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Found 28 results

  1. Ok, so i know nobody can control what your first child will be(well unless you adopt them), or your second, or 25th(how you could have 25 children sounds a bit crazy unless you adopted them all to be honest but uh..) However, i'm just curious frankly, i dunno the question came to mind, and i wondered what people would prefer for their first child. Regardless of if you end up having more then one child, i want to know what you think you'd prefer as your first born(Even if its your last) as far as gender is concerned. So, if you had the ability to control it, what would you be your preferred gender for your first child? Regardless of whether you'll have more or not. Your reasons could be based on you thinking one easier, or one would make it easier to raise another child, or you just prefer to have a girl or a boy and not the other. This isn't necessarily a which is easier to raise in your opinion, so don't be confused, but just which you prefer as your first born gender wise. If you don't plan on having any children thats ok, i'd still like if you participate with which you prefer, but its up to you. Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so i'm sure people will have many different opinions. I'm simply curious to what others opinions are and what they prefer and why for their first born. So without further rambling and expressing the fact I am a super long winded and boring individual... Lets get on with this. What would you rather have a boy or a girl as your firstborn? I personally can see reasons for both frankly, but i have a slight inclination towards a girl, just because i'm a guy and girls end up being typically speaking to like their fathers more, where as sons and fathers tend to conflict more. Of course i hope both would love me regardless. And I do plan to have a girl and a boy 1 each, of course I guess i'll have to see how things play out in the future(And if for that matter I ever get someone willing to marry me and give me two children ;p.) So how about y'all?
  2. How many parents do we have here? Share some funny stories, kids are weird little people.
  3. Most of us at some part admitted to liking MLP. But are there shows that are intended for children/toddlers that you enjoy to this day. I'm not talking about ones from Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. I'm talking more about ones from PBS Kids, Nick Jr., Playhouse Disney/Disney Jr., etc. If you would like, post why you like/dislike the shows you mention. Here are mine: Like: - Sesame Street: The most educational TV show in my opinion. - Bill Nye the Science Guy: Good science show. - Reading Rainbow: Good show that encourages kids to read. Also, the host is cool since he used to be in Star Trek: the Next Generation. - Arthur (90's to early-2000's): Good animation and voice acting. Pretty good show based off a children's book. - ZOOM - Pablo the Little Red Fox: I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of the accents. They're too cute. Here's the theme song: - Oswald: Remember that octopus character show from Nick Jr. Even though I make fun of it, I enjoy this show. - Blues Clues (Steve Burns era): Seriously, this show can fit in Tru TV's Worlds Dumbest. - The Busy World of Richard Scarry - Out of the Box - PB&J Otter - Mister Rogers Neighborhood Dislike: - Barney and Friends - Teletubbies - Yo Gabba Gabba - Caillou - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Walt Disney's rolling in his grave. - Bob the Builder - Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Horrible animation. - Higglytown Heroes - Handy Manny - Lazytown - Bear in the Big Blue House There's also the Tweenies, which I saw when I went to Scotland in 2001 to visit my grandma and other relatives. I don't have a strong opinion on it, though.
  4. (I don't know if this topic can be considered NSFW but I understand if it is) So, our parents did it to us, but how will you do it to your children? Assuming you will have any... For me, I would say nothing but the truth, but leave out the really explicit or questionable parts. It might go something like: "When a mother and a father love and trust each other very much, they give a gift to each other. When the two gifts come together, they create a baby." Then if any more questions are asked regarding what the "gifts" are or how that even works, I may say something like: "I don't even know that." or "You'll find out later."
  5. So I was reminiscing about the weird things me and my little sister did as kids together. I was wondering about what weird things everyone else did as children as well! Here are some things me and my little sister did. Weird thing #1: We made up a game called "Spanky the Baby". One of us would play the mom and the other would play the baby. The baby is hungry but confused the word "food" for "spanking" so the mom thinks the baby wants a spanking instead of food. So basically, me and my sister would spank each other as baby or mom characters.... Weird thing #2: We would stand at the kitchen sink mixing soap, old food, dish water and other things and pretend we were making food for "bad guys" in jail. We called it "bad guy food". Weird thing #3: We picked our noses. Instead of eating the boogers, we wiped them on our dad's shoes as revenge for stuff. We were only 3 years old doing that. XD There are hundreds more weird things we did but I'll save those for later. lol
  6. One thing I've always enjoyed growing up was game shows. Especially the ones made for kids. Most of them were on Nickelodeon, but there were a few shown on syndication and other networks as well. My favorite ones were: Double Dare Think Fast Fun House Where in the World/Time is Carmen Sandiego Nick Arcade Legends of the Hidden Temple Nickelodeon Guts What are some of your favorite kids game shows?
