t have them yet), so I have plenty of time... So I decided to make another drawing. Here it is: I´d like to gift (again) this one to thegoodhen (fuck, I can´t mention - still) for being a friend I know the most out here. He also has to suffer all my need for communication so.. Thanks. About next drawing: I have to do school-chores tommorow and I also want do make another PMV asap, also I have a part-time job so I don´t know when I´ll make another one.
  24. Got inspired from the new episode to make this drawing. Hope You like it EDIT: Fixed the tail ^^
  25. Thursday's Fun Drawing: Two Scootaloos today. The first was an attempt without a reference picture but insteada How-to-draw guide which I failed at kinda'...I like the second one better. Bleh. Also, I wont be drawing on Fridays anymore because of work. Instead I guess I will draw two on Saturdays. Comment, critique, brohoof, whatever.