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Found 12 results

  1. All right third Ask thread I made. In honor of making 1,000 posts I made another as thread So ask me anything.
  2. ChikoritaCheezits

    Chikoritabrony's forum shipping thread

    All right seeing as how I am the forums shipper, I decided to have a little fun. So guys, what's your favorite ship on the forums if the forums were to have shipping? You can ship anyone you want as long as it's your favorite. So ship away!
  3. Alright so and I just watched the greatest horse cartoon we've ever seen and we'd like to share our thoughts: Feel free to leave comments below and subscribe to either of our channels if you want to see more! Also, if you're interested in doing a video like this with me, leave a comment below or PM me.
  4. ChikoritaCheezits

    Chikorita's Ask Blog

    All right, here's a blog where you can ask me various questions. So just do it. Go ask and stuff.
  5. Storm Shine

    CB The Shipping Ponymon

    This was an entry I made due to a request from ChikoritaBrony. This entry is subject to change due to the fact that I have not had a final verdict on Like vs. Dislike from ChikoritaBrony. CB The Shipping Ponymon: This Ponymon is a species that is somewhat unique because it has somehow attained an instinctive and nearly complete grasp of understanding and speaking the Human language. This Ponymon is fairly laid-back and enjoys creating different Ships between random Ponymon, and in the case of those caught they enjoy making Ships between their Trainer and anyone else that catches their eye at any point. Trainers who catch this Ponymon will often find it to be a good conversationalist, which is great for trainers traveling with only their Ponymon. However due to their free range of speech and slightly mischievous and creative nature, this communication can be used to embarrass the trainer or others. This Ponymon is often kept more for their conversation abilities, but that does not mean that they are weak. In fact, this Ponymon is fairly well rounded in physical traits, and does well for thinking on their hooves in battle. This Ponymon will use any free time to explore, plan new Ships, and attempt to catch up on the latest Ships created by other CBs. Occasionally a CB will deviate from this pattern, but this seems to be what it is seen doing most often. Some believe this to have been the Ponymon to discover and distribute the technique Ponymon use to hold things with their hooves. It is also believed that their motivation behind this was to read magazines. Twilight is believed to be a Ponymon that they collaborated with to create this technique, the motivation for the Twilight race was to read books.
  6. ChikoritaCheezits

    Going on Hiatus until Monday

    All right, just telling you guys right now from tomorrow until Monday I'm not gonna be on the forums. Now you might think, "Oh, he's going to Bronycon!" No, I wish I could be at Bronycon. I envy people that go to Bronycon. The real reason is I'm driving up the the upper peninsula of Michigan to see some family and for the memorial for my step grandmother. And where I'm staying is out in the woods with limited internet connection. So yeah, if you guys wonder, "Where's Chikorita!" This is why. On a better note, since I'll be in a place with virtually no internet connection, I won't have to hear people talking about how awesome Bronycon is. So yeah, I might pop on with 3g depending on how good it is, but for the most of it, I won't be on. That's all I have to say, hopefully the forums isn't burned down when I get back. Oh, and I'll still be on the rest of the day just after today I won't.
  7. ChikoritaCheezits