  7. If you are a child which pony would you want to baby sit you they can be human like if you feel uncomfortable with being looked after by a pony For Adults who would you want to look after your kids . Pick 1 main character and 1 non main character
  8. I wasn't sure where to post this. It's not from the show, but it was featured in an animated pony music video called "Children of the Night". However, the source material is from the movie "Hocus Pocus". So.. I dunno. Anyway, I thought I'd try to make this song a little more "epic" with my arranging and instruments. It's all my instruments. Nothing was used from the original songs. This took about 20 hours of work to finish. Enjoy.
  9. Might belong in debate pit with this. I'll let the local admins decide. I just got off a week-long debate with a child (under thirteen) on DeviantArt over how he had stolen art without crediting the original artist and blatantly insulted people by shouting "rasist" (spelled exactly like that) and various other kind of things that he saw as an insult. It's got me asking why anybody would allow this person on the internet. Every response I got was almost unreadable, without punctuation, and tons of spelling errors when I asked him where the source for a flag "he mad" was, since it was clearly professional and beyond his capabilities. As this little war with him has ended with him blocking me just now, I really have to ask; Could we (rightfully) restrict internet access to those older (or at least more mature)? Part of me wants to be able to just enjoy my time online some 8 year old kid shouting obscenities at me because they can't come up with a better response, or spamming their meager attempts at humour, or half a million other immature things. Censoring these younger users would at least stop some part of that, albeit I don't know how much. The other part of me says it's the parents of the child job to know what their child is doing online, and monitoring it. Unfortunately I know many parents simply follow the idea of "If the computer isn't broken, he's alright" and care at all as long as the child is shut up for a few more hours (this was the principle I largely grew up on).
  10. I understand that young children, may not have as refined of tastes as adults do. But I feel some people think kids all have the same taste in entertainment. I don't necessarily believe that. When I was a kid, I remember watching more shows than others, for a variety of reasons. * I wasn't too into older Disney cartoons that were on Toon Disney at the time because I though they felt a little too... clean (save for Jetix) * I remember not really watching many shows with female leads unless A. Said lead was cute B. There was a lot of action * I was really intrigued by Anime, and liked the style * I refused to watch Brandy and Mr. Whiskers at the time because I hated the art style * I was into cartoons with either, gross out, random gags, or lots of action With this in mind, do all younger children really have the same taste in animation?
  11. Yeah, I understand that parents would do anything for their children, and I mean anything. But to go out and buy your five year old an ipad, a laptop, or even a phone? Another thing I have noticed about the children of this generation is that they aren't taught discipline. Not only children, but teens too. I mean, you don't buy your children's love, you have to earn it....simple as that. I came up with this topic idea because not to long ago, I was at Walmart with my mom when I look over at this little girl throwing a tantrum because her mom was trying to get food for the dogs, crying "NO I DON'T WANT THAT, GET ME THIS" and blubbering about. Sure I get it, she's a child, and we all had our share of tantrums when we were little i'm sure. I'm just saying, too many children/teens don't know discipline and don't understand that their parents can't bring stuff to them on a silver platter. I blame the parents.
  12. I've been flipping through Cartoon Network and Nick lately and I noticed that outside the occasional Happy Meal or cereal/fruit snack/Go Gurt ad, and Xfinity or car commercial for the parents. Nearly every single product advertised was for a damn toy. I know toy commercials have been a part of kids' advertising for years, but watching old Nick and CN commercial breaks, they were far from the only things advertised. I remember you could advertise Skittles on Nickelodeon, I remember Snickers commercials airing on Cartoon Network. And various other things like games, treats, music, and clothes were advertised on kids networks. And sine kids networks targeted kids up to 14, that ment a few products that appeal to teens like Soda were advertised. And not everything was dumbed down for kids either, McDonald's used to market full menu items like the Big Mac to kids as young as 8. You don't even see Pepsi or coke ads on Nick or CN anymore. What I'm trying to say is, what happened? Why are Cheetos and Kool Aid commercials airing on MTV now? Why is candy now something that can only be marketed to 12-34 year olds? Cereal commercials are now largely extinct, and except for the odd Nintendo commercial, there's hardly any video game commercials on kids networks anymore. Its like advertisers think 2-11 year olds only want toys.
