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Found 45 results

  1. I can safely say that I'm happy with the life I have so far. I have a roof over my head, I have freedom to work on hobbies such as reading, writing, or exercise, my dad is helping me learn how to drive and I feel like my skills are improving rapidly Overall, I've been feeling so relaxed these past couple of weeks. Life is just beautiful. The worries and doubts I used to always have are now nonexistent Every now and then shit still happens and I face problems like every human being but I manage to get through them and work things out with little to no trouble What about you? Are you happy with life? Have you found your inner peace yet? Do tell
  2. What are your hopes and dreams? I'm sure the rest of us would be glad to listen and high five you on your dreams! My dream is to live a happy life with my other half, to own a nice house of our own in a rural area away from people, with a nice garden. I also dream of finding my place in life as a wonderful butler, gardener, or tea maker. :3
  3. Sup guys! Just released a new track, a remix of my homie D3LTA's Flying Above The Clouds, an Equestria Daily Spotlight Music track from last year. I released it to celebrate my 5 year anniversary of joining the fandom and my yesterday's birthday, thanks to everyone, this fandom is a thing for everyone to remember <3 Hoping for some feedback, I do think I might have rushed it just a little bit though. Also, I'd rather you listened to it on for now, yt seems to have some problems and the video is at 480p right now, which kinda ruins the quality of the sound
  4. I created this track based on Twiggy and Boulder. I don't know how to describe the genre but I hope you still like it:
  5. On this valentines / hearts and hooves / singles awareness day, have a mellow track.
  6. Made another mix, this time aiming for a more chill mood. Check it>> 00:00 Alfiux - Vilniux (Hay Tea Remix) 02:35 Hay Tea - Daydream (VIP) 05:04 Sky Runner - Running of the Leaves 08:17 Sky Runner - Nightmare Night 11:07 Hay Tea - Hush Now 12:36 Hay Tea - Hush Now (Risen Remix) 14:59 Sky Runner - Heartstrings 18:28 Hay Tea - Shades of Pink (VIP) 21:39 Faulty, Age of Vinyl, Hay Tea - Reverse Rain (VIP) 23:49 Filly in the Box - into the Rain (Sky Runner Remix) 27:29 Hay Tea - For A Change 30:35 Nevermourn & RoomVR - Dawning Light 34:18 Hay Tea - Waiting Room 37:38 Silly Ditzy - Through The Clouds (Risen Remix) 41:08 bank pain - Tea Leaves 46:27 DJT & NeverLastStanding - Citadel 49:50 Ponylution - Falling in Sky 52:28 Filly in the Box - Still Blind (Sky Runner Remix) 55:24 Sky Runner - Stargazer
  7. This is my latest piece: a jazz piano song with some chillhop thrown in. I was channeling spike's post-valentines depression with donuts, extra sprinkles. free download link on the youtube page, and HQ download on ponyfm
  8. Music like this makes me feel all sorts of things. Bittersweet things and hopeful things. Happy things. Hope you enjoy. The songs and tracks in the playlist start slow and toward the end it'll get a little more uplifting and lighthearted If you enjoy the music, great. If not, well then let me just tell you that you look great tonight! Cheers
  9. Try not to get lost comparing yourself to others. Because the only person you're competing against is yourself. There are always going to be people better than you and there are always going to be people better than them So be the best YOU can be. If there is even one person you inspire, if there is even one person who looks up to you, loves you, and is willing to go with you every step of the way, then you are already on a good path Keep moving forward and do not stop. As you embark on this journey to find and accept yourself, you will soon discover that the opportunities and possibilities in life are endless and broad
  10. Imagine the everyday view from these cabins
  11. Would love to go there in the winter and hike along the snowy ridge. Scotland is beautiful, isn't it? Its beauty's too often overlooked. But if you just take a closer look you can't help but be awed by its fairy tale esque landscape
  12. The Dolomites in Italy. Each photo of the mountain range just takes my breath away. Can't imagine what emotions and what awe I would experience being there in the flesh
  13. One of the most majestic domesticated creatures in the world IMO. They seem to love the outdoors. Would love to own one someday. I'd take 'em hiking with me every day
  14. You're not alone in your struggles. You're not alone in your pain. We all share similar stories. Like dandelions swaying in the same familiar breeze
  15. keep running to the promising horizon and leave all the bad stuff to be forgotten in the dust.
  16. “It is in your power to withdraw yourself whenever you desire. Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind, the realm of your own.” ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations What a wonderful view of the Space Shuttle, Endeavour silhouetted against the atmosphere. Here the troposphere is orange, the stratosphere is white, and the mesosphere is blue. Amazing how these layers are colored, especially the troposphere. Definitely puts the atmosphere in a whole new perspective.