    Random Facts about ChikoritaBrony

    All right, I'm bored so I decided to just make a blog listing a bunch of facts about myself. Hey, it's just like that get to know x user trend from a few months back. But whatever, here we go! My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie because she is the character that makes me happy the most, she's the funniest, and I relate to her the most since I get hyper and talk a lot, due to my ADHD. My favorite video game series is Pokemon. It was the first game series besides Mario that I was hooked on. Plus, it's the only RPG I'm actually good at (yeah, I'm not that great of a gamer.) I live in St. Charles Illinois, just moved there recently but am currently staying at my Dad's house in Memphis for the summer. I have both autism and ADHD. I'm agnostic. I find pros and cons in both sides of religion and atheism. Plus, I'd rather not focus my entire life on what happens after I die nor get into any serious debates. My political views are independent since again, I find pros and cons in both Democrats and Republicans. I'm not into a lot of live action. I just can't get into it and prefer animation. I have one cat named Beatrice. She's a Russian Blue. I've been playing video games since I was 3. My least favorite pony is Diamond Tiara. I freaking hate bully characters. I tend to not swear that much unless it's to properly get my point across. I currently have 11 siblings. That might seem like a lot but here's the thing. My parents got divorced when I was 8 and my dad remarried someone with 7 kids and my mom remarried someone with 2 kids plus there's the 2 siblings I've known my whole life. My guilty pleasure is looking up flame wars over stupid things. I don't hate any of the mane six. In fact, I love them all. I really like bouncing on yoga balls and trampolines. The only sport I like is Hockey My favorite Pokemon is Chikorita because it not only looks adorable, but I loved its personality in the anime. I don't really play much games outside Nintendo since other consoles tend to be much more expensive. I don't really have a least favorite episode, just ones I don't like. My favorite episode is Pinkie Pride. I am African American I've worn glasses since I was 2. In real life, I can range from being very hyper and excited, to very shy and reserved, or even sometimes very angry and cynical. And that's all folks!
  8. In case you didn't already know, today is my bronyversery. I've been a brony for 2 years now and I couldn't be happier. So, to celebrate, I'm gonna tell you about how I got into the fandom and my journey through it. This might seem like a surprise to you, but I actually first heard of Friendship is Magic when the Hub launched in October of 2010. Being the 12 year old curious self I was, I wanted to see what a chennel replacing another channel looked like. Now I only started watching the hub with some other show and I ended up turning off after a bit. I think I vaguely remember seeing the first 2 episodes of fim but since I was 12 and immature at the time I was like "What the heck is this rainbow girly crap, they're all so happy and where's the swearing and sex jokes every 2 seconds!" And then I most likely changed the channel. Little did I know I would grow to like that show later. I didn't hear about it's fandom or anything about it again until about August of 2011 when one of my sister's friends came over who happened to be a brony. He showed us some pony videos which I think were YouTube poops. I just shrugged it off as some inside joke created by the internet. I also thought that was normal since I've seen YouTube poops with kids shows before and I was more into watching lets play videos at the time so I shrugged it off as nothing again. Then once 2012 started, I started to get back into watching more cartoons since I would hear people say stuff like "Cartoons used to be awesome, and now they suck!" This got me curious if anyone liked any cartoon that aired today. I started researching until in March, I noticed that a lot of people seemed to like friendship is magic. At first I was like "These people can't be serious! How is this even remotely good?" I decided to just look up the first 2 episodes on YouTube. It defiantly surprised me. It was better than most television I saw these days. I thought it was okay but not the best thing ever but something caused me to look up the hub and DVR reruns. The next day after track practice, I went home to watch the recordings I had of the episodes Dragonshy and Look Before you Sleep. I watched them and thought "Okay, this is awesome!" I began watching them through reruns every day after school until the only episode left to air at the time was the Canterlot Wedding. I watched it when it aired and my that point, I fell in love with this show. I showed it to my sister and my step sisters who at first laughed and then they saw it and loved it. That same April, I decided to find a place online to discuss the show since discussing it IRL would be dangerous for an 8th grader at the time. I stumbled upon MLP Forums and got an account which you now see today. As I got more into the fandom, I saw how there were brony conventions. I wanted to go to these but they were never in my state. That was until that fall when Midwestria in a town not to far from mine was announced. Me and my sister went to this convention and had a blast because everyone was a brony so I could have a great conversation with pretty much everyone. Even today, I still remain a strong brony, happy on the forums with all you guys. You have been great over the years, and I hope to continue enjoying the show for years to come.
  9. Two years ago today, I started trying out Friendship is magic, it was one of the best decisions in my life. Because of this, now I am on the forums meeting so many great friends and a great place to discuss the show. It still brings back nostalgia to trying out the first 2 episodes, then the next day watching the reruns on the hub, mainly over Spring Break. So EVERYPONY CELEBRATE PINKIE PIE STYLE!!!!!!!
  10. ChikoritaCheezits

    Get to Know ChikroitaBrony Better

    I might as well make this since I've got nothing better to do. I live in northern Illinois. No I am not specifying which town due to privacy reasons. I am 15 years old and turning 16 this coming April. I am a sophomore in high school I'm down the middle when it comes to political opinions. I see both sides have good arguments and crap arguments on their political views I'm actually protestant christian but don't talk about religion that much. I have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD since I was a toddler I have played video games since I was a toddler I own a Wii, Wii U, Gamecube, N64, game boy Advance SP, 3ds, orginal Xbox, and most recently a PS2. Favorite game series is Pokemon as you can tell from my username. I like cartoons but I actually don't watch a lot of tv outside of FIM. When I became a brony, I found the cmc annoying but they grew on me over time. Also when I first became a brony, Spike was my favorite, and then I realized how super fun, awesome, and relateable Pinkie Pie was to me. I always feel the need to be fidgeting with something like the strings on my pants or the strings on my backpack. I am currently writing this blog well sitting on a yoga ball that I like to bounce on whenever I hear catchy music. I have fallen asleep well surfing the web before, I was just in such a comfortable position that I just fell asleep. Pinkie Pie is still the best super duper ultra awesome totally terrific party pony.
  11. ChikoritaCheezits

    Ask Me Anything

    Here is a thread where you can ask me questions and I'll answer them,. Pretty straight forward so just drop a question down and I'll answer them. So ask away!
  12. ChikoritaCheezits

    Ask ChikoritaBrony

    Ok so I decided to have a thread where people can ask me questions kind of like a Q and A. I'll try to respond to as many questions as I can. If I don't respond I'm either not that familiar with it or it's too personal So ask away!