  13. So, Chrysalis is queen of the changelings, they're insectoids, and there is no changeling king. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  14. I was at Barnes & Noble the other day and I saw a MLP Busy Book for about 10 dollars. It came with figures (12). The story is not very good but I bought the book for the figures. Has anyone else seen/bought this? With the figures on ebay going for up to 6 dollars each, I decided it was worth the price even if the figures aren't the blind bags ones everyone loves.
  15. In my last blog post I talked about the double standards in regard to expectations in quality of "mature shows" and "kids shows" but one argument I would like to get into is one of the most common talking points used in the "its just for kids" argument and it is that the plot must be simple in order for children to understand and appreciate it. I have heard this particular point repeated many times when I and others have brought the multiple inconsistencies and out of character moments in MLP, particularly in season 4 with responses like "they can only fit so much in a 20 minute episode" and that is indeed true but there are several several childrens shows where this has never been a serious problem. Batman The Animated Series is one of the best examples of this, many of the episodes played out like short movies with complex plots dealing with profound issues such as grief, betrayal, crime, vengeance, fear, hope, psychological illness, love,live and death and many other matters many of which fairly dark and mature were presented in ways that were appropriate for young children without patronizing them or making the characterization bland or dumbed down. I am well aware that some of those subjects are not palatable for MLP because they are still viewed as inappropriate for a "girls show" which I honestly find sexist and insulting we have clearly seen that MLP can still tackle many fairly complex subjects without resorting to any of this in the past so why were they able to do this in past season but have for the most part fallen off the wagon in season 4? I think much of it is due to twilicorn, the concept was pushed onto the writers by Hasbro with not enough time to properly flesh it out which has resulted in a season finale that I have said many times and will say again is the worst episode of the entire series. This combined with Hasbro likely pressuring the writers to get season 4 finished as soon as possible I believe is the main factor in why season 4 has the most glaring inconsistencies and out of character moments of any season aired so far. But what about more simple plots? There are many examples that prove that those too can be done in a very profound matter without leaving quality on the cutting room floor. The original Star Wars trilogy is perhaps the best example of this I can think of. George Lucas has admitted that he has borrowed the ideas for the plot from many sources from samurai movies, ancient legends, myths and stories and even spaghetti westerns and if you think about the themes you can see them. An evil intergalactic empire, the fate of the galaxy at stake, an ancient order of warriors thought to have been extinct in hiding, a magic "force" that permeates all life and you have a fairly basic plot. Yet despite the simplicity the original Star Wars trilogy are remembered as great classics because George Lucas and the staff who worked on those movies set out to make them as good as they possibly could and succeeded. And this is the very same reason why MLP has done well because Lauren Faust and the show staff have set out to make a good show and for the most part they have, but that does not mean they are infallible and as we have seen from twilicorn Hasbro can and will meddle if it feels that it is their best interest and there is no guarantee that Hasbro will not pull something like another twilicorn again and of course some of the writers actually have made mistakes that are indeed their own failures. Pinkie Pie's rank flanderization has been a serious problem throughout most of season 3 and Rarity being ignored was also a problem of that season. Pinkie Pie's characterization for the first half of season 4 seemed to improve with 2 excellent episodes but has backslided since then and is yet to recover, but to their credit the writers are making up for Rarity being ignored in season 3. Spike has also suffered from a flanderization by being turned into a 2 dimensional whipping boy who seems to be the butt of nearly every single joke which also started in season 3. Fluttershy's problems with consistency have been an issue since the beginning of the series with her learning lessons and then forgetting them which limits her full potential as a character and results in a lot of needless repetition of certain lessons.
  16. Like, other movies or cartoons that are typically aimed at children. Personally I love watching the Tinkerbell movies and Disney Princesses ^.^
  17. 1. Starwhirl (daughter of Twilight Sparkle) - named after Star Swirl the Bearded. 2. Sugarcube (daughter of Pinkie Pie) - named after Sugar Cube Corner. 3. Ruby Red (daughter of Rarity) - named after one of her favorite gemstones. 4. Lightning Crash (son of Rainbow Dash) - named after her seeing electricity flicker out of his wings! 5. Applebuck (son of Applejack) - named after her favorite past time. 6. Flicker Wing (son of Fluttershy) - named after her seeing his wings flap as fast as a hummingbird's wings! ---------- Please, please, please send me any ideas, opinions, and suggestions you may have. Being this is the first draft of the set of Next Gen ponies, the next drafts will depend on you guys. If you could list each pony from favorite to least favorite and why, as well as mention if you like their names, their color palettes, hairstyles, etc, that would be terrific! Let the Next Generation begin!