  17. I started this blog hoping to inspire others to find peace, comfort, and calm amid their worrisome storms. Because life is too short to worry about little things that won't matter years from now. Chill and be happy that you're alive. Take a step back, look at today and compare it to ten or twenty years from now. The little things bothering you right now will pass. Bad days will come and go. Just look toward the rising sun or moon; look upward to the constellations or ahead to the eastern and western horizons with no end. Distract yourself with the everyday beauty of the universe. Relax and find serenity under the trees, under the stars, or under the moon. I'm just here to share thoughts, quotes, music, etc.
  18. Life is too short to give a shit about things that don't matter. Forget the little things right now. Move on.They won't matter. Look forward to the future and focus on the good life ahead
  19. This was my submitted song for the album Ponies At Dawn. (Which sadly I didn't get on) I went for a another chill/relaxed track. I feel it gives a bit of dream like atmosphere and was themed a bit after "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep" The title is referenced to how Luna went through sleepless nights due to the nightmares she had. Hope you guys enjoy it! Note Wise
  20. 'Looking for a brony skype group with the freedom American's like to think they have?' Then we want YOU! Yes you, to join The Brony Legion today! About us: After searching far and wide we have found plently of 'Brony Skype Groups', but they all have the same problem... SO MANY RULES! And more bannable offences than you could poke a stick at! And being the freedom lovers we are, walls of rules are not something we agree with. So that's where here at The Brony Legion, we've minimised the rules and maximised freedom, only keeping a few rules to keep a general order in place. Rules: 1. No excessive Swearing. (Dropping the F-Bomb is all fine and good, but speaking a 10 word sentence, and 9 out of 10 of those words being fuck is not the way the english language was meant to be spoken!) 2. Sending Images is allowed. (Just try and keep Images moderately SFW, PM's were invented for a reason folks! If you, for any reason feel the need to send a Non-Image file in the group chat, please seek permission from a moderator first, People can hide pretty nasty stuff in files these days.) 3. Religious (and other "Touchy") discussion is allowed. (Just try not to go full Richard Dawkins on someone who has different beliefs as you. Leave that up to Westboro .) 4. Spam/Flooding is not allowed. (We like our chat the same way we like to imagine our lives, clean and in some sort of working order.) 5. Group calls are allowed, but keep it classy. (Everybody loves a good group call, but not every likes to see you shirtless whilst re-enacting your favorite scenes from magic mike. Again, PM's were invented for a reason!) Since no-one really follows the rules I've decided to revise by just having 1 universal rule! 1. Don't be a dick. Due to our minimum rules and maxumim freedom guarantee, our skype group is based around an MA15+ Rating. If, for whatever reason, you are under the age of 15 and still wish to join in on our mindless jabber, no-one is going to stop you, but be prepared to see and read things that your parents may not have discussed with you. Discretion is adviced. NOTICE: If you are emotionally sensitive or are easily offended or "Triggered", maybe this isn't the chat for you. Discretsion is advised and we are not responsible for anything you witness whist in our group. By joining our chat, you are agreeing that you have so on your own terms and anything you see or do whist in chat is stricly your responsibility. Moderation: The moderators are not your parents! Their only job is to keep order and enforce the few rules we do have. If you have an issue with another member of the group, try to sort it out between yourselves first before getting the moderators involved. Contacting us: If you are interested joining out little slice of freedom feel free to post your skype username below, or contact me personally at twitchdev_mark I feel like that's about everything you need to know to survive your time in TBL, if you have any questions feel free to ask, apart from that, have a nice day, and I look forward to seeing you in our group! ^^
  21. Hello there! Team Permafrost, a new e-sports team for multiple games, is currently recruiting for it's new League of Legends branch. I am Looseleaf, the League of Legends branch team manager and top laner! If you're a cool dude who's decently good at League and wanna join a ranked team with similar chill players, I am currently looking for players who are the following: A) Respectful Somewhat Decent at the game C) Highschool Age at least D) Dank Memers If you are interested, all positions on the team listed below are up for grabs. Top (Since i can migrate to other positions): Jungle: Mid: AD Carry: Support: Still interested? You can visit the Team Permafrost site @ If you'd like to contact me personally, you can send me a PM or post your interest on the forum!
  22. So i made a song today about pegasi. More so a song that in my mind reflects the feeling of cruising through the air care free. Id love some feed back if ya'll are interested in giving some Dat Title grammar doe
  23. So heres a thing i did for a remix album based in Australia. Hope ya'll like it and give some feedz back if you like! Thats what im here for XD
  24. I just got a mic, so i did this thing in like 2 hours (1 hour was probably spent on me trying to play a few simple chords in time, god damn it). I cant play guitar so its not very complex or anything I just wanted to use the mic is all Anyway i went for something easy going and chill I hope you guys like! PS. I find this gif funny as hell. I don't know why, maybe its the look on her face that kinda says "why is it always me". Maybe if Rainbow Actually did her job tho, flutters wouldn't have to put up with the rain. DAMN YOU RAINBOW!!!!!
  25. Yo! I've acquired some new chill tunes, take em. (Flight Facilities - Crave you Feat. Giselle) (Miami Horror - I Look To You (ft. Kimbra) ) Enjoy!