  18. I recently saw a post that asks “Do your parents know you’re a Brony?” ( At least to me, that question seems to be inspired from an understandable assumption that people seem to make (as far as I’m concerned) that participants in movements such as The Brony Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”). But that general assumption is not always true (and I for one am gald it isn't). I do believe some people also thought that all participants in The Occupy Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”); but in reality, people from all ages actively participate in Occupy, and I also do believe that The Brony Movement is something for everyone (except of course the more Adult Oriented activities). For example, I do see that some if not many of the shows crew who are married with children (notably Tara Strong) find time to dedicatedly participate with the Brony movement. So, are there any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers on these Froums who are married with children? Or, do any of you on these Forums know any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers who are married with children?
  19. So, what do you think? Is it wrong to voice your criticism about the show because it's supposed to be a "children's cartoon" or even such a one needs to meet certain quality standards, subjective as they may be? I think that the second is true. Mostly because this was never a problem for me to star liking it. I felt it was up to the challenge of being cute and innocent while watchable by adults. Of course, I don't expect to see a graphic display about some bloody war between the pegasi and the griffons before the time of Equesria. Then again, we did have an image of ponies going through famish. Anyway, what do you guys think? If more options are needed, say it and I'll add them. And by the way, the search function is down, apparently. Sorry, mods. Merge it with topic another as necessary.
  20. Okay so I was surfing the web and found this article. That is just ridiculous. They are pretty much limiting the fun kids could have at recess. That's not the only thing, I have heard from multiple sources telling stories about about how kids aren't allowed to run on the playground, schools not allowing coloring, or shortening recess. That is just stupid. I mean yeah they do it to raise test scores but kids still need that time to have fun and have a childhood. Also these types of people wonder why obesity is a problem. Well this is probably one of the reasons why. They also do this to make sure the kids are safe. I can see where they are coming from but unless it's a serious injury, then the kid would probably just cry or shake it off. Sorry for the rant, but what do you think of stuff like this?
  21. It's finally done. I wasn't sure if I should put this here, or in the Fan Works section, but I decided to put it here seeing as it's not my own work. I've been waiting for this for a long time, and it did not leave me disappointed. Out of all the fan animations I've seen, this is visually my favorite one. The animation itself is absolutely wonderful, and it's only pushed further by the fantastic cinematography. Luna looks flawless and the character designs for the OC's are really well done, they fit into environment very well. Speaking of which, the background art is just awesome, and the over all colour pallet makes everything look... just... so pretty. It gives everything a really fantastic vibe. The concept for the story itself is also really awesome, and potentially my favorite one so far as fan animations go. However, the only reason I wasn't as entertained by the story as much as some of the other works is because it feels more like a teaser for something bigger, then a stand alone short. Over-all, I really do love this. It was worked on by two people (with help from voice actors, musicians etc), and I know how hard that is. They clearly put a lot of love into this, and their efforts show. I hope to see more from them
  22. All right I remember a few months ago Equestria Daily had a discussion about if people's kids watched mlp. That made me wonder, "How many kids do watch mlp?" We all know that little girls would buy the toys and watch the show but since the show can attract a male audience, I wonder if little boys watch it too? When I saw Equestia Girls, there were some boys in the audience that looked about 10 or 11 and a couple of little girls but it was mostly bronies. So what do you guys think discuss away.
  23. Just archiving this since I spent so much damn time on it. Hm. While I agree with the general sentiment that it happens in any fandom, there definitely is a larger portion than normal of fans who can get a bit out of hand with their zeal for the show, along with a greatly larger number of people who are into pornographic and violent depictions of the characters than any other fandom I've seen before. There is r34 of everything ever, but there is probably a whole petabyte (exaggerated, but it's probably really somewhere around 350 tb at the very least of it floating around) of violent and sexual content involving MLP. It's just so much easier to find than anything else because it spills into other websites and people make whole groups and extremely popular sites for it. That's a phenomenon that I really haven't seen with any other fandom ever. Does that mean I don't like the fandom for it? No. I have both learned about and developed my own theories of sexuality and to be honest clopping really does not bother me at all. I wouldn't do it myself but it's just a natural outgrowth of at first identifying with the complex personas of characters and focusing that into a sexual attraction, and then later on it become so normalized so as to spread to non-personified characters, just out of sexual preference. Anyone with an open mind and a background in psychology and sociology can see the way this phenomenon develops. What really bothers me is violent content. The double-standard in our society, that's inevitably a product of western christian ideals is that violence is somehow more condonable than sexuality, which is stupid, since sexuality is a normal human behavior and violence is not. The violent content of MLP is actually disturbing relative to the sexual content because violence and representations of it in media are harmful outgrowths of negative emotions rather than possibly harmful outgrowths of normalized or even positive emotions like sexuality. That's where I draw the line, and it is definitely what bothers me as a member of the fandom, and I can see why it bothers parents. Using violence as a method of corrupting the nature of the show, is, in most cases, pretty denigrating to the meaning of the show and kind of pointless, not to mention distasteful in general. There are a few exceptions, where the violence transcends the medium itself, but these are very rare and usually also involve a degree and quality of humor as well, along with an intention of irony and an understanding of its mechanism. (PONY.MOV is a good example of violence that doesn't detract too much from the work itself) Should Hasbro pull C&D on everything because of it? Obviously not. The amount of positive and SFW fanworks are still vast and deep in number and scope so not only is there no reason to but it's also physically impossible. Should parents stop their kids from watching MLP? No, especially not if their kids don't hang around on the internet all that much so they don't even have the opportunity to interact with the supposedly "corrupting" bronies or whatever. But parents are parents. Once you become a parent it's pretty hard to keep your head on straight about anything that could even remotely involve your child, since you have donated your genes to a creation of your physical body that is basically a part of you in someone else. You're automatically going to do everything you can to protect your child(ren) and I won't get mad at people for going at great lengths to do so as long as they aren't harming anyone else in the process. And that's why, at the end of the day, this phenomenon is WRONG. It is insulting to both honest, hardworking, and innocent bronies and pegasisters to assume that either they corrupt the show and all who touch it or that they are "pedophiles" or "hostile homosexuals" or what have you. It is also insulting to the intelligence of the children who they should be instilling the ability to tell right from wrong in. Finally, it is insulting to all of those who have worked damn hard on making this show what it is; the first truly genre-transcending, feminist, and non-essentialist children's television show for both girls and boys, and men and women of all ages who can also appreciate the quality. tl;dr i agree the fandom has more problems than usual but the show is still good and parents who have bad judgment are insulting everyone including their children Source: Parents telling little girls to NOT watch MLP?
  24. "EQUESTRIA GIRLS IS GONNA SUCK!" Because you can TOTALLY tell it's going to suck by the trailer.........*sarcasm* "LAUREN FAUST WOULD HAVE NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN!!!" Fun Fact: Lauren Faust originally HATED the idea of doing MLP:FIM, but she saw it as an opportunity rather than the end, who's not to say she wouldn't do this to Equestria Girls? Besides, that's incredibly rude. Half the writers and other creators of the MLP franchise have been with Faust ever since PowerPuff Girls, are you saying THEY'RE inferior to Faust? Wait, I guess you're right, I mean Faust wrote 2 episodes! The Premire and The Ticket Master! One was just okay, and the other was the only flat-out neutral episode in the series. Plus Season One probably had the most problems out of the three. Bottom line: LAUREN FAUST IS NOT MLP! STOP TREATING LIKE HOW SHE'D MAKE THINGS GO IS THE ONLY WAY. SHE'S A TALENTED WRITER, BUT THERE ARE PLENTY MORE IN THE SERIES WHO'VE DONE BETTER THAN FAUST! Ex. Meghan Mcarthy, Amy Keating Rodgers, M.A. Larson. "THEY'RE NOT LISTENING TO THE FANDOM!!!!" Last time they listened to the fandom, everyone wouldn't stop complaining about it. In fact, people are already complaining about Vinyl in the trailer for appearing for less than 2 seconds...........T_T OH NO!!!! SHE APPEARED ON SCREEN!!! PANDERING!!!!!! IT WAS ON FOR ONE TO FIVE FRAMES OF ANIMATION!!!! MLP IS RUINED! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to posting why Hasbro needs to let Derpy back in the long as she isn't in season three......... "THE DESIGNS ARE HORRIBLE AND SEXIST!" 1. I can't really argue with the look of the designs........personal preferance and all. 2. You're making claims that Hasbro is making physical appearance the most important thing in a girl, yet you're whining about the look of the designs.....i.e. JUDGING ON PHYSICAL APPEARANCE YOU HYPOCRITICAL,******************************************************************************************************************************************* *sigh* I'm done..... *passes out*
  25. We all know children have a huge imagination...sometimes to big it's creepy. Some may say things that a child would never say. So...what is the CREEPIEST thing a child has ever said to you? It can be anything.